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Night at the hotel

My long-time girlfriend and I rent a hotel for a night.
"I'll see you tonight!" Robin says in her smooth sexy tone then hung up the phone.

We were going to do it! We were finally going to spend a whole night together just fucking! I was so excited! I had it all planned out. We were to meet at the hotel at nine p.m. and spend the night exploring each others bodies. We had been dating for two years now and had been having sex since a few weeks after her 16th birthday. We actually would have sex about five times a week. We were very into each other.

I was 18 at the time and she was 17. It was the first summer after I graduated high school and her senior year. I worked 70 hours a weeks and she about 30, which made it hard to find time to see each other, but we did. We fucked every time, but something about a hotel and all night just got both of us so horny.

I had just gotten home from my week away at work and it was about six p.m. I hopped into the shower and shaved my face, chest and pubes. I knew girls like men to be smooth and not have a jungle. That night I wanted to please her more than she ever had been.

I looked in the mirror before I left. I'm 6'0, 170lbs, dark brown hair in the form of a buzz cut, deep blue eyes. I wasn't ripped but I wasn't scrawny, I would have been classified as toned. I left and told my parents I'd be staying at my friends house tonight. I went to the sex store in town and bought massage oil and lube. Then I went and checked into the hotel around 8pm.

I was eagerly waiting in bed watching TV when I heard a knock. I got up, answered the door, and saw her. She had straight long red hair, brown eyes, and perfect luscious lips. She was wearing tight black yoga pants which I nicknamed her fuck pants because it hugged her tight ass so well you could see everything. She also had on a tight low riding t-shirt that outlined every curve of her body. I had bought it for her for Christmas last year and under it I could tell she had brought my favorite lacy pink push-up bra by the way her tits were slightly higher on her chest. It made her 36C breasts even better to look at.

I couldn't take it. Without saying anything, I grabbed her bag, threw it into the room and kissed her. Her lips met mine and my tongue slid into her eager mouth. I pulled her into the room and shut the door behind us all without losing our locked lips. I reached behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She would gently bit on my lower lip as would I occasionally. This drove both of us mad.

After a few minutes I broke our kiss and I started kissing her neck. I heard her moan "Ohhh." I reached down and felt her perfect ass. By the stiffness of skin to fabric, I could tell she hadn't worn any panties tonight. I opened my mouth and started sucking and licking her neck. I knew she loved this and so did I. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt her hot breath on my neck then her lips and tongue. Her soft lips gently brushing my skin as her tongue caressed over my neck felt amazing.

I pushed her back onto the bed and fell on top of her. I locked our lips again while my hands roamed her body. My hands found their way to her tits, but I needed her shirt off. I sat us up and pulled her shirt off only breaking our kiss for the briefest moment. Then laying us back down I slid my left hand under her bra and felt her tit. It was so warm from being in her shirt all day. I felt her hard nipple and softly pinched it with my index and thumb. We lied there making out while I massaged her tit for awhile.

I needed easier access so I sat us up again and unclasped her bra, while she took my shirt off all the while still hardly breaking our kiss. When we layed back down, I could feel her bare tits on my chest. We were getting really into our kiss, and our tongues were dancing around each other's deep in our mouths. I slowly slid down her, stopping briefly on her neck to kiss her there again then down to her tits.

I took her right one into my mouth and massaged her left tit. She tilted her head back in pleasure and moan.

"Yesss.. That feeeels sooo goooood."

I twirled my tongue around her nipple and then gently nibbled on it which made her just moan louder. I felt her hands grab my shoulders and pull me up. She kissed me so deep I thought her tongue would touch the back of my throat. Then she pulled my head back and whispered in my ear.

"I want you to fuck me... Now!"

That was all I needed. I lifted myself off her and pulled her pants off. Her perfectly shaven pussy looked so good. I leaned down and kissed it. She was sopping wet. It tasted so good. I had to hold myself back from going to town on it. I undid my pants while she lay there and watched me.

Now I always have condoms with me but nothing feels better than unprotected sex, plus I can always pull out. So, I layed back down on top of her and kissed her passionately, as she just had me and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips. She bit my lip then said, "Stop fucking teasing me. I want you in me now!"

With that I plunged my cock into her. Her head slammed the pillow as she let out a loud grunting moan. I muffled her moan with my lips. I started thrusting into her at a fast pace. Her nails were digging into my back as our tongues wrestled. I felt her legs wrap around mine and she started to move in rhythm with me. As I would slam my cock into her, she would meet my hips with hers. I reached down and cupped her ass in my hands. I got more leverage this way and could thrust even harder. She was starting to moan really loud now.

"Fuckkk I'm cumminnnggggg!"

I felt her pussy tighten around my hard cock. Her nails dug into my back so hard I thought she might draw blood. Her legs squeezed mine and her back arched into me. I held her in place though and kept my cock moving inside of her which kept her orgasm going to awhile.

As soon as she came down I slowed down but didn't stop.

"I love you, Robin."

"I love you t..."

I didn't let her finish. I shoved my member into her as hard as I could which took her breath away. She smiled and kissed me.

I wasn't going to let her come down from the high she just had. I knew a secret that makes her cum in less than a minute, no matter what. I put my forearms on the inside of her thighs and wrapped my hands around her thighs. I lifted her legs until her knees were to her chest. I broke our kiss and raised myself up. I looked down at my beautiful girlfriend. She knew what was coming and I could tell she wanted it so badly.

I started thrusting my cock in her as hard and as fast as I could. She immediately started to moan so loud it was like a scream. The back of her head was pressing hard into the pillow and her tits were bouncing up and down. I kept her legs pressed unto her chest and kept fucking her.

I felt her pussy start to tighten again. Her head slammed into the pillow and her hands pulled my head down. I picked up the pace even more. Her eyes were clinched shut and she was opening her mouth but couldn't make any sound.

Knowing I was giving her this much pleasure, sent me over the edge. I filled her with my cum. I lowered her legs and gently kissed her.

"I love you so much," she said.

"I love you too."

I rolled off of her and she curled up next to me and put her head on my chest. I kissed her forehead.

"This is going to be a great night," she looked up and kissed me...
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