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My Wife and I

Just the two of us alone.
I walk into the kitchen and see you at the sink. Walking up behind you I slip my hands around you, cupping your breasts and squeezing them. I whisper in your ear, “Grope of the day.” You shrug and tell me to stop. Continuing to massage your breasts I nuzzle your neck. Squealing you tell me to stop as my beard tickles you.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I whisper in your ear, and continuing to kiss your neck.

“I can’t,” you say, “I have to get these dishes finished.”

Still nuzzling your neck my hands travel down your body to your hips and pull you back to me. Giggling you finally give in. Leading you by the hand we head up to our shared bed and I start to slowly undress you, still marveling at how beautiful you are.

Kissing you, I reach to undo your bra. Laughing you say, “No, you first, strip.”

Watching as you lie back, I slowly take off my shirt, and then unbuckle my belt. Watching your face I start to undo my 501’s, slowly, one button then the next, until all five are undone, my jeans slide down my legs and I step out of them.

Crawling onto the bed, between your legs I notice the lustful look in your eyes. The first stage of your arousal, that look that says, ‘Oh yes’.

Kissing you lightly, I whisper in your ear, “I need a hand.”

Your hand slowly travels down my body until you run your hand over my hardness and you feel me twitch. I kiss you as you caress me through the thin cloth, pressing the kiss harder as you give me a squeeze.

Standing again I slide my underwear down, now nude. I smile and tell you, “Your turn.”

I lean forward and hook my fingers in your panties and slowly pull them down, watching as you are exposed. I always loving seeing you emerge from the silk that covers you.

Leaning forward I kiss you as my hand travels up your leg. You press your legs together, but not too tightly as my hand brushes you, causing you to jump. I whisper in your ear, “I want you; first I want to taste you, then take you.”

You nod.

I say, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, is that okay?”

You let out a low breathy, “Yes, please,” causing me to chuckle.

Pulling you to me and I kiss down your neck, being careful not to mark you anywhere, your co-workers might see. While my lips keep you occupied, I undo your bra and slide it from you. Smiling and looking down at you, I remark that “Now the playing field is even.” And take a nipple between my lips.

As I suck one nipple my fingers caress the other, slowly caressing until they meet at the point and I lightly pull. You gasp and with a feeble resistance tell me, “no.” I do it again, this time the ‘no’ is weaker, the third and I’m greeted with a moan.

My free hand slides down your body, through your trimmed bush until I cup you. I start to lightly squeeze your pussy, in time with my lips sucking on your nipple. Your hands start to push my head down. “Please,” you say. I go slowly as I continue squeezing your pussy.

I kiss down between your breasts, your fingers in my hair. My tongue circles your navel, eliciting a sigh from you. “Move faster,” you say. I resist the pressure of your hands, my one finger parts your lips and spreads your wetness along your slit and across your clit.

Kissing just above your clit I look into your eyes and say, “I’m tired, maybe we should stop after all.”

Laughing you reply, “Oh no you don’t,” as my lips circle your clit. My finger teases your opening then slides in as I suck at your clit eliciting a low moan form your parted lips. The second stage or your arousal is here.

A second finger slides into you, causing you to wriggle a bit. Between my fingers moving in you and my lips on you, you start to move under me more, low breathy sighs escaping your lips as I continue sucking at your clit.

Knowing how close you are, I close my lips around your clit and pull as my fingers twist and curl inside you. At this your fingers curl in my hair, pulling my face tight to you, I suck again as your orgasm rolls over you.

Kissing all over you, you push me away, telling me how sensitive you are.

I kiss my way back up your body, you feel my hardness moving up your leg, before I kiss your lips, you whisper, “I love you.” My cock presses against, moving slightly as we kiss, spreading your wetness.

Separating slightly I move more, loving the feeling of your heat and arousal against me. Pushing into you, you tell me to stop teasing.

Smiling, I slide deep into you and grind against you, enjoying the sensation of your taking me into your body. I start a steady rhythm. Your legs wrap around my waist as I move faster, needing release.

Sensing my need, you to tell me that you’re getting close again. I thrust in fast and grind against you as I kiss your neck. Tilting your head to the side I lightly bite you causing you to giggle, and suddenly we both let go at once.

I hold you tight as I empty into you, you spasm around me, clenching, drawing out everything I have. Rolling us over so that you’re on top, we kiss as your hair hangs around our faces.

Breaking the kiss, “better than doing the dishes?” I ask. Pausing for a moment, you reply, “Yes, but you can finish them.” Chuckling, I pull you down against me, pressing your breasts against me, you start to doze contentedly as I wrap my arms around you.

I whisper, “sleep tight my love.” Then doze off smiling.

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