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Night at the Casino

Strangers meet at a Casino and hook up for some fun.
“Hit me.”

The suspense is killing me. A lot is riding on what happens now. I hold my breath as the anticipation builds. I start to doubt myself. It was an impulsive decision, one I may seriously regret.

I start to have doubts as I look at the 7 and 3 on the table in front of me.

“Ace – that makes 21 and black jack. Congratulations”

I start at the chips the dealer is placing in front of me. I do a mental calculation in my head. Wow! That’s $5,000!

I release the breath I was holding in. I started at the table a few hours ago with just $200 to my name. I came to have fun and I’m leaving with a lot more than what I came with.

Now that I’m no longer distracted by the cards in front of me, I look across the table at the man sitting in the far seat. He has the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. Once I was able to pull away from staring at his eyes, my stare traveled to his mouth. His lips looked so soft and kissable. I wondered what he would taste like.

Our eyes meet again, he’s smiling at me. Impressed perhaps? Happy for my win?

I’m smiling like a fool myself. Whether from the win, the attention he’s been giving me all night or all the mojito’s I’ve consumed while at the Black Jack table. I’ve lost track of the count. There was always a full glass at my elbow. Which is probably why I just took that incredible gamble – but it did pay off in the end.

I watch as his long, slender fingers play with his last two chips. My thoughts turn a little naughty. I imagine what it would be like to nibble on those fingers.

It must be the mojitos, I keep thinking about inviting this man, a complete stranger up to my room.

He taps the table in front of him, indicating to the dealer he wants another card. He pauses as he assesses the situation. A count of 12. Ouch. I don’t envy this decision. He taps again. Bust.

“Well, that’s it for me I guess,” Mr. Hottie looks my way and finishes with, “Maybe my luck will be better somewhere else.”

He’s looking straight at me when he’s saying these words. He tosses his last two chips at the dealer for a tip. Generous, I like that. I stare down at the pile of chips in front of me. I should walk away now anyhow. It would be a shame to lose any of it now.

“I’m going to quit while I’m ahead,” I hear myself say. I scope up my chips and stuff them into my little clutch purse. I can cash them in any time. Right now, I’m on a mission.

Mr. Hottie disappeared in the general direction of the elevator. He must be heading back to his room. I take an alternate route so it doesn’t look like I’m following him but head in the same general direction.

I check my appearance in one of the mirrored pillars as I walk by. I straighten my little red dress, and tuck a stray hair behind my ear. I knew this dress would bring me luck. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the store. It wasn’t too revealing but hugged my curves in all the right places.

I keep my eyes on the other side of the slots where Mr. Hottie has disappeared. I think I catch a glimpse of him, looking over his shoulder with a smile on his face. Does he know I’m following him? More importantly, does he want me to follow him?

My heart is beating so quickly. Am I making the right decision? I don’t even know this guy’s name, yet I’m actively pursuing him.

I walk past the last row of slots and there he is. He’s leaning casually against the walk across from the elevator. When he sees me, he walks over to the elevator and pushes the button. I continue on my path towards the elevator and the door opens just as I reach it.

“After you,” Mr. Hottie murmurs in a husky voice and smiles at me.

There’s no turning back now. I take a deep breath and step onto the elevator. I move to the far corner while Mr. Hottie steps in behind me and the doors close. He doesn’t even ask me what floor. He pushes the top floor – he’s in a penthouse. Holy! No wonder he didn’t seem too concerned by the money he lost at the table.

We stand staring at each other for a moment. He takes one step towards me in hesitation. I don’t make a move, I just stare at him through my eye lashes. He closes the distance between us and I lift my head as our lips collide in a searing kiss. My body bursts into flames and desire courses through my veins.

His lips are as soft as they look and they feel incredible. His tongue dives into my mouth, twirling with my tongue, tasting, teasing.

My hands are in his hair, everything about him is soft and he smells so good! The smell of him is intoxicating. He pulls my body closer until we’re molded together, his hips pushing mine into the wall of the elevator. One of his hands caressing my thigh, slowly pushing my dress up higher. My breath catches as his hands start to caress my heated core. He sure is moving quickly, but for some reason I can’t find a good reason to stop him.

He pulls his mouth away, with a ragged breathe he gasps, “Andre, my name is Andre.”


“Nice to meet you Linda.” He bends in for another peck as the elevator arrives at its designation.

I straighten my dress as the doors slide open, and Andre walks into the hallway. He takes a hotel key out of his back pocket and opens the door for me. I walk into his hotel room and gasp in astonishment at the beauty of the room.

There’s marble everywhere. The living room consists of a large ivory couch and love seat set. A flat screen TV covers most of the far wall and the tables are made of glass. There’s so much to take in. I’m suddenly intimidated and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

“Can I interest you in a glass of champagne Linda?” Well, at least he remembered my name. I start to wonder what he saw in me, he can obviously have his pick of women.

