New in the office, part 2

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the story went on after office hours, continued from 'new in the office'

continued from 'new in the office'


After that early morning encounter Yvette was transferred permanently to the sales department. A day earlier then planned but maybe that was for the best. As horny as i was i don't think i would have managed to keep my hands off her that day. And the last thing either of us wanted was to get fired. The day seemed to drag itself on forever but eventually it was time for me to leave. since i started earlier i had about an hour left before she would be finished so i went into town.

As the moment i had to pick her up drew closer i found myself getting more and more nervous. Unsure if this was the greatest idea i ever had, when i agreed to our after-work get together earlier this morning i wasn't exactly thinking clearly. To much blood diverted to other regions.
But now i started thinking about the consequences, was i ready to destroy my marriage over this? My wife would not be home but you never know and to get caught with my pants down in my own house wasn't what would insure a long happy marriage. I was ready to text Yvette that i couldn't go through with it and that this morning was great but it would stay with that. Later i figured that i should at least tell her to her face. I would pick her up and explain her that i couldn't risk my relationship. Obviously it didn't work out like that or i would not be writing this story.

When the time came to pick her up i had a big lump in my throat. We had agreed that i would pick her up on the corner of a little park not far from work. I could see her walking towards the car in my rearview mirror. She looked amazing, making heads turn left and right. She walked like a model on the catwalk. Elegance and grace combined with smoldering sex-appeal. My resolve was crumbling long before she entered the car. She seemed just as nervous as i was when she got in, she said hello and then gave me a shy smile. 'Ok, here we are' i muttered. she giggled nervously 'we sure are, so where to?' I almost blurted out that this couldn't happen but in the end i just started driving. We hardly talked on the way to my place, just some chit-chat about her day at work. she was wringing her fingers and kept shifting her feet . Every time she moved her feet she drew the attention to those long sexy legs. from the corners of my eyes i glanced at her breasts under her blouse. She had opened the buttons just enough to reveal the edge of a black laced bra. I felt my cock grow when we were approaching the house. I wanted her. When we pulled up the drive-way the sexual energy between us had gone up a couple of levels .
I quickly got out of the car and ushered her into the house, i didn't want to push her in but i wanted to limit the chance of any neighbours seeing anything as much as possible.

When we got into the house we had a seat in a comfy couch in the living room . and there we sat for about 30 seconds, not speaking but just looking at each other . We started laughing at the same time, to loud and to long, to brake the uneasiness. 'Im sorry that i am so quiet and nervous' she said ' this is the first time i ever do anything like this' I nodded ' me too' I smiled at her encouragingly ' it is fine, if you don't want this just let me know and i drive you home right now' offering her (and me) a way out. she hesitated for a moment and a little flushed she softly said ' oh no, i want this' I chuckled, relieved, 'i sure looked like it this morning' she turned red and her eyes went unwillingly to my crotch. Before she could respond i went to the kitchen and asked her if she wanted drinks, moments later i came back with wine and filled 2 glasses. she took a big gulp from her glass 'this morning was unlike me, but i couldn't stop thinking about it all day. the taste of your cum stayed in my throat for hours, it made me so horny i wanted to drag you away and have my way with you' she looked at me now with that same gleam in her eyes she had this morning 'well', i said ' now is your chance' She put her glass down on the side table and slipped through her knees in front of me. without saying another word she opened my zipper and put her hands on my boxers, covering my growing cock through the fabric. With a hoarse voice she looked up at me ' get your pants and boxers off cause i cant wait to suck on that cock again' I didn't need more encouragement and in seconds in stripped down, for good measure i took my shirt and socks off. guys, never leave your socks on, really bad idea.
she pushed me back in the couch and as soon as my ass hit the seat she had my cock engulfed in her mouth. Obviously she wasn't the type for teasing. She went down hard and deep, taking my cock al the way in till the tip hit her throat. I had never been deep-throated like this before. I started moaning in seconds. while she kept sucking me she opened her blouse and took it off followed with her bra. She never missed a beat and had me tense up way before i wanted to. When she felt the cum building up she squeeshed the bottom of my shaft to delay my orgasm. After a couple of seconds i felt the pressure reducing and she picked up the speed again. I never had my cock sucked like this before. I hardly noticed her now bare tits untill i saw her pinching her nipples. She had big full breasts that were standing firm. Her nipples were long and hard, she was twisting and pulling them. i moved my hands to her breasts and took over from her. She moved her hands between her legs and started to rub herself now. I felt another build-up in my balls and my cock was swelling even more. She was moaning around my cock now and tried to take it even deeper in her throat. she really seemed to enjoy it and from her loud moans i knew she was getting herself off fast. I started pulling and twisting her nipples harder now, everytime i pinched her she let out a soft yelp.

