Naughty Nurse Ch 1

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Her mother would drop dead if she knew Deana brought pleasure and relief to the male patients.
Deana Sparrow was a nurse in a small mid-western hospital. When she went to work that day, she discovered there was a shortage of aides, so she volunteered to do some of the patient’s bed-baths. After gathering some fresh towels and linens, she walked down the hall to her first patient, an older man recovering from a car wreck.

His name was Jack Powell, a tall muscular man; age sixty-five, with a prominent chin, long broad nose, blue eyes, and black hair speckled with gray. In her mind she was thinking, “For an older man he is quiet handsome and sexy.” Deana quivered clear to the center of her womanhood, hoping this time she would remain calm, because she’d always went beyond regular care and relieved many of the men’s sexual urges, after all they were suffering.

She tapped on the door and heard Jack as he uttered, “Come in.”

After entering the room, she laid the items on the bedside table and asked, “Good morning Mr. Powell. How are you?”

He gave the nurse’s full figure the once-over, paying special attention to her emerald-green eyes and red hair. ‘“Damn she is one sexy doll,’ he thought as he quivered, winked, and licked his lips as they formed into a smile.

Jack answered with a deep baritone voice, “Better now that I see your lovely face.”

She flashed him a smile, and confided, “Well, this is your lucky day. The aide who usually takes care of you is out sick today. I volunteered to give a few patients their baths. Hope you don’t mind?”

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he confessed, “Not at all, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to look at that skinny toothpick of a woman again today. God, she is so thin that if she turned sideways and stuck her tongue out she’d resemble a zipper.”

Deana laughed under her breath and said, “Now, Mr. Powell, that isn't a nice thing to say."

He flashed his baby-blue eyes at her and said, "Call me Jack, everybody does. Sorry if I offended you."

She replied, "You’re forgiven, Jack."

Deana was reaching for his bathing supplies when she heard him chuckle and before she could see what was wrong he started talking. “If you don’t mind me saying so, I just adore a big beautiful woman, especially those with green eyes and red hair.”

She blushed and replied, “Thanks. Can you turn over on your right side please? I need to slide this waterproof pad under you to protect the bed.”

He did so and she slid the pad under him, and then covered him with just the sheet, leaving his gown on for now. Next, Deana drew some water and set the basin on the table next to the towels, soap, and two washcloths.

After wringing the rag out, she applied some soap to it and handed it to him so he could wash the areas he could reach. “I hope this is not too hot for you.”

He took the washcloth from her and replied, "Naw, it feels just right."

After he washed his face, neck and arms, they exchanged washcloths so he could rinse off. Next, she handed him the towel to dry off. The next thing she did was to remove his gown, and leave him covered with the sheet.

Jack pulled the sheet up to his chin, snickered and teased, “I just got used to that skinny woman seeing me naked!”

Deana chuckled, “Now, there is no need to be shy Jack, you don’t have anything I haven't seen before."

He smirked while pushing his sheet down to reveal his torso from his thighs upward and exclaimed, “I’m not shy at all baby!”

After looking at his body from head to toe, Deana quivered and gasped. His chest was muscular, and although his cock was uncircumcised and flaccid, it was bigger than any she’d ever seen before.

This was not the first time she saw a male patient’s genitals. Deana couldn’t help getting aroused then, or now. Hoping Jack would not notice her trembling hands; she soaped up the cloth and started washing his chest. As she ran the rag over his nipples, they began to harden. Her breath clogged in her throat and she felt the sensation clear to the center of her womanhood.

She hid her feelings and asked, "Bet that feels good?"

With a breathless hiss he uttered, "Yeah. Did you know you have a very soft, sensual touch?”

For the moment, all she did was nod her head yes, and focus on the bath. After doing his chest, abdomen, and back, Deana put a fresh gown on Jack, making sure it covered just the upper torso, and then propped him up on some pillows for comfort. Following that, she swallowed hard and began to wash his genitalia, gently.

Jack sucked in a deep breath. Oh Christ, no one ever washed him like this. The warm water and the nurse’s hands felt so soft and erotic that his cock began to stiffen.

Deana didn’t seem to notice his cock. She continued to wash him, and with a reassuring voice said, “Just relax Jack, I’ll have you squeaky clean in no time.”

