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Naughty Nurse Ch 3

Yeah, yeah, fuck me, he gasped. Oh, Jesus, you’re one hot-assed nurse!
All day on Wednesday, Deana fussed about; nervous and tense. She was missing her weekly fuck and felt sorely deprived. She went to work irritable and cranky and by midnight was totally bored. Lazy Edna was sound asleep at the nurse's station, all the aids had disappeared, and the quiet was deafening.

Deana walked down the dim hall and peeked into the rooms to make sure all was well. Then she heard Mr. Olsen in 220 groaning. She went into the dark room and saw him twisting and turning on the bed, moans and groans pouring from his lips. She went up to the bed and saw he was sound asleep. He had broken his arm, a clean break, no problem, but it was his first night with the cast and he was probably in pain.

Deana put her hand on his forehead. His eyes popped open.

"Oh, God!" he gasped and stared at her for a moment. Then, realizing where he was, he calmed. "God, nurse, I was having the most horrible night-mare. I'm so glad you came in."

"That's why I'm here," Deana said. "Do you hurt?"

"No. I'm fine now. The arm even feels fine. I'll go home in the morning."

"You were lucky. It was a clean break and you'll be back to normal in a few weeks." She continued to stroke his forehead. He was wet with sweat. "You're soaking wet. I'll get you a fresh gown."

"Stay here for a minute; first. Your hand feels so reassuring. Jesus, it's amazing how realistic and frightening a dream can be."

She smoothed back his hair and caressed his cheeks. "Were you dreaming about your fall?"

"No, it was just one of those scary, disjointed things. Probably from all the stuff they gave me. He put his good hand over hers and ran his finger tips up her arm.

"Don't, Mr. Olsen," she said

'You're so beautiful. I noticed you even when I was hurting so much earlier this evening. I don't hurt now. You made the pain go away."

Deana's whole body tingled. Chris Olsen was a good looking young man, about twenty-six, robust and muscular. He was intact, except for the cast on his left arm. He continued to smooth his fingers up and down her arm and her mouth was dry, her heart pounded.

"I'd better get you a fresh gown," she said a little too loudly and pulled away. She got the gown and laid it on the foot of the bed.

"Here, let's get this wet thing off," she said. She had him rise up and undid the ties, then stripped the gown off. She looked at his smooth, hard body as it glistened in the dim glow from the night light. She glanced downward and saw his thick clump of pubic hair and his thick cock poking out, limp across one thigh.

She had brought a small towel, too, and to wipe his broad chest. "Better dry you off a little first," she said. She dried his chest and stomach and then left the towel half covering his groin while she moved her hands sensuously back up his stomach and over his chest.

"You're so strong," she said softly.

"I keep in shape," he replied, his hand on her arm again.

She continued to massage his chest, not really realizing when he started feeling her tits. She knew she should stop him, but it felt too good. It was just exactly what she always wanted Barry to do, to squeeze her tits and bunch them through her dress. It made her nipples rub against her bra and start to tingle.

"Oh, Mr. Olsen," she sighed softly and bent forward until their lips met.

They kissed several times, each time with more intensity. "Oh, Mr. Olsen," she sighed again.

"Get on the bed with me," he said.

"Oh, dear, I can't . . . I really shouldn't," she protested, yet found herself moving up beside him.

She stretched herself out on the bed, her arm around his neck, her other hand on his belly. They kissed again and then she felt his hand inside her uniform. His fingers felt so cool and nice on her skin. She brought her hand up from his belly and opened her uniform all the way down the front.

She felt his hand at her side and then on her back. She hunched a little. "Can you reach the clasp?" she whispered.

He reached the clasp and her bra came loose. His hand came back to her free tits and felt and squeezed them.

"Squeeze my nipples," she said, her hand back on his belly, her fingers nuzzling at the top of his pubic hair.

They lay like this for a long time, her hand inches from his cock, and his hand at her tits, their mouths searching, kissing, and nibbling. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she tensed, it was her first French kiss but she quickly relaxed and drew his tongue in.

Deana felt an intense thrill when his hand left her tits and moved down her belly. His fingers played at her belly button for a moment, then slid inside her panties. Her own hand slid down and gripped his prick.

"Oh. . . you're so hard!" she cried.