The spectacle and her bobbing head were to much and this time i couldn't hold back any longer. she felt that i had to cum and increased her pace. As the cum was racing through my shaft i could hear her cumming. Her whole body was shivering from the orgasm, this was the last push i needed and i let it all out. With a loud scream i litteraly exploded in her throat. she swallowed hard and just like this morning didn't miss a drop. She let go of my dick and looked up at me. while looking in my eyes she opened her mouth and showed me a mouth full of my cum. I groaned, this was something i only seen women do in porn flicks, never i would have thought of seeing this with my own eyes, let alone from a woman like this. She smiled and exaggerated when she gulped it down. she went back down and finished cleaning up my dick. with a sigh she finally came up 'gosh, how i needed this, how can i ever go without this on a daily bases' I chuckled 'how can You ever go without this, how about me??' she laughed loadly and stood up, her knees were red from the rug. 'Why dont we move somewhere more comfortable, or dont you want an encore?? I have more needs that need to be fullfilled or rather filled' she joked.I stood up, grabbed my cloths and took her to the bedroom ' good, cause i have plenty more where this came from and i intent for you to get it all'

When we got to the bed room she stepped out of her skirt and revealed her shaved pussy. she had it as smooth as a little girls. the lips were slighly opened with her clit clearly visible between them. It was clear that she was moist and on her legs she had streams of juice that ran down when she cum earlier. I took me a couple of seconds before i realized that she didn't have any underwear on. 'hmm, no underwear and a bare pussy, just how i like it'
She giggled, i took my underwear off before i got in the car, i thought about giving you a peak or a show but i got scared. i have to do that some other time, like now perhaps' I had a hard time swallowing and just nodded. she moved to the bed and got on it naked. I was still standing there staring while she opened her legs, showing me her wet cunt. she touched her clit and and started rubbing herself. 'just stand there for a second, dont touch me or yourself, i want to see how fast you recover.' I was already halve hard again and wanted to go over there but i managed to strain myself. she had her eyes fixed on my cock and with one hand was stroking her breasts and with the other she was playing with her clit. After a little while she inserted a finger, followed by a second. As my cock hardened i heard her moaning louder. she put a third finger in her cunt and she was now pushing them in till the last knuckle. I was now fully erect and had a hard time not touching myself or not going over there. She started pumping her fingers in faster now and had moved her second hand to rub her clit. Her gaze hadn't left my pulsating cock and i felt some precum starting to leak. she was now moaning loudly and i was on the verge of bringing herself to orgasm once again. I knew that if i would touch myself for only a second i would shoot my load so i forced myself to stand still.
She noticed my state and between her moans she whispered to me ' i prefer you not to come yet since i wil need you hard in a second but if you need to i want it on my face and tongue or if you want you can fuck my face' I wanted to rush over and shove my dick in her mouth and wildly fuck her face but i wanted that pussy even more. I had felt her throat twice already but her pussy was still virgin to me. She finally had her orgasm, or rather a series of orgasm, she seemed to shutter for minutes, cumming over and over, her juices running down her hand onto the sheets.
When she finally calmed she looked up to my face for the first time and smiled with a satisfied glow on her face. "hmm that was a nice start and you didnt cum, i admire a man who can restrain himself, altho i could have used that big cock choking me. ' she lifted an eyebrow 'so what are you waiting for, are you gonna fuck me or not???'


To be continued