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My wife and I decide to be naked on the weekend

My wife and I decide to be naked at the weekend
My wife and I had been looking forward to this weekend for some considerable time. We had the house to ourselves and planned to spend our time completely naked and without interruption from the outside world.

Our weekend started with my wife and I cooking breakfast. Surprisingly, given our plans, she had dressed in just a single item of clothing adorning her voluptuous body; a rather small pink lacy thong. Without prior warning she slipped the thong off and spreading her legs apart managed to gently push the thong all the way into her pussy.

Somewhat aroused I moved closer to her and gently rubbed her pussy with my hand bending down after a while to lick her to make her wet in preparation for what I hoped would take place a little later.

That evening, having jointly prepared the dinner, we sat down to eat in the living room having decided to have a more informal meal using trays on our laps instead of sitting at the dinner table. I quickly noticed that she had allowed her legs to fall to the sides and without any clothes on clearly I found that somewhat arousing and stimulating. Smiling to myself I now remembered that whilst she is truly naked she does still have one very small item tucked away inside her pussy.

After we had finished dinner we sat together on the couch watching television. She stood up and announced that she had to use the bathroom. She started to walk away but then turned, placed one hand between her thighs and almost magically removes her hand holding one rather small pink, wet and lacy object which she threw in my direction. Smiling at her I drew the thong across my mouth and nose inhaling and using my tongue. As I do, I realise her smell and her taste.

Now somewhat aroused again I decided I would peek at her in the bathroom. Looking through the keyhole I watch as she sits with her legs spread once more and urinating a bright yellow stream into the toilet. She wiped her pussy and stood up. She now realised that I had been watching her and I opened the door.

‘Naughty!... you like to watch me pee?' she said to me.

Smiling at her my cock became very hard and erect and she pulled me closer and took me into her mouth. I withdrew from her mouth and pulled her somewhat aggressively onto the bathroom floor spreading her legs and nuzzling in between her thighs to pleasure her pussy with my tongue. Rolling onto my back she straddled me and using one hand guided my cock into her pussy and started to ride me. We moved to the shower where she whispered to me, ‘baby I want you to cum in my pussy.’ I was close and it didn’t take very long before I exploded and satisfied her request.

After freshening up we watched some further television and subsequently went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling terribly aroused and horny. She however, was still sleeping but I decide to wake her up and just how she liked me to do that. We have always both agreed that morning sexy is simply the best.

Moving down between her thighs once more I force my tongue into her pussy withdrawing at times to lick and nibble on her pussy lips. She awoke and quickly once again we were making love with her riding me on the bed and then we moved to the wall with me entering her from behind. The passion and desire to enjoy each others bodies was by no means exhausted and we moved to the bedroom. She expressed a desire to take me into her mouth and cum and watch her swallow every last drop.

At lunchtime my wife and I went into the garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and she wanted to sunbathe. She placed a towel onto the grass and lay on her back. Soaking up the rays from the sun she took a vibrator from her bag, spread her legs and started pleasuring herself with the vibrator leading to masturbation. After a few minutes, still thrusting her toy in and out of her pussy, she let out a soft moan as she reached an orgasm. I of course had been watching this from a nearby chair.

She stood up and came over to me motioning me to take the vibrator into my mouth to lick it clean and enjoy her juices. When I had finished this I pulled her closer to also lick her pussy dry. She tasted simply amazing.

Later that afternoon, feeling somewhat thirsty, I drank a glass of water from the kitchen tap. My wife however wished for me to partake in a drink of a different kind and she masturbated in front of me once more finally squirting her juices all over my face and down my throat. We moved to the couch where I fucked her doggy style, then we moved to the kitchen table to enjoy the same pleasure. The neighbours may well have seen us fucking on the kitchen table and undoubtedly will have heard her screams. She asked me for ‘face cream’ and so I came all over her face.

Looking back over the weekend we both agreed we thoroughly enjoyed our time together and that we should plan to have similar weekends, naked and enjoying each others bodies, on a regular basis.

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