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Neighbor Helping Neighbor - II

Yes. I know how lucky I am to have such a sexy and horny neighbor!
"Hey, Mindy," I answered my ringing phone with after checking the caller ID feature. "How are ya?"

"You want the truth?" was her immediate response.

"Yeah. That would be nice!"

"I'm so friggin' horny it feels like I pissed my pants!" she said. The desire for sex seemed obvious in her voice and even though I was taken back by her bluntness, I presumed she was telling me this with hopes of me taking care of her unfortunate situation.

"Come on down," I said with an uncontrollable smile on my face. "I'll get a comforter for us."

Without another second of hesitation she hung up the phone. I grabbed a thick, king-size comforter from the closet and headed outside. Looking up the driveway toward her house, I saw she was already over halfway down to my place. She was wearing a loose, flowing shirt and it looked like she was wearing nothing else, although I figured she had bikini briefs on. Her oiled legs shimmered in the sun as she walked down the drive. Well, I presumed they were oiled - she always is putting oil on herself when she's outside. She claims it helps her tan better.

Fortunately I only had to wait a few seconds before she was in front of me, her face had a large grin on it and I noticed her nipples pressing against the thin cloth of her blouse.

"Oh, God, am I glad you're as horny as me!" she exclaimed after she had reached out and touched my crotch, discovering the seemingly constant erection I had when she was in sight. "The last fucking I had was with you, and that was..."

"Two weeks ago!" I said as I ended her sentence for her. "A very long, torturous two weeks!" I added as I extended my hand in the direction of my very secluded back yard.

We briskly walked to the most secluded part of the yard that was nearest to us and I spread the comforter on the ground. Mindy was just standing there, looking over the weeds I allowed to grow tall on a huge mound of dirt I had delivered years ago.

Even though I didn't like the look of it, I knew the weeds gave the ultimate in privacy, and I was now very thankful I hadn't gotten around to cutting them down.

"You've got quite a view of my deck!" she said with what I couldn't tell was excitement or disgust in her voice.

"Yup," I responded as my hand ran slowly down over her shoulders and then her shapely ass. "And I admit, I've spent a fair amount of time over the years, looking at you and dreaming."

She turned and put her arms around my neck. "If I had realized that you could see me that clearly, I'd have teased you to the point where you'd need to drop your drawers and jack off," she giggled.

"You have!" I confessed, not knowing what her reaction would be.

"You've jacked off because of me?" she queried me in seeming disbelief.

"Mindy, when you sit up there in your bikini, and especially when you stand with your your back to me and bend over, well," I hesitantly said as I looked in her sparkling, mischievous dark eyes. "Yes, it's gotten too much for me on more than one occasion. From this distance I can't see you that well, but I can put two and two together."

I felt her suddenly pulling down my sweat pants. When they were nothing more than a wrap of wrinkled cloth around my ankles, she turned to have her back toward me and tugged on the string of her bikini briefs. Her briefs immediately fell to the ground and she bent over, brushing her ass against my hardon as she did so.

"Like this, but with panties on, right?" she said as she peered over her shoulder to look at me. I was mesmerized for a second as I stared at what had to be one of the best shaped female asses in the world.

The inviting crack her cheeks formed was beckoning silently to my hard and throbbing rod. I stepped an inch or two forward, guiding myself into her waiting valley. My overly stimulated cock had been throbbing so hard that I already had a surprising amount of juice oozing out and it lubricated her soft skin like the finest lotion.

"Take either hole," I heard her say as the tip of my cock disappeared between her soft mounds of firm flesh. "You're gonna be in both of them today anyway," she managed to say before I pressed into her.

Feeling the softness of her skin gently resisting me and the wetness that soon welcomed me, I knew I was in her pussy. She bent over even more as I was rapidly stroking the length of my cock back and forth, enjoying every touch her snug pussy blessed me with.

Looking down, I watched in fascination as my cock appeared and then disappeared between the two perfect flesh orbs of her ass. I grabbed her by the hips and let all control float off in the breeze. While I was pounding my shaft in and out of her, going faster and harder, she involuntarily grunted with each thrust I made into her warmth.

