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Naughty Nikki

Being myself...naughty nikki!!
I'm Nikki, 22yrs old and yes, I'm a Bishops daughter. I am the quiet well mannered "good girl" when my dad is around, but when he's not I'm a nymphomaniac, simply naughty by nature. That my friends, is the real me!!!

I was just coming home, about 2am, from a small gathering with my friends from church who were leaving for college. It was supposed to have been a nice evening with just us girls, but turned out to be a complete night of hot sex and it was fun and I enjoyed it! As I passed my dad's room, I saw that his night light was on. I didn't go in because of the way I was dressed and I was not prepared to get into a fight with him at this hour of the morning.

After taking my shower and changing into my pj’s, I went into my dads room, pretending that I had just woken up and saw his light on. He was sitting up on the bed with his body slumped over. I rushed to him and then noticed he had a fever and was not looking good at all. Immediately I called 911 and the E.M.S came in less than ten minutes.

I had already slipped into one of my many sleeveless summer dresses with nothing on underneath and some four-inched heels. Yes, at 2am, I was still looking sexy as hell and loved it! They took him, upon my request, to Duke Hospital and I followed closely. I knew that they would admit him because of his condition so I had packed an overnight bag for both of us, knowing that I wouldn't leave my dad alone for the next few days.

Then I saw him, bending over to greet an elderly patient as they wheeled her out of the ER. That is where my fun began, at the expense of my dad. He came over as they brought my dad in. He ordered them to take him in the back and then he looked at me and extended his hand. I looked him up and down then gave him my hand as he introduced himself to me. I cannot even remember what he was saying because I was simply smitten by his perfection in my eyes...or maybe it was just sleep that had me dizzy and drowsy! Whatever it was, my pussy had that familiar tingle and twitch and just needed some attention this very minute.

"Ma'am, are you OK?" he asked.

"Nurse, get this fine lady a wheelchair and see that she gets some water please!" I heard him say to her as she came rushing towards me.

"Yes I am fine, just tired. Nice to meet you sir!" I said as he stood there with his hand still holding mine.

My now erect nipples were no doubt visible through my dress as I saw him looking at my heaving chest with a look of lust in his eyes. Jennifer the nurse came rushing past with the wheelchair. She wheeled me in the back where my dad was being prepped to see the doctor. The other nurses introduced themselves to me and began to brief me on dads condition as they took his vitals. I took noticed of how they worked together and were so efficient in their job and felt comfortable about the care and love he was being given.

Dr. John Singh walked in the room and took my breath away. He was Indian/American and had an accent that was smooth and sexy. He was about 5'11, about 175lbs and his body seemed very toned and he was so sexy. He saw me staring at him and smiled at me as he patted me on the arm.

"Its good to see you again beautiful!" he said with a wink.

All I did was smile and nodded my head gracefully because my dad even though he was having his vitals checked, was watching me like a hawk. I love my dad, he's just so damn protective of me..his good girl!

I sat in silence as he questioned my dad about his condition and symptoms and after what seemed like hours, he decided to admit dad to the hospital. He then told my dad that he would be his attending physician and that he was just working the ER for a friend who had an emergency, but he will be seeing him daily as long as he was a patient.

"Great!" I thought to myself

I stood up to speak to my dad, but Dr. Singh motioned me outside the room to brief me privily about something. When we got out the room, he told me that he wanted to talk to me about the dangerous complications dad was having. How if treated properly he will get better. Then he shocked me!

"Nikki, I would like to take you for an early breakfast. I get off in twenty minutes. Meet at my office in thirty minutes please."

He didn't even wait for me to respond as he passed me his business card and tapped me on my shoulder then walked away. I was frozen in that spot.

"Breakfast at!" I said under my breath. I went back inside to my dad and chatted a few minutes with him and told him I was going to get his stuff out the car, and then grab something to eat and would meet him in his assigned room. I kissed him on the cheek and left. All the while I felt my pussy twitching, as the thought of having breakfast with the doctor excited me.

His office was actually a few minutes away from the hospital's ER, but in walking distance. I got there about five minutes late and he was waiting patiently on me. He had already showered and was dressed in a nice short sleeved shirt and dress pants, still looking sexy as ever. I looked at his finger and it was empty, so I knew that either he was single or was a cheater. Whatever he was, I wanted to fuck him there and that moment.

He invited me inside and closed the door behind me. Offering me a chair, I sat down and crossed my legs as he sat across from me. He began to tell me what was really going on with my dad and honestly, I was not even listening. My pussy was screaming for his touch and so was my body. It must have been visible to him as he began to get uncomfortable in his seat.

"Nikki, even though you said you're tired, damn still look sexy to me!" He was now looking at my body, down from head to breast as he spoke.

"Doc, I am a naughty girl...yes naughty Nikki.... and you too are a very sexy man!" I said as I did my signature licking of my lips, that always gets a man hot for me.

