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Nice surprise when you get home from work part 3

More hot action but it's not the end!
Crossing over to your right pec, I could feel your body tense up as your need to be touched increased. You rubbed your hand up and down my side giving me chills as you hit just the right spot right below my boobs.

“Baby, I can’t take it anymore. You are driving me crazy!” You tossed your head back on the pillow.

Coming face to face with you, I smiled, loving the fact that I can simply drive you crazy without doing much. As I kissed down your stomach, my hair tickled your sides making you twitch as I leave a trail of kissed across your stomach and back again.

Your hands had moved to my shoulder by this point and was softly trying to push me farther down on you. You finally got the hint that every time you pushed me down towards your rock hard cock, I would move back up.

Seeing that you couldn’t take much more of this, I finally went all the way down on you. You gasped at the well-deserved pleasure that I was teasing you with. I wrapped my tongue around your cock.

“That feels good!” you said between gasps. Your eyes had closed as I continued to work my mouth on you. At first, I just messed with the head, rubbing my tongue across the very tip of it. Moving down just a little bit to tease you slightly. My soft lips fit around it perfectly.
Your hand had moved on my head by now and was messing with my hair. I waited for you to force me to go further down, knowing how much you like taking control. It didn’t take long before you were shoving my head down on your cock.

“Yes, baby, just like that,” you moaned as you started thrusting. I kept that same motion for a while. Looking over at you, I could deeply tell you were trying to hold back your cum so you can enjoy this longer.

I stopping working on your cock to go back up your stomach, running my tongue along your abs before making my way to your pecs. Your nipples were harder than I have ever seen them be. This turned me on. Going back to kissing your neck, you realized what I was doing.

“Really? Now that is just evil,” you stated, running your finger through my hair.

“What is evil?” I couldn’t stop smiling as I asked the question.

“You know exactly what I am talking about.” You looked down at your softening cock.

“What?” I just couldn’t help myself. I giggled slightly.

“You are waiting for me to go down before finishing with what you started.” You crossed your arms, knowing that you were right. I just smiled.

It was a good five minutes before you had completely shrank to its normal size. Noticing that, I went down on you hard and fast. It didn’t take long before it was big again. I could hear you moaning as I sucked hard. You placed your hand on my head to hold it in place as you thrust in rhythm of my tongue.

“I’m so close, you can taste it.” I huffed as well as I could at your attempt to make a joke. You make the weirdest of comments at the weirdest of times. My thoughts were interrupted by your manly juices going deep down my throat.

Once you had stopped cumming, I pulled my face to yours so we could kiss. You smiled as I looked at you.

“Now,” you moved your hands to my side, “it’s your turn!” You grabbed me, tossed me off of you, pinning me to the bed.

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