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My Wife Gets Experimental

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My wife starts to explore her dirtier side
I've been married for 5 years now and whilst sex with my wife was great we had started to look for alternative ways to turn each other on. My wife, to be quite honest, was a little straight laced when it came to the bedroom department, most of our sex sessions ended the same way with her riding me to climax all done with the bedroom light off. She is stunning so I don't know why she was like this, but one night after a little too much drink that was all about to change.

My wife is 5ft 7" tall with brown eyes and black hair, olive skinned, with legs to die for. We had been out at a friends party and both were quite drunk. When the party had finished we called a cab to take us home, the cab arrived and we both sat in the back.

My wife looked gorgeous in her short black party dress with matching black hold ups and high heels and as I lent over to pull the cab door shut I brushed my hand across her thighs. She held it there, smiling at me, and then started to guide it between her legs.

Now this was spontaneous for my wife so I went with it, quite excited by it in fact! We started to kiss, our tongues meeting and circling, while my hand travelled further and further up my wife's thigh. She opened her legs to accommodate my hand and I started to finger her through her panties.

She moaned softly as I rubbed her pussy lips and clit in a circular motion, clockwise then anticlockwise, making me semi hard as I felt her wetness.

Our kissing became more intense and my wife reached for my cock, rubbing it through my trousers. I was entertaining thoughts of getting it out there and then in the cab but as we were close to home I decided not to. In fact it was a huge turn on not being able to feel flesh on flesh!

We paid the taxi driver who smiled and wished us a good night.

As soon as we got through the door we started to kiss again moving into the kitchen as we did. My wife seemed like a totally different person but I wasn't complaining! She perched herself on the edge of the kitchen table opening her legs and touching herself.

I knelt between her legs mouthing and biting her pussy (again through her panties). She was so wet that her juices had soaked them, so I pulled them down with some force. Then my tongue got to work, lapping, shallow at first and then deeper and deeper as each moan got louder.

Then to my total surprise my wife flipped herself over onto her front and asked me to rim her! I was in total shock but I slowly parted her arse cheeks and started to tease the edge of her rim with my tongue.

She moaned out loud the first time she felt my tongue inside her and started to finger herself, asking me to lick her faster, fingering herself with one hand and holding onto the edge of the table with the other.

She started pushing back onto my tongue, fucking my face, moaning out loud and then suddenly cumming. I joined her hand with mine, rubbing her clit as she bucked hard to ensure she got the maximum out of her orgasm.

Without a word she swapped positions with me, pulling down my trousers and boxers , hungry for my hard cock. She raised my legs in the air as she firmly grasped my cock and started to wank me whilst sucking her index finger and inserting it into my arse. I gasped as I had never had this done to me before, gasping ever more when she replaced her finger with her tongue. Wanking and licking me, wetting my arse and asking me to cum.

I enjoyed the moment, gazing at my wife in stockings licking my arse for the first time. Then feeling my cock twitch I gasped out and yelled, "I'm cumming!" She milked me dry, my cum covering her dress and face. She cleaned me and herself up like a greedy cock whore and from that day on needless to say, that is what she became.

It turned out that a few of the women had got together at the party and were talking about their sexual preferences, which turned out fantastically for me!

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