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Night Dreams

Tags: lovers, oral
What a way to wake up
His tongue pressed gently, yet firmly spreading my pussy lips as he lapped slowly making sure to stop and play with my clit a bit before running his tongue back down and then up again.

These were the dreams I loved the most. You know the dreams where you find yourself soaking wet when you wake up and hot, sweaty and in need of a rock hard cock fucking you fiercely. Ummm, I was in heaven and I was biting my lip and rocking my pelvis into his face wanting him to fuck my box with his mouth.

His hands moved to fondle my breast and his fingers teased my tits and then he pinched one. Damn, that hurt to the point where my eyes opened disappointed to be wakened. But the sweet pressure and heat from my cunt kept going. I looked down to see the top of my man’s head and his face buried in my crotch. “Oh, yes, fuck yes,” I whimpered out loud.

He returned with a sly muffled laugh, not letting his tongue leave my box. He lapped and sucked me harder and faster and I woke quickly from my sleep. His tongue dipping into my slit and then out again. He then moved to flick and massage my clit while he moved two fingers, then three into my cunt. I rocked into him hard and I felt that incredible swelling of an orgasm growing fast. I clenched onto the sheets under me as I prepared my body to cum hard and long. Oh, dear god it was fucking amazing and I heard his moans of approval as he slurped up my cum.

He wanted to make me cum again as he slowed down, but was deliberately working my pussy again. It was hard to pull him away and selfishly hard to want him to stop, but I needed him in me. The pulsing in between my legs needed the relief of his thick, 7 inch prick, fucking me deep and hard.

It was my turn to take control and I pushed him up off of me forcing him off the bed. I knelt on the bed in front of him and wrapped my arms around him, kissing him hard, and I tasted myself. I noticed he hadn’t even undressed. He owns a bar and he gets home in the middle of the night. He obviously came home with a mission to wake me, fuck me and then sleep. A perfect plan I must say.

I stared in his eyes, as undid his belt, unzipped his khakis, and released that beautiful bulge. I kissed him again as I wrapped my hand around his thickness and began a slow hand job. I then lay myself across the bed, tummy side down. I kept my hand wrapped around the base of his cock while my wet lips parted to take him into my mouth. I took him in just a bit; just the tip of his penis. I closed my eyes and moaned as I circled the tip with my tongue before sucking him into my warm, wet mouth. I bobbed into him slowly and let his thickness fill me. He felt so good and then I tasted his pre-cum and I wanted more of him.

To get at him better, I released him and moved off the bed and told him to sit down. To my knees I went and I glared into his eyes as I kissed his balls and sucked them ever so gently before licking up his shaft to the tip of his cock. I giggled with delight as he watched me. I played with him for a while before taking him deeper in; sucking and licking; my head bobbing faster and deeper.

I knew I had him ready, he was going to spew into my mouth and I was ready to taste his hot, tangy juices. But he stopped me. I didn’t want to let go of him, but he told me to stop and pushed me away. He stood up and brought me to my feet and pushed my body down onto the bed, my feet still on the floor.

His hands pushed me deeper into the bed and I felt his fat, hard dick press into my dripping wet pussy. Ahhhh, yeah, I came again with his entry. There was no time for gentle. He rammed into me and I gasped with delight. His hands pushing me harder down and he rocked fast into me. I stretched my hands out in front of me and I held on tight to the opposite side of the bed as he just pounded the shit out of me. Oh, I was lost in him and I came so hard I felt my juices squirting out of me.

“Fuck yeah, babe,” he exclaimed, “squirt for me, yeah,” and then he let out a guttural groan that let me know he let it all loose inside me. He jerked and writhed and gave me a few more hard jolts until his rhythm slowed and he collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck gently, finally whispering in my ear, “Honey, I’m home.”

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