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New in the office

based on a true story and the beginning of my first sexual encounter outside marriage

My name is Jeremy and i am a 34 year old married guy.

I have been working at that company for only about 6 months. I was not to excited at first with the job but i needed the money. We just moved cities, to a small house with a garden and both the garden and the house needed a ton of work. So i just took the first job that came around.

It was a sales job for a big clothing company . Now i never figured myself to be much of a salesperson and after a couple of weeks that feeling was confirmed. I wasn't pulling in the customers like they expected and i was transferred to the shipping department. This was slightly better but still not what i wanted to do for a very long time. So i secretly started to look for another job.

All this time my wife was enjoying the move a lot more. We moved because she had a great offer from an advertising firm and she fit right in. She worked hard and long hours and as a result i was sitting most evenings alone in the new house. I didn't know a soul in town and i was getting frustrated fast.

The only good thing about the job were the people, it was a small group, about 20 people and there was a great atmosphere. There were a lot of laughs and pranks and some innocent flirting going on. The majority were women which suited me just fine, i always got along better with women then with men and i always had my share of success. However ever since i got together with my wife i never cheated. In my mind i crossed that barrier many times but in real life i was to nice of a guy. To nice probably. But lately i had felt my resolve crumble somewhat, ever since the move and the lonely evenings. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately there wasn't really someone that i really connected with at that level at work. Most were in a serious relationship or not my type.

That all changed on a sunny autumn morning. They had been looking for new salespeople for a while now, ever since there latest didn't prove to be a big hit, ehmm . From where i was sitting i had a good view at the entrance of the office where the secretary was sitting. There was a small waiting area in front of her desk with a couple of uncomfortable chairs.

I was swamped with work so i didn't notice her coming in but when i looked up to yell something to my partner in the shipping department i froze . On one of those horrible little chairs sat the most stunning and sexy woman i had seen in a long time. She had long dark bouncy hair and a body that could kill. She had the almost perfect features that you sometimes see in latina moviestars . She was dressed in a skirt and buttoned up shirt that did little to reveal her curves.

she appeared nervous as she was licking her lips and was shifting in the chair. Thank god she wasn't looking in my direction as i was sitting there with my mouth open looking like an idiot. Just when i composed myself the secretary told her something and she got up to walk into the managers office, that lucky devil. Thank god he was gay. As she got up i noticed she was taller then i thought, with really nice legs and a great ass.
My mind was filled with images of her naked body and the things i would like to do with her. a voice in the back of my head told me that as a married man i shouldn't have them but i didn't really care, thoughts were all i had at that point. She looked at me while she passed me and give me a smile. I felt that i had a stupid grin on my face and before i realized what i was doing i gave her a dumbs-up wishing her luck for the interview. She closed the door behind her and i was still sitting there with my dumb up, i could have kicked myself, fool.

I was called into a meeting soon after and didn't see her leave but the day after i was told she got the job and was starting monday. All weekend i was excited and aroused. I had sex with my wife 3 times during the weekend, to her surprise, we barely made it to the 3 times a month mark anymore, and on monday morning i took extra care to look as good as possible. I was not a bad looking guy, a bit sagging at the waist, but nothing to horrible.

When i arrived at work my luck changed for the better when i was called into the managers office. He told me that i probably knew that they hired a new employee for sales. Since i used to be in sales and all the people in sales now where to valuable to waste time in teaching a new employee the basics that would be my job. Not exactly flattering comments for me and i was swamped already but i wasn't about to complain. For an hour i was nervously awaiting her arrival, being in shipping i always started among the first in the office. when she finally walked in i wasn't disappointed. she was wearing a tight jeans that made her but look awesome. She matched it up with a blouse again that accentuated her breasts. They were bigger then i noticed the other day and looked really firm. The manager walked her into the office and introduced her, after he waved me over and told her that i would show her the ropes for the first week. I had to work hard to refrain the goofy grin from appearing again as i shook her hand and welcomed her to the company.
That morning flew by, her name was Yvette and she was married (bummer) to a doctor (bummer again). she didnt really need the job for the money but wanted to get out of the house. There were no kids as she said that her husband was to busy at the moment build a family. She seemed sad with that but didnt get into it deeper. We really got along from the start. Once i got over my innitial nervousness we started joking around like we knew eachother for years. she had a really good sense of humor and was really intelligent, not something you really expect from a bombshell like her. In the afternoon i apologized about the dumbs-up the other day and she had to laugh hard. she had a really clear laugh and her eyes sparkled. She said that it was cute and atleast somebody made an attempt to ease her nerves a bit. but she wondered if i gave her the ok for the interview or for her skirt. I felt myself turn all red and i managed to stammer that it was for luck. She blinked an eye and said she was just messing with me. while chatting she occassionaly touched me on the arm, i didnt know if it was because she was just that kind of a talker or it was something else. In any case i had a hard-on for most of the day and as soon as i got home to the empty house i masturbated to relieve the pressure.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern but as the days passed we started flirting more and more. I made some bold remarks that made her blush a couple times, complimenting her with her figure. We talked about our relationships and we found out that although we both loved our partners there were a lot of lonely times and sexual frustrations. When this subject was mentioned i blurted out that working with a woman as gorgeous as her didn't make this easier. she looked at me for a couple of seconds and with a little smile she replied that on the contrary, maybe it made it easier. That was on thursday and i went home as horny as i had been in a long time. My wife had her parents over so i couldn't masturbate and by the time i went to bed it was late and i had an early morning the next day.

