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Nicki and Gio

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How a smart ass remark leads to a long term relationship.
This started when I was in my third year of college. I was working in a fast food restaurant while I was going to school to get my undergraduate degree in Physics. I didn't really need the money because my parents were rather well to do. I was able to go to school for free because my mother was an associate professor at the university I attended but, unfortunately for me, my parents have always felt that if you aren't working at least 60 hours a week then you are being lazy.

My first name is Giovinazzo. I was named after a town in southern Italy. I think that there was some major arm twisting by my Italian grandparents to get Mom and Dad to give me that name. But, believe me, I got off easy. My sister is named Francesca Bologna. My brothers and I would tease Frankie by calling her a frank of bologna and that her dream date was going to be with Oscar Meyer. ('Cause Oscar Meyer will have his way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.) To this day Frankie will not eat a hotdog in front of me or any of our brothers because we would joke about cannibalism.

My friends call me Gio, pronounced like Joe. I don't know what people that don't like me call me because I don't pay much attention to them. I have heard rumors of things along the lines of "that red headed sonovabitch" which I find it rather rhythmic.

It was about 3:45 in the afternoon on a Friday just before the shift change. I had been running the drive thru window since 11am and I was tired. I stepped out of the drive thru area, affectionately known as "The Hole", and started talking to my friend Nicki. She was working the burger board.

Nicki and I were joking around with each other when the alarm went off letting me know there was a car at the order speaker.

Nicki looked at me and said, "Get back in your hole!"

And before I knew what I was saying I dead panned, "I would much rather get into yours." The look of surprise on her face was priceless, I never saw anybody's eyebrows go up so high.

I got the order and collected from the customer then pushed the order out of the window. By that time the afternoon crew was taking over and I just wanted to sit and drink a soda. I could have gotten a half priced meal after working my shift but I was kind of sick of the food there. Plus those fast food restaurants owners are just so damn generous, letting me have a half priced meal after paying me minimum wage, that I hated to take advantage of them.

I sat in one of the booths and Nicki sat opposite me to talk with me.

"I can't believe that you said that to me!" She still looked surprised. I was having visions of being called into the manager's office and given hell for sexual harassment. Of course if I did get fired I know I would go next door to the next restaurant and get a job there.

"To be very honest with you, Nicki, I have always thought you were cute and that just slipped out because I am tired." Plus my last girlfriend dumped me a week ago. She said I was a mama's boy. If I had been half the mama's boy she accused me of being, then I would have dumped her months before she dumped me. Mom never couldn't stand that girlfriend.

"Really? I always thought you were cute too but you always seemed so unapproachable, you never flirted at all." She was smiling and she hadn't slapped me so that seemed to be a good sign.

"I have been so busy with school and work lately that I haven't really had the time or energy for anything else. As soon as I am done with my soda I am going to change. Would you like to get some dinner with me? My parents are visiting my oldest brother so I have to fend for myself this weekend." God, that sounded lame.

"I need to change too. I really don't like being seen in my work clothes." Nicki got up to go change.

When I finished my soda I went to the employee bathroom and changed. Luckily I had a nice shirt and pair of jeans. This was starting to turn into a date and I can't stand looking raggedy on a first date.

Nicki and I walked out to my car. At the time I was driving a 1993 Ford Festiva. The car was only a few years old. I bought it new and it had no options on it, not even a radio. It did have automatic shoulder belts that had always hit my ex in the head as I started the car. She would lean forward for some reason just as I started the car and get hit. She would blame me for not remembering the bad timing but then I wasn't the one getting hit on the head. I opened the passenger door for Nicki then got in on the driver side.

Nicki and I chatted for the few minutes it took us to get to the nearest Outback Steakhouse. I asked her where she lived and she told me that she was living in the dorms. Her parents lived about a two hour drive from the university.

When we got to the restaurant we were seated rather quickly because it was only a little after opening time. I really had a craving for a New York Strip steak medium-rare. Whenever I got a steak at home it was always cooked medium-well and I would have to use some steak sauce to flavor it. I loved a medium-rare steaks, they are juicy enough that they are great with just mushrooms and onions.

We chatted all through our dinner. Every time Nicki smiled at me I could see that her front teeth were just slightly crooked. I don't know why but I found this so adorable. For desert we split a piece of chocolate cheesecake. It was fun sharing with her.

We had taken our time eating and it was close to 7:30 when we left the restaurant. I walked Nicki to my car and again opened the passenger side door for her. She stood there for a moment and I looked at her and just leaned towards her and kissed her softly. Our lips just brushed momentarily.

"In which dorms do you stay Nicki?"

"I live in the Tri-Towers but didn't you say your parents were away for the weekend? My roommate likes to have her boyfriend over on the weekends and that makes sleep a bit difficult. I think they like putting on a show."

I kissed her again but this time I put my arms around Nicki and she just melted right into me as our kiss deepened. I felt the Earth move and we held the kiss for several minutes.

"I guess you can stay in the guest bedroom." There are four bedrooms in my parents' house, two of which were empty thanks to me being the only child left at home. "It does have a double bed."

"I don't like sleeping in strange places all alone. Will you keep me company?" Nicki said that with such innocence as she looked into my eyes that I definitely knew what she wanted.

"It will be my pleasure to protect you from any monsters under the bed or in the closet." She smiled and we kissed again.

As we drove to my parents' house Nicki had her left hand on my right thigh, just stroking very lightly. It was hell trying to shift gears but some things in life are worth the risk. It didn't take long to get home. I parked my car in the driveway and then opened the passenger door for Nicki and lead her to the front door if the house.

