New Neighbors 4

By thetoad

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Will gets schooled and does some teaching of his own.

  She walks quietly into the room, careful not to wake him. The taste of the wine still in her mouth, on her lips. The light of the moon partially reveals his sleeping form under the thin sheet. His breathing is heavy in his slumber world.

She unbuttons her blouse as she watches him. Perhaps the wine has made her this way but she unbuttons slowly. A striptease for him even though he is not watching. The blouse drops to the floor, only her bra covering her creamy breasts. She wiggles out of her too tight jeans. Her thong pulled askew as the jeans move down her hips. With a sigh she touches her moist cleft. She has been wet since leaving the bar; anticipating, wanting. She unclasps her bra. It too falls to the floor. Despite the warmth of the night, her nipples are hard. She does not touch them.

Carefully, she pulls back the sheet and looks over his body. It is lithe but muscular with a thick scar across the left chest. A remnant of another life; a tougher life. A shadow covers his genitals but she knows what's there. She remembers the thick, ropey penis that lies there, nestled over the heavy sac.

She runs her hand lightly across his chest tracing the scar. Down over his rippled abs her hands wander, moving towards their reward. He seems to hold his breath in preparation for what is to come, but then releases it as she travels over his stomach. His pubes have been trimmed, she remembers them much thicker than this. Her hand covers his manhood revelling in the warmth. It grows beneath her and still he sleeps. She encircles its girth loosely allowing it to lengthen in her grip.

Her lips brush his cheek; he stirs. A trail of saliva left by her tongue as her mouth moves to his stiffening member. She kisses the tip, licking under the flared head. Happy that he tasted clean yet disappointed that his male musk had been washed away. Her mouth opened, allowing him to enter. His thickness stretches her mouth but she adjusts, her teeth scraping his veined length.

Finally his eyes open. Surprised, he looks down to see her sucking on him. Her blue eyes looked at him as she took more of him in. Her pink-tipped breasts rubbed against his hip while she tasted him. His heavy balls cupped in her hand, tingling with pleasure.

Without a word she straddles above him, holding him below her softness, her wetness. Slowly she lowers herself onto him. He impales her. Her hands on his chest to steady her, she rocks on him. He reaches, massages her breasts, pulls her nipples gently. A moan escapes her lips.

Their hips move as one like the wings of a butterfly. Gently, yet urgently, thrusting and withdrawing. She shudders with orgasm. Gasping, she matches his thrusts again. He grits his teeth as his balls tighten.


He pushes hard into her velvety warmth. His semen explodes out of him, coating her insides.

“Willie, wake up.”

I woke up with my cock still pumping my cum onto my belly. Holy fuck, what a wet dream that was. That was like a movie, I thought.

“Time for breakfast Willie,” my mother called.


After breakfast I made my way over to the Bresh's house hoping that I could catch either Mrs. Bresh or Kat at home. Summer vacation was rapidly coming to an end and I would be heading back to school in just over a week. Kat answered the door dressed in a halter top and shorts. My eyes locked onto her cleavage and I started to stammer. “You...your mother assed, asked if I would cunt, cut your hedge.” She hadn't really but I had noticed that it was overgrown and could use some trimming.

“You want to cut my hedge?” I nodded. “I was thinking of doing it myself but if you want to do it, come on in.” I followed Kat into her house, her ass swinging in the tight shorts. She led me into a bathroom that would put a lot of bedrooms to shame in size. She handed me a pair of scissors, a razor and a can of shaving foam. I looked at her confused. She laughed and slid her shorts over her hips revealing a fur-covered pussy.

“I've let it get a bit out of hand but I really get turned on by shaving it. I let it grow out and shave it when I need a good turn on.” She sat on the closed toilet and spread her legs. “Start cutting.”

With a gulp I kneeled in front of her pink temple of love and started to cut her pubes to a shaveable length. She closed her eyes as I carefully snipped away. I could see her slit getting wet and I could feel my cock getting hard. I had to touch her cunt lips to get at a few long hairs and I think she came. Well if her hands digging into my shoulders and a sudden flooding from her pussy was any indication. I sprayed the shaving foam into my hand and rubbed it over her now shortened pubes.

“Bald?” I asked. She opened her eyes but they seemed to be far away. “Huh?” “Do you want me to shave it bald?” “Yes, yes. Bald.”

With long, careful strokes I shaved her hair off. She moaned as I dipped the razor in the hot water and brought it to her labia. I stretched her lip taut and shaved the hair off of those as well. When I was finished, her vulva was as smooth as glass. “Oh, it feels so good Will. Feel it. Feel how smooth and soft it is.” I ran my fingers over her now bald beaver. The head of my cock had worked its way out of my waistband. “Lick it Will.” I bent my head towards her and licked above her slit, tasting the shaving cream on her bare skin. She raised her hips. “Lick me. Please,” she begged, “Lick me now.” I licked over her outer lips, a slight razor burn was visible on the edge but she smelled and tasted so clean. My tongue darted into her wetness searching for her turgid bud. I must have been getting better at this because I was instantly rewarded with a moan as I found it. She ground her freshly shaved snatch into my face forcing me to lick her harder.

