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Naughty Prison Nurse

Kay and Joe have fun some fun while at work
'It had been going on too long' Kay decided. Today as she was getting ready for work she knew it was going to happen. The game of teasing Joe had started as just that. Kay teasing him knowing that he wanted her; but he had turned the tables on her. Somewhere from start till now her need for him had grown. It’s not that he never appealed to her sexually, he had from the day she met him. Shit, he made her wet with his voice alone her first day of work at the prison. She couldn’t count the number of times she’d masturbated because of him, both while at work and when getting home. She spent those days in the beginning silently hoping he’d come by the infirmary where she worked as charge nurse just to say 'hi'. Much to her luck, most days he did.

They had fun; they talked and laughed.Their conversations were always somewhat flirtatious and lusty. As an officer on staff Joe had to limit his time when stopping by as he would be questioned on the time spent away from his post. These brief moments were often spent teasing each other. There was an unspoken sexual chemistry between the two of them. Kay shied away from it initially, knowing that Joe had a girlfriend she knew better. Joe, on the other hand was a man, one with a love for women, especially lusty, teasing women. ‘Real women’ he called them. He was also quite the talker and had no qualms about saying what was on his mind. He never hesitated to comment on the nice ass he came to check out or about how if she bends just right he can see right down Kay’s scrub top. Kay took it all in good humor and laughed the comments off, yet enjoying the attention from him. That was Joe – a lady’s man. One who clearly had the ability to make a woman comfortable in his presence, as well as very, very wet.

It didn’t take long for Kay to warm up to the whole flirting scene with Joe despite him being taken. She told herself it was innocent and harmless fun to pass the night shift in a gloomy prison. Besides, she flirted and teased many of the other men here anyway and some of them were taken as well. Granted, none of them had the effect on her Joe did so she didn’t worry about crossing a line. She just flirted to tease them; to wet her own pussy and walk away with a sway in her ass, leaving them hanging and smile on her face. She knew how to play the game and she played it well.

In Kay’s world of morals her and Joe had already “crossed the line” in anyway, he’d played with her tits in the break room in the infirmary, they’d done a couple minute grind in the store room, he’d showed her his hard cock and she’d wrapped her hands around it and stroked it a bit in the sergeant’s office up in maximum security. She’d even given him her wet underwear as a souvenir after some heavy flirting and some fooling around in the med room when she was supposed to be sorting medications.

Everything Kay had done with Joe was like nothing she’d ever done or ever imagined herself doing. Kay always considered herself a well-mannered woman. She couldn’t call herself “good” for the fact that she was always filled with naughty thoughts and fantasies. She considered herself well-mannered with good self-control because she never acted on her naughty thoughts. The number of men she’d been with was equal to the number cocks a man has- one. The number she’d fantasized about though, oh hell, who’s counting anyway.

In the beginning it was Kay teasing Joe, but as of late it seems it was Joe teasing Kay and she couldn’t take it much longer. She knew he had put the tease on more with the intent to get a good fuck and she didn’t care – it was working. God she wanted that fuck! During her last shift an inmate from close 3 had come up with chest pain. These inmates being considered high risk were never assessed by nursing staff without handcuffs, shackles and an officer present. Joe, of course was the accompanying officer. He had teased her through her whole assessment. The inmate she was assessing had picked up on it, she knew this because his attempt in trying to hid his growing tent through his prison scrubs was not successful. While leaning over the inmate to assess heart sounds Joe sat across and made it known he was enjoying the view down her scrub top. While apply echocardiogram leads to see his heart rhythm Joe had walked right up behind Kay and pressed his groin into her ass, grinding softly while removing the sticky pads off the paper for her.

“Fuucckkk,” she moaned to herself her pussy getting wet from the memory of it.

