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Naughty New Years

Before the official story begins, I do have to say that under my many layers of Parker’s coat, Michael’s track jumper and Jared’s beanie, and my own pants as well as a scarf and some gloves (I was really cold all that day!) I was wearing a tight wool knit dress, some thigh high stockings and a pair of heels! Haha (yes I wore a dress and stockings under jeans and sweaters! Haha)

It had been decided amongst the four of us (Michael, Parker, Jared and I) that we would all meet at Michael's place for drinks and dinner before going to see the Apple drop! We had finished our drinks, eaten our dinner and were onto eating the pie (Apple, my favourite!) before anything really naughty started to happen! I was sitting at the table eating a slice of pie when I noticed Jared was looking at me and grinning. I asked what was funny and Michael came up behind me, wiped some cream off of the corner of my mouth and showed me. I giggled a little because I didn't even know it was there! He was about to lick it off of his finger when I came to the realisation that this would be the perfect opportunity to play with them a little (my favourite thing to do when they are all together!) I grabbed onto Michael's hand and licked the cream off myself. I stuck out my tongue and using only the end of it, licked the cream off while looking from Michael, to Jared and then to Parker. Michael just kind of watched my tongue as I licked his finger, Jared let out a breath and sort of said “woah” and Parker just stared!

Well!! Did all sorts of things happen from there?! (The answer is yes!) Jared was the first to respond. He dared me to close my eyes and stick out my tongue. Now, I can't refuse a dare, as Carmen knows!!! I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, just as I was asked to, and waited. Jared dipped his finger in the cream and held it above my tongue as it was dripping. I felt the cream going all over my mouth, tongue and chin as he watched the dream drip onto me. Not to be outdone, Michael responded next. He decided that he could go one better and went and got the ice-cream. He got a spoon and held the ice-cream above my tongue until it started to melt. As it dripped down over the spoon, he started swaying the spoon from side to side and making it drip onto my chin, cheeks and chest. While this was all happening, Parker had been watching and laughing at me trying to catch some of the cream as it was dripped all over me. I heard Jared ask Parker what he was going to do and he quite simply said, “I get to clean it off.”

Parker licked my chest, up my neck (don't ask me how it got on my neck, but it did!!) and kissed me as he lightly licked the cream off of my lips and wiped it off of my cheeks with his finger. I did notice, while my head was tilted back and I was looking over the back of my chair, that Michael and Jared were standing not far away, in a slight daze while staring at my neck where Parker was currently licking and kissing....

Anyhoo... after that, I decided it was my turn to dare each of them. I dared them to go and find a spot in a dark room and blindfold themselves so they wouldn't know where I was when I came in. I had 2 scarves with me and I asked Michael if I could borrow one of his ties. Michael picked his bedroom, Jared picked the guest bathroom, and Parker picked the lounge room!! Well, I started with Parker first because he was the closest!

I walked into the lounge room and saw where he was immediately. He had sat on the chair which faced the big open window, which looks out onto a balcony, which looks over a park! I went to him very silently and ran my hand through his hair. He flinched at first because he hadn't heard me, and then relaxed completely. I ran my hand from the base of his neck, up the back of his head and then through to the front. When I reached the front of his head, I held onto his hair and tilted his head back. As I did this, I noticed his heartbeat increase slightly along his throat and smiled to myself. I kissed down his neck from his chin, still while holding his head back.

As I reached the bottom of his neck, I let his head go and told him to stand up. He did and then I asked him to take his top off. He did that and then shivered slightly. It was a little cool, but I was about to get him nice and hot. I ran my hands all over his chest and stomach before asking him to sit down again so I could give him something. He grinned and sat down. I leaned over him so I could nibble his ear. I didn't know if he would like it or not, but he didn't object!! I kissed down his neck again and onto his chest. I kissed down his stomach and licked along the edge of his pants. I gently blew on the glistening wet line my tongue had left and he smiled and shivered slightly. I un-did hid pants and asked him to move them down a little bit so I had better access. He did as I asked and I then asked him to do the same with his underwear! After he was done, I started kissing his stomach again, while leaning over and it just so happened that my breasts were on his cock! And he noticed.