When she wrapped the cloth around his shaft, he gasped, and said, “Ohhhh God, that feels so good.”

As his cock hardened in her hands, Deana licked her lips nervously and felt her clit throb. She quickly looked around to make sure she was alone, rinsed it off, laid the washcloth down, grasped the shaft, and began stroking it slowly.

Nurse Deana winked at Jack and purred, “Oooooh baby, you're getting so big and hard."

Jack rolled his eyes and said, “Ooooooh fuck! Excuse my language Nurse Deana, but that feels so good. Don't stop, please don't stop."

Her pussy was drenched, tingling with desire, and she wasn’t about to stop. She leaned over Jack and uttered, “I won't, if you promise to keep this between us. After all, it’s probably been ages since you got off.”

Jack reached for her right breast and mumbled, “I promise.”

She stopped jacking his cock and looked at him seriously. “Oh please don’t touch me; I’d rather take care of you for now. Mainly, because if I let you, I know I wouldn’t be able to control myself and end up stripping and joining you. If that happens, there is a chance I will get caught, and then I will be fired.”

Jack withdrew his hand, frowned and muttered, “Spoilsport.”

She resumed stroking his cock, rolling the foreskin up and down. Deana then asked him, “How long has it been since you’ve had sex, and I’m not talking about Rosy Palm and her stubby little brother?”

Jack frowned, “Too damn long! I have a sweet girlfriend and I haven’t had her cunt for six weeks now. The last time was the weekend before my accident.”

Deana quivered as heart pounded with excitement. Mainly because she loved jacking off the male patients, well, those that would keep quiet about it. She also liked it when they talked dirty, which was so unlike her boyfriend, who thought that kind of language was repulsive.

Jack then spoke up, “I just adore big women who love sex and cock. By the way darlin, do you like sex?”

She flashed him a seductive smile and confessed, “I not only love sex, I get turned on hearing men talk dirty while I jack them off or give them a blowjob. By the way, doesn’t your girlfriend come to see you?”

Jack frowned as he recalled the last time his girlfriend visited and confessed, “Oh yeah, she comes over to have supper with me every night. We talk for a while, and then she reads a book while I stare at the ceiling until visiting hours are over. I tried to get her to crawl up on the bed with me a couple of times, just to snuggle, but she says it’s not proper to do that here."

Deana spoke with a calm voice in response. "I can see why she wouldn't want to get in bed with you. She's probably afraid of hurting you. However, in my opinion, she could at least pull the curtain and snuggle. If it was me, I’d do more than that and jack you off."

He let out an evil laugh and admitted, “It would be a cold day in hell before that would happen, because Jenny would never jack me off, or even suck my dick until I cum in her mouth.”

She winked, and asked, "Really? She won't do this?"

Deana squeezed the naked cock knob, then cupped his balls in her other hand. She so wanted him to touch her pussy, strum her clit until an earth-shattering orgasm overtook her, but knew it wasn’t safe to do that.

She licked her lips and whispered, “I’ll jack you off until you cover my hand with your sweet cum. Ooooh God, I wish we were alone, I’d let you play with my pussy.”

Jack’s breathing became raspy and he gasped, “"Really? Oh God, I wish I could to honey. Oh, keep it up…I’m going to cum soon!”

His pre-cum was oozing all over her hand, making it slippery. She loved the way his big cock felt in her hands. God, she wished his hand or cock was inside her hot hole right now. Deana needed to cum so bad she could taste it.

Jack was shaking all over, panted and squealed, "Aw, fuck, I’m not going to last too much longer."

Deana then did something her boyfriend never let her do. She leaned over Jack, ran her tongue across his right nipple, sucked it into her mouth and began sucking him in rhythm with her hand movements.

He groaned, lifted his hips a little, and reached out to caress her long, red curls.

She wanted to stop him, but couldn't. His hand felt good, exciting, and reassuring. She moved quickly to his other nipple and tantalized it with her tongue. All of a sudden, Jack’s cock went rigid as the seven-week build-up of jism squirted all over her hand and wrist.

They stayed like that for minutes before Deana cleaned the mess up and made the bed. She was about to go empty the wash basin when Jack touched her arm.

With tears in his eyes Jack spoke, "That was the nicest thing a nurse ever did for me. Will you come back and do that again sometime?"

She leaned over, kissed his cheek and whispered, "If I can, I will, because older men turn me on."