I have so many questions, but I don’t want to appear too nosey.

“Nice place you have here Andre. Do you stay here often?” I think of my little room I have many floors down, with a single double bed. I saved up for over a year to take this trip.

“I come to town often for business. The hotel knows what I like when I visit. I leave enough money at the tables, they can surely afford to keep me in comfort when I’m here,” Andre doesn’t say much more than that. He walks over to side buffet table. He opens a door in the side of the storage unit and pulls out a bottle of champagne. There are glasses on top already. Was he expecting company? Does he do this for many women? I decide to ask him.

“So do you entertain many women while you’re in town on business? You don’t have someone waiting for you at home, do you?” I’m suddenly concerned I’m about to become the second woman.

Andre walks over with a filled glass of champagne and hands it to me.

“No darling, I’m not in the habit of bringing women back to my room. Something about you intrigued me. I have to admit I couldn’t take my eyes off you all night,” he responds.

I know, I could feel them.

I take a delicious sip of champagne and thing about my next move. Will he still let me walk out if I want? Do I want to leave? No.

“You took a lot of chances playing Black Jack tonight. You remind me of myself. And now you’re sitting here in front of me now. You didn’t even know my name. You’re a risk taker. Do you like the exhilaration you get from taking risks?” he asks me.

Do I? I certainly never thought of myself as a risk taker. The ladies at the office would laugh at me if I even suggested the idea. Plain old Linda. Taking this trip was one of the craziest things I’ve done my entire life.

“Come, I want to show you something.” Andre grabs my free hand and pulls me towards a pair of glass doors on the other side of the living room. We walk out onto the balcony and gaze out over the city. There are lights in every direction you look. The neon lights eliminate the night sky. It must be shortly after midnight but you can see every detail of the buildings below. It’s absolutely beautiful.

We walk to the railing and stand there sipping champagne and taking in the view. I shiver as the night air starts to seep into my skin. Andre must have felt the tremor as he wraps his arm around me.

“So what brings you here Linda. You don’t seem to be cut from the same cloth as the women who live here.” Is it that obvious?

“I needed a break from life, a little adventure I guess. I’ve been planning this trip for so long. It’s always been a dream of mine to come here.” I suddenly feel comfortable with him and it’s so relaxing standing here in his arms.

I feel Andre’s body shift a bit and he starts to nuzzle and kiss my neck. He’s sending shivers down my back. I turn slightly in his arms and he softly kisses my mouth, taking his time. His feathery kisses are warming me from the inside. His kiss deepens and I part my mouth so his tongue can slip in. Rubbing my tongue with his tongue so slowly, so sensually. Now this is how a man makes love to a woman. I feel like I’m being worshipped.

I start to get light headed from all the attention, my head tips back and Andre takes full advantage by trailing kisses all the way down my exposed neck, down to the low cleavage of my dress. His hot kisses scorch my skin. He gently pulls the shoulders of my dress down my arms and my breasts become exposed to his exploration. His tongue laps at my nipples; harden by both desire and the chilled night air. Gently sucking on my nipples, his warm hand cups my other breast, gently kneading causing desire to course through my body.

I’m panting with desire and all I can think is that I want more. Now.

Andre must be reading my mind.

“Let’s go inside, I’ll get you some more champagne,” Andre says. Not like I need any more.

Andre walks over to the bottle he left out on the table, fills our glasses again, then come back over to me and starts to pull me towards another closed door.

“Come. Let’s get to know each other a little better.” I’m sure he doesn’t have talking in mind, but I want him so bad right now I’m willing to follow him. Just what I was looking for, right? More adventure? Well, honey, I think you found it.

I had pulled my dress back up when I came inside the apartment so my breasts were not fully exposed again. The curtains are open and the city lights set a light ambience in the room that almost seems romantic.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks softly, looking at me seriously?

I nod my head; I don’t trust my voice at this point. How can I say no at this point? Mr. Hottie himself is standing in front of me, just begging me to allow him to pleasure me. I know he’s going to be a good lover, he’s already shown how skilled he is with his kisses.

“Good,” he sighs. He grabs the glass out of my hand and places it on the dresser behind him.

Turning back around, he reaches for me and I step into him while our lips connect again. The electricity seems to ignite between us. There’s no denying we have chemistry together. My arms curl around his head, pulling him down to me while he grabs my hips and pulls me against him. His hands slowly work their way up my back to my zipper. My dress cascades down my body to land in a pile at my feet. I’m standing in front of this complete stranger in nothing but my lacy panties and high heel shoes. Instead of being ashamed, I’m completely exhilarated. What has gotten into me?

I start to work on his buttons on his shirt, and slowly making my way down to his pants. Andre helps me with his belt and just as quickly his clothes are on a pile beside mine.

