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New Games (Part 2)

Everyone gets their just rewards...

There is something quite strange and disconcerting about standing naked in front of somebody else. I mean, just letting them stare at you; drinking you in. I'd been naked in front of Steven a few times before, but all those instances had been quite... normal. Obviously he'd seen me naked when we made love or when I was getting ready for work. But this, this was something altogether very different. I was as naked as the day I was born standing motionless in Steven's dimly lit bedroom.

He'd told me not to move.

He'd told me not speak.

Steven sat quietly in his chair against the far wall, his right hand was still slowly milking his engorged penis. I could feel his eyes wandering over me. To my surprise, this just seemed to make me even wetter. I watched as his gaze focused on my red painted toes which I wiggled nervously in the long strands of beige carpet fiber. I could feel his stare journeying north, over my knees and up the delicate muscle of my thighs. He lingered for a moment at the gap between my legs; moist and hot from all the attention, plump and slippery to the touch. Steven continued his journey; his eyeline traveled over my tummy before pausing again at my chest, my modest breasts soft and untanned, my nipples angry, red and hard.

His wine glass sat empty on the table next to him.

It was then that our eyes met. I shivered not wanting to make him unhappy.

"Don't fucking look at me, Lucy," Steven spluttered. I complied immediately, not wanting another spanking quite so soon. My bottom was still sore from my last rebellious bout, Steven's red hand tattooed dramatically on my right buttock. I instantly stared at the carpet, biting my lower lip nervously.

“Tell me that you want me to finger your wet cunt,” he whispered. I could almost feel Steven smiling in the shadows, knowing how uncomfortable that would make me feel. I was a well-spoken young lady even then; I never swore, not even in anger. My father had been a lawyer and I’d spent most of my younger years in private education. I never, ever used that word. The C-word. I shuffled on the balls of my feet uneasily.

My heart was racing, I wanted him to have me more than anything. Steven's eyes were fixed on my privates once again, his fingers working his thick shaft with greater purpose now. My hands were clammy and clasped behind my back so as not to interfere with his view. I swallowed, licked my lips and opened my mouth to speak...

“I want you…” I started, suddenly finding it hard to form the words. “I want you to… to touch m-my cunt,” I whispered. I felt slick between my legs, hot and desperate.

Steven smiled but shook his head, “No Lucy, I want you to tell me that you want me to finger your wet cunt.” Steven nodded at me theatrically as if to indicate that it was my turn to do my bit. I huffed stroppily and rolled my eyes, slightly irritated that I had to say the words exactly the way he wanted. The redness in my cheeks almost hot to the touch.

I sighed and pouted and then began again, “I – I want you to – to finger my wet cunt.” Steven smiled and sat forward on his chair, his jeans dropping around his ankles, his penis still in his right hand. “Can you?” I muttered desperately, “Please! I, I really want you.”

“Get on all fours, with your bottom facing me,” he paused for a moment, “And no more talking.”

I nodded quickly, hoping at last that now he would finally have me. I turned to face the dark blinds that were pulled down over the windows. My lover sat behind me, watching me, his eyes tracing over my hour-glass figure as I knelt quietly on the floor. I leaned forward letting my fingertips entwine in the fibers of the carpet, pushing my bottom skywards and spreading my legs a little so that he could see my wet cunt more clearly. “Please…” I whispered, “please.”

“Lucy, don’t fucking talk,” he whispered. I could hear him jerking off faster now, still in his chair, I could see his ankles and bare feet in the space between my knees. But just faintly I could hear it, the fevered sound of him working himself into a frenzy, because of me. I wiggled my bottom playfully and smiled to myself. I was a good girl though, I didn’t beg and I didn’t speak anymore. “Finger yourself, Lucy, I want to see it,” he grunted.

I obliged. Reaching my right hand between my legs I parted my puffy wet lips just ever so slightly before letting my middle finger ride the wet track from my clitoris to my exposed cunt. I cooed loudly and closed my eyes, my fingertip circling slowly before delving just ever so slightly into my body. I was sure I would come at any moment, my lower body felt like it was tingling from the inside out.

"Mmm, you are a sexy little bitch," Steven muttered, almost to himself. I could hear him stepping out of his jeans, but my attention was now taken up with my own pleasure.

It was then that his hands were on me.

Pushing me towards the carpet.

My bottom lifted and his right hand gripped my right hip firmly. Steven roughly guided the head of his penis to my slippery opening with his free hand. He held me fast, his tip just inside me. I tried so hard to wriggle back onto him wanting him inside me, but he was too strong. “Can you feel me, girl?” he panted. I nodded breathing heavily out of my mouth, my right hand sticky with my own juices. “You want me inside you, don’t you?” he panted again, his fingertips gripping me at the waist and holding me still. I nodded again. “I am going to fuck your cunt so fucking hard!” he spat.

With that last word he slipped slowly inside me. We’d made love four times before and it had always been gentle and… safe. This was something different. His penis felt much larger than before and I clenched my eyes closed as I felt him push into me. My cunt slowly swallowed his throbbing member. I could feel him twitching as he squeezed inside me. He eased out a little, then pushed back in again gaining a little more ground this time, both hands now firmly on my bottom. He repeated this a few more times until he was as deep inside me as was humanly possible; I thought I might burst. Despite my wetness, he felt huge.

I gripped the carpet for all my life was worth.

It was then that the animal took over, in him and in me.

His strong, rough hands held me firmly in place, his right had drifted to the small of my back pushing me towards the carpet which caused my bottom to lift skywards. He began to pump furiously, grunting loudly with each deep thrust. I grunted in return wanting to push back to meet his hammering cock but unable to get any traction. I awkwardly managed to get my left hand under my belly, allowing my fingertip to rub against my clit as he pumped into me harder and harder with each numbing thrust.

I didn’t speak though. I was good.

I was covered in sweat and the dull slapping sounds of our bodies striking each other intensified over the next few minutes.

It was then that I came.

My whole body tightened making me collapse, shuddering dramatically under his weight. I screamed as the feeling swept through my lower body, sweeping outwards towards my head, fingers and toes. Steven continued the pounding, holding me still as he used me, my body limp under him. His fingertips were wet with my own sweat and juices as he dabbed gently at my anus. I gasped, my eyes opened wide, as his fingertip loosened me, wiggling into my bottom tightly.

It was then that he pulled away from me, standing rapidly in one quick motion. He stood over me as I collapsed onto my side panting heavily, my cunt suddenly empty and without purpose. Steven wiped his nose with the back of his left hand and his right went back to milking his slippery penis absentmindedly. I looked up at him and smiled coyly.

“I have your reward, Lucy,” he panted, placing his left hand on his hip, the right still hard at work. “Get on your knees.”

I pulled myself up onto my elbows, my lower body throbbing in both pain and pleasure. I rolled up onto my knees just like he'd asked, placing my shaking hands in my lap. I was breathing heavily and my neat hair had fallen free of its hairband. I looked up at him, wanting nothing more than to make him happy.

“Good girl,” he panted looking down at me lovingly, “Look up at me and open your mouth, baby.”

I did as he asked… like a good girl.

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