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Naughty Weekend - Part One

'Hi,' I said as Kev walked towards me.

Do we kiss? Do we hug? Were a few of the questions I asked myself.

Stood at the train station after travelling 300 miles to meet an ex secretly, made me question my intentions.

'Hi,' Kev smiled back, coming in for a hug.

I'll leave him to lead I thought.

You see Kev and I go back years. We've had an amazing relationship/friendship and regularly talk. Even though we are both in new relationships there is something about him that I just can't let go. Although we live at opposite ends of the country I think about him daily.

When we were together we had an amazing sex life and we were really open with each other. But things happened and we went our separate ways but that didn't mean we stopped all contact. In fact it just continued as normal, texting each other daily. He is my little secret, my dirty little secret. Although I've not seen Kev for a few years, the attraction is still overwhelming for me.

Taking Kev's hand he led me through the train station to his car, a blue Mercedes. Putting my bag on the back seat I jumped into the passenger seat aside Kev. The excitement suddenly urged through my veins as I looked at this hunk of a man, it had been so long since I had seen him yet the attraction hadn't faded even slightly. Just the thought of being with him made my pants moist as I gripped at Kev's right thigh wanting to get every bit closer to him. I watched as his cock began to stir and grow in his jeans and I knew he was having the same thoughts as I was and that he was just as eager as I was. Kev turned to look at me and gave the cheeky wink he was known for.

We drove for about 20 minutes just chatting casually until we finally arrived at the large hotel. We checked in and made our way to room 211 as instructed by the blonde, smiling receptionist.

After taking the lift to the third floor we found our room door. A large white door with the bronze numbers of 211 nailed to it. Kev put in a matching bronze key into the bronze door knob and twisted. Hearing the door click unlocked Kev pushed at the door and it swung open revealing a gorgeous cream and bronze room.

I looked at Kev with awe as I couldn't believe he had booked this beautiful hotel and this beautiful room, I could just tell from the twinkle in his eye that he was out to spoil me this weekend. Walking in I took in the beautifully decorated room, the cream drapes, the bronze four poster bed, the cream sheets and the beautiful sun light filtering in through the many windows overlooking the beach. It was amazing.

"You shouldn't have!" I gasped whilst still trying to take in my new surroundings.

"Anything for my favourite girl," he cheekily replied.

I bit my lip then flashed him a quick smile before letting out a little giggle. I turned towards the windows to take in the scenery. Walking towards the window I opened it to breathe in the sea air. I was looking at the beach where I grew up but had moved away 5 years previously only visiting every now and then. I missed this place. I missed this man, my man.

I turned to look at Kev once again to see him taking off his shirt to reveal his toned body, it hadn't changed at all from what I remembered, he was still so hot.

Kev walked over to me and opened out his arms. Looking at him whilst he walked over to me reminded me of all the reasons I believed he was the love of my life. We tried being together a few years before but the time just wasn't right. Was the time right now?

I embraced the feeling of his arms as they wrapped around me holding me as my breasts pressed against his chest and he rested his chin on the top of my head. I felt ecstatic at the feeling of fitting perfectly in his arms.

I had changed since he last saw me as I had recently become a fitness freak going to the gym most days. I had slimmed down my figure however this did not change my curviness. My boobs were still the DD but I was now a 34, and my bum was still round, but much more pert. We'd also had great weather recently in the south so I was also tanned and I'd also died my hair a light brown instead of the dark hair he was used to. I had wanted to look my best for Kev so I made sure I was perfect for this weekend together. He hadn't mentioned the changes but I hoped he liked it, the cuddle certainly felt like it.

After a few minutes of standing there holding the man of my dreams I broke the cuddle to look up to him.

"Thank you!" I whispered. Slowly standing on my tiptoes I stretched to lift Kev's head. Holding his face in the palm of my hands I felt the stubble on my finger tips as I pushed my lips towards his, feeling the soft supple skin on his moist lips on mine as I slowly opened my mouth to take in Kev's lips as his tongue slowly entered. His hand pushed on the bottom of my back hungrily wanting more of me. I removed my hands from his face grabbing at his shoulders and arms wanting all of him.

Breaking off the kiss Kev turned me around and pushed my long hair to one side exposing the right side of my neck. Slowly he nibbled and kissed my soft skin making goosebumps tingle along my skin. Kev tugged at my white vest top pulling it over my head and exposing my naked breasts and then returning to my neck. Pushing me forward again my breasts hit the cold window and pressed against them. Turning my neck I looked to see Kev as he kissed my lips once again. I felt Kev's hands slide up my bare legs and under my short denim skirt to my red french knickers. Pushing them to one side Kev probed at my eager clit already moist from the ride to the hotel.

"Mmmmmmmmm" I moaned whilst my tongue was still entwined with Kev's.

He wasted no time in slipping two fingers into my pink wet hole. Leaning closer into the window I pressed my palms against the glass whilst still kissing Kev. He probed in and out of my tight pussy gradually getting faster and faster with every thrust. His thumb circled around my swollen clit pushing me closer to the edge of my forthcoming orgasm.

Breaking off the kiss I turned back to look at the beach moaning with pleasure as Kev nibbled and kissed my neck once again. Using his other hand he pulled on my hair as I felt the wave of heat start from my toes up through my ankles, legs to my throbbing mound as I squirted my juices on Kev's hands, down my legs and onto the cream carpet.

"Yesssssss!" I moaned as my first intense orgasm subsided.

Turning around I looked to see Kev with a huge grin on his face. I could tell that he was happy with himself by knowing that he still had that magical touch that made me orgasm within a few minutes. Staring at his body I made my way from his eyes down his body to see the shape of his cock straining against his jeans.

I wasn't sure if the sight of this hunk that made my knees go weak or the urge to have his cock in me, but it made me drop to my knees in an instant. Flicking open the button on his jeans and unzipping them I tugged letting his straining muscle spring free. Not wanting to waste any more time I lunged forward with my mouth open wide.

Kev's cock pushed through my lips and along my tongue down into my throat. Gagging, I pulled it out and without hesitation I pushed it back down my throat. I took his long rod from my mouth and licked it from bottom to top. I sucked and licked his balls not wanting to miss a bit of it. I once again started to suck the head of it.

Overhead I heard Kev moaning the familiar moans of his impending orgasm. Opening my mouth wide I stroked Kev's twitching cock awaiting my man's love juice. After a few more strokes I heard a final grunt as spurt after spurt of his cum shot into my mouth and onto my lips and chin.

After a few minutes of licking up the remaining juices I stood to look at Kev. I didn't think it was possible but his cheeky grin had got even wider.

"Lets get a shower," Kev suggested whilst pulling me towards the en-suite.

To Be Continued.........

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