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New Beginnings - The Maid (Part 2)

A maid gets rather frisky with a guest at the hotel...
"So..." she breathed, "you don't have any problems I could help out with at all?"

John didn't dare move. He felt like his cock might explode if he did. Here he was, in a hotel room, with a sexy young blonde with her hand around his hard cock. He'd never been in a sexier situation.

"Fuck!" he cried out.

"You and your ex-wife, any chance of you patching things up?"

"N-no. Definitely not."

Natalia's pussy flooded her panties at that. "Good," she said, throwing the blankets off of him. His cock was stiff and throbbing; she knew how much he needed release. She began to stroke him, slowly, rubbing the tip with the utmost care. John was leaking precum like she had never seen before. She ran her fingers along his head, lubricating it with precum. Her head bent down towards his cock and John felt the softest tongue stretch out and slowly work its way up his shaft. He moaned aloud in ecstasy.

Natalia knew that he couldn't last long in this state but she didn't care; she needed to feel this man cum inside her mouth. She needed to taste his delicious cum. She stared at his cock lustily for a moment. At over seven inches, he was bigger than most men she had been with. She seductively wrapped her lips around his tip and began to suck.


John's moans became so loud that he was sure the entire hotel could hear, but that didn't matter. None of it mattered; not his hangover, his ex-wife, his failed marriage, none of it. All that mattered was the delicious young woman in front of him, sucking his cock.

Natalia began to bob her head up and down over his cock, her lips sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue swirling over and around his head. She could taste the salt of his precum and had to resist the urge to suck him as fast as she could to make him cum. Instead, she took her time, slowly bringing him to the point where it felt like his balls were going to explode, before bringing him back down, and keeping him constantly near the edge.

John was in heaven. He'd never had a blowjob this good before. Nothing Katie had ever done with her mouth had felt as good as this; he could enjoy this sweet young mouth on his cock forever. He felt himself build up to orgasm again, but stopped her. "Pussy... let me have your pussy, please."

She stopped, looked at his face and saw lust and passion etched across it. "I want you to cum for me. In my mouth, I want it. I'm a dirty little slut and I want your cum in my mouth right now!"

John moaned again; he so desperately wanted to do as she demanded, but he couldn't without a taste of her nectar.

"Your pussy... Let me taste it, please. Let me fuck you with my tongue."

Natalia moaned aloud. The words alone were arousing, but that tone in his voice... she was surprised she hadn't come right there. She stood and slowly began to unbutton her shirt. She slipped it off, noting how his eyes widened and cock strained at the site of her bra-covered breasts. She reached around her back, taking her time, enjoying the looks of frustration that crossed his face. She dropped the bra on the floor and began to slide down her pants, leaving nothing but her pink panties protecting her soaking wet pussy.

She climbed on the bed, sauntering like some kind of predatory animal. She straddled his head, looking to his cock and licking her lips, desperate to feel his cum on her tongue. She decided to tease him, resting her legs on his arms and denying him access to the honey that he craved. She hitched her panties to the side, giving him a full view of the shaven cunt that needed servicing. A thrill ran through her body when she thought of that word. It always made her feel so dirty, like a hungry little slut that needed punishing. She loved it.

John felt many things at that moment: overwhelming lust, frustration, ecstasy, but, most of all, anger. Anger at his ex-wife, at this girl for denying him her sweet pussy, and at himself for being, weirdly, nervous. He had only ever been with two women; a girl at school when they were both sixteen and Katie. He was very sexually confident... when he was with Katie. He knew how to please her, tease her and make her scream with pleasure. But he had no idea whether any of that would work with Natalia...

'Fucking weakling,' he suddenly thought, 'fucking coward! No wonder Katie cheated on you, not even man enough to take a pussy that's begging to be taken! What kind of man are you?!'

That did it; every negative thought he had erupted from him. Everything about Katie, her affair, his own shortcomings, the frustration at the current situation, all of it emerged from him in a furious burst. He threw the girl off of his arms with a snarl, clamped his hands around her arse and administered a hard spank to her right cheek.

"Ooohhh fuck! Yes!" she cried out. She was a little shocked at the turn, but John just made her feel so damn sexy.

John decided he'd waited enough; he slapped her arse again. This elicited another moan, louder than the one before, and he pulled her sweet young panty-covered cunt onto his mouth. Her moans grew louder and he moved the fabric aside and finally slid his tongue inside her desperate pussy.