Joe was a man, just like any other, he had a love for women – the kind that are lusty and playful, perhaps a little dirty, all done in a subtle sexy manner. This woman at the moment in his life was Kay. Not only was she all of those but she had the body to do it with. Kay had warmed his loins the first day he met her and had managed to continually build the heat over time. Kay had a way of looking sexy in even her scrubs. Her pants hugged her ass just well, the neckline of her tops allowing for glimpses here and there, and that walk, damn, the sway in her ass – like it was always there smiling back at him as he watched saying “Want some of me?” Fuck yeah, he wanted some of that! He’d had all he could get so far and he wanted more , the underwear she’d given him didn’t even hold her scent anymore, as he had licked them clean and cum in them so many times, the only sign of Kay left in them was the fact that she had given them to him.

Her manner with him accentuated all desires – playful and flirtatious. Joe knew all the glimpses he got weren’t accidental although Kay was damn good at making them appear that way. She played with his mind, his penis, and his hormones more then she knew. Sometimes when Joe left the infirmary he’d go back to his post and ask his partner for a couple minutes in the bathroom of the post, his partners knew the reason he was going there and they knew Kay was that reason – enjoying the thought they’d let him go find relief. This was always of course, followed with the 2 men then hashing out what caused the tent and both of their fantasies on what they’d want to do to Kay. Her breasts were perfect, big and round, soft and creamy, her ass an eye catcher no matter what she wore. It seemed her clothes were made to hug her in all the right places.

In runway model terms Kay wasn’t perfect, she had a little weight on her but just the right amount – her curves added to her mix and she dressed them so well. No, Kay wasn’t perfectly tight and toned, Kay was better – she was real. She was a women and she knew it. Joe was a man taken under the spell of this woman, her body and her manner screamed lust and sex and in his mind he was sure they were screaming it to him.

It was about one in the morning and Kay was cleaning an exam room in the infirmary. Joe stopped in to say hi. The nurse in the main infirmary informed Joe where Kay was.

“I’ll go find her then, I’ve got a question for her” he said as he let himself out down the hallway to the exam rooms. It was easy to find the room Kay was in as it was the only one open with a light on. Upon entering Joe paused in the doorway and watched her silently – she was unaware of his presence. She was humming to herself as she sprayed the table and wiped it with antiseptic. Joe smiled to himself as he appreciated the view before him. Kay’s sexy ass sticking up in the air smiling at him as she bent down to wipe the foot stool of the table. Her pants had slid down and he could see the top of her red thong, he followed it until it disappeared down her ass crack and into her pants. Damn, she was hot. Images of eating that thong off of her filled his mind. He felt a stirring in his groin instantly.

“A nice ass to gaze upon, just what I was looking for” he said to let her know he was there.

“Huh?!” Kay exclaimed startled at the presence of someone. Turning she saw Joe and smiled.

“Well, by all means, you’re only here to look at it; I’d say you’re easy to please.” She said jokingly.

“Actually,” replied Joe an audible husk in his voice “A taste would be preferred, but I’ve not been given the honor of that yet.”

Kay smiled, blushed a little at his comment and wasn’t the least bit surprised when she felt a rush of warmth rush to her pussy and a wetness form.

“The problem is Joe, if I let you taste it you might get addicted.” She smirked at him.

Laughing and stepping into the room, closer to Kay Joe responded, “Babe, it’s too late for that, I’m already addicted and I haven’t even tasted it yet.” He stepped in closer, his body almost touching Kay’s, she could feel his heat and his smell intoxicated her.

“How about I start with a feel?” He smiled as he reached a hand around her and cupped her ass firmly in his palm, “Mmmmmm, feels damn good to me.”

Somehow in the next few moments Kay’s ass was no longer in Joe’s hand, rather it was pushed up against the exam table and Joe was pressed close in front of her. Her breasts pressed to his chest, her right leg between his thighs, a forming bulge pushed into her lower abdomen. Joe started a slow grind against Kay as he wrapped his arms around her and they wandered over her back. Kay was overwhelmed with a growing need now inside her. Their lips met, their tongues danced and low growl escaped the back of Joe’s throat. Kay moaned softly. Finally, pulling away breathless Joe brought his mouth down Kay’s’ chin, neck and chest, licking and sucking as he went.