After a few more kisses, I decided to continue my mission and I jumped straight from next to his belly-button to right at the base of his cock. He let out a little moan crossed between shock and relief, as if he had been waiting for the contact he was now receiving. I kissed my way up the length of his cock and when I reached the top, I went back to the bottom and licked right back up to the top. I started kissing and licking all over his cock and noticed that he was smiling and sighing every time I came close to the top of his cock and did not start sucking. I decided that I had tormented him long enough, and started sucking on his cock. As soon I started sucking, his hand moved to my cheek, which he gently stroked and then ran his hand into my hair. I felt his cock getting harder as I sucked and I knew he was ready when he started twisting my hair in his hands and getting louder with each moan.

So, just before I knew it would be too late, I stopped. Parker put his head back on the top of the couch and sighed. He reached out a hand and asked where I was. I touched his hand and told him that I wanted him to be ready for later. I slowly stepped away from him and he asked what it was exactly he was meant to be ready for. I just laughed quietly and he got the idea I think. As I left the room, I noticed he was un-doing the blindfold. I quietly closed the door and made my way to the next room.

I stopped by the mirror in the hall on the way to see Michael to fix my hair and make sure that I looked OK. Kind of pointless really considering they were blindfolded, but Oh well!

When I reached Michael’s bedroom, I peeked inside the door and saw that Michael was sitting on the couch at the end of his room near the window. I quietly made my way over to him. Now, I know it isn’t a good idea to shock Michael suddenly when he isn't expecting it. He doesn’t take well to being frightened! So, I quietly told him I was there before I went near him. At the sound of my voice, he jumped slightly and then he turned his head toward my direction and, after a few seconds, smiled. I quietly made my way over to him and ran my hands up his legs. He had still been looking in the direction of where I was standing, trying to figure out where I was by listening, and turned suddenly when I touched him. I reached the top of his legs and leant over to kiss his neck.

He reached down and grabbed onto my wrists, he asked me to sit on top of him so he could feel where I was. I sat with my legs either side of his, facing him so I could kiss him and control the situation. When I sat down on him and started kissing his neck again, he grabbed me on the waist and started pushing up against me. I kissed his neck and then grabbed his hair at the back of his head. I asked him if he was ready for what I had planned. He asked what it was exactly that I had planned and I just kept kissing along his collar bone and moaning softly into his ear. He asked me again and I told him that he would just have to wait and see and that it involved all three of them.

He obviously started imagining because he grabbed the hair at the back of my head and gently pulled my head back. He kissed the base of my neck and down onto my chest as I leant further back. He put one hand on my back so I didn’t fall off of him and that’s when I remembered that I was meant to be in control. I sat back up and pushed his head off of my chest. I decided that he was just about where I wanted him as far as being horny goes. I ran my hands through his hair and kissed him on the lips. He responded by grabbing my waist again and pushing up against me again, and again, and again! I was so horny by this stage that it took just about all of the will I had not to rip his clothes off and start fucking him!

I slowly started to untangle myself from his body as I kissed his neck, ran my hands over his chest and through his hair. When I finally managed to get to a near standing point, I pulled his head back and licked up the centre of his neck. I leaned over and whispered that I couldn’t wait for later. He smiled and said he couldn’t either! He spread his hand over my cheek and pulled me towards him. As he kissed my lips I could sense the eagerness he was feeling and I wanted him so badly. I pulled myself away and kept watching him as I left. He was listening to my every step and knew where I was now. I wasn’t being as quiet as I was before, so it would have been much easier.

I made my way out of the room and down the hall again to the guest bathroom! I didn’t bother checking my hair this time! I knew it would only get messed up again!

