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New lease on life

Two people come together on Lush

His was a tale of desperation, a tinge of sadness and a libido that just wouldn’t quit. Hers was one of similar circumstances and they’d “met” in a chatroom on Lush. They both tended to frequent the picture rooms, and every now and then they’d lurk in the background of the dungeon or just exchange messages on Tumblr, seeing who could “outsmut” the other. It was fun and they both needed it.

They didn’t know each others name, they didn’t need to and they maintained a healthy respect for each other’s personal situation at home, but they had certainly taken each other to the heights of sexual extasy, albeit electronically, and were grateful for having “found’ each other.

His story was simple and, if nothing else, familiar. A long marriage, kids, the everyday of life…you know what I mean. But sadly, he had also been diagnosed with a type of cancer. He’d often wondered if it meant that he was a less than good person by still coming back to Lush or should he suddenly becoming all wholesome and good and wanting to live out the rest of his life as a tea totalling, gardening “gentleman” who’d been hit with the Wake Up Stick by the Fate Fairy. He wondered if he should be keeping bees and making jam as if a quietened, more placid lifestyle might make things a little “easier” for everyone. “FUCK THAT” he told himself with a chuckle.

Before the cancer came along, he was unhappy. His wife was too, and, rightly or wrongly they didn’t talk about it enough, both kind of (internally) blaming the other and deciding that, like a lot of unhappy parents, staying together for the sake of the kids was the best thing to do. He adored his kids, and to be honest, he couldn’t think of anything worse than leaving them, even though he knew deep down that they would survive and probably be better off, but he just couldn’t do it.

So, he resigned himself to staying (for now) and seeing what happened when they left school. They both had affairs, his was recent, hers was years ago, but no matter how you look at it they’d both done it. Happy people don’t have affairs. He’d analysed it tirelessly, concluding that their interests weren’t really mutual and that their attitudes toward sex were at polar opposites. If he thought that she’d be into any of the stuff that he’d found on his beloved Tumblr, he was grossly mistaken.

He loved her though, perhaps these days more out of habit, but he loved her just the same and she had given him the three most precious things that he could ever imagine and how they turned out was mostly because of her. Sadly though, and this is what saddened him the most, was that they just weren’t “into” each other. Thank God for that magical little box of electronic circuitry that allowed him to at least “see” what he would have been doing in another life and it also afforded him the pleasure of meeting some really nice, like minded folk, who did not judge, and who, for the most part, were just like him…horny.

Her story was similar. The difference here was that she wasn’t sick. She was however, bored, lonely and frustrated and like her cyber-friend, had found an escape in the online world.

Lush, Tumblr, Fetlife, a host of porn video sites and a healthy dose of self-indulgence on a daily basis kept her sanity at a manageable level…for now. If not for the web and her online friends, she’s not sure what she would have done. Sadly, like him, she’d had an affair. Years ago, drunk, stoned and horny. She’d fought with her husband at a party after seeing him smack one of the other mum’s on the arse. It was playful and innocent enough, everyone had been drinking and was feeling good and she probably should have just had a laugh and let it go because, ultimately she knew that there was nothing in it. But something in her made her go over to him and have a semi-serious go at him for doing it. The response wasn’t quite what she expected with him telling her that if he’d done it to her she would have shot him a look that said “fuck off” rather than “yeah baby”. He was right though. She had found herself being physically distant from him for a while and that any attempt at playfulness was just part of a maintenance program as opposed to a need and a desire for each other.

Regardless, she found herself more and more upset as the night went on and she made the fateful mistake of getting square. One of the men at the party was newly single, feeling good and was brimming with a new found confidence brought on by a new lease on life and she liked it.

They chatted and laughed and drank and smoked weed and she surprised herself by telling him how jealous she was of his new found “status” and that she often wished she was single again so that she could enjoy life again. So she did. She needed it. She desperately needed to feel needed and she desperately needed to be fucked…hard.

With the party in full swing, her husband drunker than ten men and a gloriously warm summer evening, she grabbed her new “friend” and they walked to the back of the large acreage where she knew they wouldn’t be seen. Once she found a quiet spot for them well out of the way, she dropped to her knees, practically destroyed his jeans getting them off and wrapped her lips around his large hard cock and sucked like she’d never sucked before. She did this for a short while before the flood between her legs got the better of her and she stood up, turned around, pushed her jeans down to her knees and guided his cock into her ravenous cunt.

