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Naught Nurse Ch 4

Deana gave a little squeal and whispered, Cliff, there's a woman in the bed.
When Deana arrived at work the next evening, she was a wiser young woman. She now knew that her Wednesdays with Barry had been kid stuff, almost like children playing house with no idea of what they were really doing. She felt a certain amount of guilt for having cheated on Barry. She also had some shame for fucking a man she didn't know, but the feelings were less than they had been the night before. She experienced a perverse thrill at having been such a wicked girl and it certainly had been enjoyable.

She checked on Olsen as soon a she arrived, knowing she would let him fuck her again, but he had already been dismissed. A gnawing disappointment grabbed her stomach, but she knew it was for the best. She had to be more careful in the future and learn to control her new found lust. She could have been caught, fired and disgraced. Her parents would have been horrified.

She went to the nurse's station, where Edna was slouched in a chair smoking and reading a magazine, the ever present box of chocolates at her elbow. Deana's thoughts turned to men, a subject she really hadn't thought much about before-except when she was jacking one off. A whole new world had seemed to have opened up, a world filled with men, men who wanted to fuck her. She tingled at the thought, as a warm, moist feeling spread between her legs. Deana realized it was a feeling she enjoyed very much, maybe too much.

The evening went unbearably slowly and it was almost midnight when a young intern named Cliff came up to the nurse's station. Deana was staring at the ceiling smoking a cigarette and Edna was asleep in her chair.

"Hi, Deana, want to go and get a cup of coffee?" Cliff asked.

"We have coffee here," Deana replied.

Cliff looked at the voluptuous young lady. The top two buttons of her uniform were unbuttoned and he could see the swell of her fine tits. She had such a sensuous mouth, her lips almost always seemingly puckered for a kiss. It was such a shame she was a cold ass.

He was French, and not that good looking, but he was attractive to women and knew it. He'd never made any moves on Deana as the grapevine had it that she was a prude. However, she didn't look like a prude. She was smiling at him in a come and eat me way and he could see the frilly lace on the top of her bra. He liked sexy underwear on a woman.

"You look bored, Deana, like maybe you need to go for a walk," he persisted. Something told him that little Deana was available in spite of advice to the contrary.

"I'm on duty, Cliff," Deana hissed.

"Aw, let the fat, old bag handle it. I've noticed she doesn't mind letting you do all the work."

Deana took a deep drag on her cigarette and snuffed it out in the ash tray. Through the haze of smoke curling from her lips, she gazed at the in-tern. She'd never paid much attention to him, but there was something about him that intrigued her.

"You're right," she said. "I do need to stretch my legs."

She pulled her skirt up to mid-thigh and stuck both legs straight out before getting up. When she got up, she kept her skirt high and stamped her feet. She didn't know why she did it, she never had before, but this time, it made her tingle.

It made Cliff tingle, too. She had gorgeous legs, even in her white nurse's hose.

Deana went over to Edna and jostled her shoulder. The fat woman's eyes popped open. "Not asleep, just resting my eyes," she cried, then saw it was only Deana. "Shit, I was having a good dream, Deana!"

"I'm going down the hall with Cliff for a cup of coffee," Deana said.

"We got coffee right here," Edna growled.

"I know, but I need to stretch my legs. I've been sitting too long."

Edna stared at her dumbly; her mouth hanging open like the weight of the world had just been deposited on her fragile shoulders. "Oh, okay," she said sullenly, "but don't stay long."

"I won’t be long." Deana stepped out of the station and took Cliff by the hand. "Let's get the hell gone before the fat pig changes her mind."

They walked down the hall, with their hips just barely touching. Deana felt a jolt of electricity that she had never felt before. When they turned the first corner, and the light was dim, she didn't resist when he turned to her, and tilted her face up to his. She let him kiss her for a moment, and then pulled away.

"You're kind of fast," she said.

"I couldn't resist. You really turn me on, Deana," he said.

"Then do it again," Deana purred.

It surprised her to feel such a thrill from his kiss. Could any man turn her on so quickly, just because he was a man? It appeared that way. She closed her eyes and brought her lips to his again.

He kissed her harder this time, and pulled her tightly against his body. She snuggled up to him and let one of her knees slip between his legs. He gasped, his legs clamping against her soft thigh. She felt his prick against her thigh, and returned the gasp.

Oh, my God, Deana thought, his prick, I can feel his prick! She raised her leg a little. It was growing, stretching out hard and long against her soft thigh. She wanted to reach down, and feel his cock with her hand, but slipped both her hands around his neck instead.

She felt his hands slide down over her back and cup the cheeks of her ass. Then slowly, ever so slowly, felt her skirt being pulled up.