Jack pulled her closer until his lips were firmly planted on hers and they kissed passionately.

Afterwards, she emptied and cleaned the wash basin, gathered up the linens, and placed them in a bag. Deana then straightened her uniform, stepped out of the room into the hallway. Placed the laundry where it should go and walked toward the nurse’s station.

As she neared the nurse’s station, she heard her nurse friends Janice and Julie talking.

Janice said, “Jack Powell in room 314 is a dirty old man! He tried to put his hand up under my skirt yesterday.”

Julie laughed and answered, “That’s because it’s so short, he probably couldn't help it."

Janice looked up and saw Deana approaching, blushed and giggled, "Hi, Deana.”

She then answered Julie, “Well I let him get a good feel before I slapped his hand. Why, he has some nerve, after all he’s in his sixties!"

Julie just sighed and answered, “I wish that big construction maintenance guy in room 302 would put his hand under my skirt."

They all laughed when Julie said, "Look at Deana blush!"

All of a sudden, Janice spotted the Director of Nursing walking toward the desk and warned the others. “Cool it, here comes ole iron pants.”

Deana whispered, “Oh yeah, we better look busy or we’re in deep trouble.”

Mary Jane Gladstone, the Director of Nursing, was forty-five years old, and mean as a junk yard dog. She was also built like a drill sergeant with a voice to match.

She glared at them and bellowed, “Okay girls, we don’t pay you for sitting around and gossiping. Get back to work!”

When Deana was near, she smirked, touched her right arm and confessed, “You better watch out for older male patients. They’re dirty ole men, leery-eyed and tricky, especially Jack Powell in room 314. Keep what I say to you, to yourself. He grabbed me, and kissed me right on the lips the last time I was in his room. I think I will stop by and say hello to him.”

When Deana got off of work that day, she sat down in a chair to wait for her boyfriend Bryan to come pick her up. She has dated him for over three years now and they had a sexual relationship too. Deana frowned when she recalled the last time she wanted to give him a blow-job, while rubbing her throbbing clit.

Bryan turned red, put his hand up in front of himself and boldly exclaimed, “Oh God, Deana, that’s so gross, you’re acting like a freaking whore.”

When she tried to explain herself, he would refuse to listen giving her the same ole excuse, “Good girl’s don’t act like that.”

Deana loved sex, and although she loved being with Bryan, she couldn’t help but think of the exciting time she had with Jack. Her body quivered and she whispered under her breath, ‘Why couldn’t Bryan be that spontaneous?”

She was jolted back to reality when she heard a car horn. When she looked it was Bryan. She got up, walked toward the car, got into the passenger side, scooted over toward him and said, “Hi baby.”

Bryan leaned over kissed her and answered, “Hi sugar. It looks like you’re in a cheerful mood. Did you have a good day at work?”

She tried to hide her excitement and lied, “Not really, I’m just glad to see you.”

Deana still lived at home. Although her father was lenient, her mother was overbearing, as well as a religious fanatic. If she did not stop by there before going elsewhere, momma would throw a fit.

She could hear her mother’s angry voice yelling, “Deana you’re a sinner headed straight to hell if you don’t stop doing things good girls should not do!”

Sure Deana knew she wasn't the kind of girl they thought she was, however, it was really none of their business. She was an adult, with her own ideals, and it was her life not there’s.

Both parents helped see that her spiritual needs were fulfilled, but her human needs had been left sadly lacking. Her knowledge about boys came when she had a sleep over at a girlfriend’s home when she was 16

Jenny, her girlfriend, showed Deana pictures of boys in her older brother’s girlie magazine. Deana’s eyes were glued on the pictures of the male privates because up to that time, she has ever seen them is a sexual scenario.
Later that night, Jenny’s brother John who was 18, caught them with his magazines. When he questioned them, his sister told them they were looking at them to find out about the male anatomy and sex.

A sly grin crossed the older teens face and he suggested, “Well, if you keep this between us, I will tell you all about the male anatomy, and sex. Now sit quietly on my bed while I go see if mom and dad are asleep.”

Deana and Jenny sat down, both excited and hesitant about what he was going to do. When John came back into the room, locked the door, and informed them that they were the only ones awake. They all sighed in relief.

