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New Neighbors

I had been on the road for four long days. Moving across country was a grueling task, but would be well worth it. I had taken my dogs out west ahead of my family. I may be twenty-two, but moving into my parents new home until I got a place, sounded perfect. The adventures I could take seemed endless, and a great place to restart my life.

I stopped the night before just an hour out of town. It had been late, and I didn't want to drive tired in unfamiliar territories, especially in the mountains. I got up early, so I had a full day to start unpacking and setting the house up.

I felt well rested, and ready to start life in Nevada. I finished the drive and parked in the driveway. I must admit, leaving snow in Ohio, I wasn't expecting a sand yard. I was hoping I'd have some grass.

I got out of the car. I opened the back door and let the dogs out. They both had a leash attached, but neither were known runners so I let them loose. I went to grab some boxes to carry in. As I did, I heard the barks. Great, there's my dogs running down a street. I saw a neighbor two or three doors down washing his car, and felt a small relief knowing my dogs had a destination. As I ran, I yelled out, "They're friendly! Molly and MoJo get back here!"

The dogs reached the man in his driveway. He reached down to pet them. They paid him for his attention with kisses. 

"I'm so sorry, they never run like that. I should've known to put them in the fenced backyard."

"It's no problem. I'm a dog lover, I have one myself actually. I'm Jason, and you must be the new neighbor."

I smiled and shook his hand. "One of them. My name is AliLynn. My parents and siblings are coming down in a few days."

He smiled. "So, where is the accent from?"

"I don't have an accent, but moved from Ohio."

"Long ways from home. What brings your family here?"

"My stepdad has family here, which is why my parents decided to move. I came out here to restart my life. Figured moving in with my parents, and starting over 2,000 miles away from my past would do me good."

"Good place to start fresh. Adventures are endless in the area. Although, as a firefighter and paramedic, I've seen the best adventures turn ugly."

"Is that a pick-up line? In reality you're probably just a construction worker or mechanic."


"Prove that you are."


"Finish this..."

I started to say the first part of the Fireman Prayer, something most would know, or at least at home they did. He finished it, word for word, then asked, "So, are you a firefighter?"

"No, might as well have been. I am a nurse, but grew up in a firehouse. My great-grandfather was the founder of a local chapter, and I loved hanging out at the station."

"You mean around the firefighters."

I laughed. "You are flattering yourself. I have actually never dated or slept with a firefighter, and no I don't plan on starting."

A grin appeared upon his face. "I'll work my charm. Before your family comes, we will have already had a date."

"We will see. Now if you're done flattering yourself, I have a car to unload, and dogs to control."

He offered his help, I declined and said no. I turned to walk back. After a few steps I heard him say, "Hey, not a date, but me and my roommate, we were going to grill out tonight, how about you join us."

"Sounds fun, I could use friends, and meet new people."

"Great, how does five work?"

"I'll be there."

He smiled. "Good."

It was more than an invite to dinner for me, it was welcoming neighbors. 

I finished unpacking, went to the store, and came home. By the time this was all done, I had roughly two hours to get ready. I couldn't show up for dinner empty handed, so I made a batch of cookie dough brownies, and started to get ready.

I put on my best casual outfit, and did my hair just right. I grabbed the brownies, and headed out the door. 

I knocked on Jason's door, and he was quick to answer. He welcomed me in, told me I didn't have to bring anything. I told him I had too, it was the least that I could do. 

I met his roommate, Caleb. We all sat around talking, we all had a few crazy stories. We all worked fields that we saw the strangest things: they were both firefighters, I had been, and hoped to return to work as an emergency room and trauma nurse. The three of us sat and drank a few beers. Caleb got a text from his girlfriend, and quickly left us alone.

Sitting with Jason, we couldn't help but smile at each other. I knew it was inevitable, the connection, it had been there since I ran after my dogs, straight to him. I leaned in for a kiss, to which was reciprocated.

Our tongues intertwined, his hands on my sides, his right hand fondled my left breast. I moved on top, straddling his lap as he sat on the couch.

With a heavy breath, he said, "I thought you never slept with a firefighter, and weren't about to start?"

"You said it yourself, you'd get me to change my mind. Now just shut up and focus."

He kissed me before saying, "My pleasure."

His dog jumped on us, causing him to push the dog. He pushed the dog off, and paused. "Let's go upstairs, that way we can not be bothered by the dog."

