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New tricks

there's life in the old boy yet.
It all started at a party. Jim was invited by the host whom he had known for some 19 years. While he was in the kitchen, talking to one of the parents, he bumped into a friend of the family; she’d been invited by one of the host’s cousins.

Somehow the chat got onto age and education.

“You’re over the hill,” the young girl told Jim. “Partying is a young person’s activity.”

“Really” Jim replied nonplussed. “Who teaches you at school? Who shows you the ropes and instructs you? Who tells you how to learn and what a good little girl you’ve been when you get all your sums right? Not a young person, but an educated experienced person who used to be young and whom now passes their experiences and knowledge on to you youngsters,” He ended with a childish grin, his eyes spread and eyebrows raised.

“I’m 22 and at Uni. I’m not saying you are old, just that you are too old to go partying and keep up with us younger fitter more active adults” She retorted with a teasing smile.

With a nod of his head, he gave a careful appraising look over her full, curvaceous figure and finally looked into her eyes, laced with thick dark eye shadow and smoky grey make up. He leaned forward and said, “I’m 36 and done my fair share of education and qualifications, but there’s life enough in this old dog to teach you a thing or two that younger, fitter men cannot teach you.” He was so close he could smell her body spray or skin cream.

He pulled back and considered her with a steady, measured stare. No one else was paying them any attention when she replied, “And you’d like to teach me a thing or two, would you?”

“Absolutely, if you are willing to let me.” She stood there for a few seconds and weighed him up, looking from first his shoes to his hair, like she was rating him.

“If you are still standing at 2am and able to carry out this education, I might take you up on the offer. I’m Rachel by the way.”

“Jim” He said as he held out his hand for her to shake.

During the night they stole glances and secret looks at each other, grins and smiles and every now and again, they would meet and make small talk. When it was time to go she told him to wait outside in 10 minutes and get in her taxi with her.

Nobody noticed when they both slipped away. Rachel took Jim back to the student flat she shared with another girl. She let him in and left him in the hallway.

She returned quickly. “Are you going to show me a few things or not?”

He pushed her against the wall and they kissed like lovers; heavy passionate kisses, fast, eager and hungry for each other. He snaked a hand around her back and pulled her tighter to him. She let herself move to him and pressed herself against him, grinding their bodies together. He had one hand in the thick of her hair and another down the back of her tights cupping her young firm bum. Her hands were gliding over his back and neck.

Jim pulled back and away, to look at her face. He took hold of the sides of her dress which clung sensually to every wonderfully feminine curve of her enticing body. It simultaneously accentuated her hourglass narrow waist and pressed the fleshy mounds of her breasts together so that they were displayed to perfection.

With gentle pressure on her forearms he encouraged her to lift her arms and then slipped the dress over her head and revealed a black satin bra which encased a pair of ample, firm breasts. Meekly, she stood there as he devoured her with his eyes before he touched her lightly with his fingertips, stroking the place where her nipples were; they grew hard and erect to his touch.

His left hand crept underneath the bra to sample her delicate bud. He rolled it between his thumb and finger as he leant in to kiss her again. This time she was more eager to have him and rose to meet him, mushing their lips together. Their tongues met in the melee. His right hand held her face and turned it to the side so he could kiss her neck and ears.

Deftly, he removed her bra and bent down to take her nipple in his mouth; the warmth of him made her gasp as he sucked and teased it with his lips and teeth, tugging enthusiastically. He alternated between each breast, toying with her gradually and working his way down her flat belly with kisses, bites and gentle nibbles until he got to his destination.

Kneeling down in front of her, he removed her high heeled shoes and peeled her tights off to reveal her little black thong. Jim pressed his face to them to savour her deep musky smell and warmth. He placed his mouth over the panties and let his warm breath seep through the material and onto her skin underneath. Rachel parted her legs a little wider, her soft deep breaths drifting down to him from above him.

He was deliberately taking his time. He placed a thumb on the inside of each ankle and slowly pressed into her legs as he let his hands travel up; he felt goose pimples erupt as he gained height. When he reached her thighs her felt her tremble and her tummy tensed as he hooked his thumbs under her thong then casually, lazily dragged them down to reveal a bald, naked mound before his nose.

Jim began to nuzzle at her and quickly found she was slick and wet; ready for his attention. He kissed her outer lips and sucked them patiently, then he parted them with his tongue. Instantly he could taste her sweet honey. Rachel spread her legs a little wider with a shuffle of her feet and opened her knees. His face rested on her thighs as he lapped and licked at her clit, sometimes fast and hard sometimes slow and delicate. Sometimes he put his tongue inside her, sometimes he flicked at her.

She put a hand on his head and he could feel her nails on his scalp. That was a good sign. He began using his fingers; first his Peter pointer finger on his right hand as it was the easiest to enter her with. Immediately she began to roll and mimic his movements, pushing against him as she sucked him into her soft folds.

To make things interesting, he changed tactics; he swapped his finger for his thumb. The fatter digit seemed to please her as his mouth consumed her, however, when he placed his wet finger by her bum hole she went rigid and froze. Unperturbed he entered he none the less; both digits filled both holes, his tongued lashed at her sensitive nub and in no time he could hear her begin to whimper and sigh.

Her body rocked and rolled to match his rhythm; slow and steady. He carried on his duty and the sounds above grew higher in pitch and more rapid. The hand on his head got tighter. Jim placed a hand on her hip to control her easier. His face and thumb were sopping wet and her anus felt rubbery and tight as he teased it.

A firm grip tugged at his hair at which he took her clit in his mouth and sucked and pulled on it with his lips. His thumb went deeper and with more force as did his index finger. Then she gave a little quiver and a jolt before tensing. A torrent of fluids rushed over his hand and down to his elbow. Deep throaty groans and sighs from above and wobbly knees let him know he had done a satisfactory performance for her.

Jim caught a little in his mouth as she finished; the taste was thin and watery, perhaps even a little bitter but he liked it all the same.

Her hips relaxed and rested on the wall as she composed herself and slowed her breathing down. Jim’s knees ached as he rose to his feet to stand face to face with Rachel.

“It’s normally a lot more rushed and rougher, but slow and gentle was a very nice change and I liked it. Maybe I was wrong at first glance. Shall we continue in to my bedroom?” Rachel asked.

“Lead the way, there’s no way I’m done with you yet.” Jim scooped up her thick tights and followed.

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