As I opened the door, I saw Jared in the light from the window sitting on the edge of the bath waiting so patiently! I closed the door behind me and made my way over to him. He had heard the door close, but he didn’t know where I was. I decided that I was going to give him a lap dance. He loves my butt, so my butt he would get! I touched his shoulder as I reached him and he asked if he could take his blindfold off. I said no (the other’s hadn’t so I wasn’t going to let him either). I told him that I was going to dance for him and that he had to use his hands to feel it instead of watching. He wasn’t sure at first, but I grabbed his hand and put it on my butt.

He smiled and grabbed where I had put his hand. I turned around and started dancing to the music in my head while he felt my butt and I rubbed up against him. I felt him starting to get hard, so I continued dancing the way I had been. After a while, I saw that he was really hard after feeling my butt, spanking it and grabbing it. I turned around leant over him and I figured he deserved at least a few kisses. I had done it for the others, so I did for Jared as well. I pulled his head back by the hair(a little rougher than I had with the others, but that’s the way he likes it) and I kissed at the top of his jaw, just below his ear. I kissed down to his collar bone and along until I reached the centre of the bottom of his throat. I asked him the same thing I asked the others, was he ready for what I had planned. He just smiled and said yes! Haha That is the one thing that is amazing about Jared, he is always ready to do anything you throw at him!! It doesn’t matter what you ask, he will always be ready for it and he will always try his best to deliver!

After I left Jared, I went back to the kitchen to get a drink. I yelled to the guys that they could all come back. As each of them arrived back at the kitchen, they were all smiles and laughs! I realized it was time to go, so I went and put my pants on as well as the track jumper, beanie, coat and just one of my scarves, I had warmed up a bit! I didn’t bother with the gloves because I figured I could just borrow one of the guys’ pockets!

We caught a cab to as close to the apple as we could get and then walked the rest of the way! When the countdown started, I had Parker on my left with his arm around my waist and hand in the right pocket of the coat I was wearing, Michael on my right holding onto my hand in the pocket of his jacket and Jared standing behind me with his hands in the front pockets of my pants and standing quite close to my butt so I wouldn’t get cold! HA! that’s what he said anyway! As I predicted, I didn’t need my gloves! I had my right hand with Michael’s and my left hand was in Parker’s pocket!

We did get quite a few strange looks from people around us at the sight of them all touching me at the same time! Haha but we also got a few “Hell Yeah!”s from some of the younger guys around! We had agreed that I wouldn’t have to kiss anybody until after the countdown was over to make it fair for each of them! When the apple reached the bottom, Jared leant in from behind and my neck directly below my ear where my collar bone starts, Parker kissed my cheek right next to the corner of my mouth and Michael kissed the top of my jaw just below my ear. After a few strange looks from people around us and a few ‘Damn I wish that was me’ looks it was my turn to kiss them! I kissed Parker first, then Jared and then Michael. They didn’t mind the order because they had all kissed me at the same time already! After a little walk through the streets and wishing people a Happy New Year so many times that I lost count, we decided to head back to Michael’s place again for some drinks.

We caught another cab (We could have walked from where we were really, but my legs were freezing and I really couldn’t walk anymore!). In the cab is when I realised what was happening was now out of my control and in the hands of my three, very capable, and very horny guys!!! I was sandwiched in the middle of the backseat with Michael and Parker while Jared took the front seat. As soon as the cab started moving, Michael started kissing my neck and Parker put his hand into the coat and under the track jumper and started rubbing my breasts! I was shocked at that because Parker is usually a really shy kind of person, yet here he was, rubbing my breasts in a cab in New York city!! Haha!

I could see Jared watching and I was a little turned on! He loves watching and I knew the sight of this must have been getting him turned on too! I tilted my head back and Parker and Michael were now both kissing my neck as Michael’s hand had moved down my stomach and into my pants without un-doing them! I was trying not to make too much noise because I didn’t want us to be thrown out of the cab! As we arrived at Michael’s, he paid the cab driver and apologized for any inconvenience we may have caused him. He just smiled and said that he hadn’t minded at all! Haha We went inside and I got a drink before I sat down on the couch. I took all of my layers off and made myself comfortable.

