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New to school

Brand new year at school with a brand new roommate...
I gently bounced a ball off the ceiling, catching it in my hand as I did so. That was it, my summer was gone. Recently I turned 17, so I'm in my last two years at school. After unpacking my stuff into my room for the year, I had nothing to do.

There was a new sleeping arrangement this year, each boy would share a room with a girl - as that is how my boarding school thought we would learn to respect each other, and people's privacy.

I heard a knock on my door, a soft knock, one that sounded like it belonged to a girl.

I caught the ball mid air, and put it down on my bed. I walked to the door, and checked myself out in the mirror - my blue eyes glistening, my short, spiked, brown hair wet, as I had just recently got out of a shower, my six pack on show, as I was only wearing a pair of jeans.

I opened the door to find a girl standing on the other side, only a few inches shorter then me - I'd say she was around 5'6, me being 5'9.

"Hey, are you Dylan?" the girl asked, smiling at me, her bright green eyes shining, her long blonde hair flowing smoothly over one of her shoulders.

She wore a pair of navy blue jeans, with a white top and a smart blue jacket.

"Er, yeah, hi I'm Dylan, you must be my roommate for the year," I said, looking at her, smiling a smile most girls couldn't resist.

"Great! I'm Alison, but people call me Ali," said Ali, holding her timetable in one hand, her bag over one shoulder, and her suitcase behind her.

"Well come in," I said, offering to help her with her bags. I showed her which bed was hers, and she put her bag down on it.

"So," she said, "this is where I'll be spending the next year."

"I hope you don't mind," I said, flashing her another smile.

"I don't mind," Ali said back, giving me a smile in return.

I let her settle in, and then we walked to the dining hall together, to get some food. Considering it was the week before school, and most people were arriving within the next few days, it was surprisingly empty.

We got our food and went and sat down at a table, with a couple of my friends that just arrived.

"Hey Dylan!" said my friend Joe.

"Hey Joe, have you met my new roommate Ali?" I asked.

"Er yeah, I have, but I thought your name was Courtney?" Joe asked confused.

She laughed, looking at him, "I think you've got me confused with my twin," she said.

"You have a twin?" I asked her, surprised.

"Yeah, and in fact, she is right over," she paused, looking for her, "there!"

She waved her over. I looked at Courtney, trying to see the difference between them. Courtney and Ali had the same color hair, and hair style. The only noticeable difference was that Courtney was wearing a pair of baby blue jeans, with a black jacket.

"Wow, so you are identical twins!" said one of my friends, Louis.

"Yeah," Ali and Courtney said together.

"That's new," Joe said, "why don't you sit down, we can get to know each other," Joe said, with a cheeky grin.

The girls looked at each other, and giggled. Courtney sat next to Joe, and Ali satin-between Louis and me.

The girls answered all sorts of questions about themselves, which took up a lot of time.

At some point I time, I realized that Ali had slowly moved her hand onto my thigh, and was gently moving her hand up and down the inside of my leg, without anyone realizing.

She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, feeling my dick in my pants calling out for attention as Ali neared it with her hand.

We all left the dining hall, Joe and Courtney deciding to go back to the common area (the main area where everyone gathers) leaving me, Louis and Ali.

Louis excused himself, as apparently his sister had just been dropped off and he needed to go and check she was okay.

Ali and I walked back to our room in silence. She walked in, and walked through to the en-suite we had attached, "Dylan, do you think you could show me how the shower works?"

She spoke seductively, biting her lip as she did so.

I looked at her, our eyes meeting, "Er sure, one sec, its probably best if you put a bikini on or something, the water goes everywhere."

"I don't need a bikini for what I'm going to be doing," she said, looking at me, turning back towards the door, taking off her jacket, and lifting up her top as she did so...

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