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Mystery at Brackenwood - Part 3

“’s you!,” I exclaimed, staring in astonishment.

To this day, I don’t know which of us was the more surprised.

Him, at suddenly finding himself staring at a completely naked eighteen year old blonde girl, showing off her teenage delights, or me, on discovering a young, tall guy, perhaps in his mid to late twenties, standing naked in front of my large mirror, with a pair of my lacy, pink knickers in his right hand, wrapped around a most impressive, totally shaved penis.

On hearing my voice, he turned round, obviously startled to discover he was not alone in the room, and faced me, dropping my knickers on the floor as he did so, to reveal his private parts fully. He was, I guessed, about six feet tall, slim and quite muscular and his penis appeared to be around eight or nine inches long, with a handsome, purple/red head. Beneath, tightly hung, were his shaved balls.

For what seemed like an age, we just stared at each other’s nakedness in stunned silence. Understandably, he looked totally shocked at being caught by me in such a revealing situation.

But I was also amazed to discover not one of the house guests after all, but the young freelance chef who had been working behind the scenes over the past couple of days, preparing all the wonderful meals. Although I hadn’t seen him around the house, I recognised him from the previous year when he had cooked for my parents.

He stared open mouthed and gazed across the room to see this naked, blonde girl standing before him, and, despite the shock, I noticed his eyes roaming over me, as they took in the detail of my shaven pussy, with deep red lips glistening between my legs. I didn’t know what to say now, and could only gaze back at him.

And then, the most extraordinary thing occurred – something I have never witnessed before or since.

As we stood opposite each other, staring in silence at each other’s nakedness, he suddenly let out a groan, and I saw his hips thrust forwards slightly. With his hands still down by his sides, and with no physical stimulation whatsoever, his penis suddenly erupted, sending a long, creamy white rope of semen shooting up into the air. The sudden ejaculation seemed to take even him by surprise, as the force of it appeared to knock him off balance, making him take a step back.

I looked on in amazement as the cum landed over my bedroom carpet, before another huge trail of semen squirted out from his beautifully formed penis and splashed over the floor between us.

I was, at last, witnessing the source of all the mess I had been finding in my knickers over the past couple of days. My assumptions had been correct – he really was able to ejaculate both powerfully and copiously. And to think that it had been his semen that I had smothered over my naughty puss and fingered inside me!!

“Ahh,” he gasped, his face was a curious picture of surprise, ecstasy and panic. I could see that, whilst he was still obviously in a state of shock and embarrassment at being discovered, and was no longer making any physical attempt to masturbate, his body’s natural response to the situation had now taken him over, leaving him unable to control his sexual functions.

“I’m sorry,” he suddenly gasped, and looked at me almost apologetically, as a third trail of semen spurted powerfully out across the room.

He reached out and took hold of the iron bedstead, as if needing something to cling on to during his orgasm.

This was the only time I have ever seen a guy ejaculating without any form of physical stimulus. To see his thick, engorged cock pumping out such copious quantities of semen entirely without assistance was such a massive turn on for me.

Images of my experiences with Pete flashed through my mind, but this was vastly different. Pete had been in control, he knew what he had been doing when he stood in front of me and masturbated, cumming over my skirt. But the guy in front of me now was ejaculating uncontrollably, without even touching himself.

When I look back on what happened that day, as I often do, I wonder just how it must have felt for him, to suddenly find himself standing in front of a naked 18 year old girl, with his genitals taking on a will of their own and ejaculating semen all over her bedroom carpet, unable to stop himself.

Whilst I am quite a modest person, I do like to think that perhaps it was the sight of my slender body, firm well rounded breasts and shaven, wet pussy which set off a reaction within his sexual organs that , once started, didn’t require any physical effort, and couldn’t be stopped.

Within those few fleeting moments, I watched as my visitor sent four long trails of cum across the room in my direction, leaving my carpet covered with creamy lines of semen.