"Hell yes, I'm hard! Didn't you expect it?"

"Yes, I expected it," she said and started to stroke his cock.

His fingers were now at her pussy, sliding the length of her cunt cleft, pressing her clit and probing at her cunt hole. She was wet and growing wetter. She had never done anything like this before not even with Barry. However, it was the way she had always wanted to make love with Barry, and let herself go, feeling the excitement grow and tingle.

His cock was completely hard and she wanted it, wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything. The thought of being completely unfaithful to Barry, of going all the way with this man, flashed through her mind. She knew it was now or never.

She sat up quickly. "Here, let me get my panties off," she said.

She awkwardly slid her underwear over her hips and pushed them on down until she could take them off. Once free, she would be able to open her legs to this man.

However, she didn't spread her legs, though. Instead she rolled over on top of him and straddled his hips with her open cunt.

"Just lay still, Mr. Olsen. I'll fuck you," she said, surprising even herself.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me," he gasped. "Oh, Jesus, you’re one hot-assed nurse!"

Deana found his rigid cock with her hand and squatted over his stiff prick. She played with her cunt with his wet cock tip for a few seconds before nuzzling her tingling pussy. His cock was larger than Barry's, yet slid into her incredibly easy. She gave a little gasp when the fat cock knob spread her cunt lips and pushed inside.

"Oh, goddamn it, Olsen, that feels so good"' she cried and let her hips down, slowly pushing the wonderful prick into her cunt. "I want to feel it all inside me for a bit. Then I'll lay on you and we can fuck," she moaned.

"Aw, Christ yes . . ." was all he could say.

She felt his whole prick inside her and grunted with pleasure. It felt so much better than Barry's too. Of course, she had never had Barry's cock in this position or so deep inside her pussy. It was a new, thrilling, excruciatingly good experience.

She rode on his cock for almost a minute before she fell forward, pressing her tits hard against his firm chest. Their mouths met again as she started moving, lifting with her thighs.

His cock went into her cunt, almost slid out, then eased back in again, the thick shaft sliding hard against her clit. She found a rhythm she particularly liked and lay on him, fucking steadily, the good feeling growing stronger and stronger.

"Don't come too quick," she gasped.

"I can hold out a long time in this position if you want."

"I want," she purred.

She went into an intense orgasm, but controlled herself and kept an even, steady pace. It made her come last for a long, long time, and it still felt good, even as it subsided. She continued fucking him and soon realized she could come again if he held out a little longer. She had never thought it possible.

"I can come again if you can last just a little longer," she gasped. She was breathing hard, increasing her speed in her urgency to come again.

"Not too much longer," Olsen said.

"Oh, goddamn, it feels so good!" she cried and sat up, thrusting his cock all the way in.

She bounced wildly, the sweetness of her orgasm encouraging her. She heard him growl as he lunged up with his hips and she knew he was there, too. The sensation of his wet come squirting in her cunt was enough to bring her a third time. It was almost too much and she fell forward again, riding weakly on what was left of his hard-on. She finally stopped moving and lay gasping for air.

"You really come, don't you, baby?" he said, his own breath short and rasping.

"Yes, yes! I love it," she cried.

His prick finally slipped out of her cunt and she could feel his come leaking out. She liked that feeling, too. Barry had been cheating her. She lay on top of him for a long time, kissing and caressing him. She moved her hand between their sweating bodies and held his shriveled, gooey cock. She was sure now that she could never get too much fucking. She seemed to want his cock just as much as she had when she was in full heat, riding hard for a come.

"My arm hurts a little," Olsen said.

She realized then where she was and what she had done. She had taken no precautions. The door stood wide open, there was a patient in the next bed and the curtain not drawn and she was practically naked on top of a patient.

She quickly moved from the bed. "Oh, dear," she said and rushed into the bathroom. It took several minutes for her to get herself straightened out. At least her uniform had been open and had not gotten too badly wrinkled.

She came back with a pan of warm water and quickly cleaned and gowned Mr. Olsen.

"My arm hurts," he said.

"I'll get you a pain pill," she said.

The hall was still semi-dark and there was no one in sight. Lazy Edna was still asleep, snoring. Deana sighed with relief and called the pharmacy for a pain pill.

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