"Yes, yes," she whispered, her excitement mounting, "Lift my skirt up and feel me."

"Jesus and I thought . . . I mean I heard . . ." he stammered.

"You shouldn't believe everything you hear, Cliff." She slid her tongue wetly back and forth on his lips, and pushed it into his mouth.

He lifted her skirt above her ass and slid one hand and then the other over her bare ass cheeks. "Jesus!" he gasped. "No panties! You're naked under your dress."

"Yessssss," she hissed. "There's nothing to stop you from feeling everything."

He let his fingers glide lightly over her ass, his finger tips playing lightly in the crevice.

Deana moaned and straddled his leg, pressing her cunt down against his firm thigh. She could feel the head of his cock pressing into her.

Cliff moved his hands down her ass and let his long fingers dip between her legs. The touch at the back of her cunt was electric, and she raised up to let him probe. He moved on to her thick, hairy, cunt lips, and she tried to spread her legs wider.

"Oh, God, goddamn, Cliff," she moaned and pushed a hand down between their bodies.

She enjoyed the feel of his cock against her leg, but she had to touch it, feel it with her hand inside his pants. She pulled away from him a little to get at his fly. When she found the zipper she tugged at it and got it down. She then let her hand slide inside, and wrapped her fingers around his hard, throbbing cock. The feel of it naked in her hand, so silky smooth, hot and alive, made her twitch with anticipation. Her mouth watered and she wondered why, and decided it was probably the excitement.

Cliff had ceased his activity, and allowed her to move a bit farther away, while she got his cock free of his pants.

When his prick was out, and in her hand, she looked down, and stared with lust. His cock was beautiful, even in the dim light. She stroked it, letting her fist bunch tightly just under the fat cock-knob. She was delighted with the way he squirmed and moaned under her stroking fingers. Her nipples started to tingle, and then to throb, pressing hard against her uniform. Suddenly she felt that her pussy was on fire, all hot, wet, and almost squishy.

She knew her extreme excitement wasn't just from holding Cliff's cock. No, it was the risk, and anticipation of fucking; imagining the instant that his sweet, wonderful cock pushed into her cunt. It was terribly exciting to want to fuck so badly.

"Oooooh, God, baby, play with my cock," Cliff moaned, as his hands came up to her breasts. He rolled her marble-hard nipples in his fingers of one hand, and started to open her uniform with the other.

Deana cupped his balls inside his pants with one hand while the other moved slowly back and forth on his cock. She let him unbutton her uniform, and then pushed her tits out to meet his eager hands. She moved close to him, guiding his prick between her legs, and slid his cock knob between the lips of her pussy.

"God, Cliff, God, I need it!" Deana gasped, forcing the tip of his rigid prick into her cunt.

"We can't do it here, Deana," Cliff said, but let her push his cock in a little deeper.

Deana pushed down to meet his prick and got most of the head inside. "Why not, honey! Need it, want it now," she moaned.

"Oh, God, that feels good, baby, but we gotta stop," he moaned. "Gotta stop, someone might come along, we'll get caught, and fired. Stop, honey," as he lifted his hips and pushed in deeper.

He was almost half way in and Deana was panting, bobbing on his prick. "Where can we go? I want to fuck you," she grunted.

"There's an empty bed one floor up. It's at the end of the hall around the corner from the nurse's station," he said as he stepped back and pulled his cock from her cunt.

“Cliff. . .no!" Deana gasped. "I want it now; put it back."

"It’s too dangerous, baby. Let's go," he said and grabbed her hand. He raced for the stairwell, pulling her along, his cock flopped freely, while her tits bounced.

They were both gasping for breath when they entered the room. Deana gave a little squeal and whispered, "Cliff, there's a woman in the bed."

"The other one's empty," Cliff said. "Besides she's all doped up and won't ever know we're here." He led her through the darkened room to the other bed.

"Get undressed."

"Should we?" Deana asked, her good sense slowly catching up with her passion.

"Hell yes! I want you naked. All the way, baby, even your shoes and socks," Cliff snorted.

Deana's fears subsided when she lay naked on the bed and Cliff let himself down on top of her. She felt his hard cock against her leg and cried, "Yes, honey, yes! Fuck me!"

The thick cock knob went into her cunt without her help. She lifted to meet his first thrust.

"Give it to me, fella, all of it," she gasped. "Unngh, good, yeah, ooooh baby, fuck me, Cliff, fuck me hard, make me come!"

She had thought it would have been better in the hall. However, when his prick was stuffed all the way up in her cunt, and he started fucking her, hard and fast she changed her mind. It was much better on a bed, lying down and taking all he had to give.

