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Naughty Neighbour

Two lonely people change each other's lives.
Hi, my name is Bob. I am in my early fifties. I am married and have two kids, and my wife is four years younger than me. A little more on my wife; she is fat and uninterested in sex. She does not look after herself at all, no exercise to speak of. She won’t even walk up to the shops, which are only five minutes away. They are just a few of the reasons I let this happen.

My job relocated about fifteen years ago, about fifty miles from London, so I thought it better to relocate my family instead of commuting.

Our new immediate next door neighbours were both older than me. Ron by ten years, and Jean by twelve years. Jean was fair looking, had a nice smile and was very petite. Ron, on the other hand, was quite a big fella, almost a total mismatch to Jean, but not in the best of health. We, as neighbours, got on fairly well. We had been for drinks around to each other’s homes and had been out for meals together on several occasions.

As I mentioned, Ron’s health was a bit poorly, and one evening unknown to me till later, Ron had been taken into hospital, and Jean said he may be in for a couple of weeks. Jean didn't drive, so to visit Ron in hospital, she would need to take a bus or cab. I offered to take Jean in my car whenever she needed to go.

Let me fill you in on something that happened about three years ago around Christmas time. I do like a drink like most people on occasions, and this was an occasion (Christmas). My wife and I had been out at another neighbour's place for a few drinks. My wife does not drink much and I was a bit merry but not as I did not know what I was doing.

My wife said to me, “I think we should be leaving now.”

As it was around midnight and she had to go to work the next day, we both said 'bye to our friends and started walking back home just a few doors down. As we passed Ron and Jean’s house I noticed the light in their kitchen window was on. Me being in the state I was, I thought I would just go and say hi to them. My wife said she was tired and going home, so I went on my own, up to the front door and rang the bell.

Ron answered the door and asked me to come in. I said I was just passing and thought I’d say hi. I went in and Ron asked if I would like a drink, which I declined, but, we all three chatted for about twenty minutes, then I thought I would leave and I said, “I’ll be off now, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Ron was a bit tipsy so did not get up. Jean saw me to the door. They have a small hallway so there are two doors, an inner door, and then a main door. Jean closed the first door so not to let the heat out, not completely but just ajar. Greetings between Jean and I are usually a kiss on the lips (just a quick peck), but this time I wanted it to last a bit longer. Jean was not having this, she just pushed me away lightly, saying, “'Bye, Bob.”

I said, “Sorry, it must be the drink in me.”

Jean replied, “Good night, Bob. I know you’ve had a few drinks.”

This was never mentioned again. 

As I mentioned Ron was in hospital. Jean came round one evening and asked if I could take her to the hospital the next day. I said I’d be happy to. I was on my own as my wife and kids were visiting her mother back in London for a few days.

Next day I took Jean to the hospital and we both sat and chatted with Ron for a couple of hours. I thought I’d give Jean and Ron a few minutes by themselves, so I said 'bye to Ron, and said to Jean, “Jean, I’ll see you in the coffee shop downstairs when you're ready.”

Jean and I both chatted in the car on the journey back home.

As I parked, Jean said, “Come round and I’ll make you a cup of coffee, as a thank you for taking me to the hospital.”

“No, it’s okay, I’ve just had one at the hospital, and there’s no need to thank me, Jean. It was nice to have seen Ron too,” I replied.

To which Jean replied, “I’ll not take no for an answer, come on, you can have something else.”

I could only submit, and say, “Okay just for a few minutes then.”

She poured out some wine for both of us and we sat and chatted. She sat to my left, sitting fairly close but not too close.

The talk got round to Ron and his health. Jean said that Ron really had not been too well for a number of years now, something like four. She also mentioned that they had not been intimate for just as long. I was not sure why she was mentioning this. 

I tried to remember the last time I had sex. It wasn’t four years, but, it was probably something like four months. I could not remember. Then the biggest surprise, as she said Ron was unable to make her happy as a woman because of his illness, she took my hand which she was already holding, and slowly placed it onto her thigh. She was wearing a skirt but no stockings. I was a bit taken aback and was unsure what to say or do.

She went on to say, “I remember you wanted to kiss me. Please, can you now.”

I replied, “Are you sure, Jean? I was a bit drunk that day,” then apologised almost immediately. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out like that. I would like to have kissed you even if I were not drunk.”

She then moved much closer, slowly moved towards me and kissed me. I was unsure, so just ended up as a peck.

Jean looked at me and said, “Kiss me like you wanted to that day.” Then she put her lips onto mine. We both kissed very passionately, both our tongues darting in and out. I sucked Jean's tongue and she in turn sucked on mine. We were like this for what seemed like ages; our kiss was very wet, almost dripping as we both sucked each other. We were enjoying this like we were long lost lovers who had just met and not had sex for quite some time.