As the three guys walked into the room, they were all smiling at me. I asked what they were smiling about and they didn’t answer. Michael came and leaned over the couch behind me, lifted my head back by my chin and kissed me deeply. Parker sat on my right and lowered my top so he could see my bra (the dress is quite low-cut and short, but still warm because it is wool). I saw the light get turned off (we could still see because of the light from the window) and I felt Jared sit down on my right and he put his hand up my dress.

Michael stopped kissing me and walked around the front of the couch and knelt in front of me before running his hands up my legs, the same way I had done to him. He reached the top of my legs and discovered that the stockings were thigh highs!(None of them had seen under my dress until this point!) He leaned in close and kissed right on my pussy. I had not been expecting that at all, so I was shocked, but it made me so much more horny! Parker had now put his hand under my bra and was now playing with my nipple, and Jared was kissing my neck and running a finger across my body, from hip to hip, under the top edge of my thong.

Michael asked Jared and Parker if they wanted me to take my dress off yet, and they both said yes very eagerly! So, Michael leaned back on his legs as I stood up and kissed my pussy again as I removed my dress. As I lifted the dress over my head, I felt a hand on my thigh just below my butt, but just above the stockings. I heard a slight exclamation from Parker and Jared and I threw my dress over the back of the couch and stood for a while in my bra, matching thong, thigh highs and heels. I felt someone standing behind me and before I could turn to see who it was, there was a cover over my eyes. It was one of my scarves. I smiled as I heard all three of them stand and start moving. I had no idea who was where!!

One of them grabbed my hand and lead me forwards into the middle of the room. I was spun around a few times and then lead into another room. I had absolutely no idea where I was in the house at all! As I waited for something to happen I felt a hand reach around me from behind and down under my thong. They pressed their body against me and I leant back onto them. I couldn’t tell who it was because they are all about the same height and build! This one still had pants on and I could feel their bare chest pressed against my back. The only way I would have been able to tell them apart would be the feel of their hair, but I didn’t want to spoil the fun! Whichever this one was, they rubbed my pussy for a while and kissed my neck as I leant against them and then moved away from me.

I felt another hand on my chest, but this one was coming from in front of me. They pressed their body against mine as they kissed my neck and under my chin. I felt their cock rubbing on my pussy as I tilted my head back and they held me around the waist. I bent just a little further backwards as they kissed onto my chest. They stood me up and kissed me, then moved away. I felt another hand on my hip and it pulled me around to face whoever it was. This person started kissing at my breasts and then further down until they reached my pussy. They moved my thong aside and started licking at my pussy as I stood there. They kept licking at my pussy until my knees started shaking.

I felt a hand on my left hip and then a body press onto me from behind. I felt another body against me on my right hand side and a hand run up my stomach and under my bra. I leaned gently back on whoever was behind me and they started kissing my neck. Whichever one was kneeling in front of me stood up and pressed their body onto the front of me, but to the left as there was already someone on the right. I was completely covered! There was a body pressed against me from every angle, and it felt really good! Each one was kissing a part of my neck while holding tightly onto some part of my body as well. The person behind me was kissing on the left below my ear, the person in front of me was kissing under my chin and the person to the right was kissing on my collar bone.

Now I’m not sure if I have told you all before, but as soon as someone kisses my neck, I melt, so imagine what three people kissing my neck was like and while I could feel their cocks pressed against me too!! It was like….I don’t know what, but it was AMAZING! As they slowly started to move away from me, I was grabbed by the hand a lead to some cushions on the floor. While walking being lead there, my bra was undone and taken off from behind. When I reached the cushions I still didn’t know where I was! The cushions felt like the ones off of the couch, but the floor was carpeted, so we weren’t in the living room! I was asked to lay down by Michael (I could pick his voice) and I did so quite willingly!