We stepped into the house and I shut the door. I turned to Nicki and we just started to kiss and pet very heavily. The upstairs stairway was right in front of us. I pushed Nicki back so she was sitting on the stairs and I pulled my shirt over my head. I sat next to Nicki and we continued kissing. She ran her hands over my back and chest as I pulled her close to me. My left hand was around her shoulders and my right hand was caressing her breasts through her top. We stopped kissing for a moment so she could pull her top over her head.

I was hoping her bra was a front snap but it wasn't to be, it clasped in the back. I kissed her again and as I did my hands went to her sides and my fingers slipped under her bra strap. I stopped kissing her for a moment and asked her to put her arms straight up. She did this and I pulled her bra up and over her head in one quick motion. (I call that move "The Hockey Jersey" because I got the idea while seeing the fight during a hockey match.)

We started kissing again, I pulled her against me so I could feel her breasts and nipples rubbing my chest. She didn't waste any time getting my pants undone and my cock out. I had gotten my hand into her pants and I was fingering her, I could feel her wetness.

I pushed her back onto the steps and got on top of her. I was kissing her mouth, her ears and neck. I kissed to her breasts and spent several minutes worshipping each nipple with my lips, tongue and teeth. I could feel each nipple stiffen with lust in my mouth. Nicki put her hands behind my head, pulling my face into her breasts as she moaned.

I started kissing downward on her. I gave her belly button a deep tongue kiss that made her giggle as I started pulling her pants and panties down her legs. She kicked off her shoes quickly as I pulled her pants and panties completely off of her. She spread her legs and I went down on her sweet bare pussy, I ate her like I was a starving man, licking every drop of her sweet nectar. I fed like a wild animal, my tongue licked her from her asshole to her clit, I tried to lick her as deeply as I could. I bit, licked and sucked her lips and clit. I wrapped my lips around her hood and sucked. I whipped her clit with my tongue. I had completely lost control to the beast within myself.

Nicki lay back on the steps and I could feel her hands on my head, running her fingers through my hair and pulling me into her womanhood. Her cries and moans just brought the beast out of me more and more. Finally I saw her face turn red and her body tense as she started her orgasm, rewarding me with a flood of her sweet juices. She arched her back and let out screech of pleasure. She held my face to her pussy and I kept kissing lightly as she came down from her orgasmic high. I could feel each tremor as it originated in her pussy and spread out through her body.

I crawled next to her on the steps and kissed her lightly. She sat still for a few moments pulling herself together after her orgasm. She started returning my kisses, it felt so wonderful to hold her in my arms as we kissed.

One of Nicki's hands held my cock while the other lightly scratched my balls. "I really like a hot shower after work. Would you care to be a gentleman and wash my back for me?"

How could I refuse such an invitation?

I lead her upstairs to the bathroom in my parents' bedroom. It was a three quarter bathroom and the shower stall was just large enough for two people to hold each other closely.

I started the water and we waited until it was warm. We got in and closed the door. I scrubbed her back alright. We stood face to face kissing each other. I had my arms around her, running my hands from her shoulders to her ass. Ok, so I didn't have a wash cloth or soap, she didn't seem to mind. Nicki had her arms on my shoulders and we kept kissing.

She stopped kissing for a moment. "Now it is your turn, Gio." She dropped in front of me and started kissing and licking the head of my cock. She looked into my eyes as she licked the shaft and sucked on my balls. She said, "I want you forever," and took my cock into her mouth all the way down the shaft.

I had to lean back against the shower wall. Nicki started bobbing her head up and down. I could feel her tongue all over my shaft. She held my balls in one hand and caressed my nipples with the other. Now she was the beast, the woman starving and feeding on my manhood. I held off for as long as I possibly could. I don't know how long it took, I had no concept of time. When I started cumming I felt my toes curl so hard, like my feet were trying to form fist, that it was almost painful. Nicki just took my cock as deeply in her mouth as she could so my entire load went down her throat.

When I was done Nicki let my cock out of her mouth and I slid down the wall and sat on the floor of the shower. She sat next to me and we just kissed each other until the water started turning cool.

We got out of the shower and I turned off the water. We dried each other and Nicki wrapped her hair with a towel. I picked her up and carried her to the guest bedroom being careful not to bump her head as I went through the doors.

I set Nicki on the double bed and we started kissing again. My hand went between her legs and started fingering her. I had two fingers inside of her and my thumb on her clit. I felt her hand stroking my shaft, quickly getting me hard again.

"Do I need to get a prophylactic, Nicki?"

"No, I am on the pill."

That was good because the only prophylactic devices in the house were toothbrushes.

I rolled on top of Nicki as she spread her legs for me. I positioned my cock between her pussy lips and kissed her. With one push, my cock slid deeply into her, she was so wet. I started thrusting and I could feel her hands running from my shoulders to my butt. We were kissing each other all over. I could feel her lust stiffened nipples against my chest as my own nipples tingled with sexual need. Again I lost track of time. I think we both became beasts of pure sexual need. We kissed and bit each other. I could see her starting to turn crimson and she lost control, pulling my ear to her mouth she sucked on the lobe and stated cumming. I felt her bite the ear lobe and the contrasting pain pushed me over the edge and we orgasmed together. I felt my load rocket into her.

I fell onto Nicki and then rolled off of her. We kept kissing each other lightly and she was lightly caressing my nipples as I held her.

I looked at Nicki and smiled. "I am so glad I got into your hole."

She pinched a nipple a little harder than really needed and said, "Just shut up and hold me, I want to wake in your arms."

So, of course, I did.

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