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Neighbourly lust

fantasy involving sexy neighbour comes true
We hadn´t lived in our house long, before the house next door was bought also. Ours was a nice house, in a wonderful neighborhood, and we seemed to have nice friendly neighbors albeit a little older than us. We christened our road "gods waiting room".

We normally liked to keep ourselves to ourselves, however our new neighbors were about the same age as us, Tom was only a couple of years older and his wife Rachel was a couple of years older than him. I would say that from the first time I saw Rachel, I thought how attractive she was, with her short dark hair, nice sized breasts which seemed to want to burst out of her top and she also seemed to have a good sized ass, which I liked. It wasn´t long before we got to know them quite well and became very good friends. We were always popping in and out of each others houses, especially on hot summer days, taking it in turns to do a barbecue and share a few drinks.

But behind the scenes, Tom and Rachel´s life wasn´t as happy as it first seemed. Often we could hear them arguing and then one of them would slam the door, jump into one of their two cars and wheel spin out of the drive and speed off into the distance. This however didn´t affect our friendship and on their good days turned out to be the best friends anyone could wish for.

As our friendship grew stronger I couldn´t help but become more attracted to Rachel. Every time she pulled into her drive and I was outside, I would always think how nice she looked, and as she had a very important job she always seemed to look so smart and sexy. Her hair was always perfect and she always wore just the right amount of make up, to look sexy and not too trashy. But with Tom being one of my best friends and with only living next door, I thought that I would just have to keep my feelings to myself.

However, one day that changed...It was a very hot summers day and Tom had to go in to work, which was apparently what most of their arguments were about, as they both had important jobs and never seemed to see each other. It didn´t help as Rachel wanted to start a family and Tom wasn´t too keen.

I was off work for a few days with a sprained ankle and was lying out in the sun on the back garden when Rachel´s beautiful face appeared over the fence and asked if I wanted to pop round for a drink. My wife was going to be at work all day, so I thought "why not". When I got round, Rachel was wearing a dark blue polka dot bikini which looked fabulous on her already tanned body. She had a membership to a very expensive gym and had obviously been spending a lot of time there as she looked amazing.

"Would you like a beer" she asked,

"Sure, a beer would be fine, I said".

She walked into the kitchen and came back with a beer. As we were talking she dropped her cigarette on the floor, and when she bent down to pick it up I got a great view, her ass looked nice and tight and when she stood up she noticed that I was admiring the view. I couldn't seem control my cock, and it started to spring to life. Rachel looked first at my now ever growing bulge in my shorts and then at my reddening and embarrassed face.

"what's this? Oh, are you exited to see me,? she said with a laugh. I didn't know what to say, and just stood there with a childish smile on my face.

She came over to me and pressed her moist lips against mine and before long we were kissing passionately. She pulled away and said "You are getting me sooo wet, I know it´s so wrong but I want your body right now". "In fact ever since we moved next door, I have fancied you".

Now I wasn´t in bad condition body wise and had a physical job which helped keep me in shape, but always considered Rachel way out of my league. That´s without the fact that she was my best friends wife.

I found myself replying that "the feeling is mutual, I have always lusted after you".

She reached into my shorts and started gently stroking my now fully erect cock. We again kissed passionately, and I nearly choked as she pushed her warm, moist tongue in and out of my mouth. She took hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head and we carried on kissing. As she was grinding her silky smooth body against mine, I reached around and slowly undid her bikini top, releasing her ample breasts which she started to rub against my bare sweaty chest. I reached down and undid the straps each side of her bikini bottoms and let them drop to the ground. Rachel did the same with my shorts and we both stood there stark naked. Our gardens were covered by trees, so we were never in danger of being in sight of any of our other neighbours. Anyway, I don´t think it would have mattered as we were now too far into it to care.

With one hand I started rubbing her pussy, it felt so warm and damp. She had beautiful firm tits and I started rubbing them with my other hand. She seemed to enjoy as she started moaning. I directed her on to a sun lounger and she lay on her back. I opened up her legs and placed my tongue in her warm, wet pussy. I started licking slowly, then I increased the speed...
Fucking her with my tongue made her moan loader and loader.... She finally had her first orgasm. She tasted so sweet.

"I want that cock inside me now" I turned her over and started fucking her dogie style on the couch. Her pussy was so tight. It grabbed my cock and wouldn't let go. After yet another climax for her, I got off of her and sat on the sun lounger. She quickly mounted me and started bouncing up and down on my cock. She felt soo good. While she was fucking me, I started sucking her nipples and I took my thumb and started fucking her asshole. I could tell she was shocked at first, but then she started to enjoy it.... "Please stick that dick in my ass. I'm an ass virgin and I wanna see what it feels like".

So she bent over the couch again and slide my cock into her ass. She started screaming load this time. As I was fucking her virgin, tight ass, I started finger fucking her pussy...I tore that ass up and she loved every minute. "I want you to fuck my cock while I eat that pussy and I wanna cum in your mouth".... So we went on to 69... Finally, I busted my load in her mouth at the same time she climaxed again.... we sat on the lounger for about 20 minutes, talking and drinking more beer naked.. Then we fucked over and over for the next few hours. We fuck at least once a week now.....Love having a sexy neighbor.

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