His face was flushed red now, perhaps due to the exertion, or embarrassment of behind discovered...or maybe both. As his cock let out another squirt, he reached down, and covered the glistening, purple head with the palm of his right hand. This time the fluid didn’t spray over the carpet, but instead I saw it ooze out from between his fingers. He let out a moan, as his hips thrust again and another load came in his hand.

He looked over to me, his hand covering his penis, dripping with cum.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped again, and moved round the other side of my bed, reaching down to pick up his clothes which he had put on my bed, still with his right hand over his penis head, catching his semen.

“I’m going...please, I didn’t mean any harm...don’t tell anyone,” he pleaded.

It was then that he stopped and stared at me, and I became aware of my own situation.

At some point, whilst watching the events unfold before me, I had unknowingly allowed my right hand to return to my pussy, and was once again fingering myself, but this time in front of him. Seeing his gaze fall upon my private parts suddenly made me realise what I was doing, as he watched my finger slide between the wet folds of my labia, and deeper into my vulva.

I gave him a smile, and slowly removed my finger, glistening with my juice, before placing it in my mouth and sucking it clean. He gazed at me, transfixed.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t tell my parents what you’ve been doing,” I replied, and I can remember hearing the lust in my trembling voice, as my arousal increased.

He stared at me for a moment. “I can’t think of one,” he eventually replied. He had removed his hand from his dripping cock, and was searching for his pants, which were on my bed.

“Did you enjoy cumming in my knickers?” I asked. I began to finger myself again, this time using my left hand to part my lips, exposing my swollen clitoris, which I was now rubbing with the index finger of my right hand.

He was scrambling now to pull on his clothes. “I’m sorry...I didn’t mean any offence, ok.” He looked up at me and saw my smooth pussy now open and exposed.

I let him gaze for a moment. “I wore the knickers you came in, you know,” I said, and watched for his reaction. A shocked expression crossed his blushing face. “Your cum was all over my pussy....and inside,” I added, huskily.

Then, without a word, I walked around the room until I was stood right in front of him. He held his pants in one hand and shirt in the other. Looking down, I reached out and took hold of his still erect penis, wrapping my slender young fingers around it. His hot, firm cock was still dripping semen, and twitched in my hand as I squeezed him and smiled. He gave a gasp and pulled back slightly, but I held him tight.

“Don’t you think I deserve to get to play with it?” I asked, as I looked into his eyes, and squeezed his manhood, “after all the mess you’ve made.” He stood still for a few seconds as this horny, blonde teenager massaged his throbbing cock, coated with cum.

“I have to go....I shouldn’t be here...we can’t do this,” he said, his voice trembling, and reached down, pulling my hand off his penis. I gave him a naughty look, and took hold of him once again.

“My Daddy wouldn’t be very pleased if he found out his little girl wasn’t allowed play time,” I replied, “And I wonder what your girlfriend would think, if she knew her fiancé had been masturbating all over a girls knickers?”

He stared at me, and I began to fondle his testicles with my left hand, whilst rubbing his cock back and forth with my right hand.

“Please don’t tell will ruin my whole life if she found out,” he said, and I can still hear the panic in his voice as he spoke.

“Well,” I replied, “ maybe I will forget all about it...if you stay and fuck my brains out.” He gasped, open mouthed. Here was a naked, horny 18 year old girl asking him to fuck her, just to keep his naughty secret.

“Think of this as your last chance for some sexy fun before you get married,” I added, and flashed him a naughty look.

Then, without waiting for him to respond, I lowered myself down onto my knees before him, and took his huge cock in my hot mouth. Immediately his salty, cum covered shaft twitched as I played my tongue over his bulging head, and sucked him hard. He gave a moan, and pushed against me, forcing his penis down my throat.

My time spent with Alex at boarding school had provided me with both the experience and the appetite for oral sex. I had developed a taste for it, and although this was only the second penis I had ever had in my mouth, I was now well practiced in the technique of deep throating, although it has to be said that this cock was somewhat larger than Alex’s.

This lucky chef now found himself being sucked off by a hungry, naked teen, and I am sure that for some moments I was able to take his mind off his bride to be and focus entirely upon me.