The taste was heavenly; John had forgotten how good licking pussy could be. He started out rough; licking her with broad strokes, then driving his tongue deep into her greedy little pussy and fucking her with it. She gasped and moaned, and John felt his cock strain and throb. He needed her to suck it again; he needed to feel those lips around his cock and cum inside her mouth. She lifted up her body, and slid off her panties with one motion before pushing her pussy back down onto his face.

Natalia had never felt so filthy or sexy before. Here she was, a bright, hardworking student and maid, and she was having her pussy expertly eaten out by a recently separated stranger. She didn't care, John made her feel like the naughtiest, most desirable woman on the planet. She tried to tell him, pausing to moan between words. "You're... so... fucking... good... at that!" The last word was a yell, as she felt his tongue begin to flick over her clit.

Suddenly, she felt him stop. Her eyes opened and she whimpered in complaint. She felt his hand spank her again and heard his voice say, "Suck my cock, you dirty little slut!"

'Fuck that's so sexy,' she thought. There was something about English men with upper-class English accents using words like that and speaking in that manner that just felt so taboo, so wrong, so dirty. She knelt to do as she was commanded and felt the reward of his tongue reentering her pussy.

John knew he couldn't last for long, for the combination of everything was too much. He began to suck on her clit and drive her tongue deep inside her. He slid his middle finger deep into her pussy and licked her cunt repeatedly, and felt her hips begin to buck.

"Fuck! Yes! Just like that, just like that! Keep doing that! Fuck! I'm about to come, John!"

Her saying his name drove him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten and shot load after load of cum into her eager little mouth. He didn't think he had ever come so much, and, in response to his orgasm, Natalia began to cum as well. He slid his finger in and out of her, and licked her cunt like she had begged him to and felt her pussy clamp around his finger. Her moans became louder and louder until she was almost screaming in pleasure. She felt the orgasm rock her body, her entire being radiating pleasure. Then it hit her pussy and she began to squirt her cum on his face.

John was lost in ecstasy. This sexy, lithe young woman was cumming on his face and she tasted so good. He lapped up every drop of her cum that he could reach, before collapsing back onto the bed.

Natalia lay on top of him, satisfied like she had never been satisfied before. No man had ever made her feel pleasure like that. And she was delighted with how much she had made him cum. But she couldn't help but feel a tiny bit disappointed. He wouldn't be fucking her today. Not after cumming like that; he was exhausted and she doubted if he even had a drop of cum left in him. Reluctantly, she began to move.

Until his tongue slid inside of her again. She groaned in pleasure, her pussy becoming even wetter, if that were possible. He began to lick her in ways that made his previous performance seem almost amateurish. He knew where every secret sensitive spot lay; when to vary his technique; when to go deep; when to suck or lick her cunt. It was incredible. She felt his finger return to her pussy and her moans increased in volume. She wanted to try to suck him again, but the pleasure was just too much. Suddenly, she felt the finger leave her soaked pussy...

...and slide into her tight little asshole. She yelped in surprise and John immediately stopped.

John was surprised at himself; he'd never behaved so animalistic before. He worried that he had gone too far.

"Don't... don't..."

'Fuck!' John thought, 'What the fuck was I thinking? I've so gone and fucked this up now, what have I done...?'

He tried to apologise. "I, I'm sorry, Natalia, I didn't mean-"

"Don't you dare stop fingering my tight little asshole!" she yelled.

John felt his excitement return; his cock was beginning to swell again. He also felt a sudden burst of cheekiness.

"In England, we say arsehole."


"We don't say asshole, we say arsehole."

"I don't care, just don't stop!"

John returned to tonguing her cunt, but his finger remained still. "If you want me to continue," he stated, in the most authoritative voice he could muster, "you'll have to beg me to finger your arsehole, like my good little slut." John was shocked at his own behaviour, what was coming over him? Well, she was, technically.

Natalia moaned and whimpered, "Please, sir, please finger my tight little arsehole, finger me like the dirty whore I am!"

John happily obliged, sliding his finger in and out of her, and resuming his efforts with his tongue. He soon had her cumming again, squirting into his mouth so much that he struggled to swallow it all. His cock was now at full stiffness again, and he desperately needed to fuck this girl.

"Natalia, please let me fuck you."

She gazed in lust at the huge erection in front of her, wanting it more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life. She moved to straddle his groin and rubbed his throbbing cock against the soaking wet entrance to her pussy. She was about to slide it in when she remembered he had been cheated on.

"Do you have any condoms?"

"No," he replied in frustration, "I'm clean though. Had tests a month ago. No sex since."

