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New Year's Eve

An unexpected sexual encounter
She wanted to kiss him so bad, but she resisted. He must’ve read her mind because he leaned in making an attempt to, but she turned away.

Instead she leaned to one side and whispered, “I want you to taste me first. Then you can kiss me.”

He let out a hard, loud sigh.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

His hands quickly discovered she was only in a t-shirt. He could feel the heat coming from her body. The heat coming from between her legs was undeniable. He slowly made his way around her body, tracing every curve. He loved the feel of her skin. He teased her as she arched her back and pressed up against him. She started to moan ever so softly. He lifted her leg just enough so that it was propped on his hip. She couldn’t resist anymore and wanted him to touch her and feel how wet she was. She placed her hand on his and moved his hand exactly where she wanted it. She was so wet that he easily slid his fingers in and out ever so slowly. She clenched her teeth and stared into his eyes. The eye contact was intense and nothing like she’d experienced with anyone, ever.

“Damn, you are so fucking wet,” he confessed.

“That’s all you baby,” she said as she moved with the rhythm of his hand. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Her body was begging for more and she let out a soft sigh. She quietly demanded, “Taste me, now.”

As he got on his knees, he carefully placed her already propped leg onto his shoulder. He slowly leaned in and brushed the inside of her thigh. Little by little, he moved in closer and closer. She could feel his lips, his tongue slowly penetrate her. Shit! she thought. He felt so good that she could barely keep her balance. She placed her hands on his head and she could feel his hands on her ass as she started to grind on his mouth. His lips and tongue were bringing her to a level of ecstasy she was not familiar with. Without realizing it, her other leg was on his other shoulder and she was propped against the counter. All of his mouth was on her.

Slowly he moved her upwards so that she was lying on her back on the counter behind her. With her legs wrapped around his waist she pulled him in with her hands. She could smell her scent all over him. His eyes were penetrating right through her. Placing both hands on his face, she pulled up to him and gently bit his lower lip. She continued to slowly lick and kiss his upper lip. He was weak and she could feel him falling into her. It was as if he couldn’t believe it himself. She took one last look at him and pressed her lips against his. She kissed him with such force. Her tongue explored every inch of his mouth. She could taste herself on his lips. She wanted his lips on her. She wanted her lips all over him. But mostly she wanted him inside of her.

“Take me to the bedroom,” she requested.

He pulled her up and she led him to the bedroom. The moonlight from outside was just enough to help lead the way. He set her on the bed and without hesitation, she began to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants. She took the zipper in her mouth and pulled the zipper down without delay. As his pants fell to the floor she realized that he too was commando. That made her even more excited than she already was. Just as quickly as she stood up, he took off her t-shirt and she continued to undress him by unbuttoning his shirt. As his shirt fell to the ground, she admired his silhouette in the moon light. He let her kiss every inch of his body.

“Fuck me, now,” she pleaded, almost begged.

She laid herself down and pulled him on top of her. She spread her legs open as he positioned himself on top of her. Their bodies went together like they were made for one another. His hands couldn’t help but trace every part of her body. She felt his hands on her breasts, her ass and her thighs. It was so intense, it was almost animalistic. He pulled her hair and she moaned as if she wanted him to do it again and again. She dug her nails into his back with force. He continued to tease her and had yet to fully penetrate her. He was torturing himself because of how good she felt already.

She finally couldn’t stand it any longer and took his cock into her hand. As she wrapped her fingers around him, she gasped at how hard he was. His dick was almost too much for her to handle. She slowly moved her hand up and down his cock while kissing him. She positioned herself so that she’d welcome him with ease. She wanted it slow so that she could feel every inch of him as he entered her. She trembled as he continued to move into her further and further. She felt as if he was opening her up and the thickness and warmth was ecstasy. She tightened her legs around him as he continued to thrust in and out of her. She grabbed his ass and could feel him moving into her. He was hungry for her. He wanted to make love to her like he had always envisioned. Her breasts were soft. Her nipples were hard. Her wetness was almost too much for him. Her moaning and breathing was becoming more erratic.

She wasn’t ready for him to cum yet. She didn’t want it to be finished. She wanted him to have his way with her. She wanted him to take advantage of her and feel her from the inside from every possible angle. Their bodies intertwined with each other until he couldn’t hold it in one more second. She was so hungry for him she wanted to taste him like he had tasted her.

Without uncertainty, she asked, “Can you cum twice for me?”

Not realizing what she asked, he moaned, “Fuck. Yes.”

“Baby, I want you to cum in my mouth first,” she demanded.

Before he could respond he was already inside her mouth. She had him fully engulfed. She was looking up at him and making eye contact as she continued to please him. He felt so good inside her mouth. His mind was about to explode. He almost lost control of his own body responses. Her eyes said it all and without hesitation he released into her mouth. She took him all in until he was done. She swallowed and could taste every bit of him. After he was done she continued to hold his dick in her hand and gently licked the tip. She licked up and down his cock as if her life depended on it. She’d thought about this moment and swore he was the only one she’d consider doing it for just because she knew he’d enjoy it so much.

Without a word, she moved up and kissed him passionately on the lips. The thought of him tasting himself and what he tasted like excited her even more.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” she exclaimed. She continued to kiss him forcefully. It didn’t take long before he was ready again. His cock hardened just as quickly as it had the first time.

“Now this time, baby, I want you to cum inside me,” she requested. She positioned herself on top. However, he was so worked up that he had a different position in mind.

“I want it from behind,” he pleaded.

She moved slowly at first and with each thrust, he felt larger and larger. His hands were on her waist helping her to move with the pace. He was so into it he started pulling her hair again. The sensitivity of it all made their senses even more heightened. He started to pick up the pace and moved quicker and faster.

“DAMN BABY! I’m about to cum again,” he moaned while simultaneously screaming her name. “FUCK REINA!!!”

She silently laughed under her breath and felt somewhat pleased with herself. She managed to lie down on the bed. “What did you do to me?” he asked as he collapsed next to her on the bed.

“I didn’t do anything to you,” she answered with a smirk. “I think we did it to each other”.

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