Indeed, he had now placed his hands on my head, and was beginning to thrust his cock down my throat in a rhythmical manner, as I moaned and sucked eagerly. For several minutes I indulged myself, holding his buttock with my left hand, whilst fingering my now dribbling puss, before finally pulling away, and standing up.

He seemed disappointed, until I turned to the bed and, removing his clothing from the duvet, knelt on all fours on the edge of the bed, my bare bottom facing him, and my swollen, red pussy lips wide open to his gaze.

“I don’t even know your name,” I said, as I thrust my hips up, causing my wet pussy lips to protrude from behind, giving him a glorious view of my hungry private parts from behind.

He let out a small, nervous laugh. “Sam,” he replied.

“Well..Sam..I want your cock inside me,” I whispered, aware of the desire in my husky voice.

Standing beside my bed, his fingers were suddenly between my legs, slipping between my swollen folds, exploring me deeper, as I gasped and pushed back against him.

“My God , you’re so wet,” I heard him exclaim. I smiled to myself. Then, just as Alex had done for the first time on the floor of the school gym last November, I found Sam’s penis sliding between my legs. I could tell immediately that Sam was a lot larger than Alex had been, and at first my tight puss resisted his attempts at entry, despite the generous amount of lubrication which was now dripping out from between my lips. I felt his engorged head push in between my inner labia, and remember giving a small gasp as his size stretched me wider. Then, with a thrust, he was inside me. Without hesitation, his full length filled me in that initial push, and I felt his balls hit my puss.

“Am I tighter than your fiancé?” I asked naughtily, just as he started to thrust back and forth. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled at him. His expression was not easy to read...was he angry? At me? Or himself? He didn’t reply, but instead thrust violently against me, his huge cock tearing me apart.

“Arrggh,” I cried out, in pain. Again he rammed into me. “You’re hurting me,” I gasped. He didn’t stop. In fact his thrusts became more aggressive and painful. His hands were suddenly around my shoulders, pulling me back and forth.

“Sam!” I exclaimed. I was feeling panic now.

“You said you wanted to play didn’t you?”, he replied breathlessly. He continued pounding away at me, and was now pulling on my long blonde hair, forcing my head back. “If this is my last chance to fuck a hot girl like you, I am going to do it properly.”

“You don’t have to hurt me though,” I replied. I still remember the pain as his erection slammed deep inside me, and he yanked my hair back.

“You didn’t have to be here waiting for me,” he said. “You wanted to fuck, didn’t you?”

I couldn’t reply now. The violent way in which he was forcing himself inside me was leaving me breathless. I have to admit I was suddenly feeling rather vulnerable and frightened. Perhaps this had been a mistake. Maybe this time my sexual promiscuousness had really got me into deep trouble!

Suddenly he stopped, pulling his cock out so quickly and roughly that it felt as though he had removed my entire vagina with it. Then, his face was between my legs, and his tongue was slurping up my juices. I moaned with pleasure now. This was much better. I could spend all day having him eat me. My pussy was by now running with juice, and as he continued, a quiver shook through me.

Then, he stopped and turned me over onto my back, with my legs spread apart in the air. He knelt down on the floor and began licking and sucking, his tongue eager to explore every detail of this 18 year olds intimate parts, as I lay with my legs now wrapped around his shoulders. Oh, I was in total heaven. I couldn’t believe that after such a long wait, things had now happened so quickly. One moment I had been expecting to catch one of my parents’ older guests in my room, but instead I was now having my clitoris sucked by the young chef.

I was by now moaning aloud with pleasure, as my hips bucked and thrust up and down on the bed, eagerly meeting the demands of Sam’s deliciously naughty tongue, and my vaginal muscles were beginning to quiver and spasm as an orgasm approached. My legs gripped tightly around Sam’s neck, pulling his face hard against my pussy, almost smothering him, as the sounds of his sucking and slurping filled my bedroom. In a haze of bliss, I remember vaguely hoping no one was outside my bedroom door, listening to the sounds of sexual activity coming from within.

