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Naked Cuddles

My best friend slept over at my place again last night. This morning, we move around each other easily as we shower and get ready for the day. I get breakfast ready in the kitchen wearing only a fuzzy bathrobe, untied and loosely draped around me.

My best friend wanders in and declares that he wants a hug. Demanding hugs is kind of out of character for him, so I turn around to ask him why. That’s when I realize that he is naked.

I laugh. “Too bad! You don’t get one.”

“Why not?” he protests, looking hurt.

“Because it will be weird! You’re naked.”

“So what? It's nothing you haven't seen before," he grins at my prudishness and swipes at my robe, managing to grab it and pull it off before I can react. "Anyways, now you are too.”

I snatch up a dishtowel and attempt to cover myself, “Hey! That just makes it more weird!”

He laughs again, “What’s wrong? It’s just skin.”

He makes a grab for me and I squeal, darting away from him and fleeing down the hall.

He catches me before I make it into my room and pulls me to him. He takes my arms and wraps them around his neck and wraps his own tightly around my waist. I giggle and settle into the hug.

“There,” he says. “See? What’s so bad about a little skin?” and he squeezes me tighter.

I hug him back and he rubs his hands up and down my back, dancing me in a little circle. I relax and lean into him as he walks me backwards into the wall. He presses his body up against mine breathing heavily against my neck.

“After everything we’ve done, I can’t believe you’re still shy.”

His voice is husky, and the feeling of his breath against my cheek and neck starts my heart racing. It’s funny how in mere seconds, he can switch like that, going from being my sweet funny best friend to a smoking hot sexy guy that I’ll never be able to resist.

He presses my legs apart with his knee and I let him. He clasps me tight against him with one arm, leaning his chest into mine, pinning me back against the wall. He strokes me with the other hand, trailing it down my back, over my hips, and down to my pussy.

He gently strokes the soft bare lips. He teases my clit with his thumb while letting his fingers slide along my slit. A slow heat blooms in my pussy and spreads throughout my body.

I arch against him and feel his cock hardening against my leg. I alternate between clinging to him and running my hands up and down his back and into his hair. He is still breathing into my neck and now, we are both breathing hard.

He continues to rub my clit while his fingers glide back and forth through my folds. I’m very wet. But he doesn’t dip his fingers inside. He just goes back and forth spreading the wetness.

His lips graze my neck and I moan and tangle my hands in his hair. I try to press against him so his fingers will slide inside me, but he pulls his hand away and instead reaches up to my breast. My nipples are like hard little pebbles. He rubs his palm over one of them then takes it into his mouth, gently raking his teeth over it before licking and sucking.

It feels as though waves of electricity radiate from my nipple to my pussy, coil through my belly, and shoot out through my head. When he pulls away, I am gasping.

I push him back and we tumble onto my bed. He lies back and puts his hands behind his head and watches me as I take him slowly into my mouth.

God... He tastes so good.

I lick and suck him and soon his hands have moved into my hair. He sighs as I swirl my tongue and suck him up and down.

He pulls me up onto the bed beside him and leans over me. His hand moves between my legs again, teasing. He thumbs my clit and strokes his fingers lightly over my lips. I try to guide him to push his fingers into me, but he grabs my hands and pins them over my head. Then he goes back to teasing me.

I squirm against him. I want him to touch me inside. He teases the entrance to my pussy with one finger, easing it in only slightly. I writhe and try to arch up against his hand, but he withdraws and goes back to rubbing my clit.

He strokes my pussy again and I feel two fingers at my opening this time. I whimper.

“Shhhh…” he whispers into my ear.

He continues to thumb my clit, then penetrates me with two fingers. Gently, he strokes me in and out. I strain against his hand, but he still has a firm grip on my wrists.

Slowly, he fucks me with his fingers and I wriggle under him. He pulls his fingers from me and I moan in frustration.

Then, the weight on the bed shifts and he is pushing my knees up and farther apart. He positions his cock and starts to unhurriedly rub the head up and down my slit. Bit by bit, he eases himself into me. My body shivers and shakes under him. My pussy muscles quiver and clench around his cock. When he can’t get in all the way, he pulls out before guiding himself in more firmly and deeply. He lets go of my wrists and grips me around my waist, pulling me firmly onto him. He grinds into me and I dig my fingers into his shoulders.

He starts to thrust in long slow strokes. I reach down and grab and knead his ass cheeks as I try to pull him deeper inside me. He pumps some more then slows down and grinds. He strokes and grinds and strokes and grinds, faster and faster until soon he’s only stroking, hard and deep.

Suddenly, my body jerks and my pussy starts to pulse around his hard cock. He plunges deeply a few more times and lets himself go. My pussy spasms and tightens more around his cock as I feel his hot cum pump into me.

He sighs loudly and falls back onto the bed beside me. I curl up beside him and thread my arm through his.

I giggle, “I think I like hugging you when you’re naked!”

He laughs. “See. You should never be afraid to try new things.”

We doze for a bit and then finally get up to finish getting ready and out for the morning. And all day long, I think about how I won’t turn him down the next time he asks for naked cuddles.

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