Andre lifts me up and carries me to the bed. Gently laying me down on the bed, I move myself over to the centre of the bed and Andre follows me. His hands are all over my body, caressing and teasing me. His mouth follows his hands, tasting every inch of my skins. I lie back on the bed and let him do as he pleases. He seems to know what he’s doing, why should I stop him now.

My legs are pushed apart so he can have access to my wet pussy. His fingers slip underneath my panties, and start to softly caress my clit.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moan loudly. I can’t wait to have his cock inside me. I lay back for a while, letting him send shivers through my body. His finger slips inside me, then back out to play with my sensitive nub.

I’m getting anxious. My hips start to bounce off the bed, coming up to meet his hand when he thrusts it into me. Andre takes a minute to pull my panties off. He leaves the bed for a moment. When he comes back, his underwear is also gone and he has a condom in his hand.

He crawls back up beside me for another deep kiss while his hand strays down to pleasure me some more. I decide to return the favor and reach down to his cock. I find I’m pleasantly surprised by what my hand encounters. His member is hard like a rock and ready for me. I slowly caress his cock, sliding my hand down to his balls, then back up to the tip of his penis where I rub my thumb back and forth.

Andre sits back a bit so he can slip the condom over his ridged cock. He looks back down at me panting with need. He smirks as he knows exactly what I need – that large cock in me.

I open my legs and arms to him, accepting him in. His glorious cock slides into my tight, wet pussy. I moan at the sensation of him filling me. Reaching out for his shoulders and grabbing hold. I think I’m in for a wild ride. Slowly, Andre starts to move up and down on me. The exquisite feeling of his deep thrusts causes surges of pleasure through my body. I arch my body up to meet his every thrust. I close my eyes from the sheer pleasure I’m experiencing.

Andre’s head dips down to my breasts and sucks hard on my nipples. His hands seem to be everywhere, touching every inch of my body. He blows on my wet nipples then gently attacks them with his teeth. A mixture of pleasure and pain, everything he does seems to send a surge straight to my inner core.

He sits back and pulls my hips to him, continuing to thrust deep into me. I’m like a rag doll in his hands, allowing him to do what he pleases. His thumb sneaks down to my clit and I can feel myself get even wetter.

“Get up Linda, go on your hands and knees,” he tells me.

I do as I’m told, put a pile of pillows under my stomach and he takes me from behind. He has full access to my back side, which he caresses gently and lowers his head to bath my skin with more hot wet kisses. His hands travel underneath to my stomach, spanning the distances of my hips. Reaching higher up, he gently cups my breasts. My nipples rub against the inside of his palms with every thrust. Rocking back and forth on my knees, I slam my hips back to match each thrust.

His cock seems to reach right to my core, and I love the feeling of his body draped across my back. So much skin contact, it feels like we are truly one body.

Deeper still, Andre holds my hips in place while continues his assault on my senses. Pulling his cock almost all the way out, then thrusting back in to me hard. It’s like he’s trying to tease me by pulling all the way out. Over and over again he thrusts back into me, until I feel like I’m going to pass out from the sear pleasure.

He flips me over one more time so I’m on my back again.

Andre grabs one of my legs and lifts it to his shoulder and enters me. Oh my god! I’m not sure how much more I can handle. My breathing is already accelerated and coming out in gasps. But he’s not done, he reaches down for my other leg and swings that one up to his other shoulder. My back end is completely off the bed, suspended by his hips and Andre continues his sweet assault. I swear I feel like I’m going to be split in half. That or I’m going to burst from the sensation. I can’t decide which.

I dig my nails into Andre’s arms as I feel myself climbing higher and higher. His thrusts are coming quicker and deeper. I’m not sure how much more I can handle. Just as I think that, Andre reaches between us to play with my clit.

It’s more than I can handle – I explode around him, screaming my release. I’m sure the whole world heard me. Moments later, Andre finds his own release and collapses beside me on the bed.

We’re both panting from the exertion, but Andre finds the strength to lean over and give me a chaste kiss on the lips. He murmurs something like, “that was great,” but I’m only half listening. I’m still recovering.

A little while later after Andre and I have recovered our clothes off the floor, and have sampled some of the room service Andre had ordered up, I realise it’s 3am and I need to get some sleep.

“Are you going to be in town for a while longer?” Andre asks me.

“My plane flights out tomorrow at 4:00,” I respond. He looks disappointed by my response. I feel how he looks.

“If you ever find yourself back in the city, be sure to look me up,” he replies. Sure, who do I ask for? The hottie that was staying up in the pent house? I think it but don’t say a word. Adventure. Once in a life time opportunity. That’s what I was looking for and that’s exactly what I got.

I smile up at him as he kisses me one last time.

“Good by Andre, I really enjoyed myself.” I find myself saying.

Andre holds the hotel door open for me and watches me as I get on the elevator. One last wave and I disappear behind the steel doors of the elevator. Will our paths ever cross again?

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