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Nicole's Delight

Sequel to Dancing at the Party. Nicole can't forget about Jack
It had been a couple days, and Nicole couldn’t help but think back to that night at the party as she started to take off her blouse and skirt. She had just walked in from work and was getting ready to take a shower. She threw her shirt on the chair and lowered her skirt to the floor as her mind was filled with thoughts of her wild adventure with Jack.

Her hand unclasped her bra and as she let out her lovely breasts. She sat down on the bed and spread her legs, only wearing her pink lace thong. Her mind began to wander as she leaned back against the headboard and closed her eyes.

She could still see Jack staring at her as she danced. She remembered how it felt when she realized he was checking her out. It wasn’t like her to be so bold but she had stepped out and invited him to dance. Maybe she had too much to drink, or maybe she just wanted to be spontaneous. She hadn’t expected the ending though.

Nicole’s hand slipped under her panties as she let out a little moan thinking of how he had taken her. She loved her husband, but there was something about Jack that attracted her. Her fingers slowly moved and played with her clit and slid down her wet pussy as she remembered how he had taken her hard and fast. Her fingers slipped into her wet pussy as she longed to feel him in her again. She let out a moan as her fingers slid in knuckle deep. Her thumb on her clit applying pressure, she needed a release.

Her fingers worked inside her, pushing in deeper. She wanted to feel her fingers as deep as he was. She thrust hard with her fingers, sliding them in and out, and let out a loud moan as she trembled and felt herself release. Her body shook as her first wave of cum gushed out of her depths. Her juices soaked her panties as well as her hand and fingers. Her fingers slowly began to pull out of her pussy and she licked them loving the taste of herself.

She was brought back to reality as she heard the front door close. Quickly jumping up from the bed, realizing how wet her panties were, she went into the bathroom and pulled them off. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled wickedly. Yes, she had been naughty but she had loved every moment of it. She heard her husband coming up the stairs as she hurriedly wiped her hands clean.

Her husband stepped through the door and looked around. He saw his wife’s clothes on the ground but there was no sign of her. Usually, she would get into her comfy clothes so he assumed that was what she was doing. He turned to the bathroom and there she was standing in the doorway, naked with a big smile. His cock immediately grew in his pants as a smile came over his face.

“Hey baby, is that for me?” she questioned, stepping towards him.

He smiled and began to loosen his tie.

“No, no, baby,” Nicole said seductively waving her finger to him. Nicole grabbed his tie, turned and led him to the bed. As he reached the bed, she turned and let her hands drop to his bulge in his pants. Her fingers rubbed and traced his hard cock through his pants as she planted a kiss on his lips.

“Baby, looks like you need something taken care of,” she stated as she released the kiss.

Her hands began to unbuckle his pants then unzipped them. With one motion she pulled his pants and boxers down and let them fall to the ground. Her hands immediately wrapped around his hard cock has she began rubbing his shaft. She heard him moan as she kissed his chest, before pushing him down onto the bed.

She was about make love with her husband but she was also thinking about Jack. She seductively crawled on top of the bed and kissed her husband’s lips passionately. Her sweet juices began to drip onto his hard cock positioned under her. As their lips parted she looked down and saw his manhood with drips of her sweet juices glistening on it. Her hand slid down as she positioned the tip of his cock at the folds of her wet lips.

“Nicole,” he whispered as she lowered herself onto his manhood. Her eyes were closed as she was dreaming of sliding onto another. She began to slowly rock on his cock, grinding into him. Her hands clawed into her husband’s chest as she began to grind harder. She wanted to be pleased by the cock inside her loins.

Lost in her dream of Jack all the while, she rode her husband’s cock furiously and without seizing. Nicole’s body rocked hard, her breasts bouncing as she took every inch of her husband’s cock, all the while dreaming that it was Jack’s. Her fingernails clawing into her husband’s chest as she took his cock in her pussy. Letting up and leaning back, her hands grabbing her husband’s legs. Pushing herself into him.

“Fuck me, baby!” she screamed at Jack. She opened her eyes to see her husband lost in his own fantasy as his wife rode him. Nicole could feel herself ready to go. She closed her eyes again and saw Jack as she moaned and let go. Her cum squirted out and covered her husband’s cock and groin. She never stopped riding, wanting more, riding out her waves of pleasure. She felt her husband tense up and she knew he was going to blow. She pushed down on him hard, shoving his cock deep into her pussy.

“Give it to me, baby, I want it all!” she told her husband as she felt his cock spew out the first wave of cum. She pulled up and then slammed down again on his cock as his second and third waves of cum spewed into her. She leaned down, kissing her husband on the chest and then the lips. Her head moved down to his chest. She could hear his heart beating hard from the excitement. She hadn’t taken him like that in years.

“Nicole,” her husband finally spoke up. “Where did that come from, baby? I love you!”

“Maybe, I just wanted to please my man,” Nicole replied, smiling. Deep down she knew what she was dreaming all the while. After lying there a few minutes, Nicole headed to the shower, smiling as the hot water began to flow.

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