‘Goddamn,’ she thought. ‘It felt so very fucking good and a whole lot better than doing Barry. God, it's a waste to fuck with Barry when other men are so much better.’

Cliff drew his cock almost all the way out, she could feel his fat cock knob between her cunt lips, and how it spread her open when he pushed it back in. She lifted her knees a little more, moving with him, pushing when he moved toward her, pulling away when he pulled out. It felt so good to fuck with him, to move with complete abandon without fear of recrimination. She hunched urgently, the good feeling growing better by the second.

"Jesus, what a lay," Cliff gasped. Never thought for one minute... damn, you can really fuck, Deana! Really know how to make a guy feel good. Oh, shit, too good, getting close, honey!"

Deana moved her legs up over his back to lock him in. "Don't move, honey. Cool down a little." She lay perfectly still, holding him rigid with her strong legs.

They lay like that for several minutes, both breathing hard. She could feel the sweat on his chest against her tits and she could feel his cock inside of her, still hard and still throbbing.

"Are you in control again?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so," he answered.

"Okay, fuck me some more. But stop if you feel like you're going to come," she said.

She relaxed her legs and he started pumping slowly, her fire coming up fast. She pressed his hips with her thighs and his cock with her cunt. She knew she was giving his cock too good a time for him to last, but she couldn't help herself. It felt so good and she was so close to popping.

"God, Deana, I'm not Superman, I can't hold out much longer," Cliff cried.

"Stop, just once more, honey, and I'll make you come so good you'll never forget it," Deana grunted, on the verge of coming.

She wanted to cool off and then climb back to ecstasy once more. The real fun was getting there, climbing to that tiny instant and then tumbling over. She had almost tumbled over twice, once more would make it perfect. She clamped her legs tightly around him.

Cliff felt her pussy tighten around his prick and tried to relax. He was so close that he knew he was leaking into her already. There was no point in pulling out, if she was going to get knocked up well, it was too late now. He felt her soft tits against his chest, her arms around his neck, and her legs locked over his back. He found her mouth and kissed her hard. She kissed back, her tongue gliding in and out of his mouth wetly.

"Oh, Cliff, I can't wait, I want to come. Fuck some more, make me cum!"

Cliff started moving. Deana felt the glow in her belly almost immediately. It felt so good! There was nothing like it, nothing, anywhere in the world.

''Oh, goddamn! Oh, piss, Cliff, I'm going to cum, honey, I'm cumming!" she cried.

Her legs went weak and fell away from his back when the exquisite feeling started. It filled her belly and she felt out of breath, weak, helpless, and in heaven.

"Me too, Deana, goddamn, I'm cumming!" He yelled and squirted into her belly.

She felt his wet come go into her cunt and she either came again, or just continued the one, she was paralyzed with, she didn't now exactly which. She tightened her cunt muscles, increasing her own sensation, and milked his spewing prick.

Cliff drained himself and fell limp on top of her. "God, damn, what a fuck," he whined.

Deana held him tight with her legs, still moving, still in the throes of orgasm. She knew he would grow soft, and shrivel all too soon, yet continued to let her cunt suck hungrily on his wonderful prick filling her passionate cunt hole. She finally sighed with contentment, and let her legs fall from his back.

"Jesus, Deana, that was the best fuck I ever had," Cliff said.

"Me too," Deana said.

Cliff rose up, pulling his shrinking cock from her cunt. "You're not kidding?" he said.

"No way," Deana said. "I never came so good before in all my life."

Cliff got two cigarettes from his clothing and lit them. He handed one to Deana and lay down beside her. "No kidding, honey, you're the best fuck I've ever had."

Deana closed her eyes and took a deep drag. She let the smoke ooze from her lips, feeling completely fucked for the first time in her life. She felt so good, so completely at ease. She'd had three men now, if you could call Barry a man, and it just seemed to get better and better. And she didn't feel guilty. Fucking was too good to feel guilty about. Her mother was full of shit and her poor daddy had probably never had a good piece of ass in his life. He was a good daddy and deserved a good piece of ass at least once. She wondered if he would ever get it.

Tonight had been an experiment, a completely successful experiment, to see if she could fuck with the first man who came along and enjoy it. She sure could, she knew that, fucking with the patients should have told her that. She was amazed at how loose she had become and how easy it was to rationalize a quick fuck with a man she hardly knew. She took another deep drag on her cigarette and sat up.

"We'd better be getting back to our duties," she said.

When she got back to her station, fat Edna was sound asleep. Deana snuffed out her cigarette and went to check on the patients.

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