I laid my head on a cushion and immediately there were hands on me! I felt someone down near my pussy touching and kissing along the edge of my thong, I could feel someone next to me on my left hand side who was rubbing and sucking my nipples and someone on the right who was kissing my neck and rubbing a hand under the top of my thong. The person who was down near my pussy started to pull the thong off, so I lifted my hips so they could get it off easier! (I am still wearing the heels, thigh highs and a blindfold by the way!!) As I lifted my hips, I felt the person who had been running their hand along the top of my thong slide two fingers down and start rubbing my pussy. They did that for a while and I couldn't believe what was happening. I was laying on the floor with 3 guys all touching a part of my body.

When whoever had taken my thong off leant in again, I felt the hand move up to my stomach and a tongue take its place. I let out a moan instantly and that I think was the signal! I felt someone take my left hand and gently place it on their cock. I started stroking and I heard them breathe out quite heavily. The person who was on my right grabbed my hand and showed me that they still had pants on, which were VERY tight! I undid the button and zipper as best I could and told them to take them off. I heard them stand, remove their pants and underwear and kneel back down again. I reached for their cock and when I found it, I pulled them closer. At this point I felt a hand making its way up my leg as my pussy was being licked. The hand reached my pussy and two fingers started playing with my pussy lips. I took whoever’s cock was in my left hand and I reached over to suck it. As it went into my mouth, I felt the person who was licking stop and I could feel their breath on my stomach as they watched.

I kept sucking until my head was turned by the person I was sucking to the other side where I found another cock waiting! As I started sucking this one I felt a cock rubbing along the inside of my leg as whoever had been licking me before kissed up the length of my body from my pussy. As they reached my breasts they sucked on one of my nipples and rubbed their cock on my pussy. I moaned as I was sucking and I felt their cock push into my wet pussy. As they pushed their cock into my pussy over again, I had to stop sucking to moan! Their cock felt so good in my pussy that I almost wanted to take the blindfold off just so I could watch. I went back to sucking after the first few pushes.

After a while, and after I had been taking turns sucking on the two cocks I had in my hands, the person who was fucking me stopped and the person to my left rotated to my pussy and the person to my right went to my left. Whoever had been at my pussy was now on my right. The person who was now about to fuck me lifted me up into a sitting position and turned me around so I was on all fours in front of them. I felt whoever it was grab onto my butt and pull it up towards them. I figured that this one was Jared because he likes my butt. I still don’t know though! They wouldn’t tell me!

I felt who I think was Jared rub his cock on my pussy as the person who was now on my left (the person who was at my pussy last) gently suggest that I should suck his cock. He placed a hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth towards where his cock was. I opened my mouth and as his cock touched my tongue I could taste myself on him I actually tasted not too bad! I think it is the cinnamon I have been having in my hot chocolate! As I sucked and licked at his cock, I felt Jared (I am assuming) push his cock into my pussy. He held onto my hips as he fucked me from behind while I was still sucking and licking at the two cocks I had.

When his turn was over, the person to my right stood me up and lead me over to a chair. He sat down and sat me down on top of him facing the other way. (My back was to him) As I sat down, I felt his cock find my pussy and I moaned really loud as he pushed me down on top of it. Another reason that supports my theory about Jared being the last person to fuck me is thus; The person who’s cock I was now sucking, did not taste like my pussy. I think he must have wanted to watch this bit. As I bounced up and down on this cock, one of the guys leaned down and kissed me while rubbing playfully with my nipples. I kissed him back and nibbled his lip as he started to move away. I soon felt a hand on my cheek leading my head forward. I opened my mouth and felt a cock waiting for me.

I licked the end of this cock the same way I had done with the cream on Michael’s finger earlier (I had my suspicions that this was him) and I heard a little moan. I licked all around the head of this cock and then sucked on it. As I continued to be bounced up and down, I felt myself get very close to orgasm. I told the guys this and whoever I was bouncing on didn’t stop, they went harder and faster. I kept sucking on the cock in front of me for as long as possible, but as I came I couldn’t keep sucking and I was pushed back by this person to lean my head on the shoulder of whoever was fucking me. The person who I had been sucking started playing with my nipples and I moaned loudly as I felt another hand reach down to my pussy and start rubbing. My body started shaking as I came. I was about to find out though, they weren’t finished with me!