And then, without warning, I began to ejaculate. With Sam’s head trapped between my legs, I let out a gasp as my eager puss released a flood of sex fluid, hot, cloudy and aromatic. Suddenly, Sam was trying to pull away, obviously taken by surprise as discovering this teenager now covering his face with her sexual juices. But the force of the orgasmic spasms was causing me to grip my legs even more tightly around him and pull his head hard against my gushing hole.

In the throes of such a powerful orgasm, I was only dimly aware of the muffled, gurgling sounds of Sam’s voice from between my legs as he fought to come up for breath, my orgasmic release now in full flow, filling his mouth and nose with thick girl cum. My hips bucked up and down, as my puss demanded more attention from his tongue, completely oblivious to his need for air.

After several moments of frantic activity, Sam finally managed to pull my legs from around his neck, and release his head from between the hot, dripping folds of my cunny. As I lay gasping, I looked down to see him emerge, his face flushed red, and covered with a coating of slimy, glistening pussy juice. He stared at me in disbelief, obviously in shock at having had a girl squirt all over his face. As I lay with my legs wide apart, my exposed, smooth puss was still in climax, quivering and shaking, juices running out between my swollen lips and onto the duvet beneath me. He gazed as I began rubbing my clitoris again, eager for more.

“My God, you are so horny,” was all he could say, as my cum dripped off his chin. He stood up now, and I smiled up at him. His cock was bulging and erect, and I wanted it.

He stepped forward, and grabbed my legs, wrapping them around his waist, and slid himself inside me once again, my bottom now hanging over the side of the bed as he began pounding me as though I was the last girl he would ever fuck.

To imagine that downstairs, my parents and their house guests were all busy making polite conversation, while their darling perfect daughter was having her pussy pumped by their freelance chef – I wonder what they would have thought !

Several minutes passed, as we gasped and moaned together, until Sam reached orgasm. I looked up at his face as the moment arrived, to see the ecstasy of release in his expression. He stepped back, pulling out just as his ejaculation erupted, squirting yet another rope of cream, this time all over my stomach and puss.

“Ah...ah...ah...” he gasped, as two more loads were sprayed over me. Ever since Alex had first ejaculated on me, I have loved being covered with semen, and, as I lay there, I smiled and rubbed my hands in Sam's cream, spreading it all over my stomach, and then down over my puss.

Sam stood and watched this sex mad teen smother herself in his produce, and I am sure he had never experienced anything quite like it before, judging from his reaction to me. With two fingers I scooped up some semen and began to finger myself again, his seeds entering my still quivering vagina. To my surprise, he reached down and began rubbing his hand over my cum covered stomach, before sliding his fingers between my legs alongside my own, so that I now had four fingers slipping in and out of my pussy in unison, causing delicious wet slurping noises, as his semen and my juices mingled.

I was in heaven. Sam had become only the second guy I had had intercourse with...but to have seen him masturbating and ejaculating, and been able to squirt my juices over his face had made it a mind blowing experience for me.

And there was more now, as the combined effect of our fingers inside my tight, wet pussy was bring on yet another orgasm. With my face flushed with passion and my skin wet with perspiration, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations between my legs. Four fingers was a tight fit, but gave a uniquely different experience to masturbation. And to have a complete stranger exploring my most intimate parts in such an erotic was so arousing for me that within a few moments I had reached another climax.

From deep within me, a surge of fluid came forth, and despite the obstructions, somehow managed to erupt out from between our fingers, spraying over the duvet and Sam’s legs. This time my juices were clearer, and less thick, which meant they squirted more like water from a fountain.

“Ohhhhh,” I remember hearing myself call out, as the power of orgasm ripped through my body. Sam pulled his fingers out, and a small flood of fluid ran out from between my legs on to the duvet, which was now drenched with girly cum.

As he stood looking down at the dripping wet teen he had just fucked, I saw Sam licking his fingers, tasting me. I smiled up at him.

“Do you like how I taste?” I asked him.

He smiled and nodded. “I’ve never tasted a girl like you before,” he replied. I wondered if he had ever tasted his fiancé, but decided it best not to ask.