She woke up the next morning feeling heavy with guilt. Nursing her aching head, she got up, noticing that her husband was not lying next to her and walked out to the living room vowing never to drink again. She went to the kitchen, took a handful of headache tablets and found her husband lying in his clothes on the floor of the TV room, snoring his head off with the TV still blaring away. She also noticed that he’d pissed himself…guilt gone. She went back to bed and masturbated.


He'd seen her pop in and out of the chat room a number of times, and, like most people do, clicked on her profile to get a better idea of who she was (he desperately hoped she was a she). Her name, let’s call her LonelyOz for the sake of the story or Loz for short had a natural looking avatar and as he soon discovered, and liked, some effort had gone into describing herself and situation and hence the reasons for her coming to Lush. What he also liked was that she’d posted a few images that she liked of various things, nude models (male and female), various sexual acts being performed and a host of kinks and fetishes that had obviously piqued her interest.

But this is where he was always a bit clumsy. Her profile clearly said that a simple whispered “hi” or “hey” wouldn’t cut it and that some effort had to be made in the room proper before she would consider continuing a chat. His problem was that he was annoyingly shy and stubbornly private and that he just wanted to whisper a courteous greeting and see what happened. But, being the decent person he is (I really am ), he decided to break the ice by commenting on a couple of images that she had posted in the room.

Lo and behold, she replied somewhat quickly commenting, and complimenting a couple of the images that he too had posted, and so began a four hour exchange of images, compliments and personal details that had them both smiling by the time it came to saying goodbye, promising that they would “do it again soon”.

He was deeply shocked to find that, even after four hours of chatting and posting, his cock was achingly hard but he had not cum. The front of his pants were soaked in pre-cum that’s for certain but this exchange had not resulted in orgasm and he felt fantastic, so, getting up and making sure no-one was going to see him in his current state of arousal and wetness, he made his way to the bathroom for a long hot shower and a date with a bottle of body wash and Loz in his imagination.

Loz, sat there staring at her computer screen. Stunned at what had just happened and looking at the time in disbelief. She had just sat in front of her computer for four whole hours, looking at some of the most intense porn that she had ever seen and chatted with some complete stranger about things in her life that she hadn’t even shared with her best friend.

He made her feel so comfortable. He made her feel like herself again…and she loved it. She wondered about his user name, Spilla, and how that came about and told herself that she would ask him the next time they met.

Loz had also surprised herself at the things that she had found herself liking. Spilla had certainly opened her eyes to some concepts that she had not been aware of before although she kind of sat there wondering why she hadn’t.

The group themes, outdoor sex, voyeurism and masturbation images and gifs she had seen before or was at least aware of, but some of the more intense themes such as BDSM, DP and peeing had her mind spinning and contemplating just how far this could go and she didn’t mind one bit.

Her husband walking through the door snapped her back to reality and she hastily exited the study to greet him as he entered the kitchen looking frazzled, as usual, and reaching into the fridge for a beer. He twisted the cap off the bottle, turned and leaned against the bench and was in the middle of saying hello when he suddenly stopped mid-sentence staring at her. He smiled at her in a way that he hadn’t done for a while and when she looked down she understood why. Her shirt was open almost to the waist and one of her breasts was about to fall out of her bra.

She’d been so caught up in the conversation with Spilla and the images that he was posting and was so aroused by the whole scenario that she’d been playing with her boob. It was at that point that she was thankful that she hadn’t taken her jeans off and gone further or she would have really been in trouble. That said, her mind now focussed on the heat between her legs and if she’d taken her pants off now (which she was dying to do) she was sure that she’d be able to re-enact the movie Dam Busters. She needed to cum and she needed to cum NOW!

Her husband necked his beer still staring at her and she noticed that there was distinct movement in the front of his pants. They hadn’t fucked for weeks and although he wasn’t able to last all that long anymore, she still enjoyed the feel of his cock sliding into her. Loz tried to tell her husband that she’d been doing some exercise and that she hadn’t noticed that her clothes had “shifted”. He just looked at her with a “yeah right” look on his face and a smirk that suggested he knew otherwise. So, she just walked over to him, unzipped his pants, slid her jeans and underpants off (yep…Dam Busters), lay back on the kitchen bench and threw her head back as he fucked her hard. Just what she needed. She came…twice.



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