“Oh fuck” he moaned, “I like the taste so far.”

Kay was beyond common sense already and she knew it. Any moral thought she had ever had regarding Joe was long gone, but what the hell, they were long gone when she was getting ready for work earlier today. Her body took over on a will of its own. The thigh between Joe’s legs began to rub up against his growing erection. Her hands went to his head and she pulled him harder against her chest. As Joe kissed and licked at her chest his hands found her breasts through her shirt and cupped them, squeezed them. Kay’s head spun, her ache grew, she wanted more, and she needed that hot mouth on her tits.

As if he’d read her mind Joe’s hands went to the bottom of Kay’s scrub top and it was removed, his mind raced and his cock throbbed at the site of her glorious tits encased in of course a red bra to match her thong, her erect nipples poking through the fabric and begging to be sucked. Reaching around her he undid her bra and discarded it. Her full tits bounced as they were released and Joe caught them, one with his mouth, and the other with his hand. He spent the next few moments kissing, sucking, licking and massaging her soft, creamy globes. Fuck, he wanted to eat them! He had to concentrate on slowing himself just a bit, to enjoy the moment. Taking her left nipple in his mouth he sucked it madly and rubbed his tongue over it. Pausing for a beat to bite it gently and roll the bud between his teeth. Kay moaned and whimpered at the pleasure before him.

“Oh fuck yes, Joe”’ she moaned, “That’s what I do when I imagine you eating my tits.”

Pausing Joe choked out “Wait a minute, you suck and bite your own tits, just like that?”

“Ohhh, yes, my tits need loving too.”

“I gotta see this. Show me baby, she me how you do it.”

Bending down Kay took her right tit to her mouth and began to suck and bite it. Joe groaned in satisfaction as he enjoyed the show. Coming back to Kay he joined her tit sucking by taking the left one in his mouth. Kay felt another rush of juices warming her pussy as her and Joe each sucked and played with her tits.

“Fuck baby, that’s hot” Joe whispered. His pants now growing so tight it was almost painful. At this point Kay was possessed. She needed this man, she need his cock. Her pussy was begging to be filled and pumped by it. She started pulling Joe’s clothes, hastily working them off. Joe was doing the same to her pants and underwear, pausing to sniff the red thong’s wetness before tossing it onto his pile of clothes.

“I need a replacement, that one looks wet enough,” he smirked at her.

Kay’s eyes opened wide as she took in the large hard cock that stood straight up to her attention; its head glistening with pre-cum. It was so big, she imagined how well it was going to stretch and fill her. On instinct her hand went to it and she wrapped her fingers around it. Her thumb swirled over the tip, spreading his pre cum over his entire swollen head. Joe moaned in pleasure.

“I’ve got to taste this,” she smiled as she bent over to lick the pre-cum she had spread all over off of his throbbing cock head.

It took all Joe had not to ram his aching member deep down her throat right at this moment. Kay’s hot mouth and tongue driving him crazy, he tipped his head back and moaned deeply.

Leaving a kiss on his tip Kay stood back up and leaned into him, “Baby, I’ll swallow that cock next time, for now my pussy needs a good fucking.”

“Well you’ve found your man,” Joe replied as he turned Kay so her back was facing him. Pushing her down to the table Kay followed his lead. She held herself up on her elbows and stuck her ass in the air to greet him.

“Mmmm, now for the official tasting” Joe moaned, his voice filled with desire. His hands went to her ass where he began to play with it, patting it, massaging it, giving playful spanks. Soon his mouth replaced his hands; his tongue followed the curve of her left cheek right to her crack. There it dove in between her cheeks and explored, tasted. Kay moaned in pleasure and pressed her ass back to his face. Joe took this as encouragement and continued his exploring. His tongue licked and tasted the length of her ass crack, pausing to delve into her tight hole then continuing its journey down to her dripping wet pussy. Oh, her pussy so wet, juices running down her inner thighs already. Joe paused and inhaled deeply, her smell intoxicating him. He couldn’t hold back, he had to taste this pussy he’d fantasized about for so long. He plunged his face into her wetness and began to lick and suck. His tongue dove into her tight hole and then to her swollen clit, swirling it. Kay was going crazy with pleasure; her hips seemed to have a mind of their own she ground down on Joe’s face, wanting more. Nothing else existed at this point, nothing but the pleasure this man was filling her with. She had turned into simply a body overcome by lust, an aching need that must be met. Licking his way back up her crack Joe expertly toyed his tongue back into her asshole. The taste of her pussy juices combined with her ass simply heaven to him. Goddamn he’d eat this woman whole if he could!

