New girl at work

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A fantasy about a new girl finally becomes a reality.
As an undercover security guard at a department store, I have the advantage of seeing all the beautiful co workers on the cameras without them seeing me. Out of all the gorgeous girls, there was one that always seemed to catch my eye, let's call her Vanessa.

Vanessa is what you would fantasize about when you close your eyes and imagine a gorgeous Hispanic; perfect, soft, light brown skin, big brown eyes, curly brown hair, and a perfect petite body. She wasn't built huge in the chest, but she made up for it with her perfect other features. I'm a bigger guy, not fat, and taller, covered in sleeve tattoos.

I imagined so many times holding her in my big arms while I slam her pussy from behind, but knew it would never happen with me having a girlfriend and her having a boyfriend.

The next months went by, and my manager informed me that Vanessa would be coming up to work in our office with us. I couldn't have been more excited to be able to spend hours alone with her in a dark room. More and more fantasies ran through my head.

The first day we worked together, we watched a shoplifter for about an hour. Being a gentleman, I offered to go down and make the stop. When I got back in the office with the shoplifters, she had this look in her eyes that I'll never forget. A vulnerable, innocent look that will haunt me until the day I die.

As we completed the paperwork and the police left, she told me how much she appreciated that I went down to make the grab. I said it was absolutely no problem, and went back into the camera room. She came back in and sat in the chair next to me, and slowly ran her fingertip up the inside of my thigh. I was in shock. Could my fantasy finally come true?

I looked at her and asked what that was about, and she replied, "I feel you need a reward for what you've done for me." She leaned over and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Visions of my girlfriend flashed through my head, and couldn't help but feel guilty. That is, until she grabbed my throbbing cock and started rubbing it through my jeans. My cock was to the point of exploding, so I had to do something. I didn't want this to end before it even started.

I picked her up and slid her jeans off of her tight body and exposed her black panties, with neon pink lace waistband. I sat her on the desk, and pulled her panties aside as I stared at her dripping pussy. It was stubbly, like she hadn't shaved in a few days, but that was fine with me. Her light brown and pink pussy looked so tight and inviting, I couldn't let a little stubble stop me.

I buried my tongue into her tight hole, and she grabbed the back of my head, moaning and grinding her little pussy onto my tongue. I lifted her leg in the air and licked her tight virgin asshole. She was trying to hold it in since the admin offices were right next door.

Vanessa pushed me back and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to expose my throbbing, dripping cock. In one move, she took my entire cock into her mouth, rubbing my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. She slowly moved her tongue around the tip of my cock, licking all of the pre-cum from my dick.

I felt like I was going to black out. This was the best head I've ever gotten. She worked her soft lips around my balls and licked the entire length of my cock. I stood her up, and I took a seat in the office chair. She climbed on top of my thighs, and slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy. It felt like she'd never been fucked before, at least not a good, rough fucking. I instantly felt her pussy grip my cock and she leaned over to let out a moan into my ear.

I thrust my hips, and shoved my cock deep inside of her. I could feel her juices running down my balls, back to near my asshole. I slammed her up and down by grabbing her hips and moving mine up and down. She was biting her lip to try to avoid screaming, but the echoes of my thighs slamming her ass had to have been heard for miles. I picked her up and bent her over the desk, and started licking the juices off of her pussy from behind. Her asshole was spasming like I'd never seen before.

I slammed my cock deep into her from behind, and she arched her back in pure pleasure. I fucked her pussy harder then she'd even been fucked before, until I couldn't hold it anymore. I blew a hot load all through the inside of her pussy.

We both collapsed on the desk breathing heavily. She then turned around to kiss me, and ran her fingers through my hot cum that was dripping out of her pussy. She licked every bit off of her fingers, and smiled at me.

We got dressed and left for the evening. We made sure to exchange numbers for future reference, which came a few weeks later, but that can wait for another time.