I uncrossed my legs and made sure he was able to see the insides of my thighs up to my wet pussy as I did that. We were physically attracted to each other and our bodies were drawing us together. I looked him in the face and then smiled. I pushed my chair back and propped my right leg on the desk, lifting my dress and began to rub my already wet pussy. I never took my eyes off him as he watched me play with myself.

"I know you invited me here for more than breakfast, and am glad you did," I said as I opened my legs wider and rubbed my lips up and down before inserting a finger inside my pussy.

Pulling the top part of my dress down, exposing my breast I began to rub on my nipples with my free hand. I slipped a second finger inside my pussy as he watched me. I scooped up some pussy juice and lifted my fingers to my nipples and rubbed it on, then I leaned down and licked it off. He groaned and started to sweat.

I took my fingers and sucked it in my mouth licking it clean before pushing them back inside my pussy. The room was now filled with the aroma of sex and it was intoxicating to both of us. He never moved an inch nor did he take his eyes off me. Licking my lips again, he blinked and took a deep breath. I knew that he wanted to come to me but he was like in daze and was under my control.

"Mmm you want to lick my pussy?" I asked in a soft sexy voice as I removed my dress over my head and placed it in the chair behind me.

He pushed his chair back and stood up. That's when I noticed that he had already released his cock and it was pointing in the air. He looked about 8inches and very thick. His cock head was purple and leaking pre-cum, so as he stood in front of me. I reached over and touched his rock hard cock and rubbed his pre-cum all over his tip.

He got on his knees in front of me and buried his face between my legs. He began to lick my swollen lips up and down and even parted them with his tongue and licked me clean. Using his hands, he opened my lips and began to lick the insides and flicked his tongue over my clit. My body began to shiver as he did that and my juices started to flow.

He pushed his tongue inside my pussy as deep as he could and started to fuck me with it. In and out his tongue went as he used his thumb to rub my clit. Then as he licked and sucked my juice out my fuck hole, he reached up and grabbed my breast in his hand and pinched my nipples lightly. He snapped his mouth onto my swollen clit and began to suck me hard. My body began to shake, I began to cum hard in his mouth.

"Mmm yes fuck I'm cumming in your mouth," I warned him.

He released my breast and grabbed my legs and smothered his face deeper in my pussy sucking me hard. I was cumming so hard in his mouth and he was sucking and drinking my juices. As I began to calm down a bit from that powerful orgasm, he lifted his body up and was almost laying over me. He asked me if he could kiss me and, before I could have responded, his soft lips touched mine. It was a gentle, yet passionate kiss that was very erotic and sweet. I gave him access to slip his tongue in my mouth and he began to suck on my tongue. My pussy was burning with desire now, as I reached down between us and guided his cock to my pussy.

He began to push his cock head inside my pussy, but there seemed to be a resistance. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a questionable concerning look, inquiring if I was a virgin. I closed my eyes and began to kiss him back as I wrapped my hands around his neck. I felt him push again and that time the head slipped inside me as I flinched beneath him.

"Did I hurt you baby?" he asked in a concerned tone after feeling my body moved beneath his.

"No baby....mmm...just fuck me please!" I said wrapping my legs around his ass.

He pushed again and this time, he got more than half of his thick cock inside me. I held on to him tighter and moaned in his ear. I felt him pull out almost all the way then, with force, rammed his cock all the way inside my pussy with one thrust, slapping my ass with his balls. He began to kiss my neck and ear as he pushed in and out of me. Using my pussy muscles, I squeezed his cock each time he pulled out and he looked in my eyes and groaned. He was fucking me with deep strokes and hitting the spots that were longing for attention.

"Ohhh yeah baby....your pussy is so tight!" he said as he began to pick up speed.

"Ohh yes, oh yes, fuck me like that baby!" I said, as he now had a rhythm going for himself.

He kept me on that chair for a few minutes fucking me nice and hard as I ran my hands all over his hairy back. He smelt so nice and his chest was so toned and hard. I ran my hand through his hair as he started to slow down his pace.

"I want you to fuck me on your desk, but from behind baby," I said to him, knowing that I had him under my control.

He pulled out and stood up, lifting me off the chair then clearing his desk to give me what I wanted. I leaned over his desk, putting one leg on the desk as I bent over with my ass in his face. He began to squeeze my ass, cheek after cheek. Then he bent down and began to kiss my ass all over. His hands were rubbing my ass round in circles up and down.

"Yeah, lick my asshole baby. Suck it for me you dirty boy!" I said wiggling my ass in his face.

He put his face between my ass cheeks and began to lick and suck on my ass. My pussy began to leak juice all the way down there and he was using his tongue to rub it over my asshole and then suck it. That was so hot and I was trembling as he did that.

"Oh baby I need to fuck you some more, I want this pussy!" he said as he stood up to fuck me.