"Oh shit!" Mindy gasped as her pussy clenched tightly around me. "Oh shit! Please! Don't cum! Don't cum!" she panted hotly as my cock swelled thicker and harder inside her pussy. I was soon literally showered with her release as she squirted relentlessly as I mercilessly kept thrusting in and out of her. Her release was dripping off my taunt balls and some was running down my leg. I didn't care - it actually was quite arousing to me.

Clenching my teeth as tight as I could in an attempt to somehow prevent the orgasm I was fighting back, Mindy unexpectedly collapsed onto the comforter. She ended up with her legs parted but her left knee was bent with her foot under her right leg, arms flat on the ground beside her head, and her hair a jumbled mess. I saw her panting heavily and could only watch for a second as her glistening body twitched and trembled.

"You okay?" I asked as I tried to figure how I'd explain her demise to her husband. 'Well, you see Kevin, for some reason, you wouldn't fuck her and so I did. Guess she really is spent this time, huh?'

No! That wouldn't work! Good Lord what am I thinking?

"Mindy?" I asked again as I knelt on one knee beside her limp but sexy body. Her blouse was unbuttoned and parted to expose her other fabulous flesh mounds to me - those tits! I'm not a tit lover, but God! What a set she has! Firm, good sized, and topped with the daintiest nipples one could imagine.

"Yeah, I'm okay," was her soft reply. I felt her hand groping for me, and I don't know if it was intentional or just from my luck that only most recently had turned good, but her hand grabbed my still throbbing erection.

"Oh My God! I've not cum that hard for a long time!" she gasped as a smile slowly spread over her face. Her hand rubbed gently over the swollen tip of my cock and she spread the continuously flowing juice over the length of my shaft. "Now it's your turn," she murmured as she moved her head toward my crotch. As her lips neared my eager flesh pole, she paused and looked up at me.

"Tell me how you want it," her sexy, deep voice commanded me. "I'll do anything you want," she tacked on.

Hearing that, the ten thousand or so ideas that flashed through my mind in a nanosecond made my cock throb rapidly in the warm softness of her hand surrounding it.

Her lips rubbed ever so lightly over the very tip as her hand slid down my shaft. I felt the heavenly wet coarseness of her tongue against me as she began giving me one of the best BJ's ever. Her skillful touch and the way she read my silent desires was mind boggling. I felt that old familiar pressure in my balls building quickly as she did magic to me.

Speeding out of control down the track of sexual release, I managed to ask her to lay down, which she did very quickly. I straddled her face and lowered my crotch to her waiting and open mouth. She reached up and lifted my cock, licking my balls several times before pulling my cock downward and taking it in.

I was squatted down on my haunches, lifting and lowering myself in a nice easy rhythm, enjoying all the sensations her tongue and lips were bestowing on me. Her soft hands were alternating between fondling my balls and rubbing over my ass and lower back, all of which nudged me closer to my own forthcoming orgasm, which I knew would be a whopper!

My destiny was soon sealed when she somehow got her fingers around the base of my shaft and began stroking and squeezing it as I pumped myself back and forth in her mouth. She raised her head and forced me into her throat and that was it - the fuse was lit.

I thought all the muscles in my body were going to snap like some over-torqued guitar string as the intensity of my climax grew rapidly.

My release was sudden and explosive. I could feel my cum filling her mouth as her tongue continued to coax more and more from me by stroking the sensitive underside of my cum pipe. I heard her breathing rapidly through her nose as she struggled to allow all my cum to accumulate in her mouth instead of swallowing it.

The feeling of my warm sperm mixed with her saliva and it engulfed my cock while I thrust continually back and forth. That was something I had never experienced before but it was unreal. When I was finally drained, I rose up and my cock slid out of her mouth, being squeegeed clean by her lips during my withdrawal.

I looked down at Mindy, expecting to see my cum dripping from her mouth but was shocked to see she had now swallowed every drop!

"Holy Shit! That was friggin' awesome!" I managed to say. "How'd you hold all that in your mouth and not swallow it?" I asked her.

"I like cum, but I found out years ago that most guys have never had that done to them by a girl, so I practiced as much as I could until I got it perfected," she said with a laugh and a wink. "One guy told me I had a pussy in my face!" she laughed as her tongue wiped clean her lips.

"It sure felt like it!" I confirmed.

We laid on the comforter together for a while, both trying to regain our strength. Soon she was on her knees, removing her blouse and giving me an unobstructed view of her breasts. And what a wonderful view it was!