With wide eyed amazement, both girls sat on the edge of the bed. It was Jenny who asked if they could see his cock. Deana thought she would faint when he nodded his head yes. When he began removing his pants and underwear, they gasped, licked their lips, and froze, too afraid to say anything.

John smiled excitedly and asked, “Want to see me make it grow longer?”

Jenny giggled, glanced at Deana and chirped, “Sure, why not.”

The girls watched as he grasped his cock, and slowly started playing with his soft member.

Deana watched his cock growing and saw how rigid it became. She must of looked like a scared rabbit, because John stopped and said, “What’s wrong Deana?”

Deana gulped and whispered, “It’s so big.”

Before she could finish the sentence, Jenny piped up and asked, “Can I touch it, please?”

John moved close to the girls, winked, blushed and admitted, “Sure, I love to have girls touch it.”

Both girls looked at each other than reached out to touch the hard cock.

Deana noticed it felt soft, but hard too, and she was curious as to how long it would stay that way. “Will it always get hard like this when you play with it? Does it stay that way?”

John laughed hoping it wouldn’t have woken his parents up. “No it gets hard like that so I can cum. Do you know what I mean?”

Jenny’s eye’s lit up and she giggled, “Yes we know what you mean. After all we already know how we do, now we’d love to watch you do it.”

John, winked, “Sure, but try not to be too noisy. If mom or dad catches us, I’m dead meat.”

Jenny put her hand to her lips and said, “Mum’s the word. Now show us.”

The girls watched in awe as John stroked his cock feverously. When he stopped his cock squirted milky stuff all over his hand.

The girls started giggling and John frowned and ordered, “I told you to be quiet. You two better go to your room now.”

Deana's sexual education began there. After that, she spent many a weekend at Jenny’s with John teaching them the basics about male anatomy and sex.

One weekend, Jenny came over to Deana’s home for a slumber party. Everything was going okay, until her mother overheard what the two girls talking about things.

After busting into Deana’s bedroom, her mother shrieked and yelled at the two for over an hour then sent Jenny home in tears.

After that, Jenny wouldn’t talk to her. She would even go as far as tell her friends at school, “Don’t go near Deana, her whole family are religious nutcases.”

She dated a few guys, but most of them would avoid her like she had a contagious disease.

After high school, Deana went to nursing college. Her mother often called her and “Angel of Mercy.”

Her mother would fall down dead if she knew that her angel of mercy was bringing pleasure and relief to certain ailing male patients.

Deana's training included everything from giving medication to bathing patients. For the second time in her life, she was seeing male cocks. The memory of Jenny’s brother John was still etched in her mind. Her body tingled with desire and it was just a matter of time before things heated up.

The first time it happened, it was midnight. She was making her rounds and discovered an eighteen year old patient, named Sam, wasn’t asleep yet. When she asked if he was in pain, he answered her by throwing back the sheet and showing her his sizable hard on.

When she informed him that he could take care of it himself, he lowered his head and began to cry. “I know I can nurse, but I’m so lonely. My girlfriend wouldn’t even touch me when she was here and I am so fucking horny.”

Nurse Deana felt sorry for him and told the man she would be back to talk to him about it as soon as she finished making rounds. However, what she didn’t tell him is that she was horny too and she needed to make sure they would not be disturbed first, before returning to his room.

He agreed and she left his room. She finished making rounds and then went to the nurse’s station. Deana informed the other nurse, that everyone on her wing was okay, except this guy. She lied telling her that he just needed someone to talk too. She then requested that they not be disturbed. The other nurse told her she’d watch the hallway while Deana went to talk to this guy.

All the way down the hallway, Deana felt her nipples harden and her clit swell with anticipation. When she arrived at the man’s room, she knocked on the door then entered. Once inside the door, she closed and locked it, to assure privacy.

Deana walked over to the bed, took the man’s hand in hers, licked her lips hungrily and nervously said, “Sam, we’ll be undisturbed for a while.”

At first, she thought the poor guy was going to pass out from excitement. He grabbed her and said, “Well then climb up her in bed with me lil-darling.”

She smiled, pulled back and replied. “Sorry we have to be careful, if I get caught, I will be fired.”

The guy frowned, pulled back the sheet, exposing his nude body and hard cock and answered, “But nursie, but I have a big problem.”

She quivered and admitted, “I can see that. Looks like you need a woman’s touch baby. Let me help you with that cock.”

