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My Wife Does A Young Biker

A young biker brings out my wife's fantasy of being fucked hard in front of several people
How we ever got ourselves messed up with this I still don’t know. My wife had a few lovers over the years, but nothing like this. She is somewhat conservative at the age of 49, but one day something had gotten into her that I had never seen before in her.

We had a guy name Derek contact us one day. He had seen a few pics of my wife on a site and really wanted to fuck her. He was a biker and was part of a group called the Outlaws.

He was in his twenties and had plenty of tattoo’s strewn across his muscle bound body. He looked like a bad boy from the start as my wife checked out the pictures he had sent of himself. He even had a tattoo drawn across his tight naked ass, but their was one pic that had gotten my wife’s attention the most. It was a pic of his very large cock. It was very thick and powerful looking as it had to be at least 9 inches or more in size.

My wife seemed to be drawn to the idea of being with a bad boy like Derek. I figured it was a big turn on for her, but that she would look at it as a fantasy. She had everything that she ever had wanted in life. She was the perfect mom and a woman who had built herself a very nice career. I immediately dismissed Derek’s advances as some hard up biker looking for a older woman to fuck. I sent him back an email saying thanks, but no thanks. I told him that my wife of twenty years was humble by him, but had no attention of doing anything with him.

A few days later I started to receive a few more emails from him about my wife. I must had pissed him off because I dismissed him so quickly. He knew my wife had seen something she had liked in him and wanted her to respond back to him not me. I figured sure why not as I turned it over to my wife to handle. I thought this surely would put an end to his far fetched fantasies.

My wife was much more cordial with him than I was and basically told him she was very humble by his offer and that she was impress by the pics he had sent, but that she had to pass on his offer. Over the next few days he began to send my wife more emails back about the different things he wanted to do with her in bed. He was very direct and pulled no punches with her. My wife read each one of them, but never responded back to any of them.

He then turned it up a notch as he sent her even more sexually explicit things he wanted to do with her. She read each one of them very intently as he slowly started to get her attention. Then one day I was about to walk into the bathroom as my wife was in their taking a shower. I heard a mumble sound coming from the shower when I heard, “Fuck me! Fuck me Derek!” As I peaked in she was masturbating in the shower as she started to cum. Her orgasm was so strong that it had taken her down onto her knees. I then quickly exited the bathroom as she had no idea I had seen what had happened.

A few days later she received another explicit email from him. I didn’t see it though my wife was very turned on after reading it. She was so hot from it she was all over me. I ripped open her pants and slid my hand down into her panties. Her pussy was extremely wet as I began to rub my finger across her swollen clit. She almost orgasm as soon as I touched her as she let out a loud moan. I then said to her, “Does Derek turn you on?”

“She cried out, “Yessss!” as she started to orgasm right their on the spot. She came very hard as I ran my finger very quickly back n forth across her swollen clit.

I then asked her, “You are very turn on by him, aren‘t you?”

My wife confessed that she had been very turned on by him since she had seen his pics. She always had fantasize about being taken by a biker and made to do whatever he wanted her do. She also loved his huge cock and had fantasized several times about him fucking her with it.

I asked, “Do you really want him to fuck you?“

“I don’t know! I can’t get the thought of it out of my mind. I can only think about his big throbbing cock inside me. I want to be this bad girl and be forced to do whatever he wants me to do!” my wife said to me.

I wasn’t about to stand in her way as I said, “Why don’t you go for it!”

“Are you sure!” she asked.

“Yeah, if it has been your secret desire to be a bad girl!” I responded back.

My wife was so confused on what to do. She took the next few days to think things over as she received another email from Derek. This time his email was very illicit on exactly what he wanted to do with her. This pushed her over the edge as she couldn’t take anymore. She was now so turned on the only answer she could tell him was yes. Derek had now gotten into her precious mind as she sent a message back that she wanted him to fuck her.

A few seconds later she was instructed to meet him at a bar where several bikers hung out at. I was allowed to come, but I couldn’t participate in any way. All I could was watch and nothing more.

This place was located outside the city limits and was off a secluded road. It had several small rooms attached to the back of it as some of the bikers could spend the night.

As my wife and I pulled up she was somewhat nervous, but also very excited. There had to be about 30 bikes or more park out front of this place as my wife and I walked up to the door. My wife had on a tight white shirt with no bra on underneath. Her nipples were showing right through it as she looked extremely hot as we walked in.