I hung my head down so I could see when he entered my pussy and what a beautiful sight it was. He slowly entered me, pushing all the way inside me. He grabbed on to my ass and began to pump his cock in and out of me. His desires had built up and he was on a high now as he began to fuck me. I pushed back as he pushed in and we maintained that rhythm as we fucked each other.

“Ooh yeah baby, give it to me!" I said as he spanked my ass.

"Back up on this cock princess, shake this ass for me!" he said as I began to push back farther on his cock.

"Ohh yeah baby, like that! Yess. YES!" I yelled as he took complete charged of splitting my tight pussy open.

He was fucking me so hard, my head was spinning from left to right. I felt my orgasm erupt suddenly and I began to cum all over his cock. He continued to fuck me with all his might as I came. He reached up and began to massage my nipples as I was still cumming. Then again my pussy began to erupt.

"Cum on this cock baby...fuck yeah!" He said as he continue drilling me from behind.

"Oh fuck yeah! Ohh shit yes aah!" I screamed.

As I began to squirt on his cock and desk I reached under and slapped my pussy and clit as he continued fucking me hard from behind.

"Fuck yeah, mmm, don't stop, don’t stop, yes!" I hissed as I lost control again in a wave of pleasure.

He pulled out and shoved his head between my legs and began to lap up and suck my pussy as I was cumming on his face and mouth. My pussy was pouring and he was drinking every last drop.

He lifted me off the desk, walked over to his chair and sat down. He adjusted his chair that it leaned back and beckoned for me to straddle him. I pushed him down on the chair and stood in front of him with my legs on each side of the chair with my back towards him. I bent forward and pushing my ass backwards then I lowered myself on his face. I leaned down and swallowed his cock in my mouth.

His body shook as I began to suck his cock. I was just rubbing my pussy all over his face while I sucked his cock. I squeezed his balls and massaged them as I felt his cock touch the back off my throat. I started to gag but held it there for a few minutes. He had his tongue buried deep inside my pussy as he pinched my clit. I began to shake on his face as I came again on his mouth.

"Fuck yeah baby! Mmm yes!" I said as I released his cock out of my mouth and began to cum in his mouth another time.

I began to stroke his cock up and down. I felt him twitch in my hands and I knew that I was not ready for him to cum yet. I leaned back on his chest and slid down lower until his cock tip was at the opening of my fuck hole, then I quickly pushed down on his cock till he was all the way in my pussy.

"Ow fuck!" I said. He held me still and began to pump his rock hard pole in and out of me hard and deep.

"Oh God, oh God! Faster baby, fuck my tight pussy faster!" I begged as he began to grunt and groan with every stroke.

He was whispering in my ears as he fucked me and he was running his hands all over my body giving lots of attention to my hard as diamonds nipples that were swollen.

"I love your pussy baby! Made for my fat cock!" he said as he licked my ear lobe before nibbling on it.

I forced myself to sit up so I could ride him. I leaned forward and began to ride his cock reverse cowgirl. He squeezed my ass as I was bouncing on his cock. Deeper and deeper it felt like he was going, and yet still I was getting hornier with every bounce. I slammed myself on his cock and sat there for a few minutes, then started grinding my ass on his laps.

I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled as I then spun around with his throbbing cock still in me. I put my hands on his chest and began to fuck him again. I leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He kissed me back, this kiss was somewhat different. It was with much more urgency and heat that caused the animal inside me to come out. I released my lips from him and licked his lips. I placed my right hand on his head , grabbed my left nipple with my other hand and leaned my head back and began to fuck him.

"Fuck this pussy bad boy. You know you wanna split it dont ya?" I teased as I ground my ass on his lap. "Gimme this cock baby! Yeah like that. Uh Huh uh huh yes baby!" I sexily said to him with lust in my voice and eyes as he adjusted his seat and sat up and grabbed me by my waist and began to fuck me back.

"Fuck! Give me this pussy!" He growled as he stood up with me still stuck on his cock.

He walked over to the wall and he leaned my back against it but stepped back so that only my back was on it. He held my legs and began to fuck me like an animal. He roared like a lion as he pumped my pussy with his cock. I began to scream as he plowed me with all his might.

"Oh yes! Don't stop! Oh god don't stop yes, fuck yes!" I screamed as my body felt like it was caught up in a whirlwind surrounded by fire.

"Mmm, yes! Fuck princess. Yes, yes mmm, yeah!" he muttered as he emptied his balls inside me with loads of hot creamy cum.

I hugged him tightly as we kissed each other again and again as we came down from our orgasms. He stumbled over to his chair and sat down with our bodies still joined to each other. I threw my arms around his neck again and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Mmm baby that was amazing. How about we take a shower then go get that breakfast?" He said after about ten minutes of us trying to catch our breaths.

I nodded my head in approval as he led the way into his private bath.

After an hour we left for a quick breakfast in the cafeteria before heading back into the main hospital to see my dad. I looked at my new found sex buddy and shook my head smiling to myself as I thought in my mind; my own Indian Fabio!
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