Rising up Joe slapped his hard meat across Kay’s ass, then leaning over her he reached around and fondled her tits, massaging and pinching her nipples as Kay pressed her ass to him and writhed in pleasure.

Joe could hold back no longer, his throbbing cock was begging for release and he was going to get it. He was so filled with a need for this sexy woman he couldn’t stand it. Taking his cock and placing the head at the entrance of her hot, wet pussy he pressed inward. Kay’s pussy opened for him, and swallowed his length inch by inch. Wrapped so tight around him he thought he would cum just from her tightness. He started to pump his shaft into her.

“Ohhhh, yess, oh yess..” Kay moaned at the pleasure of his hard cock stretching and filling her tight pussy. She pressed her back to him, meeting his thrusts, wanting him deeper.

Joe’s pumping became faster and harder, he let out a low guttural moan as he rammed her pussy harder and harder. His hands on her hips, grabbing her tight he started to pound harder. His hips pumping into her, his balls slapping against her with each thrust; Joe’s need building greater, fucking this tight hole like an animal heat – he had to get release.

Kay moaned and panted as Joe’s ever hard cock filled her. His relentless was pounding driving her crazy. Her breathing labored, heart racing, body bouncing at the force of Joe’s hard thrusts – she was overcome with pleasure.

“Oohhh yeah Joe, just like…that..fuck…my pusssyyy!” she screamed.

“Yeah? You like that babe? Does your pussy like to wear this cock? Ohhh, fucckkk….” Joe moaned; his thrusts continuing. He could feel tightness around his hard cock as he pumped Kay now, her pussy starting to spasm, her breathing more labored, her ass ramming back into him harder with every thrust.

“Oohhhh shit, you’re gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum!” Kay moaned.

“Cum babe, cum all over this cock” Joe replied breathlessly.

At that moment it became too much, she couldn’t hold back anymore, Kay let herself go with the ecstasy and soared in pleasure. Her pussy seized ferociously around Joe’s hard cock, her body bucked and bounced, she moaned and screamed in pleasure. Joe never let up; he continued to pump her through it all.

“Kay’s body still shaking, her pussy still quivering in aftermath around Joes’ hard cock he pulled out and began to stroke it.

“Baby, now it’s my turn to cum and I want to play fair and give you a souvenir as well. How about my cum Kay? You can wear it the rest of your shift and until you go home.”

Looking back at him Kay smiled breathlessly, “yes, Joe I want your cum, give it to me. Let me wear your cum, label my ass as yours babe!”

Joe couldn’t hold back at that, he wanted that ass and he was going to make it his. He felt his balls tighten and a rush of cum go up his shaft. Pumping his cock harder he shot his load all over Kay’s sexy bare ass. Load of after load, covering her, some of it dripping down and off. What a sight, to see his seed rolling off this sexy ass before him.

“Aaaahh….fuccckkkkkk, yes…” he moaned in relief as he savored the view.

Standing, Kay reached behind and rubbed his cum all over her ass, “I’ll consider it a moisturizer” she smiled, “besides, you took my underwear, I gotta wear something under my pants, and it may as well be you!”

“Damn you Kay, you were right!” Joe exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” Kay questioned.

“I AM addicted! I plan to come back for more!”

A smirk on her face and a look in her eyes Kay responded, “Now Joe, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Your welcome back for more any time you need it.”

Laughing Kay hurriedly got dressed again, and started to clean up a new mess in the exam room.

“Now was that all you came here for?” she winked
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