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Neighbourly Lust part 2

More adventures with my sex mad neighbour
My next door neighbour and one of our best friends Rachel and I had continued our affair and kept it a secret, despite spending so much time together as a foursome and always being out socially with each others partners. We both loved our partners, despite Tom and Rachels arguments, and had no intention of leaving them. But we were fulfilling a need we both had, and really just using each other for sex, although there were feelings developing between us.

Tom was still working all hours, but had took Rachel away to Australia. They were still privately arguing now and again and he had booked a month in Australia to try and make up for the other eleven months that he neglected her by working.

Obviously, that meant that I hadn´t seen her as much as I was used to, and my cock was straining at the leash to her return. Their car pulled into the drive and I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight of her gorgeous tanned legs sliding out of the passenger seat. I hadn´t felt like this for a long time and had to resist the strong urge inside me to run outside and throw my arms around her.

They hadn´t been back long before they were around our house, telling us every detail of their "trip of a lifetime". I found it hard to keep my hands off her and couldn´t wait until the next day, when I knew that Tom and my wife would be at work and I could have Rachel all to myself.

The next day couldn´t come quick enough and I shot next door as soon as my wife´s had car left the drive. I knocked on the back door and Rachel answered wearing a very short black skirt, a tight fitting white vest with no bra, as I could see her nipples poking through the flimsy material. She looked different, as I mostly saw her coming home from work in her smart suits and immaculate hair, but today her hair was messy, but she still looked stunning. As soon as I was through the door, she threw her arms around me and it was as though she hadn´t been away.

"I´ve missed you" she said,
This was music to my ears, and I replied that I had missed her too.

We started to kiss passionately, and after a few minutes she took my hand and led me upstairs. We threw our clothes off in record time and in unison dived on to the bed. She was five years older than me, at forty five, but her body was that of a woman at least ten years younger. Her body was tanned from head to toe after her holiday, as she always sunbathed naked whenever they had been away to sunnier climes. She looked amazing and for the next few hours, she was all mine.

I rolled her on to her back and after pushing her legs as far apart as I could I proceeded to work her clit with my tongue. Oh how great her pussy smelt and when I stuck my tongue in and began licking, the taste was so sweet I nearly came right there and then, but I took a breathe and starting licking her pussy slowly making sure to get her all wet before I started to pick my pace up. Rachel began to moan and started rubbing my head with her hands. I must have hit the right spot with my licking because she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy, so I started licking faster and faster until I heard her, moaning really loud until her pussy was dripping wet.

She stopped me and motioned for me to bring my cock up towards her face. She then shoved my cock down her throat, grabbed my ass and pushed me closer to her giving me the best deep throat that I had ever had. She sucked me hard for ages until I started to moan and she stopped and said "you´re not cummin' yet, I´m not finished with you".

She got back on the bed, looked me in the eyes, and took hold of my cock and guided it in to her wet pussy which slowly engulfed my manhood. Her pussy was now dripping wet and my hard cock slid in easy. She began to bounce up and down on my cock moaning louder and louder. Her tight, wet pussy was making me so hard I just wanted to cum deep inside her, but I didn´t, as I wanted the moment and feeling to last forever, it felt so good.

Rachel then slid my cock out of her pussy and rolled over in to the doggie style position and spread her ass checks wide giving me easy access to her tight ass. I moved into position and placed my cock at the edge of her ass. I started to slide my cock into her but it didn´t go in easy. She gave out a loud moan as I finally entered, slowly at first, until my entire length was inside of her. I started sliding my cock in and out and the sensation was intense, as her ass was so tight as it clamped down on my cock.

Rachel started to moan, not in pain but in pleasure as she started to enjoy it. She really was a dirty whore in the bedroom.

Rachel started to push back on my cock like she wanted more, her moans turned into screams. She was screaming "yes, oh yes fuck my ass".

I could feel myself building to a huge orgasm so I grabbed her hips and started to bang her hard making her scream orgasm after orgasm, with every orgasm she had it made her ass clamp down on my cock even harder.

I pushed hard one last time making Rachel cum again, and I too came deep into her ass.

My legs went limp and I nearly fell to the ground but I managed to keep my balance. My cock was throbbing, but we stayed in that position until my cock went limp and fell out of her ass. I fell back onto the bed and just lay there taking in what had just happened.

After a few minutes, I got up and cleaned myself up in the en-suite bathroom. When I returned Rachel was on all fours on the bed and she beckoned me over to join her and gave me a passionate kiss. Then she took her head down to my limp cock and wrapped her warm, soft lips tightly around it. To my surprise, I felt another hard on rising already. After sucking for a few minutes, she had me fully erect again and Rachel lay back on the bed and guided my hard cock into her damp pussy.

The feeling of her tight pussy wasn´t the same as her tight ass but the way I was feeling right now, I just wanted to cum again. We made passionate love for at least another hour, and after Rachel had a couple more orgasms, I came again in her sweet pussy.

I got up, got dressed and we said our goodbyes and as I was leaving Rachel said that she would see me again next week. I replied that she would, and what had she in store for me next time? She said in her sweet sexy voice "You will have to wait and see". And so will you..............................................

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