My Wet Nurses

By lafayettemister

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I can't believe how stupidly I acted.... I just needed to run to the store to pick up a couple things. It's less than a block down the road so I didn't fasten my seatbelt. I can still see the image of the car behind me coming towards me way too fast, I know they'll never stop in time. I grip the steering wheel and prepare for the impact.

Now I'm sitting at home with two broken arms, casted from the shoulder down. The doctors in the emergency room said that the worst thing I could have done was lock my elbows into place holding the steering wheel. The force snapped bones in both arms. He tells me I'll be out of commission for at least a month and sets up in home care for me. Since I can't move my arms, I'll have to rely on others to cook for me. Feed me, bathe me. Luckily my legs are fine and I'll be able to get up and move around on my own. And since I own my own business, my finances will be ok while I'm laid up.

The first couple of weeks are an adjustment, figuring out what I can and can't do on my own. Pretty much the only things I can do for myself are flip through the channels with my remote control and pee. I've discovered that if I wear boxer shorts I can wiggle my hips just right to get my dick out of the fly and do my business. Sometimes I can get it back in my boxers, but usually I need the nurse to do that for me.

My nurse, Beth, is very professional. Maybe too professional. It's been a few weeks now and I haven't gotten off since before the accident and its getting to me. Every bath I take now I get more aroused. She gets annoyed at it and her attitude is getting a little pissy. So is mine!

One afternoon I'm sitting in my recliner, laid back with my feet up, watching tv under a warm blanket. Beth is reading a book on the sofa. We aren't talking, we ran out of stuff to say days ago. But, she takes good care of me. Keeps me clean, prepares delicious dinners for me, and isn't annoying. Overall, I'm satisfied with her. Except, I could use a helping hand when she bathes me!

The doorbell rings and she goes to answer the door. I can hear voices but can't make out who is here. She leads my guests into the living room. I'm relieved to see and old friend, Sheryl. I haven't seen her in ages. And she has Lisa with her. I've heard about Lisa and spoken to her on the phone when I called Sheryl's house, but never seen or met her in person.

We are sitting around just talking. Sheryl and Lisa had met for lunch and were talking about my accident, so they decided to stop by to check on me. As we talk, Beth's cell rings and she leaves the room to answer. The three of us are still talking as Beth comes back in the room.

"Ok, John, I have a family emergency and I need to go right away. I'll call for another nurse to come in while I drive home. Will you be ok for a while until I can get another nurse?"

"Yes I'll be fine, I ate just a little while ago and I don't need anything else for now. Go take care of your family."

Sheryl chimes in, "I can stick around until someone gets here, just to be on the safe side. We came in separate cars so Lisa can leave whenever she needs."

"I don't have to be anywhere for a while, so I'll help you keep him entertained"

As Beth leaves we are lost in a conversation about nothing in particular. After a little while the pain meds I had taken are starting to affect me. My eyes are getting heavy. My two friends see that I'm sleepy....

"Hey you, why don't you take a nap? Lisa and I will straighten up the kitchen for you and maybe make a light dinner. Just lay back and get comfortable."

As I lean back, I can hear the two of them in the kitchen as I drift off to sleep. After a while I begin to come back to the living. I'm not asleep, just not fully awake yet. I can hear whispering and giggling. As the fog begins to lift from my brain, I realize that I have a huge hard-on. I try to pretend to still sleep, but...

"We can see you're up... and awake. It's ok. Don't be embarrassed. It's a guy thing, it happens"

I open my eyes to see Sheryl standing next to my chair. Even though she said not to be embarrassed, I still am. She has a very sly grin on her face.

"Do you remember when we were in high school and I had that crush on you.. and you did nothing about it? I never thought I'd be able to get you back, but now I can. Don't worry, WE won't hurt you, but you're powerless to stop us. You're laid back in your recliner and your arms won't let you put the chair down to get up and walk away... you're mine... ours!

As Sheryl is saying this I look over at Lisa. She has a grin on her face, but seems less sure of herself. Like she's caught in a game she didn't intend on, but still fascinated at the possibilities.

I'm laying there completely helpless when Sheryl pulls the blanket off of me. I'm laying there, arms immobilized by casts, and a huge erection that has found it's way out of my boxer shorts. I am helpless as she reaches down and takes my hard dick in her hand. The touch of her soft hand is electric. It's been weeks since anyone, including myself, has touched me. She is softly running her fingers up and down my shaft. I let out a soft moan. I didn't mean to, but couldn't help it.

I follow her eyes as she looks across the room towards Lisa. As my eyes meet Lisa's, her grin has gotten bigger. She nods towards Sheryl. My attention is diverted when I hear a zipper going down. Looking at Sheryl, I see she has lowered her jeans. She steps out of them, then removes her shirt. Her ample breasts are heaving with every breath she takes. She smiles at me as she reaches behind and unclasps her bra.. letting it ever so slowly fall away from her tits.

Sheryl is tall and lean from all the running she does. Her legs look even longer against the waist of her thong. Her ass is high and so are her tits. Even though they are very large, that are still perfect. Her nipples are brown and hard as ice. Begging to be sucked. On her beautiful face is a smile that could light up the room. You can tell by looking at her that she loves to laugh and smile and enjoy life. Her face matches the rest of her.

Reaching down she grabs my cock again. I'm totally lost in the moment now. She strokes my cock as she lowers her tits to my face. Just out of reach of my mouth I watch them sway as she strokes me. Her hand is moving faster now, I'm very close. It's been so long.

