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Nice surprise when you get home from work part 4

He pays me back for being so nice
Giggling as you kissed me, I tried to wrap my arms around your neck. You stopped me.

“No.” You said shaking a finger in front of my face. I gave you a confused look. You had got off of the bed and moved to the dresser.

“What are you doing? I asked you, trying to see what was in your hands.

“You are gonna with you were nicer to me.” You turned to face me with a grin on your face. You held in your hands a few neck ties. You walked over to the bed, climbed on me and started to tie me up; one for each hand and leg. I was completely at your mercy now and I didn’t mind it at all.

Still holding one tie in your hands, you smiled at me. I could only guess what you were thinking. Before I knew it, everything went black. You blindfolded me.

“Hmm, kinky.” I giggled. I felt you face get close to mine. Your clean shaven face pressed into my cheek as you whispered,

“You have no clue, Kitten.” You started to lick my ear. I shuddered at the coldness of your tongue. You knew how licking my ear turned me on slowly. You ran your hand over my arm to my side, rubbing my hip on top of my night gown.

You stopped licking my ear and moved to my neck. I moan as you hit just the right spot. The slowness was killing me, and you knew it. Kissing over my shoulder, you noticed that my night gown was in the way.

“Let’s get rid of this.” You ripped it off of me.

“Whoa!” was my reaction.

You didn’t say anything; just continued with kissing over my body. Once you got to my boobs, you paused there for a while. Licking, sucking and nibbling on them. I moaned once again. Moving your left hand up to rub my boob as your mouth worked on my other one.

“Mmm.. yes I like that.” I was starting to move around more. You knew that was a sign I was getting turned on. Knowing that, you moved down my body, kissing my side, running your hand under me.

Once you got to my belly button, you started to suck and lick it; running your tongue under my navel ring. Messing with it always turns you on. I moaned more as I loved it when you did that. You spent a lot of time doing that. I tried to pull on of my hands free but I couldn’t. I wanted to make you go down more.

You looked up at me. “You want a hand free?” I nodded. “Well too bad.” You went back to licking my navel.

“Please?” I begged you.

“Oh are you begging?” you asked me, knowing this was driving me crazy.

“Yes! Yes, I’m begging you to go down on me!” I said a bit too loudly.

I felt the sudden movement of your tongue going into my pussy. I moaned as you did it. Coming back out, you ran it over my lips, searching for my clit. My leg twitched when you had hit just the right spot. You kept pressing on it, moving your tongue across it.

I moaned louder. You stopped tonguing me and started to kiss down my inner thigh, slightly biting on your way down. The teasing was killing me. I wanted your sweet tongue back inside me and I wanted it now.

Slowly you kissed my legs, running your hand over my hips before they found my pussy lips. I jumped as you had touched my soft spot. Keeping your finger on that spot, I was squirming all over the place. If it wasn’t for the ties, I probably would be on the floor by now.

If you want to know how this ends, I need lots of comments!

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