I lay naked and spread, wet and exhausted on the bed, panting and with my blonde hair now stuck to my forehead and cheeks, perspiration glistening on my glowing face.

I have been told I always look at my most sexy and alluring after having sex....I’m not sure I believe that, but certainly for a few seconds Sam simply stood and stared at me, seemingly transfixed, taking in the sight of my naked, slender body, exposed genitalia and the satisfied, blissful expression on my face. Perhaps I did look alluring........or perhaps he was taking in the view for one last time, knowing that within a few days he would be married and would probably never again get the opportunity to experience sex with a horny, squirting, 18 year old blonde.

“I have to go...Jenny will want to know where I’ve been,” he said, picking up his pants. The spell was broken.

“What will you tell her?” I asked, watching him dress.

“I went for a get some air,” he shrugged. He pulled on his trousers, then his shirt.

“I hope this will remain a secret between us now,” he suddenly said, looking down at me. “You got your play time, didn’t you?”.

I smiled, and said nothing for a moment. “Well, I suppose so...we will see,” I replied teasingly. “I might want to play some more”.

“What?” he replied, “you want to do it again?”

“Well...I might...a girl like me can get bored on her own here. Would you like to?”

He stared at me, taking in the sight of my naked body, covered in his semen, lying on the wet bed.

“You know I would,” he said eventually, “Any guy would want to”.

“And what about your fiancé?” I asked. There was a pause, and he looked away, buttoning his shirt up. When he turned to face me again, I thought I saw a tear in his eye.

“Once we are married, I’ll never look at another girl again,” he replied. “But she doesn’t have to know about this.”

He finished dressing in silence, whilst I lay on the bed and watched him. Finally the Mystery of Brackenwood had been solved. My secret visitor had been revealed and in the process had fucked me hard, covered me with semen and eaten my pussy until it had gushed.

He left my room without another word, and I had a shower to clean myself up. By now it was late afternoon. I put the same clothes back on that I had been wearing when I left the house that morning, and then set about trying to clean up the mess over the carpet. Although it was an expensive one, luckily it was a creamy white colour. Using some toilet paper, I wiped up the worst of the semen, and rubbed the carpet with a wet cloth from my en suite. Once dry, there was no sign of Sam’s semen.

My duvet cover, however, was more of a problem. Where I had been lying was now a large dark wet patch, which, as it dried, seemed to be leaving a very obvious stain. Whilst my clear fluids left little evidence behind, the thicker, cloudier cum had left rings of whitish - yellow all over the red cotton duvet cover.

I quickly took the cover off, and replaced it with another one from the chest of drawers. I would have to get the red one washed without Jenny noticing.

Then, having tidied my room, I made my way downstairs, and joined the guests, who were all by now sitting out on the sun terrace at the back of the house, sipping drinks.

“Ah, Katherine darling, you’re back!!” exclaimed my father, as I emerged into the afternoon sun.”Did you have a nice day in Truro?”

I smiled. “Yes, quite nice...very relaxing,” I replied.


I wondered if Sam had meant what he said about us meeting again. I didn’t see him for the rest of that evening. Dinner came and went. I stayed up late, thinking he may make an appearance , but he didn’t.

I went upstairs to bed.

2am, Tuesday morning.

I was awoken by a strange noise, coming from my window. I lay still, wondering if maybe I had imagined it. Then a few moments later, there it was again, a tiny tinkle as though something had hit the window panes.

Intrigued, I got out of bed, made my way across the room to the wooden window seat, and pulled back the curtains. Looking down, I was astonished to see, on the lawn down below, Sam standing looking back up at me. He waved.

I carefully slid open the sash window, aware of how difficult it could sometimes be, and how noisy it was if allowed to drop.

“What are you doing? It’s 2 o’clock!” I whispered, faking annoyance but secretly thrilled.

“You said you wanted to play again. Well, I’m waiting,” he whispered back. In the dim light I saw a flash of his smile. He really was quite cute, I remember thinking.