'Clearly he's too horny for complete sentences,' Natalia thought, giggling inwardly. She looked into his eyes and saw a lust and passion she had never felt from another person. She was on the pill, she was clean and she did believe he was being honest.

'Fuck it!' she thought, impaling herself on his delicious tool.

"Fuuuck!" John cried out. He had never experienced such a tight pussy. As wet as she was, she still held his cock in a vice-like grip. It was the most wonderful feeling John had ever experienced.

Natalia was in heaven. She barely moved at first, simply savouring the feeling of his cock so deep inside her creamy pussy. Then she began to ride him, slowly at first, lifting her hips and lowering them again, creating a slow, sensual rhythm that was eventually abandoned for wild, animalistic fucking. Her arse was slapping against his groin every time she slammed down on his amazing cock, creating a sound that was as sexy as Natalia felt. She decided, right then, that nothing would ever feel as good as what John was doing to her.

She was wrong. John's hands came up behind her and grabbed the softness that was her arse. He caressed it, almost lovingly, before slapping her, lightly at first, but successively harder afterwards. He looked into Natalia's eyes. "You like that? You like that, you little slut? You like me spanking your teasing little arse like the horny little whore that you are?" His voice was rough and lust-filled and the combination of his words and voice drove Natalia to the edge. As her orgasm began to hit her, she writhed and rocked on top of his stiff pole, sending waves of pleasure through her body until she felt like passing out. Every atom in her body cried out in ecstasy and the moan that escaped her lips could have both woken and aroused the dead.

As her orgasm passed, she slumped momentarily on top of him. John gazed at her. With her gorgeous breasts, delicious pussy and the most perfect expression of utter pleasure on her delicate face, John had never seen a sight so sexy or beautiful.

John was so close to cumming; it had taken everything he had not to cum when she did. But he wanted to be the one controlling things now. He rolled them over to the other side of the bed so that he was on top of her. He slid out of her in doing so and she gave a little cry of disappointment. He stared down at her beautiful body, admiring every inch of her. He kissed her breasts lightly, realising suddenly that he had given them so little attention. 'Another time,' he thought to himself, though he had no idea if he would have the chance afterwards.

He thrust his cock deep inside her, slamming it in with as much force as he could, causing her to groan loudly into his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his body, as if to draw him further into that sweet pussy. He fucked her furiously; pounding her tight little pussy over and over; fucking her like he had never fucked anyone before, until he felt her pussy tighten again. His own orgasm moments away, he looked into her eyes and asked, "Can I cum inside you?"

Natalia could barely control her moans. "Yes! Please, cum deep inside my pussy! Fill me up! Fill up your horny little slut!"

John increased his pace, fucking her with every ounce of energy he had in him, and looking in her eyes the whole time. Getting closer and closer, he lent down and lightly kissed her lips.

She blinked, almost in confusion, and stared at him for a moment, before raising her head and kissing him back. John suddenly was afraid; this wasn't just lust or pleasure he was feeling here. Hesitantly, he leaned forward and kissed her again, deeply this time, their tongues entwining and writhing.

John began to fuck Natalia faster still, their mouths locked together the entire time. Natalia felt his balls begin to tighten, felt his cock begin to erupt and another orgasm swept over her, filling her with pleasure.

John felt her pussy tighten around his cock once more and this time he wasn't going to stop; he pumped his cock inside of her, until his balls tightened and he filled her with his cum while she moaned into his mouth. Slowly, his thrusts began to recede; until they had stopped. He lay atop of her then, their arms wrapped around each other and their mouths continuing their kiss. Eventually, they broke apart and John gazed into Natalia's beautiful green eyes.

Trembling slightly, John tucked a strand of Natalia's hair behind her ear, before kissing her lightly on the nose. He rolled off of her, his body losing contact with hers. He so wanted to touch her again, but he was afraid; full of fear about these emerging feelings. He didn't even know what they were, or if he should act on them. Hell, he'd only left his wife the day before, did he really have the right to risk Natalia's feelings whilst he was so emotionally wrecked?

John felt her hand touch his own. Natalia brought her other hand to his face, tilting it towards her. She looked into his eyes, and John could tell she was as afraid as him. He rested his hand on her cheek and she lent across and kissed him gently.

"That was wonderful, John," she whispered. He smiled and nodded softly, caressing the soft skin of her face. He realised then, that he was prepared to take a chance with this relationship, but he would have to be the brave one now.

John decided to take the plunge...

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