As much fun as I was having between her legs, I really wanted to get at her tits. I was looking up at them covered in the halter top and I knew that I had to suck them. I increased my tempo on her clit and inserted three fingers into her hole. I had watched a porno where they had explained the “come hither” method of fingering a woman so I tried it. I crooked my fingers inside here as if I was waving somebody towards me, hoping to hit her g-spot. I don't know if it was that or my tongue flicking her clit but she bucked hard into my face and came with a loud grunt and a little cry. “Put your hand in my mouth. I want to taste me.” Well, I don't mind telling you that I almost came right there but I did what she asked. She sucked her juices off of my fingers while I repositioned myself so I could unleash my cock. Her eyes widened when she saw its head and a length of shaft poking out of the top of my shorts. She forgot about my hand and violently undid my shorts. “I know this cock.” Oh oh. Her small hand encircled its thickness. She kissed the head and licked the shaft. “Oh yes, I do know this cock. You were the boy in the shed!” She started to laugh. “Your sister gave you a blowjob.”

Man, I could have died. I was horrified that she had found out; yet my staff was still hard and proud. “You can never let her know, Kat. I thought that it was you,” I lied. She stroked my hard cock and smiled at me.

“I won't tell but you owe me.” She continued to slowly stroke my length, bending down to kiss it now and then affording me a glance down her halter top at her creamy tits. “I'm having an end of vacation party next Friday. A few of my girlfriends are spending the night here. I want you to come over that night after 11. You have to wear a mask and dress all in black. Climb up the trellis by the garage and pretend that you're breaking in to my house.” She was jerking my meat so well that I would have agreed to wear a dress and sing opera if she had asked, and she knew it. A small drop of pre-cum leaked out of my cock hole. She laughed that cute laugh of hers and licked it off.

“Okay, whatever you want Kat. Can I see your tits?” I reached for her top. She pulled away without releasing my throbbing penis.

“You want to see my tits?” I nodded. “Well this will be good practise for next Friday. I'm going to show them to you buy you can't touch them. Not until I say you can. Understand?” I nodded again. She released my cock which may have been a good thing because it was ready to erupt. She pulled her halter top over her tits and arched her back.

I could see her resemblance to her mother. Her mother's breasts were spectacular but these were absolutely magnificent. As big as they were there was no hint of droop. I yearned to grab them and knead them. I wanted to bite her nipples until she begged me to fuck her.

“You like them Will?” She didn't need to hear the answer; I think that I was salivating. “Wouldn't you love to touch them?” What? Now she's a mind reader? Oh yeah, she could see that I was salivating. She leaned her big mounds towards my face. “Remember, don't touch.” Her tits brushed against my nose and across my cheeks. She tweaked her nipples, urging them hard. They were thick and long and pink. Her hard nipple brushed against my lip and before I knew it my tongue darted out and licked at it. She slapped me hard across the face.

I was shocked. I think that I had tears in my eyes and I wanted to slap her back. I was raised to be a gentleman and never to hit a woman so maybe that's why I didn't, but I think that I saw the playfulness in her eyes. That and a worry that if I did something out of order I'd never get a chance to fuck this twenty year old goddess. “I'm sorry,” I said. “You're so fucking hot that I couldn't help myself.” That seemed to appease her.

She kissed me hard, her full lips were soft and warm. Our tongues probed into each other's mouth. Her soft mounds were squished against my chest. My hands were on her ribs and I started to sneak them up to her tits.

She broke the kiss and pulled away. “I said don't touch until I say.” What a tease. I was ready to bust a nut on her, but I couldn't touch her delicious looking tits. She reached into the cupboard beside the toilet and took out a clear bottle of liquid. She dripped the liquid lubricant liberally on my cock and spread it until it shined. Then she wrapped her perfect breasts around my cock. “Fuck my tits.”

I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled back and drove my dick into the slippery valley. The flared, fat head popped out the top and she licked at it. The sight of my cock disappearing between her tits would have been enough to make almost anybody drop a load of cream on her chest.

“Do you like my tits? Does your cock like to fuck them?” This girl is no Einstein I thought as I fucked her soft, slippery mounds. Just as I was about to show her how much I liked to fuck them she released her tits. My cock twitched as it lay between them but somehow I managed to keep my fluid contained. She crouched on all floors on the bathroom floor, her pink slit offering itself to me. Like a steel rod attracted by a magnet, my hard prick moved towards her opening. Its fat head pushed her lips aside and I sank into her. “Unnnnh,” she grunted. “Fuck me, Will.” So fuck her I did. My sac was so tight that it hurt but I held on. Her round ass perfectly framed my thrusting cock as I looked down. As Kat climbed closer to orgasm I pulled my length out of her, my cock head barely inside her softness.

“Faster, faster. C'mon, I'm close.”

“Can I touch your tits?”

“No.” I slammed into her until my cock was fully engulfed and pulled out slowly waiting at her wet cunt lips again. She tried to push back against my impaler but I was too strong.

“Can I touch them now?” It was almost enough to make me blow my load just knowing that I was reversing the situation with her. I also knew that if she didn't give in I'd soon be shooting into her anyway.

“Oh yes. Touch them, pull them, hurt them. Just fuck me.”

I held on to her full breasts as I slammed her from behind. I did pull her nipples enough to hurt but she liked that as she washed my erection with her cum. Her face was now against the cold floor because her arms had given out after her third explosion. Her tight asshole was now tempting me. I grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some on her asshole. My middle finger invaded the crinkled hole.

“What, what are you, unhhhhhh,” she came again, “doing?”

“I'm going to fuck your perfect ass.”

“Cripes, I've created a monster. You're too big, you'll rip me apart. Friday, I'll find you an ass to fuck.”

Well, the promise of that was enough for me. I pulled my slick rod out of her warmth and wedged it between her rear globes. A stream of my juice shot out of my cannon and puddled on her back. I rubbed my dick against her rear hole to give it a taste of what was still to come.