I pulled my head back in, and crept out of my room, wearing just a T shirt, pair of cotton knickers and sandals, just as I had been on that first night when I had met Sir Richard for the first time. That now seemed a lifetime ago.

Remembering that the servant’s stairway door was still unlocked, I decided to exit the house the same way I had entered the day before, so as not to risk being heard or seen by anyone who may be downstairs.

I tiptoed down the stairs, until I reached the cellars, then, stumbling around in the dark, found my way to the door which let me out into the courtyard at the rear of the house.

Trying not to make too much noise on the gravel, I crept around the outbuildings until I reached the gardens at the back of the house, and saw Sam, still standing below my bedroom window on the grass, waiting.

He saw me emerge from the gloom, and I quickly took his hand and led him away across the lawn, worried that our early morning liaison may alert someone in the house. We didn’t speak until we were out of sight of the house, having walked past the tennis court, down some steps, and out onto the bottom lawn which overlooked the cliff path and the view out to sea.

“Why did you wake me,” I asked eventually, still pretending to be displeased.

“I’m sorry...I just couldn’t sleep. I wanted to see you again...before you leave tomorrow. I couldn’t stop thinking about you..and what happened.” In the half light I could see his eyes gazing at me, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Well...I’m happens now?” I replied, innocently.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, he reached out and pulled the t shirt up, over my head and dropped it on the grass. Then, without a pause, he knelt and pulled my cotton knickers down to the ground, and I stepped out of them, kicking them off , my sandals at the same time, so that I was now stood completely naked in the middle of the lawn.

He leaned forward now, and began to lick and kiss my puss. I closed my eyes and tossed my head back, moving my feet apart to allow his naughty tongue to once more explore my swollen folds.

For several minutes he continued, and then, eager to have his cock again, I pulled him up and began to take his shirt off. Throwing it to the ground, I now knelt down on the damp grass in front of him and unclipped his jeans, pulling them down. To my surprise, he wasn’t wearing pants underneath, and I was suddenly faced with his glorious, shaved cock bursting out from beneath the denim. In the gloom, the pale, shaven penis seemed to look even bigger than it had done before.

I pulled his jeans off, and we were now both totally naked under the clear starry sky. I reached out and took his shaft in my hands, massaging him. I can still remember thinking just how amazing this all was, especially considering that just 4 days earlier I had been in the depths of a depressive phase, without any interest or appetite for sex.

And now, a few days later, here I was in the middle of the night, totally naked on the lawn, with a guys twitching penis in my hand. It had been an incredible, roller coaster journey.

I leant forward and took him into my mouth, again delighting at the sensation of having such a huge throbbing cock down my throat. His head filled my airway and I could only take him down for a few seconds before I needed to breath. He groaned as my lips sucked on him as he pulled out, my tongue playing over his sensitive tip. Then he plunged deep into me again, back and forth now, becoming faster, pushing deeper down my throat.

The cool night air, and the distant sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below filled my senses, as he filled my mouth with his throbbing shaft.

And then, almost before I realised what was happening, he was ejaculating.

I was used to Alex, and could always tell when he was about to cum, as I would feel his penis twitching in my mouth.

But with Sam there was no such warning. Suddenly he was squirting his load straight into my mouth. In the same way that he had released his semen into my knickers, cum on my dressing table and covered my carpet, he now filled my mouth with hot, bubbling cream. Now with his hands on the back of my head, he pumped back and forth, the force of his ejaculation hitting the back of my throat, as I groaned and gurgled, struggling for breath.

“Ah...ah...” he gasped, as each ejaculation was released, and I remember looking up and seeing his head tossed back, his back arched as his hips thrust forward, plunging his thick shaft deep and hard down my throat. By now my mouth was over flowing, and his cum was beginning to seep out from the corner of my lips, and down my neck. I couldn’t take him any longer, and pulled back, fighting against his grasp to remove his cock. As he pulled out, yet another squirt of semen hit me on the forehead.

