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My Workout with an Old Principal

A 19 year old knockout pays a visit to her old school principal.
"Sure, Mom. It's not a problem. I can stop by on my way home from the gym."

I hang up the phone with my mom and climb into my car. The first thing I do is blast the air conditioning. The radio clicks on and Marvin Gaye's voice croons over the speakers - 'Sexual Healing.' Ugh. I could use a little sexual healing. It's been a while since I was last fucked. I lost my virginity to Derek Marshall on my 17th birthday and we had a bunch of crazy sex for a few months after that. Since Derek and I broke up though, I haven't been with anyone. I'm almost 19 now. Whenever I go to the gym, it drives me nuts to see the shirtless, sweaty men with various bulging body parts. Sometimes I get so... um...distracted, that I have to leave. Today is one of those days.

Since today is one of those days, I'm a little bit irritated that I have to stop by St. Agnes, my little brother's school, and talk to his principal. I pull up to his office. His name is Mr. Grant. He was the principal when I went to middle school here, and I vaguely remember him being attractive, but I was too young to care much at the time.

I suddenly become conscious of the fact that I am clad only in my workout gear. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing to be ashamed of. My perky 36 C's are encased by the tight purple spandex of my sports bra and my stomach looks deliciously flat. The spandex on my lower half doesn't do a great job of covering my thick ass cheeks, but usually I don't think anything of it when I go to the gym. I slowly step into his secretary's office and announce my arrival.

"Carmen Reynolds. Louie Reynold's sister...I'm here for a conference with Mr. Grant."

The secretary eyes me warily up and down as if I'm a whore.

"Sure, Miss Reynolds. I remember when you went to school here. You were much...smalller then. Head on back to his office. He just got back from lunch."

I walk to the last door on the right and lightly knock. I hear some shuffling and soon Mr. Grant is opening the door with a firm expression that quickly turns to awe as his eyes travel over my body. He quickly gains his composure and ushers me in, closing the door quickly behind me.

"Miss Carmen Reynolds. I haven't seen you in quite some time. You've blossomed into...uh...quite the woman."

I notice a deep flush in his face and I regret if I'm making him uncomfortable. The thing is, Mr. Grant is hot and I want to make a good impression. He's in his late 40's and has a thick head of dark hair that is starting to silver on the sides. His face is masculine and rugged. His entire presence reeks of power. It's a turn on. It's a shame that I was too young to appreciate this man when I went to school here.

"I spoke with your mom today about transferring Louie into the other science class, the one taught by Ms. Kennedy? His tests indicate that he would be better fit for her teaching methods. I just need your mom's signature as soon as possible. She wasn't able to pick up the forms today, so she said you'd be able to get them. Give me one minute to run them off the copy machine."

Mr. Grant leaves the room and closes the door. I'm sitting in a chair across from his desk, and absentmindedly start to twist at a thread that's come loose from the seat cushion. It eventually rips off, and I take a few strides to the trash can behind his desk to throw it away. I glance at the computer screen and - oh. I can feel my cheeks turning pink. On Mr. Grant's computer screen is a video of a young blonde on a couch, grinding on the dick of a large black guy. I stare in shock at the video, not able to drag my eyes away from the way she works her pussy on his huge cock. It feels as is someone has lit a flame within me. I feel myself start to get slippery in my spandex, and I quickly sit down before Mr. Grant can catch me.

A few minutes later, Mr. Grant strides back into the room. He hands me the papers I need and starts to show me to the door...but at this point, I'm too turned on the let this opportunity go. I stand up and slowly stride over to the window, careful to jiggle my ass as I walk. I get on my tiptoes and lean my head out of the open window, making sure stick my ass out toward Mr. Grant. Hopefully he takes the invitation.

"This is an awfully nice view, Mr. Grant."

I hear his breath hitch as he mutters, "It sure is."

Hearing the lust in his voice makes my nipples go hard. This is what I've been waiting so long for - a powerful man with a huge cock that is deserving of my time. I turn back around and see that his pants are starting to bulge. We both stand staring at each other, frozen in our lust. Finally, I speak.

