Naughty Kid gets dealt with by a Naughty teacher

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Not your normal detention
     "C'mon Miss, can't you just put my best mark on the report card"
My teacher laughed. "You would have to do something for me." Then I swear she licked her lips but nobody else realised anything so I thought nothing of it. Our Teacher, Miss Jones, was about thirty probably a few years younger. She was the gymnastics coach so had a gorgeous trim body, some say she would have been good enough to go to the Olympics except her cleavage was too big. She had dark hair and soft pale skin, perfect teeth and a balanced figure.

 The last exam was over and everyone was excited at the upcoming holidays. "I'm heading to France" I told the class, "They have topless beaches there, catch a glance of some sexy European tits," I winked at Mark and the rest of the classed laughed.
     "Chris, that is totally inappropriate, your staying after school," she didn’t seem that angry so i knew i wouldn’t be staying behind long.

Eventually the bell went and the rest of the class filed out, I waited in my seat for Miss Jones to deal with me.
     "Chris...were you serious about me only putting your top mark on the report card"
     "Yeah, why? Is there something I can do to get it?"
     "No...Well, its just that....I was wondering why you had to go to France to get some titty action..." she undid the buttons of her blouse revealing a black bra and two beautiful, firm boobs. I would guess about 36C and a trim toned body.
     "Miss Jones...that’s a mighty fine rack you've got there...."
     "Oh yeah, wanna taste?"
I swept the things off her desk and lay her on her back, with her body arched backwards her breasts were barely confined by her lacy bra and the clasp on the back easily came undone allowing her breasts to be free of their underwear. They, like the rest of her skin, were soft, pale and very sexy. I took one in my hand and leant in to kiss the other enjoying the taste of her silky breasts and a sharp in take of breath told me she was enjoying it to.
     "See Chris," she ran her hands through my hair, "you don’t need to go to France"
I moved from the warm, supple skin of her boob to her hard nipple and sucked and licked her tit. Her breathing was getting heavier and her nipples harder, I slipped a hand down her skirt and into her panties. Her pussy was sopping and I slipped two fingers into her, thrilled at the sound of her gasping my name. I gave her full tits one last lick and one last squeeze before hitching up her skirts, pulling down her panties and run my tongue down the side of her thigh and to her warm pussy.
     "Oh, yes...JESUS CHRIST, YES...oh BABY"
My tongue flicked in and out of her pussy and sucked on her clit, I spread her legs further and slipped my tongue in as deep as it would go. I could feel her pussy pulsing and i knew that she was about to cum, I licked faster wanting to lick her cum from her sweaty body. But she pulled my head and stopped my fervent licking, rolling over she fumbled with something in one of her draws.

She threw me a box of condoms, "Put one of those on."
I quickly did and drove my hips against hers listening to her groans. I could tell from her pulsing pussy that she was close to orgasm and I grinded my his faster and faster. She screamed my name and i yelled hers neither of us caring if we were caught. Then, with a gush of juices she cummed and withdrew her body panting. I leant over her body and licked her middle region clear of sweat and cum.

As soon as i was done she slipped off the desk and knelt in front of me, taking my dick in her warm lips. The pulsing became faster and i tried my best to keep it in. In a vain attempt to prove my potency but she was too good, too experienced, too sexy and took my cum deep in her throat.

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