I was stroking Jean’s thigh, and my hand was moving higher up with each movement. She did not seem to complain. In fact she put her hand on my growing bulge and stroked it softly. Then with some reluctance on my part, Jean broke off our passionate kiss, at which point I thought, oh well, that was nice.

She then said, “Let’s go up, Bob.”

“Jean, I hope we’re not making a big mistake... we may regret this,” I replied.

In a soft voice, Jean said, “I want this just as much as you do, I’m sure. It’s been a long time.”

We walked slowly towards the stairs. Jean led me by the hand upstairs and into their bedroom where she started to take off her clothes. I took that as a sign for me to do the same.

Jean asked, “Do you wear boxers, Bob?”

I replied, “Yes,” thinking, why is she asking me this!

Again in a very soft tone, Jean said, “Take off everything but your boxers.”

Jean then said, “I knew today would be the day. I’ve been planning this for a few days now. And was hoping and wishing you would play along. And also, I’ve got a surprise for you, which I hope you’ll like.”

As if all that up to that point was not a surprise, I did not know what she was talking about.

I asked, “What sort of surprise?”

She said as she took off her knickers, “I haven’t been hairless down here for many years, and was wondering if you don’t think I’m too old... and you like what you see... would you please... lick my clit?”

Without hesitation, my reply came with a bit of a frog in my throat. “I… I’d… I… I’ll do anything you want, Jean.”

With that, Jean lay on the bed, brought up her knees and spread them.

Jean beckoned me over with her finger, “Come on, Bob, I hope you like it like this?”

I moved in between her legs, looked at her pussy and just said, “Fuckin' hell, Jean, I know I’m going to love this.”

For a lady who was in her sixties I thought Jean was in great shape. She seemed so frail in that very tiny frame. Her skin so “clean”, no wrinkles or blemishes, a few freckles but otherwise just a smooth, glowing pink all over. Her tits, not big, for me just right, perky, a nice hand full. Her nipples like the tip of a little finger, thick and stuck out half an inch at least.

I wet my tongue and placed it at the bottom of her slit. Her pussy had nice rosy pink lips (something my wife does not have – camel toe), I started to move up towards the clit, when I reached there, Jean gave out a bit of a moan, then said, “Oh, Bob, I’ve waited a long time for this feeling.”

I wanted to get to those tits. I worked on her clit for a little while, then ever so slowly moved up, licking and kissing her stomach. I got to her right tit first; it was amazingly firm. I sucked on her nipple while my right hand squeezed her left tit. Both her hands were on the back of my head.

Jean was wriggling her body, instructing me, “Harder, Bob, suck them hard, baby.”

I didn’t know why but I said, “I don’t want to hurt you, babes.”

Jean instantly replied in a more dominant tone, “I like it hard, please don’t disappoint me, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Jean groaned. “That’s it, babes, hard, suck fuckin' hard.”

This was the first time I'm sure, I heard Jean use dirty language.

There were soft moans and loud cries from Jean. After a few minutes, Jean brought my head up to hers and kissed me passionately. My cock was at boiling point.

I moved back to her tits for a little while. Then licked and kissed my way back down to her pussy lips; she was very wet. I pushed the hood back and suck her clit.

Jean, moaned. “Oh, Bob, oh, Bob, yes.”

I lifted my head, looked up, and saw Jean had her eyes closed.

I called her, “Jean?”

Her eyes opened and looked at me.

With a taste of nectar on my tongue, I said to her, “You taste magnificent, Jean.”

I then went back down and started licking between her slit and sucked her pussy lips, then back to her rosy pink clit. I sucked this as Jean was now just moaning, “Oh, Bob, hard, babes, go hard.”

Her hands were on the back of my head pushing it onto her groin. Her hips were bucking up and down, slow at first then faster and faster. I was nibbling her clit between my lips, when all of a sudden Jean’s body stiffened. She was pushing my head down really hard and shouted, “I’m cumming… fucking hell, Bob, I’m cumming. Don’t you dare fucking stop, you bastard.”

With that she pushed my head even harder into her. I was still just managing to move my tongue across her clit. She was still stiff, her hips in the air, she lifted my head off her, and started to shake as she came down from her orgasm and slowly rested her body back onto the bed.

“Are you okay, Jean?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything, she was still shaking.

I asked again, “Jean... you okay?”

Jean replied, with an angryish tone. “Yes, you bastard, I haven’t cum like that for over three years.”

I was extremely surprised at the tone of voice and the language Jean was using. To see and talk to Jean in everyday circumstances, you would never in a million years guess this was Jean in her night life. I was not complaining, in fact it was a big turn on.