He looked down, obviously disappointed that I had pulled him out, but now looking at me kneeling on the grass before him, my face dripping with his cum, and my mouth now open to reveal his creamy semen. As he gazed at me, I closed my mouth and swallowed his delicious produce.

Ever since my first experience of tasting Alex’s spunk, I had developed a love of swallowing semen. But Sam’s was the first time I had swallowed another guys cum, and I was surprised how different he tasted.

In the half light, I grinned and opened my mouth again to show Sam I had swallowed his load.

“You swallowed!” he exclaimed, seeming surprised. I nodded.

“Yeah..of course. Why wouldn’t I?” I asked. I began wiping up the dribbles of cum which were now running down my neck and between my breasts, licking my fingers clean.

He was now sitting down on the grass opposite me, his spent cock still twitching, cum dripping from its tip.

“Well...not all girls actually girlfriend doesn’t,” he replied.

I sat down, my legs apart, and began to finger myself. “Well...I do. I love to swallow,” I said, giving him a naughty look, as I slipped two fingers between my lips.

He sat and watched me for a few moments, and then reached out. I took my hand away and let his fingers explore me once again. I spread my legs wider, and allowing him to venture deeper. In the cool early morning air, with the distant sound of the sea drifting up from below us, a silence descended between us, as we enjoyed the mutual pleasure of masturbation.

As a young, horny girl, it was a delight to have this good looking guy sliding his fingers in and out of my vagina. I lay back on the grass, and relaxed, closed my eyes and sighed, as his movements created a heavenly feeling of bliss within me.

For him, I guess the opportunity to masturbate a naked, blonde, 18 year old girl on top of the Cornish cliffs was one he couldn’t refuse. I am sure most guys in his situation would do the same.

He had now laid down beside me, and for probably the next half an hour, his fingers gently massaged my private parts, searching deep inside, then rubbing and squeezing my hard clitoris, playing with me, bringing me to the brink of climax, and then slowing down. My clit had become swollen with all the attention being paid to it, and was now protruding, an inch long, from its hiding place.

Now, he moved around, and lying between my legs bent forward and began to lick and suck on my tingling button.

“Ohhhhh.........ohhhh,” I sighed, and within just a few seconds, I was cumming. After half an hour of continuous fingering, it only took the slightest encouragement from his tongue on my clit to tip me over the edge.

“Oh my God....ohhhhh.......ooohhh,” and once more I was ejaculating. This time Sam was able to sit back and gaze in wonder at the sight of a young girl experiencing one of the most erotic and powerful sexual moments any woman can have. As an orgasmic wave engulfed me, my hips lifted off the grass, and a gush of clear fluid pumped from between my swollen, puffy lips, spraying over the lawn.

Lucky Sam watched in silence, totally engrossed in the moment, watching every detail of me, as I squirted again.

In a similar way to which I had witnessed Sam ejaculating without using his hands the day before, Sam was now watching me cum without touching myself at all. With my hands massaging my breasts, and my hips rising up and down off the ground, my eager puss was able to squirt all by itself, allowing him an uninterrupted view of the magic.

I like to think that he will never have a better opportunity to watch a teenager squirt than that early morning experience on the lawn with me. As my orgasm subsided, my hips came to rest on the grass, and I lay, gazing up at the stars, panting. A trickle of fluid seeped out from between my legs.

“You are just amazing,” he whispered. I grinned at him. “I’ve never seen a girl do that before,” he added in hushed wonder.

“Well..I guess I am’s nice when it happens,” I replied.

He leant over me now, and with is still erect cock in his hand guided it into my wet vagina, as I spread my legs wide in the air. He slid inside, and began thrusting, lying on top of me. With our shaved genitals combining together, the sensations were heightened. There we were, entwined and naked, having early morning intercourse on my parents lawn, as the dew began to form on the grass, making our bodies glisten with wetness.

For maybe 20 minutes we rolled, thrust and fucked until Sam finally reached his climax. Unlike the afternoon before, he remained inside me this time, and for the second time that morning ejaculated his load into my body. Having already swallowed a copious amount of semen, I was now having my vagina filled, as his throbbing cock pumped away inside me.