With those words said, she reached out, grasped his cock and began stroking it slowly. Deana loved how it felt in her hand and wished they were alone so he could finger her drool cunt. However, she knew she had to be quick and careful.

She took his balls in one hand, and quickly jacked him off, until he climaxed in her hand, then as he watched, she licked her hand clean. It was the beginning of the most thrilling experience of her life.

Deana always felt guilty and swore it would never happen again, but it did again and again. Sometimes she would get so turned on that afterwards that she would run to the bathroom, and masturbate. She had many orgasms sitting on a cold toilet seat thinking about the man she had just jerked off.

But her guilt had flourished and made her a prime target when she met
Barry Wallace. He was a pre-law student, steady, reliable, and her parents liked him. He was just the kind of dedicated young man who Deana needed and he was religious, too.

They fell in love and as their necking grew heavier, so did their need for each other. They never really petted, even though Deana really wanted to play with his cock. She knew a shrink would have said she was obsessed with penis envy or had a deep seated penis fixation or some such bullshit. Oh hell, Deana just liked the feel of a cock in her hand-the way it was so soft and pulpy at first with the ball sack hanging loose. And then the way the prick grew and the sack tightened, the man's groans, his squirting cock, and, best of all, the exquisite feeling it gave her.

She got so she could come herself, sometimes, while she brought a guy off. Those were the best times. She liked the idea of making a man feel so good. It was only natural that it would finally happen. One afternoon they went to Barry's apartment, stripped, and fucked. There was practically no foreplay, they just lay down, and he shoved his cock in, and moved in and out.

Deana closed her eyes and imagined he was one of the boys at the pond years ago and had a violent orgasm. It frightened Barry so much that he didn't even come.

Deana had wanted to get married, but Barry had a lot of school still ahead of him and pointed out the wisdom of waiting. Deana's parents, of course, concurred. With his heavy study load he didn't have enough time for Deana and she often felt neglected. Their sex life fell into a schedule. Barry was a nut for schedules and they fucked once a week, always on Wednesdays.

Today was Wednesday. Deana let the smoke slide easily from her lips and watched Barry through squinted eyes. She was burning up inside, her belly churned, her thighs tingled and her cunt throbbed with excitement. She wanted to fuck so bad she could all but taste it.

Barry parked the car and Deana looked at her watch. It was almost four

"I can't stay late, I’ve gotta be home by five thirty. Mom gets mad as hell when I'm late."

Barry frowned and she knew it was because she used the word hell. She threw her cigarette butt out the window. It was her third since leaving the hospital.

Deana looked at him excitedly and purred, "Come on, let's go in."

Barry replied, “What's the rush? We have lots of time."

They had an hour. It took thirty minutes to drive her home, and Deana didn't think an hour was lots of time. She wanted to spend an hour loving and kissing and feeling before they fucked. They never had, but she wanted to.

In the apartment, Barry proceeded to pull all the drapes and turn out all the lights. Deana wondered why he always got the room as dark as he could. Didn't he want to look at her body? She certainly wanted to look at his. They undressed in the near darkness and got on the bed. She reached for him the minute his weight settled beside her. Their lips went together and clung tight. He was such a good kisser, so eager to sit and neck, but she wanted more. She wanted the hot erotic things she had always heard about. Like when her friend Ruth had told her about a guy who went down on her and the thought was an instant turn-on for Deana.

She wanted to kiss, and play with his nipples, and for him to return the favor. He had never done more than feel them lightly. She wanted him to kiss, nip, and suck them hard. Her tits felt hot and hard against his chest now, and she even imagined, kissing him lower, and yes even kissing his cock.

She felt his cock hard against her leg. His prick was hot and it throbbed gently. She closed her eyes and whispered, "Oh, Barry; Barry darling . . . yes, yes.”
She felt his smooth body come up over her, his weight pressing down. It was an exquisite feeling and she was breathing hard. Her legs came open and allowed his hips to slip down between them. She slid her hand down and found his cock.

"No, I'll do it," he said, pushing her hand away.

"Oh, Barry, get it in, do it, do it!" she moaned. It puzzled Barry that she was so eager and seemed to get more so all the time. It didn't make sense. After all, sex was mostly for his gratification anyway, wasn't it? It was just an urge that crept up on him occasionally and needed to be filled. It was easily channeled into a time and a place, which was his apartment, on Wednesday afternoon’s.