I moved up and lay on my side facing Jean, looking up and down her body. Jean was on her back. After a few minutes her breathing become sort of normal, less heavy, less panting. Jean turned to face me, placed a hand on top of my hip, and moved it slowly, down my thigh and back up, continuing doing this as we both looked at each other. Then she slowly moved it down towards my cock, traced out my cock through the fabric of my boxers, and then started squeezing my cock through the boxers.

In a girly kind of way said, “Okay, Bob, let’s get this in action.”

She kissed me then moved down to remove my boxers, sliding them off my erect cock. She looked at my cock. “Fucking hell, Bob, I don’t know if this will fit. It looks bigger than my vibrator.”

She continued, saying, “I’ve used a vibrator for quite some time now as Ron is unable to... well you know… anymore.”

She reached over to a bedside cabinet and opens the top draw, reached in and pulled out a vibrator. It was black and about six or seven inches long. She placed it alongside my cock.

With a bit of a shock to her voice, said, “Bloody hell, Bob, your cock's longer than my vibrator, and frigging much fatter!”

I asked, “Are you okay with it, you don’t have to… if you don’t want to?”

She replied, “I’m going to get it in, don’t you worry about that.”

She put the vibrator back and closed the drawer. She then placed both hands onto my cock and kissed the head. Her tongue come out and licked it, there was precum all over it, and Jean just lapped it up.

“Nice!” she said. 

She took the head into her mouth and started to suck on it. She took one hand away, placed it on my chest and started pumping the shaft with the other.

After a couple of minutes, I had to let Jean know, “Holly shit, Jean, you’re going to make me cum soon!”

She slowed down a bit, but continued sucking and licking it for about ten minutes or so.

Then with some excitement to her voice said, “Okay, let’s get it in, Bob!”

She spat onto the cock and smeared it all over the shaft, she then got up and straddled over me. Jean slapped her pussy a couple of times with her hand, and said, “Let’s feed this cunt of mine, Bob!”

She lowered herself down. Just as her pussy was over the tip of my cock, she said, “Help me get it in, Bob.”

I moved my hands over to her pussy and with my fingers each side I parted her lips. She started to lower herself and as the head just went in, Jean gasped. “Holy fuck, Bob, that’s a big cockhead.”

She rose up, and then lowered herself down again, this time getting a bit more in. I moved my hands onto her hips and helped her to push down; after a few strokes it was in. On the final down stroke, she stayed down; I could feel the tip of my cockhead pushing at her cervix.

I asked, “You okay, Jean?”

To which she replied, looking up at the ceiling, “Yes, it feels sooo fucking nice.”

Then she started to move up and down in slow movements. After a while I started thrusting up to meet her, and we were now fucking in an extremely sensual manner, nice and slow. The pace picked up after about fifteen minutes of this. We were fucking at quite some pace then came a speech from Jean, “Come on, Bob, you bastard, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time, just like me. Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, come on, fuck meeee.”

There was an animalistic look in her eyes as she stared into mine.

I had to pull her back somehow, and said to Jean, “Jean, you're frightening me, slow down.”

I’d never known this woman to talk in this manner before. I suppose sex brought out the beast in most people. Usually Jean was such a quiet lady, very prim and proper in all the time I had known her.

Then after another five minutes she stopped, and at the top of her voice shouted, “Holy fucking hell, Bob, I’m cummming!”

She lifted her hips and my cock slipped out, and she squirted all over my chest.

Very apologetic, she looked at me. “Shit, Bob, I’m sooo sorry, I’ve never done that before in my life.”

I couldn’t believe it! I thought this only happened in porn stuff.

I shockingly said to Jean. “Fucking hell, Jean, that was so fucking sexy. You really are a fucking bitch. Can you do it again?”

With that she lowed herself back onto my cock. It was so wet now that she slipped onto it really nicely and it felt like it was going much deeper now. We were again fucking at a fast pace, me mauling her tits. There was the squelching sound of our fucking filling the room as well as the aroma of sex, skin clashing on skin, both looking into each other’s eyes with lust; it seemed like real, true, animal-like lust.

We both grunted each time my cock was fully home, my cock pounding at her cervix with every blow. It was amazing that our energy levels were so high, especially Jean’s. I could feel I was going to blow, when Jean again stopped, lifted off and squirted, shouting at the top of her voice, “Bob, I’m cummming,” with clenched teeth and her face looking angry. (She looked like an angel to me.) “I’m cummming, Bob, this is for you, you bastard.”

There was much more of her love juice. Jean squirted high in the air and it came down all over my chest, three squirts, the amount in the third just as much as the first squirt.

All I could say was, “Fantastic, bitch. You’re a real whore, Jean. I think I love you.”