I followed him. As I followed him, I started unbuttoning my shirt. He hadn't paid attention until we got to his room. He turned around. A mix of excitement and surprise came across his face.

"Someone knows what I like."

I shut the door behind me, locking it just in case a roommate tried to barge in. 

"Then you'll probably really enjoy this."

I walked over to him, and playfully shoved him down. I undid his pants, he raised his hips just high enough to help me remove them. I climbed onto the bed with him. He was large, and I knew it was going to be a fun night. 

I grabbed his cock, stroking it in my hand. My left hand was at his base, my right sliding his length repeatedly. My head dipped down for a taste. I licked the underside of his head. The back of my tongue slid down his length.

I had never had a cock that tasted so good, and I was determined to show him the time of his life.

My mouth wrapped around his width, slowly engulfing the entire length, all eleven inches. A soft gasp escaped his lips. I rubbed his balls in my hand, my finger massaging his pelvic muscles and inner thigh.


I giggled. I stopped, and went to straddle his body. We kissed for a moment. "I hope you're ready for a great night."

Another kiss followed before he answered. "I've been ready since I met you this morning."

As he spoke, he flipped me onto my back. He undid my jeans, I quickly helped slide them off.

He laid by my side, his hand exploring the warm, wet, and tight pussy that was soon going to be all his. His two fingers jammed inside. "Ahh."

"That feels good, doesn't it?"

I whimpered, "Uh-huh."

I could feel him curl his fingers inside. I couldn't resist, the urge was too great, and I let go of my excitement that was bottled up inside.

"Oh God! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Uhm!"

"That's a good girl, you like cumming for daddy, don't you?"

Words couldn't escape my mouth, so I settled for a nod of my head. I barely knew this man, but I knew I needed him. I had never felt such love, such passion.

He got on top of me. I knew what was about to happen, and I was anxiously awaiting the moment I could feel him inside me.

He kissed me once more, slowly down to my neck. He placed soft, gentle kisses down my neck. He then, gently nibbled my ear, "Are you sure you want this?"


I felt his penis, it was up against my wall. He slowly pushed it in.


He pushed himself further. It took a minute, but soon he was all inside of me. I had never felt so much pleasure. I was moaning with every thrust he made. He kept ramming my pussy, taking possession of me. His hands rested upon my hips, his thumbs rubbed and pinched my swollen clit.

"Oh! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!"

He stopped, sliding out of me. He grabbed me, and flipped me onto my knees. He shoved his massive erection inside me once again, and pounded my pussy from behind.

He pulled on my hair. "How about you try again, this time remember to call me daddy."

I did as I was told. With a slight moan I said, "Fuck me, daddy, fuck me."

"That a girl."

He kept pumping himself inside. I felt him jerk, and knew he was getting close to finishing. He did, but it wasn't over for me. He flipped me back onto my back.

He went down, cleaning up the mess he made. He licked me clean. I came right as he was finishing licking the last drop. 

He came up to share a kiss. We curled up. "That was the best sex I ever had, thank you."

I curled up closer into his arms. "I have never enjoyed sex that much."

"Get used to it, just think of the adventures to come."

I was excited, and hoped he would've said that. I waited for him to drift off to sleep, and quietly exited. 

The next day I awoke to a doorbell. I had slept on the living room floor, since the furniture hadn't arrived. It was coming with my parents, and I was sure I looked like a hot mess, but answered the door anyways.

There he was. Jason. Wrong choice, I now regretted not trying to make myself presentable.

"Hey, why did you take off last night? I hope I didn't do something wrong?"

"No, I wanted to get home to the dogs, let them out. I had fun, thank you. You were a great host, come in."

He stepped inside, shutting the door. 

"Why don't you get ready, and we can go to breakfast, my treat."

"I don't..."

He cut me off. "I don't take no for an answer."

I smiled. "Alright, give me half hour. I'll meet you at your place? Or do you want to tell me where to meet you?"

"I'll wait here."

"Alright, feel free to make yourself at home. There's boxes in the kitchen to sit on. I'd offer you more, but until the truck gets here, I'm going off the grid."

We both laughed.

"You know, you're more than welcome to stay at my place. I mean I won't be there when I leave for a twenty-four hour shift in the morning, and you're guaranteed to have at least two guys in the house, but at least it's more comfortable than a box and floor."

"You mean, you just want an excuse to have more sex."

"Well yeah, that too."

We laughed together as I got ready, and walked out the door.

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