"You like giving oral as much as you like getting it?" she asked. While she was asking that, she positioned herself over my face by swinging one of her legs over my face and settling down with leg on each side of my head. Her neatly trimmed pussy was just inches away from my mouth and I was staring up at the wonderful contour of her ass.

My reply was a long, slow lick of my tongue over the entire length of her already wet slit. She positioned herself so her pussy was parted and all but pressed against my mouth. I began.

Her taste was a delight, and to have her thighs within easy reach while I ravished her pussy with attention was even better. I was blessed to have been able to give her several orgasms before she had to raise off my cum glazed face and 'take a breather' as she put it.

We again laid together for a while, her on her back and me on my side. My fingers teased and delighted her nipples and I enjoyed exploring all the seductive curves of her body once more.

"You know, I'm gonna have to get going soon," she said, much too soon for my liking. "You up for another round before I do?"

The thought of my cock being inside any part of this sexy lady made it quickly return to a fully erect and stiff rod. Seeing my silent but definite answer, Mindy smiled, parted her legs and opened her arms to coax me to get on top of her. As I began to settle on top of her she lifted her legs straight up and hooked her feet behind my head.

"Fuck my ass," her words drifted up to my ears. "Please? Kevin won't do it and it's been a lifetime since I felt a cock in me there," she explained, almost sounding like she was going to cry if I said no.

My smile assured her that I would fulfill her request. I reached down between us, and grabbing my cock, I rubbed it in the abundant wetness of her slit to better lubricate me for her. A few moments later I put the tip down at her anus and pushed my hips toward her.

The tip of my cock easily centered itself in her rectum and I slowly began to gain entry. Using small, gentle, and steady thrusts not only relaxed her asshole quickly, but coaxed more of my own lubrication from within me.

Slowly and steadily now I pushed against her. I felt the tip being squeezed by her puckered and resisting flesh. A little tighter. Even tighter. Oh, so tight!!

Then, in one glorious split second, my flange plummeted through the orifice of her rectum and was now inside her. The head of my grateful cock rapidly expanded to it's full, thick circumference. I pushed my cock deeper into her welcoming body and shivers of pleasure raced through my body.

"OH YES! OH FUCK! OH GOD!" Mindy gasped rapidly as I rocked back and forth against her ass, forcing my thickness deeper into her tightness.

I pressed hard against her and the full length and thickness was now deeply buried inside her as far as I could go. My balls were against her ass cheeks as my cock and her anal cavity communicated to each other with alternating pulsations of pleasure. I felt her soft hands rub over my shoulders and I moaned with delight.

Stroking my gift to her back and forth in her ass, her muscles were squeezing me repeatedly as her pleasure quickly was enhanced by my thickness stretching her.

I felt her one hand slide between us as her other still sent shivers of pleasure while rubbing over my shoulder. Shortly after she had began rubbing her pussy while I continued to ram my flesh into her ass over and over again, I felt and heard her climax. Her cum flowed over my cock, giving it extra lubrication. The increased wetness made it easier and certainly a lot more pleasurable to slide back and forth in it's tight surroundings.

I was soon ready to fire my load into her ass and Mindy was ready to receive every ounce. "Oh yes! Cum in me! Cum in my ass!" she pleaded. "Oh Yes! Uh-Huh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h!" she moaned as her body shook and jolted violently as the thrill from another of her orgasms raced through her body.

Pumping shot after shot of my thick satisfaction into her ass, I could feel some of it being squeezed out and covering my balls as they slapped against her on my hard inward thrusts.

After our time acting like a pair of wild sex fiends was over, we reluctantly began to get dressed. That, sadly enough, took almost no time as she only had a blouse and panties and I only had sweats to put on.

"My God, Art," she whispered as she hugged me tightly. "You're one hell of a lover! I think I'll keep you!" she said with a slight chuckle.

"Just consider me your living, personal dildo," I told her.

As she began to walk home, she flashed me a final shot of her ass by flipping her skirt up almost to her head. "Sweet dreams!" she called back to me.

"I just had one!" was my answer.

I watched Mindy until she had entered her house. 'God!' I thought to myself. 'What a body! What a lover!!'

Turning to walk to the house and shower, I wondered if we'd have any more mutually enjoyable encounters.

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