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Naughty Nurse Ch 2

If she was found out she would be fired, and could never jerk him off again.
Deana worked the shift with one of two other nurses; Ruth and Elaine. Ruth and she became friends quickly. Deana always enjoyed her shift when it was with Ruth, because she was so honest and so openly sexy. She was just the way Deana wanted to be. She liked the other staff nurse Elaine, too, but she was a little harder to get to know, and a little stuck-up. In addition Elaine was married.

One night during a conversation, Ruth told Deana she should move away from home and get away from the old folks. "God-damn, honey, how can you stand it?" she asked.

It was then that Ruth came up with the idea of them sharing an apartment. Ruth was five years older than Deana, but felt she needed her expert guidance, especially when it came to men. Ruth had met Barry a few times and rolled her eyes skyward at the thought of him. Besides, she was tired of living alone. Two sexy, swinging chicks could really make out, and together they could afford a nice place.

Deana was thrilled with the idea, but she knew she would have a real fight with her parents, especially if they saw Ruth. She mentioned it to Barry and he was appalled.

He didn't like Ruth; he thought she was too fast. HE told Deana, “Why pay for an apartment when she could live at home for nothing?” She never mentioned it to him again, but she knew she was going to do it somehow, and in the near future. Then she could do whatever she wanted every night, smoke at home, and even drink, if she wanted to.

Deana was thinking of all the joys of having her own place when the little light blinked on. She pressed the button, and asked. "Yes can I help you?"
"Will someone come down and empty this damn pee bottle? It's running over."

"I'll get it," she said and released the button. "It's Wilkins in 214. He needs help, as usual."

She left the station and went briskly down the hall. Wilkins was in bad shape, both legs and both arms in casts. He was a middle-aged man and he was always cranky. He'd been in the hospital long enough so that the worst pain was over. However, he still always found something to bitch about: the food stinks; the service was awful, bring me this--bring me that, help me pee, and scratch my back. It was always something. Deana simply managed to avoid him most of the time.

"About time you got here," he snorted when she entered his room.

Deana smiled and took the bottle into the toilet, emptied it, and rinsed it out.

"Do you need to go?" she asked.

"Hell yes, I need to go! Why do you think I was shouting for you?"

"Do you need any help?"

Wilkins flushed. He could manage alone if he had to, but it was a hell of a chore. "Well, it's easier with help," he muttered. "You nurses run in and run right back out, leaving a man helpless. What do yah do all day, loaf around the halls? Probably got a card game going or play footsy with the interns."

"No actually, I was eating chocolates, and reading a magazine," she snorted and flipped up his gown. "It was a sex magazine and I was playing with myself. I was about to come, and it sure made me mad, when you buzzed."

Wilkins flushed. "I . . . I . . . "he stammered.

Deana suppressed a grin. She had heard Ruth use that exact line the other day. She would never have had the nerve to say it herself except Wilkins made her so mad with his shitty attitude. She was glad now that she had. It sure had cooled him off in a hurry.

She took his shriveled prick in her hand and guided it to the mouth of the bottle.

"Haven't seen much of you around here," he said, his tone of voice completely changed.

"Of course not," she snapped. "You're so goddamned cranky I avoid you. Now pee." She shook his cock in the bottle.

Wilkins started to say something, stopped, and started peeing. He looked beat. She let him finish, then wiped him with a tissue and took the bottle into the toilet and emptied it again. She returned, but instead of covering him, took hold of his cock again.

“You're kind of cute when you're not mad,” she said. She felt pretty frisky.

"So are you, even when you're mad," Wilkins said weakly. A nurse had never touched him like that before.

Deana went to the door and pushed it shut. She returned to the bed and put her hand on his cock again. "I know you have not done this for a while," she said, and started to stroke his cock.

Wilkins sputtered and stared at her in disbelief. "Just relax, Mr. Wilkins. I'll make you feel good."

She held his balls in one hand and stroked his cock with the other. It took a few moments for him to get over his shock and respond, but at last his prick started swelling fat and hard. Deana felt her excitement grow along with the prick in her hand. Yes, she had a penis fixation, all right, and she had no intention of losing it. She stared at the cock-head bulging from her fist as it swelled like a fat, ripe, little plum.

"Oh, God," Wilkins moaned, "this is the best thing that ever happened to me."

"It'll get better, too. Just lay there and enjoy it," Deana said.

Deana's pussy tingled, and the nerves danced with excitement. She was hoping it would be good enough to make her come, because she really needed to come.

The last time she had jerked off a patient was with the big construction worker. Plus, her last come had been with Barry two days earlier.

She felt the heat growing in her loins and impulsively reached up and started to unbutton her uniform. She got it open to her waist, let go of his cock, and pulled down her bra until she had one fat, luscious tit free. The nipple stood out dark and firm. She stepped closer to his head, bent at the waist, cupped the tit in her hand, and pressed it to his mouth.

"Suck me," she hissed, her hand reaching back down to grasp his prick.

Wilkins sucked hard. Deana moaned softly, her hand moving steadily up and down on his prick. She would come, yeah, she would come, probably harder than old Wilkins who was all but biting her nipple. She wished her tit was full of milk so she could nurse him like a little baby.

Wilkins wasn't going to have any trouble coming, either. He could feel his nuts tightening; it was a marvelous feeling, and one long overdue. Wilkins was a bachelor and for many years had only gotten off by his own hand or with a prostitute. However, this was better than both put together! He gave a sharp groan and his come poured out like warm syrup. It shot out of the hole, down over his cockhead, and over Deana's hand.

Deana felt the warm come wetting her hand as Wilkins tugged hard on her nipple with his lips and teeth. Then she started coming. It wasn't the floating come like she had with Barry, but rather a sharp, hurting come that made her clit throb like a prick. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Goddamn, it was so good! Her legs felt weak, almost numb, as another sharp burst echoed into the canyon of her cunt. Shit fire! If she only had a stiff cock in her! Hell, once a week with Barry was just not enough.

She stood squeezing his cock while she regained her composure and finally looked down and saw the mess on her hand. It was in his hair, too, and had soaked the tail of his gown.

"It looks like you need a fresh gown," she said.

"Right now, I don't need anything," Wilkins sighed. "God, nurse, I wish I could fuck you."

"I wish you could, too…fuck me," she said. Deana found she enjoyed saying it, especially since she was in no danger of his actually fucking her. She realized, though, that a couple of minutes earlier she would have let him, had he been able. She felt terribly wicked and found that she liked that, too.

She cleaned him up and instructed him to act as if it never happened. If she was found out she would be fired, and could never jerk him off again.

Later, everyone on the ward commented on how human old Wilkins had become. He was almost pleasant, almost.

The following week, Deana started working nights. It was different and seemed much longer. Unlike days, there was little activity. It was semi-dark, quiet, and almost everyone was asleep, including some of the nurses. Ruth hadn't drawn the same shift and that made it more boring. She was with an old gal who ate candy all the time and was incredibly lazy. What work there was, she gladly let Deana do.

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