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Nice surprise when you get home from work part 2

Its getting hotter but be patient!

After we ate dinner, I could tell you were waiting for your “dessert” that I had planned for you. I was washing some simple dishes when you came up behind me, wrapped your strong arms around my waist. You gently kissed me sending shivers down my spine.

“Now, don’t be in such a rush.” I dried my hands off and turned to face you. “I want you to remember this night forever.” I gave you a slight kiss on the nose.

You smiled and picked me up to carry me into the bedroom. I giggled at the nice surprise. Once you had put me down, we both looked right into each other’s eyes and we both knew that tonight was gonna be special.

Not dismissing our gaze, I started to unbutton your shirt slowly. My somewhat cold hands gave you a shiver. I slipped the shirt off your shoulders and dropped it to the floor next to our feet.

Moving my hands up your bare chest, I love the fact that you wax. Feeling the smooth skin against mine is the greatest feeling in the world. I took a few moments moving my hands up and down your pecs then your biceps finally your abs. I could feel you tense up as I lightly ran my fingernails along your skin.

I kissed your shoulder then your neck making you sigh. When I got up to your ear, I whispered, “Go sit on the bed.” You moved from my reach to do as you were told.

Walking over to the bed, stood in front of you between your legs. I ran my hands from your shoulders into your red hair pushing your face just below my chest.

Moving my hands back down to your shoulder, I began to massage your tight muscles. Moving down your arms making my way to your legs, I backed up.

“Take your pants off.”

You gladly pushed them down and was going for your boxers but I stopped you.

“Not yet. All in good time.”

I pushed you back to lay completely on the bed.

Climbing on top of you as we kissed, you groaned as my pussy rubbed against your cock trying so hard to escape the trap that it is in. Your hands moved up to my thighs, rubbing them ever so softly it gave me goose bumps. Your hands slowly moved up to my ass as you ran your finger along my thong line.

You pulled my hips down hard on top of you ramming my pussy into your cock. Your left hand drifted from my hip softly making its way under my night gown to my boob.

As you cupped your manly hand around it my nipple starts to harden, this excited you as I felt you getting harder; like that was even possible. I started kissing your neck and you whispered in my ear.

“Now, Kitten?” you begged me.

I pulled my head away from your shoulder and gave you a grin that said ‘not yet’ then went back to kissing your neck.

Slowly I moved upwards on your neck to your ear. Licking your earlobe, running my tongue along the side of your ear before sticking it all the way inside. You gasped at the sudden movement. I knew this turned you on feeling you grab my hip tighter.

I moved from your ear back to your neck and slowly moving downward. I got to your chest, kissing every inch of your left pec before having my tongue track your creases in your skin, avoiding your nipple, which was getting harder as I went on.

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