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We’d traded glances at work a bunch of times, Nicole and me. She was cute. She had an adorable smile surrounded by pouty red lips and a sweet face. But she was remarkably self-conscious because she was heavy. She was, true enough. At about 5’3” or so, she was probably in the upper 190 range, maybe a little bit more. But something about her was amazingly attractive. Maybe it was her legs that I was just dying to suck on? Maybe it was her massive tits that I couldn't’t miss? Maybe it was her ass that I was just dying to smack? I don’t know.

Being the last ones to leave, I found myself tired at the end of a long day and staring at her a little too obviously. Finally catching me, she blushed a little and grinned looking over her glasses. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but she quickly took my looking as a complimentary gesture.

“You all right over there?,” she asked.

“Me? Yeah. Yeah I’m fine. Just about ready to be done for the day,” I told her, never really breaking my stare.

“Okay,” she giggled. “Really…what’s on your mind?”

“I’m wondering how big your tits are to be honest,” I head myself say before I really thought about it.

“Oh…I- I see. Well, they’re actually EE cups,” she said shyly.

“I want to see them,” I told her plainly, losing the ability to bullshit.

“You do?,” she asked surprised. “I…I have just gotten so self-conscious about showing my body to people. After I had my kids, I never really got the weight off. I just…I don’t know?”

I got up from my chair and moved around her cube to sit on her desk taking survey to make sure we were alone.

“I want to see them, Nicole. I want to suck them. I want to slide your skirt up and your panties down and have you straddle me. I want you to grind on me while I tease your nipples. I want to lay you on the table in the corner and hold your legs open to suck your pussy and finger you until you cum all over the place. Then I want so slam my dick in you, and fuck you until your cum runs down your legs. And I’m deadly serious.”

She stood to meet me with her mouth open, shocked and my candid honesty. She reached down and fumbled with the bottom of her thin sweater, not sure what to do, trying to pull it up. I reached down and lifted it for her, pulling it over her head, then I sat back on her chair. She pulled her skirt up and spread her legs to straddle the growing bulge in my pants. I ran my hands up her thighs and cupped my hands under her ass. She was surprisingly solid for what her size appeared to be. Then I buried my face in her tits.

Her head tilted back with her eyes closed and she reached behind her to un-clasp her bra. Her EE tits spilled out into my face and eager mouth. I sucked one greedily and massaged the other with a free hand. My other hand was busy working its way between her ass and panties. Black and lacy. She moaned as I sucked harder, grinding my hips up to meet her.

“Get up,” I whispered in her ear. “I want you on the table.”

“Wait, please…I, I can’t. I’m married. We shouldn't”

“Really? You want me to stop,” I asked as I gripped her down onto the bulge in my pants. “Because I want to put you on that table and take your pussy. I want to abuse it. I want to make you moan, and shake, and cum. And then we never have to talk about it ever again if you don’t want to.”

Still confused, she stood and moved to the table in the back of our office. She sat with her legs hanging over the edge, propping herself up on her hands, looking down at me over her massive tits. I sat on a chair in front of her and slid my hands up her legs to take hold of her panties. Then in a sharp movement, snatched them down from her hips and tossed them on the floor. I pushed her skirt up to show me her aching box, and lost regard for tenderness. The heel of my hand pressed firmly on her mound, and two fingers immediately pressed then entire length into her pussy.

I heard her gasp with the penetration as she began to buck her hips on my hand. Keeping my fingers in her, teasing her from within, I took my mouth to her swollen and throbbing clit. I nibbled it between my lips at first, sucking in and out. But the more I did, the harder she bucked, making me suck her harder, and drive my fingers, now three of them, deeper into her sex. Her arms had given way, and she was on her back, topless, massaging her tits and sucking her nipples in turn.

With her head back, she moaned like a whore, which only made my want to fuck her all the more. I put my hands behind her thighs and held her legs back while my tongue fucked in and out of her pussy. Then lubing a finger in her own juice, I pressed it deep into her asshole, making her body go rigid with an orgasm. Cum erupted from her pussy, soaking her thighs, my mouth, and the table.

Without thinking, she slid from the table to the floor, still shaking from her orgasm and not really sure what to do about it. She undid my pants, dropping them to the floor, and immediately took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. Her full, red lips pumped furiously as she worked my shaft, occasionally gagging a little as she went. She then pumped me by hand, as she sucked my balls. I felt a wave a pleasure, telling me I was about to cum, and not ready to do so just yet, with my hands tangled in her hair, I pulled her to her feet and placed her back on the table.

She shed her skirt, and was now naked but for her heels and her glasses. Spreading her legs, I took hold of her meaty thighs, and after rubbing my swollen cock on her cunt, shoved it in as deep as it would go. She squealed in pleasure and surprise as I began to pump into her. Her tits bounced wildly as I pulled her legs over my shoulders to go deeper. I heard her heels fall to the ground, and holding her by the ankles, gently sucked on her toes, painted bright red, as my cock ravaged her swelling cunt.

"Ungh...oh fuck," she moaned. "Give it to me....please! I want more...Get behind me. Fuck me from behind," she panted.

Sliding off the table to the floor, she composed herself. Then licking her hand, she rubbed her pussy, and turned over on all fours.

"Fuck me. Fuck me like a dog. I need to cum some more."

I got behind her and smacked her ass on both sides, leaving stinging red prints. She reached back between her legs and took my dick, guiding it to her hole. She lost her breath as I pressed back inside her. The sopping sounds of her pussy begged me to go faster. The faster I went, the louder she moaned.

"Oh shit! I feel like such a whore," she gasped. "Pound me. Pound me like a whore. Show me what a little bitch I am," she whispered leaning back into my ear.

Reaching under her, I had a firm grasp on both of her massive tits as I pounded her hole as hard as I could. I felt beads of sweat grow between them as we worked harder towards orgasm until I thought I could hold it no longer. Then pulling out, I quickly moved her to her back, slamming my meat back in her.

"I'm gonna cum, you little whore," I spat at her. "I'm going to pump my fucking seed into you as deep as I can."

"I want it all over my massive tits," she replied. But it was too late. My body jerked as I unloaded waves of sperm, flooding her womb for what seemed like an eternity.

Once the feeling had subsided, I could feel cum easing out of her pussy with my cock still inside her. I sat back and withdrew to a sloppy plopping sound as my seed spilled out of her cunt, down her thighs and collected one the floor. She reached down to wipe it up, and spread the mix of our cum all over her sweaty tits, massaging it in as if it were oil.

It was a lovely sight to see, her painting her body with my cum in the middle of our office. It was amazing to fuck a bigger girl. I couldn't give it to her hard enough. I wasn't afraid I was going to hurt her, or deal with some pretentious comment. I'm looking forward to doing it again.

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