I was lead off of the chair and onto the floor again, this time I was laying on top of someone, they pushed their cock into my pussy and my head was lifted up to suck another cock. I felt another person behind me and I was ready for it. I have only ever done anal with two of these 3 guys, so I am presuming it was one of them. As they pushed their cock into my ass, I had an overwhelming feeling of being full. We stayed like this for a while and I could feel my body starting to want to orgasm again. I felt whoever was in my mouth starting to get really hard as they were about to cum. I slowed down my sucking and waited until I was ready to orgasm again before I sucked nice and fast.

As I came again, my body start to shiver and shake with the intensity. I think If I hadn’t of been pinned down by 3 guys, I would have been shaking so hard that I wouldn’t have been in control of myself. The person in my mouth got very hard and as they came in my mouth I sucked and swallowed everything, making sure they were completely clean when I was finished. I felt the person who was fucking my butt starting to get really close to cumming, so I decided to push back against both of the cocks that were filling me up. The person who was fucking my butt pulled out just as he was about to cum and he came on my butt cheeks. I could feel the person who was in my pussy starting to get very close, so I leant down and talked dirty in his ear for a while.

From what I could gather, I think It was Jared that fucked my butt and Parker that I sucked, so this left Michael. It figured too because he has one of the biggest stamina’s I have ever come across and can just go and go! I whispered that I wanted to feel him cum inside my pussy in between moans and shivers. As I sat up again to bounce on top of him, he grabbed my hips and pulled me down on top of his cock really hard. His cock filled my entire pussy and I let out a loud moan at the same time as him. His cum filled my pussy as my body shivered from his cock filling me. I laid on top of him as my body stopped shaking. He kissed my cheek and ran his hand thru my hair and then he lifted my pussy off of his cock.

He gently laid me on my stomach on the floor next to him and kissed my forehead gently and whispered “I love you” in my ear. As he stood up, I tried to as well, but my legs wouldn’t really let me. I knelt for a moment and then felt three sets of hands in various places. One set was on my waist, and the other two were on an arm each. They lifted me up and escorted me to a bed. I laid down on my stomach and waited for them to join me. I felt someone with a towel clean the cum off of my butt cheeks and I was grateful! I don't think I had enough energy to do it myself!

After a while they told me I could remove the blindfold, so I did. They all climbed onto the bed and I realized we were in Michael’s room. I looked around and saw that we had been fucking on the floor in front of the bathroom door which was open to reveal the floor to ceiling mirror! Michael went to sleep on my right, Parker on my left but laying on a diagonal so that Jared’s head was at about the level of my waist. I made it easier by rolling on my side so that Michael was hugging me from behind, that way Parker and Jared had more room! It was a very awkward night’s sleep (We only just all fitted on the King size bed! Like I said, these 3 guys are all a very similar build, and they are all quite tall and muscular, so it wasn’t easy!)

In the morning we all woke up and laid there for a while talking. I realised I was still naked and borrowed one of Michael's shirts and pulled on my underwear! (Luckily for me, I had assumed I would be spending the night at Michael's and had packed an over-night bag!) After a while I was feeling really playful so I started a bit of a pillow fight! Haha They all ganged up on me!! They chased me around the house until I was cornered in the lounge room and couldn’t go anywhere! Michael jumped over the couch and pushed me up against the wall so I couldn’t move. He pulled me forward and just as I was about to wriggle out, Parker grabbed my hands and held them behind my back while Jared grabbed my ankles and they all lifted me into the air! They carried me back to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I was told to stay put as they left the room. I stayed and they made me breakfast! I went and sat on the couch in Michael’s room and ate. Jared and Parker sat on the couch with me as well and Michael sat on the floor in front of me. We all ate and talked.

At about Lunchtime, Michael announced that he was hungry again and we all got dressed out of our underwear and went and got some food!

<3 NaughtyAlice

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