She fell onto my chest, exhausted and panting, then with one hand guided my cock back into her. With my cock again buried in her, we didn’t move for a couple of minutes, then I felt her cunt muscles squeezing my cock. It was an incredible feeling.

I let Jean know, “Jean, I love your cunt.”

We were sliding our lubricated bodies against each other with Jean’s love juice; her cunt muscles squeezed even harder and held tight for longer each time. Then, each time she released me, I pulled out and back in, where she squeezed again. (Fan-fucking-tastic).

I asked Jean, “Jean, I’m going to cum soon, do you want to get off?”

Jean replied, “No, cum in me, I want to feel that feeling of cum blowing into my cunt.”

We were again fucking in a sensual slow fuck, and I was going to blow my load.

I asked her again, “Are you sure you want me to cum in you, Jean?”

In a soft tone, she said, “Yes, whenever you are ready, Bob.”

It was time, I clenched Jean’s ass cheeks one in each hand, waited till my next in thrust, held it in, squeezed her ass really fucking hard, whereupon Jean squeezed my cock with her cunt, and I blew my first load. “Ahhh, you bitch,” was the only thing I could say.

I pulled out then back in for the next burst, with the same clenching and squeezing sequence.

This time I shouted at Jean, “You fuckin' whore, Jean.”

Each time I came, Jean shouted back, “Blow, you bastard, blow!”

There were four amazing bursts.

Jean said to me, “Ohh, Bob, I can feel every drop, it feels fantastic, you’re a real gusher. Now my cunt feels fed.”

After the final burst I was going to pull out but Jean said, “Don’t pull out. Leave it in, Bob.”

I could feel cum leaking out of Jean and running down my ass. Jean was slowly milking me with her cunt. It was incredible to think she could even do this at her age.

We fell asleep, and we lay like that for almost two hours. I awoke first and realised Jean was still on top of me. The next thing I realised was that my cock was still in Jean, and on that notion, my cock started to harden again. Jean must have sensed this as she stirred, turned her head to look at me, and with a dirty grin on her face said, “Hi, Bob, I can feel you, you naughty neighbour.”

I, with a smile, said, “Hi, Jean, I think I should get back home now?”

With a quizzical look on her face, she said, “What, and leave that thing unattended? I think I’d like to take care of that before you go.”

She pushed herself up, lifting her hips, and my cock made a popping sound as the head released itself from Jean’s pussy. Cum trickled out like an open tap from her pussy and onto my cock. Jean was looking down between us at this.

She then made another speech. “Now that’s what I call a cunt load of cum. Ron never came like half of that… ever… but then his tool is less than half your cock. I call his a tool because it’s not a cock compared to yours, and he never lasted more than six minutes, sucking or fucking, that’s why I have never cum like I did today.”

She told me later that Ron couldn’t keep an erection for long.

Jean took hold of my cock and started to lick it clean, from balls to the tip of my cockhead, then took my cock into her mouth and out. “Fucking hell, Bob, you’re a big bastard,” she said with her wide open eyes looking at me.

Jean then sucked just on my cockhead as she squeezed the shaft hard and wanked me off. This went on for a while.

Although I was rock hard, and Jean was working really hard on my cock, I did not sense that I was going to cum. I said to her, “Jean, it’s okay, you don’t have to… just leave it… I don’t mind really.”

She just looked up at me and started to wank me harder, squeezing harder, sucking harder. Oh this felt so, so, good, then five minutes later I did sense I was going to cum.

I let her know. “Jean, I’m there, I’m going to cum, you can take it out.”

She looked back up at me and shook her head, as if to say 'no fucking way’. 

She kept wanking me off extremely fast. I was there, I let off a massive load, fucking hell did I blow off several spurts.

I shouted, “Fuck!” with every blast.

Jean was looking at me the whole time while she was milking me, my cum filling her mouth, and kept on wanking and sucking. She swallowed most of it but cum was trickling from her mouth.

I satisfyingly said to Jean, “Oh fuck, Jean, you really know how to please a man. You’re a real pro.”

She kept hold of my cock, took her mouth off and licked her lips with her tongue, then wiped her lips with her other hand.

Looking hungrily at me, she squeezed and shook my cock, and said, “This cock and my cunt are going to have great fucking sessions.”

I replied, “Jean, I didn’t know you were such a naughty lady, such a dirty cow, a squirting bitch, a foul mouthed whore. If you would allow me, I would love to enjoy your body again, and again, and again.”

To which Jean said, “Bob, had I known that night three years ago that this is what I was missing, let me tell you, I would not have turned you away, I am now really sorry for what I have missed out on. I love this cock, you bastard, and I’m going to keep it. This cock and my cunt are going to be best friends.”

This is a true story, and the adventure continues, with a bit of a twist…

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