My wife immediately received several glares from the gentlemen inside the bar as we headed over to the bar area. There was at least 50 people in the place as a few women were mixed in. We stood by the bar for a few moments when Derek came up from behind. He had on a tight pair of jeans with a cutoff shirt that showed his tattoo’s up and down his arms. I really couldn’t believe a guy like this could turn my wife on so much, but he did.

He led my wife over to a table as I stayed behind at the bar. She sat down with Derek and two of his biker buddies as they had gotten her a drink. My wife isn’t much of a drinker so one drink would loosen her up quite a bit.

I watched from the bar as Derek slowly made his move on my wife right their at the table. He began to kiss my wife on the neck as his hand grope at her big tits through her shirt. He felt each of them up as his two buddies watched on from across the table.

A few minutes later Derek’s hand slid under my wife’s shirt as he grabbed each of her tits. He slowly worked her shirt up until it had reached the bottom of them. Then to my surprise he pulled her shirt up over her gorgeous tits so everyone in the bar could see them. She was a little embarrassed at first as several of the bikers glanced over at her. This only made her even more turned on as Derek grabbed and grope at each one of her big naked tits.

He then got up and grabbed my wife’s hand as he grabbed a key off the bar. Him and his two buddies took my wife outside as I followed behind. Once outside Derek showed off his bike to my wife and asked her if she wanted a ride. She accepted quickly, but Derek wanted something in exchange first. She could only get on the back of his bike if she agreed to remove her shirt.

My wife shook her head in agreement as Derek grabbed my wife’s shirt and tossed it onto the parking lot. She climbed on the back of his Harley as she pushed naked her tits right up against his back so nobody could see them. She held onto his body tightly as he took off very fast as they headed down the darken road.

I stood their with his two friends as they began to tell me all the things Derek was going to do with my wife tonight. He apparently has a reputation of fucking women senseless all night long with his big cock until they can’t take it anymore.

I was more than nervous now as they had told me some of his past stories. I just hoped my wife knew what she had gotten herself into with Derek. It sounded like Derek was a pretty rough guy who loves to fuck women really hard.

It had been about 10 minutes later as Derek and my wife came back from her ride on his Harley. Her face was practically white as the thrill of the ride had excited her even more. It was now time for her to ride on Derek’s big cock as he took her back to one of the rooms behind the bar. He led my wife of twenty years into the room and immediately closed the door behind them. I heard the door lock as I was now regulated to watching them from a window that was in front of the room.

Derek had opened up the drapes so his two buddies and myself could see into the room. It was a small room as it only had a bed in it and nothing else. The bed was located roughly about 10 feet from the window so it wasn’t going to be to hard to see what was going on, and to top that the window was part way open so all of us heard everything going on in the room.

Derek didn’t waist anytime as he grabbed my wife’s tight jeans and yanked them down to the floor. He grabbed her wet panties and literally ripped them off her beautiful 49 year old body. She had this fantasy of being fucked like a slut by Derek and now she was getting her wish.

Derek sucked on each of her big tits as his hand groped at her lovely ass. This went on for a few minutes until he pushed my beautiful wife down onto her knees in front of him. He ordered her to remove his jeans as his huge cock popped out right into her face. It was partially hard as my wife began to stroke on his monster cock.

As it harden quickly Derek pushed his big manhood into my wife’s mouth. She slowly began to suck on it as it had filled every square inch of her mouth. It was only a few minutes later when Derek wanted more from her as he began to push his cock deeper down my wife‘s throat. He now started to fuck my wife’s mouth hard as she gagged several times on his big cock. Her arms and hands were wrapped tightly around his ass as Derek held her head tightly with each of his hands. He worked his cock in and out of her mouth until she couldn’t take anymore of it. He finally stopped as my wife began to salivate a great deal all over his cock.

He then moved my wife onto the bed as he yanked her legs apart. He began to eat her pussy out as he licked and sucked every inch of it. My wife moaned out loudly as it only took a few minutes and he had her screaming on the bed into a powerful orgasm.

He now wanted to fuck her. He knelt down in between her legs and started to tease her pussy with his big cock. He ran up and down across her wet pussy as she cried out, “Please stick it in me! I want you to fuck me now!”

A few seconds later Derek rammed his huge cock into my wife. She screamed out in ecstasy as Derek’s cock had stretched the lips of her swollen pussy to its limits. Her fingernails had gripped into his back as he fucked her good and hard as he gave my wife’s tits a rough squeeze. He must had fucked her for a good 10 minutes when my wife’s body began to go into convulsions. She started to squirmed about the bed as she had a very powerful orgasm on Derek’s cock. His two buddies got a kick out of it as I had never heard my wife scream out like that in all of the years I had known her. She orgasm on his huge cock for a good minute as Derek punished her with it.

