Nice surprise when you get home from work part 5 - final

By jadey

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This is how it ends; I hope you like it
Pushing your fingers deep inside me, I gasped with pleasure. You moved back up to face me. Fingering me hard and fast, you removed the blindfold to see my eyes roll into the back of my eyes.

“Like that baby?” you ask, already knowing the answer. I was gasping for air as my breathing was getting shorter.

“Yes I love that.” You have quickened your movements to try to get me there. “Oh I’m so close.” You stopped. I whined.

“Aw, I stopped.” You teased me. You removed the tie that held me down. Lowering your face to mine, we kissed passionately as we ever have before. I wrapped my arms around your neck. You slowly slide your rock hard cock inside me.

I gasped slightly at the largeness you have become. Thrusting slowly at first you pushed your cock deep inside me. Kissing down my neck, you thrust faster. I moaned.

“Keep going.” I was slightly clawing at your back now. Faster and faster you went inside me, harder did you pound into me. You playfully, at first, bit into my shoulder. As the aggression of us having sex grew, so did your biting and my clawing.

I was getting really close again but didn’t say anything this time. I tried to control my moaning but that failed. I was almost screaming. I could feel your teeth leaving marks on my shoulder but I didn’t care. My nails were making the same marks on your back.

You pulled out of me flipped me over on my stomach and jammed it right back into my pussy. I moaned as you continued at the speed you left. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was cumming hard.

You pulled out of me and sat back for a moment to rest. I was trying to catch my breath when I feel your hands grabbing my hips and pulled them up, where my ass was in the air. I had no clue what you were up too.

You then lay on your back, pulled my hips down on your face and started licking me. This way felt so good I was having multiple orgasms right then and there. I grabbed your hair, pushing your face deep into me; shoving your tongue all the way in.

I was screaming at this point in time. Screaming for you to fuck me hard. You got the hint because you pushed me over and shoved your tongue down my throat. The next thing I knew, your cock was in my mouth. You were not fucking my mouth. I didn’t care. I loved how you are the right size to fit completely in my mouth without having me gag.

You removed your cock from my mouth and shoved it in my wet pussy. Banging me hard and fast just how I like it. You wanted me to cum again and so I did. All of my strength had drained out of me and I just laid there limp.

You lay there on top of me out of breath. I loved how we spend the time after; you just laying on me. I feel that we are connecting on such a deep level.

“I love you,” you said to me as you stroked my side.

“I love you too.” I smiled stroking your hair. You lifted your head to look at me deep in my eyes. Stroking your clean shaven chin, I pulled your face up to mine to give you a kiss that formed into something much more.

You move to get into a more comfortable position. Wrapping my arms around your neck to bring you closer to me. I could feel your cock get harder between my legs as we kiss passionately. Moving it up just enough to tease me just before you slid it up inside of me. You fucked me slowly for a few moments before pulling out.

We lay there together, spooning until we both drift off to sleep. Waking up before you did, I slipped out of bed, put your shirt on to go make you some breakfast in bed.

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