Sex once a week was ample and often more than ample for him. He didn't understand why Deana sometimes hinted at doing it at other times. Sometimes after just one good kiss she seemed to want to have sex. It worried Barry a little, but not right then, and there, as he needed it too.

He pressed the tip of his cock against her ruby cunt lips, and it went in. She moaned and lifted her hips. ‘See---see how she is,’ he thought, as he pushed his prick on in.

Deana could feel the spit almost gurgling in her mouth. The feel of his cock sliding into her pussy was so good she wanted to scream, to cry out. She wanted to urge him to fuck her, fuck her hard, but she didn't dare.

"Barry, all of it, get it all in," she moaned.

She rocked under him gently, her starving cunt feasting on his prick. He felt so good on top of her with his cock buried so snug in her pussy. Then she thought of the size of the prick she had held in her hand that very morning. Barry's was quite puny by comparison. In fact, it wasn't very large when compared to most of the cocks she had seen. Then she was glad it was dark because her face reddened with shame.

She tried to hold him close and caress him while they fucked, but he seemed to hold her off. He lifted up and then plunged his cock in and out. Fortunately, his low sex drive kept him from releasing quickly and he could fuck her for quite a while. However she knew he would jerk his cock out at the very best moment and grab the wad of tissue he kept on the bed beside them. He didn't want her on the pill and he certainly didn't want her pregnant, so he always came in a bunch of tissues.

She had her eyes closed and the feeling was really getting good. She wiggled as much as she dared, and suppressed her squealing, but still felt the blessed orgasm take over her senses. God, how she wanted to go wild, scream, jerk, and clamp her legs around him, so he would have to come inside her. She wanted to feel his come in her and all over her. Maybe he would miss the tissue and come on her legs.

She relaxed, her eyes closed, and felt like she was floating in a pool of warm water with the tiny waves lapping between her legs. It was like bathing in a pool of orgasms, with the soft excitement washing fresh, each time he pushed his cock in and brought it back out. She hoped he would last a long, long time this afternoon. She needed it. Fuck the time, fuck her mother, she thought.

Barry was pumping hard and he was sweating. She liked the smell of his perspiration. He gave a sharp grunt and she knew the fuck was over. "No!" she whispered, as she felt his wonderful prick jerk free. She felt deserted, empty, forlorn, and forsaken. A couple of jerks into the tissue and he was finished. He fell back on his haunches, panting, with the clump of tissues pressed against the head of his cock.

"We better hurry, Deana, we took quite a while," he said and got off the bed.

Deana got up slowly and reached for her panties. She felt good all over, warm, exhilarated, but not satisfied. She felt like she could have gone on for another hour. She dressed slowly, deliberately dawdling in the bathroom.

"Come on, Deana, or you'll be late," he said.

"I don't care," she shouted back at him.

"Well, I do!" Barry snapped.

“I can't find my shoe."

"Oh, Christ!"

"What did you say, Barry? Shame on you!" she mocked.

Barry shrugged, let the air out of his lungs, but didn't answer. Deana had a hard time suppressing a giggle. He got on his knees and looked under the bed.

"Hell, we need some light," he snorted.

"Barry, for shame!" Deana cried.

Barry pulled the drapes open, turned and glared at her. "Now stop that. You're mocking me!" His face was red. It surprised Deana because he didn't usually get that angry.

Her shoe sat beside the chair, less than a foot from where she stood.
"Oh, there it is," she cried with mock surprise, biting her lip to keep from laughing aloud.

They drove home in complete silence. Barry never seemed to want to talk much after they fucked. When they pulled up in front of the house he looked at her and smiled.

"I'll see you Friday," he said.

"Okay," she answered and bent over and kissed his cheek.. Before she closed the door, she leaned back in. "Oh, next week I'm on nights, so we can have all Wednesday afternoon."

"Don't you remember, Deana? Next week is finals week! We can't see each other at all. I'm going to hole up and study the whole week!"

Deana felt like a balloon that had just taken a pin in the side.

"Oh," she said softly. "I'll see you Friday." She felt like she was going to prison as she walked toward the house. It would be another dull evening of reading, or such, and early to bed.

"Shit!" she said. "I'd rather fuck!"