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night of surprise

Tags: fingering
this is a true story
After a long time of working, I was ready to go home and go to bed but what I soon found out was I wasn’t going to go to bed when I got home.

When I pulled up in my driveway, I saw your car parked in it. I smiled as you stand by the steps to my house. I stepped out of my car and was greeted by a hug. Your strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to you. It has been a few days since the last time I was there in your arms.

“I missed you.” You whispered in my neck. It gave me chills as you kissed my neck. I smiled and pulled away to look at you.

“I missed you too.” You smiled, brushed my cheek with your finger pushing my cheek up to your face. Our lips touched with passion as your arms tighten around me and slightly picked me off the ground.

Once you sat me down, you lead me inside my house hand in hand. I changed my clothes and washed up in the bathroom. When I returned to my room, you had already started a movie and was comfortable in my bed.

I lay beside you, under your arm as you kissed my forehead. Then my nose, to cheek to the other before moving finally to my lips. We kissed so passionately, your hand on the side of my face.

Your kisses became rougher and you were gripping at my face. I wrapped my arms around your neck, pulling you closer to me. You moved on top of me, kissing my neck just the right way to make me moan.

You worked your way down my body, once you got to my boobs, your face pulled away. I looked up at you as your grip the seem of my shirt and ripped it off of me. This surprised me but I didn’t stop you.

You kissed down further and ripped my bra off of me with your teeth. This was starting to turn me on.

You kissed my neck again, biting it just slightly. I pulled your shirt up to clawing at your back. I loved what you were doing to me. You pushed your cock in between my legs, just to tease me. I moan as your growing cock hit just the right spot with every thrust.

You started to bite my neck harder, working your way up to my ear.

“You like that, don’t you, you dirty little girl.” I love it when you talked dirty to me like that. I moaned in response.

“What? I can’t hear you.” I smiled, knowing exactly what you were trying to make me do. “Do you like this?”

“Oh yes. I love it!” I was clawing into your back so hard. You stopped thrusting into me and once again kissed your way down my body.

Stopping right at my navel, you licked around my navel ring, pushing your tongue under it. I liked it when you played with my belly ring.

You gripped my panties between your teeth and pulled back so hard, they ripped right off of me. This really did surprise me but also made me want you more.

Slowly, you moved your face to my dripping wet pussy. You slid your tongue in between my lips, searching for my clit. My legs tensed up, once you had hit it.

I felt you smile as you watched me squirm around, trying not to squish your head in between my legs. My eyes were rolling back, my back was arched then you stopped. Kissing your way up my body, you laid beside me.

Our lips met with such passion, I pulled you close to me, wanting you right then. One hand rested on my face as we kissed, moving it down to my boob rubbing it gently then a bit rougher. We both moaned; I could feel your cock press against my leg.

I couldn’t stand the tension anymore. I took your hand and slightly pulled in down off my boob. When you didn’t catch my hint I was trying to give you, I moved it more. Finally you got the idea and moved it to my pussy.

It felt so good to feel your fingers inside of me once again. It has been so long. You started out slowly, kissing my neck as you fingered me. My breathing was quickening in pace, so did your fingers.

You started to talk dirty to me again. “Take it like the dirty whore you are!” right then and there you moved your fingers soo fast that I couldn’t control my moans. I had pulled you so much from the pleasure you were giving me that you were almost laying on top of me.

I pushed my face into your shoulder to muffle my moans but you could still hear me. Still going really fast, I knew your hand and arm was getting tired but I was so close to climax that I begged you to keep going.

You reached for my leg to bring it up, spreading it wider to have better entry to me. By then I was orasming out of control, I had one after the other. Begging for you to keep going but you couldn’t.

Once you had stopped, I laid there for a moment, regaining my strength. My arms felt weird to me; they were tingly, like I lost blood to them or something. Once I felt like I could stand, I was a bit light headed but was alright.

Was the best night every. Maybe you should go away more often.

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