"Mr. Grant, I wasn't being nosey but...I saw what you were watching on your computer."

He slowly sinks into his chair. He doesn't say a word.

"I just want you to know, I liked watching it. And I liked that you were watching it. I watch porn all of the time, and I love rubbing myself out. It's been a really long time since I've had a real cock in me, though."

As I speak, I am slowly walking toward him. As I stand before him now, his cock is begging to be released from his pants. I'm not doing him any favors yet, though. I mount him and start dry humping him, rubbing my pussy against his throbbing cock that is trying to force through the fabric between us.

"Yes, yes," I moan into his ear. He is panting as he thrusts himself against me like an animal. I am bouncing up and down with the collective force of our movement. I trace my tongue around his ear, biting the lobe and then sticking my tongue deep into his ear. We keep humping, and I'm the horniest I've ever been.

Finally, I pull my purple sports bra off. I am still straddling him in his chair, facing him. My tits bounce a bit once they're released from their bondage and Mr. Grant savagely dives into them. I feel his tongue against my nipples, biting them and slobbering. His hunger for my body gets me even more wet, and I have to remove my spandex. They're already soaked through anyway.

After I take off my shorts, I finally pull off his pants. His cock is fully erect and rock hard. It is 8 inches, much bigger than the last and only dick I had. Remembering the wild sex I had with my ex makes me so excited to fuck Mr. Grant's cock that I nearly come before I've even mounted it.

Still wanting to build the anticipation, I fall to my knees, and slowly wrap my lips around the head of Mr. Grant's cock. I lick up the precum and start to bob my head up and down on his giant dick. He has his hands on my head, urging me down. I feel him start to thrust in my throat, fucking my face. I take a moment to suck on his balls, and when I do, he pulls me up a little straighter and begins to rub his dick on my tits.

I spit a bit to make his cock slide easier between my tits. I hold them in place as he thrusts his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. I watch his ass tighten every time he thrusts, and suddenly I can't wait anymore to have his cock inside me.

I push him back into his chair and straddle him again, this time, sliding my pussy right onto his large, rock hard cock. I bounce up and down and he meets me with thrusts of his own. We lock eyes as he drills me. My tits bounce between us, and every so often, Mr. Grant leans over and nibbles them.

He unexpectedly stands up, but keeps his tight grip around my thighs. He is fucking me while standing up, while holding me and grinding my pussy against his dick. My legs start to tingle. It's a euphoric sensation, to be crazily fucked when you feel as if you have no control. As he rams me, I feel myself getting closer to the edge. I dig my nails into his back. "Mr. Grant, I'm about to -"

Before I can finish my sentence, he pulls out and sets me on the ground, positioning me with my hands on his desk and my ass facing him. He starts to fuck me from behind. I feel my tits slamming together, and I look up at the mirror hanging behind his desk. Our faces are red, and our bodies hot, wet, and slippery. When he pulls out, I turn around and sit on the edge of the desk.

"Fuck me, Mr. Principal, fuck me as you've never fucked before."

He gets that animalistic look in his eyes again, and then we are going at it again. My sexy, rugged middle school principal is ramming me on his desk, and all I can think is more, more more. I need this every day. He brings his hot lips to mine and tongue fucks me. This huge, older man is overpowering my young and tight little body. He is fucking the sense out of me. I hear myself cry out, unable to stifle my moans of pure, carnal satisfaction.

"I'm going to cum."

They're the only words he's spoken since we've started our little fuck fest.

I'm on the pill, so I'm unafraid when I utter, "Come inside me, Mr. Grant."

He pumps a few more times into me, and I feel my breath quicken and prepare myself to come with him.

His cock stiffens within me and I feel his cum drenching my insides, which alone is enough to send me over the edge. My pussy tightens over his dick and I come like I've never come before. My legs tingle and I wrap my hands over his ass, keeping him pushed as far inside me as I can. I never want to let go of the feeling of Mr. Grant's cock inside me.

Needless to say, Mr. Grant and I still have our weekly "meetings."

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