Laughing, she takes her hand away and I am left pumping my hips into the air. My rod is shaking, it needs release. She walks from my side over to Lisa, who I know see is also undressed.

Lisa is also a goddess. She is different than Sheryl in many ways. She is about 5'6 and has black hair that frames her soft face. Lips that are many a man's dream. Her large breast are equal in glory to Sheryl's topped by nipples like pencil erasers.

She takes Lisa by the hand and leads her to me. Still stuck in a chair, dick pointing skyward. Lisa takes my cock in her hand and stokes me... but only for a second. She kneels on one side of me. Sheryl kneels on the other side. I look down as two sets of lips meet at my rigid, quivering cock. Heads turned sideways the four lips move in unison up and down my shaft. Every fiber of my being wants to grab one of them by the head and guide myself into a warm wet mouth.

Lisa stands and walks near my head. She leans down and offers me one of her exquisite tits. My mouth latches on and I suck on her hard nipple. My tongue sweeping over it. She throws her head back at my desire. My sucking becomes more intense when I feel the warm wetness of Sheryl's mouth around my dick. Oh god, I'm going to cum... finally.

Just as the point of no return approaches, she stops again. She looks down at me and laughs.

"Not today. We'll bring you to the edge over and over. You'll cum when I decide to let you."

She then reaches down and squeezes my balls tightly. My cum races back inside me. She flicks her thumb over my sensitive glans. My body jerks at the sensation. Lisa walks the other side of the room. Hooks her thumbs in her thong and slides them to the floor. She then sits in the chair and spreads her legs wide open. I watch, helpless and horny as she slams two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. The look in her eyes tells me she needs to cum... NOW! Her fingers are a blur as she works in and out of her cunt. Her other hand is rubbing her clit hard and fast.

Sheryl is working my dick again. Up and down in rhythm with Lisa's fingers. While one hand is stroking my shaft, the other is rubbing her own pussy. Her juices are dripping down her legs. Lisa throws her head back, her hips bucking against her hands.. "Oh my god oh my god I'm gonna cumm.. cumming...." Her body convulses as waves of pleasure hit her.

The excitement hits both Sheryl and I, but again, she removes her hand from my dick and it joins her other hand between her legs. She is rubbing her clit and fingerfucking herself. She cums with a low guttural groan that makes me want to be inside her.. mouth, pussy, ass...where ever!

As both girls are coming down from their highs, I am left wondering. Hurting, I am throbbing, I need to cum. They look at me, I can see in their eyes that they are now ready to let me cum. But I don't know how they'll let me or what else they have in store for me.

Just then, my doorbell rings. It must be the replacement nurse. Sheryl and Lisa throw their clothes on. Lisa struggles to put my still very erect rod back inside my boxer shorts. Even that briefest of touch makes my head swoon. Then she throws the blanket back over me and hides my erection as best she can. Sheryl lets the nurse in and they come into the room together.

The new nurse is older than Beth. Much older. She introduces herself as Lorraine. She was working in the yard when she got the call to come to my place. She tells us she got here as quickly as she could so that my friend wouldn't be stuck here with me.

As she stops talking and starts taking in her environment, the three of us watch her to see if there's any indication she knows what was going on. Surely the room must smell of sex? But, she is a true professional and exhibits nothing for our prying eyes .

As she settles into the situation she tells Sheryl and Lisa, "Ok, thank you ladies for taking care of our patient, but I'm here now. I'm still a little sweaty from yard work and I need to shower. Time for you to say goodbye and let me do my job. No, no discussions. Time for him to eat and bathe and settle in."

They kiss me on the cheek as they tell me goodbye. Both have shit eating grins on their face knowing my torment. Picking up their purses they head towards the back door to leave. I hear them giggling as the door shuts behind them. Lorraine asks me more about my situation with my arms, brings me some water and does a couple little housekeeping things before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Almost on cue, as the bathroom door shuts I hear the squeak of the kitchen door open. Someone is quietly entering my living room behind me. A towel is placed over my face and a voice very quietly whispers in my ear... "I'm going to take pity on you"

The shower in the bathroom has started. I can hear the rustling beside me, she is undressing. The blanket is removed from me, my boxers pulled down and removed. Even though it's been a few minutes, I'm still as hard as I was. A hand strokes my dick to check it's firmness. I can feel the chair shift as she gains her balance on my chair. I can feel her body above mine. She lowers herself onto me. Ohh my, it is so wet and hot. Her pussy grips my dick and pulls inside. She whispers in my ear "My god I'm so wet and horny. I needed to feel your dick inside me. Any dick inside me."

Twice she has whispered into my ear, and twice I've been unable to discern if it's Sheryl or Lisa. My mind is swimming. My cock is already twitching. It's going to happen. Finally! She grinds her pussy on me, I can smell her arousal. The juices from her sloppy cunt are dripping onto my balls. All of these sensations push me over the edge. With one last pump of my hips I erupt the hot lava of cum deep inside her pussy.

I open my mouth to scream in Ecstasy, but she places her hands over my mouth to muffle the sounds.

My hips are bucking into her and shot after shot sprays her inner walls. She lets out a muffled scream as she cums again.

After my body settles down, she climbs off of my body. she slides my boxer shorts up my leg, places the blanket back over me and walks behind my chair. As she pulls the towel from my face she whispers..

"Be sure you keep the back door unlocked, maybe I'll pay you another visit sometime. Oh, and good luck explaining to the nurse why there's cum all over you when she bathes you."

I hear the back door close, just as Lorraine exits the bathroom. Now the only question is.. was it Sheryl or was it Lisa?