Derek then flipped her worn out body over. My wife’s face was very red looking as it was directly pointed right at the window where his two buddies and I watched from. She was on all fours as Derek rammed his big cock back into her from behind. He fucked her like a slut as my wife screamed out several times in ecstasy.

Her facial expressions told the whole story as Derek had his huge cock buried deep inside her pussy. A few minutes later Derek grabbed my wife’s arms at the elbow. He held each of her arms tightly as he began to pull her worn out body very hard back onto his huge cock. My wife’s face looked right at us helplessly as she screamed out loudly. Derek was now fucking her very hard from behind as he drove his huge cock very deep into her 49 year old pussy. Her tits shook violently as they bounced from side to side with every thrust of Derek’s cock.

My wife let out one continuous scream as Derek gave it her good and hard. She had never been fucked like this before as she had one powerful orgasm after another on Derek’s huge cock. Her body shook with great intensity as Derek gave her several more hard thrust with his huge cock. He then yanked his cock out of my wife’s pussy and began to shoot his cum all over my wife’s tender ass. Her body then crashed harmlessly down onto the bed from exhaustion as the three of us watch in total amazement.

My wife was then left in the room to recover as Derek went back to the bar for another drink. He had been gone for a good hour as he came back with a good buzz on. He brought back about 20 or so of the bar patrons to watch him fuck my wife. There were even 3 or 4 women who wanted to watch. I was immediately pushed out of the way as several of the men huddled around the front of the window with their beers in hand.

Derek made his way into the room as he said to my wife, “I am going to fuck the hell out of you in front of all these people!” as he shut the door behind him.

My wife had fantasized about being fuck like a slut in front of several people and now was her chance to experience it. A few minutes later I heard my wife cry out loudly as I couldn’t see anything as the window was now completely filled with bar patrons. All I could do was listen to the commentary of the patrons as Derek fucked my wife inside the room.

“Fuck her Derek! Give it to her good! Ram that cock into her!” These were a few of the things I heard as Derek fucked my wife.

A few minutes later I heard my wife scream out loudly, “Fuck me Derek! Fuck me hard!”

The gallery of bar patrons now urged Derek on as my wife was about to cum right in front of all of them. A few seconds later I heard, “Make her cum hard!”

My wife started to cum as I heard her scream out in the room as the guys toasted it with a drink. Their was no stopping Derek now as my wife cried out loudly again a few minutes later, “You are going to make me cum again! Oh’ fuck! Oh‘ fuck!”

My wife had another powerful orgasm in front of the gallery as a few of the women began to touch themselves. One woman shouted out, ‘Oh’ fuck this bitch is hot! I would love to rub my pussy all over her beautiful face!”

Another woman said, “I would make her eat my pussy until I came several times all over her face!”

I now heard Derek’s body banging up against my wife’s body. He must had been fucking her doggie style as he rammed his body very hard up against my wife’s.

I then heard, ‘Fuck her harder! Fuck her harder Derek!”

Derek apparently began to pound his cock even harder into my wife as I heard her screamed out like never before. She screamed out for several minutes as I heard the pounding of their bodies. Derek gave my 49 year old wife the fucking of her life as several of the bar patrons shouted out, “Harder! Harder! Fuck that bitch harder!”

It was almost 30 minutes since this all had started and Derek was ready to cum. My wife had already cum several times as Derek gave her a few last thrust with his huge cock. I then heard, “He is going to cum all over her face!“

A few seconds later I heard a loud cheer, “Cum on that bitches face!”

A few seconds after that I heard a roar as Derek apparently had cum all over my wife’s face. The gallery then applauded as they headed back into the bar to drink.

I heard several comments as they passed by me, “Wow! Damn did he fuck her hard! How does he do it!” “Damn, I would love to fuck that bitch!“ These were a few of the comments I heard as the sexually charge crowd filed back into the bar.

Derek then came out of the room as he left the door open behind him. He said, “Man, she loves being fucked by a big cock!”

I quickly went inside the room as my 49 year old wife laid on the bed. Her pussy was gaped wide open as it was red and swollen. Derek had covered her beautiful face in cum as it trickled down onto her neck.

She was worn out as she said, “Damn, he fucked me good and hard! I had never experience anything like that ever before. He made me cum so hard with that big cock of his I thought I was going to pass out!“

I quickly said to her, “Be better get out of here fast before one of these other horny guys tries to fuck you!“

My wife got what she wanted that night. She was horny for the next few weeks from it when she received a email from Derek. (More to follow)

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