It had only been six months since I had lost my virginity at boarding school, and now here I was, on my back with a virtual stranger pounding away at my pussy, with his semen filling my vagina.

Even now, when I look back on the events of that long weekend, I find it quite difficult to comprehend how the situation had evolved so rapidly, and spiralled out of control. First the behaviour of Sir Richard, and my stupid reaction to it, and then the discovery of the mystery visitor.

As he lay on top of me, spent and exhausted inside me, I asked him the question that had been puzzling me all weekend.

“Sam...why did you come into my room and masturbate into my knickers?”

The was a pause, before he rose, slipping his soaking penis out of my pussy.

“When I first saw you here last year, you just turned me on so much. Every time I saw you around the house, you gave me a hard on.”

I looked at him, surprised. “Oh ...really?”

“So, when I was asked to come back again, I was so excited. I love my girlfriend so much...but thinking about you being here has made me so horny again. I just couldn't help myself”

“Were you trying to frighten me?” I asked him.

He stared down at me, his face showing shock. “Frighten you? No of course not..why would I do that?”

“Well,” I replied, “It was rather scary to find a stranger had been coming into my bedroom and leaving a mess in my knickers.” 

He was now kneeling in front of me, his cock spent and flaccid, hardly resembling the powerful, pumping organ it once was. He looked down at me, as I finally closed my legs and sat up, giving a small shiver, as the cool air and dampness began to take effect.

“Yes...I suppose it must have been a shock..I can see that now,” he said. “I am sorry Katie...I just wanted you to know how you made me feel..not scare you.”

I thought it best not to mention to him the unfortunate situation that his actions had caused with Sir Richard..or my embarrassing mistake.

“I’m getting cold,” I said, getting to my feet. The sky was beginning to lighten in the east as sunrise approached. “Besides, I don’t want to get caught out here with you!” I smiled at him.

We both dressed (not that I had much to put on) and made our way cautiously back up to the house, keeping a careful eye out just in case anyone may be up, or happened to be looking out of a window across the gardens.

At the tennis court, we stopped. Sam leant forward and kissed me.

“Thank you Katie. It’s been fabulous.”

With that he disappeared of towards the staff quarters. I made my way silently across the lawn in front of the house, round the corner into the courtyard, and down the steps into the cellars. Locking the door behind me, I made my way through the darkness, then up the servant’s stairs until I reached the top floor landing. After listening for signs of movement, I crept along to my bedroom door, hardly daring to breath, before finally returning to the safety of my room. I carefully shut the door and leant against it, out of breath and cold, relieved at not having been caught.

I looked at my bedside clock. 4.00am! I couldn’t believe it. I had been outside for two hours, totally naked on the wet lawn. No wonder I was shivering now.

I ran myself a hot bath, and lay relaxing in the bubbles for an hour, reliving the events of the past twenty-four hours, hardly able to take in everything that had happened to me.

I returned to bed, and drifted off to sleep.


I didn’t see Sam until after lunch the following day, as we were packing the car to return home to Hampshire. All the guests had left after breakfast, and Jenny was staying behind to clean the house and do the laundry for a couple of days before returning home.

As we were on the driveway, putting the last of the luggage in the boot, Jenny came out to see us off – accompanied by Sam.

My parents thanked them both for looking after everyone so well.

“And Sam, the food was wonderful, as always,” said my Mother, and gave him a polite handshake. He smiled. “It's been a pleasure,” he replied, smiling. He looked across at me, knowingly.

“And good luck for next weekend, my boy,” my Father added, “She’s a lucky girl to have such a talented chef as a husband.”

“Thank you, sir. But I reckon I am the lucky one,” Sam replied.

I remember thinking at the time what he meant by those words...did they have a double meaning, I wondered?


I met Sir Richard about three years later at a drinks party. He smiled at me politely, but we didn’t speak. I had the feeling he was deliberately keeping his distance.

Sam returned to Brackenwood the following summer. He had just become a father, and seemed to be happy and content. We chatted a couple of times, but not about the events of that weekend.

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