On friday i had my early day and i opened up the office. the next person usually only arrives more then an hour later so this usually gives me the time to have some alone time in the office and catch up on some work. This morning however i just needed to cum. I couldn't handdle sitting next to her again all day without cumming atleast once before. So i got some paper tissues and got behind my desk, i could keep an eye on the door just in case and i started to jack-off picturing Yvette and her lushes body. I must have closed my eyes for a second cause i got startled when the door slammed shut. there was Yvette, she was an hour early and she looked amazing. She had again a blouse on but this time she paired it up with a really short skirt that barely made it passed her ass. I was shocked and i hoped that maybe she coulndt see what i was doing behind my desk. However i had pushed my chair back a bit, caught up in the moment and my erection was clearly visible. she wasn't looking at me but was looking at my cock and my hand on it.
I quickly turn around my chair and started to try to close my pants over my throbbing cock. I panicked when i felt her coming closer to me and started apologizing. She put her hand on my shoulder and said 'stop Jeremy, dont apologize for this' She turned my chair around and looked me in the eyes before her gaze went back to my cock. I didn't manage to get it back in my pants and the head was sticking out. I tried to stammer something, that i didnt know anybody would come in. Her lips were slightly parted and she had a blush on her cheeks. she looked at me an placed a hand on my chest 'Stop Jeremy, i came her because i wanted to have some time alone with you, i didn't know what i wanted to happen, if anything. but i have been thinking about you and the things i would love to do with you all week. I had to masturbate twice last night just to be able to sleep.' Hearing this from here got my cock even harder and it pushed itself free from my pants. she smiled and put her other hand on my pulsating cock ' I see now that i am not the only one that has these feelings so maybe we should do something about it' Her hand on my cock almost made me cum right then but i managed to put up some resistance 'but Yvette, we are married and....' I couldnt continue because she started to slowly rub my cock ' they are not here and this is just sex, but if you don't want this just tell me know, Although i think he is all for it'

With this she gave a short squeeze on my dick and i could see some precum leaking out. I moaned and she took this as my answer and pushed my chair further back. she smiled at me 'keep an eye on the door for me' and with that she quickly got on her knees. she didnt waste more time teasing me an took my cock all the way in her mouth. She just went down hard and pushed it all the way back in her throat. I have a 7" inch cock but she engulfed it with eas, bobbing up and down fast. Having been on edge for to long i felt my cum building up fast and i moaned loud. she took her mouth of my cock for a second 'yes, come one baby, cum in my mouth. i have been waiting to taste you the whole week.' She doubled her efforts, only using her mouth and tongue. she had one hand on my balls and the other hand she had between her legs. I couldn't clearly see her pussy but i could see her hand rubbing feverlishly on her clit. she wanted to cum just as bad as i did. Moments later i felt my cum racing down my shaft and spurt into her mouth. I came a lot, over and over again squirts jetted into her throat. she swallowed it all with eas, not wasting a drop. A couple of seconds later her moaning got louder and she came, my cock still burried deep into her mouth. She collapsed on the floor and looked at me with a big smile on her face. I was still enjoying the effect of my orgasm and smiled back at her 'wow' i mumbled ' that was awesome' she laughed 'yes, you could say that. That must have been the best cum i ever tasted. we have to do this again really soon. what are you doing this evening?' i stared at her, not knowing what to say. this incredible woman just gave me the best blowjob i had in years and already offered me more. My wife wasnt home and at this point i wouldnt have cared if she was home that evening, i needed to have her. all of her. 'this evening i am picking you up after work and i am taking you to my place and i am gonna fuck your brains out' She smiled, leaned over and took my softening cock back in her mouth. After a couple of seconds she got up and said 'sounds like a date to me'


to be continued

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