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Night Out On The Beach

Making our honeymoon worth remembering.
My wife, Abby, and I, who had recently been married, hadn't planned on a great getaway honeymoon at first. But my wife's parents, generous and involved in our relationship as they were, sent us out on a trip to Fiji. As excited as I was for my first real trip out of the country, I definitely felt the pressure to make this honeymoon as memorable as possible.

The flight was uneventful, but long. It left Abby and I both so ready to just relax and spend the night thoroughly enjoying each other. Our hotel room was absolutely beautiful. The bedroom windows faced the ocean, and the beach was a stone's throw from the door.

Thinking I'd be a little romantic, I suggested a sunset walk on the beach. Happily agreeing, Abby swiftly went into the master bathroom to slip into her bikini, while I jumped into my swim trunks. Just as I pulled them on, Abby stepped out of the bathroom in a thin, teal bikini that modeled her ample breasts and toned stomach and thighs wonderfully.

"All ready for our walk, Mrs. Welsch?" I asked, smiling at her new and improved last name.
"Why, yes, Mr. Welsch. I am." Abby returned with a smile of her own as she glided out the hotel door in front of me.

After a long stroll up and down the beach, we set a blanket down near the water, preparing for the sun to set. I sat down, and Abby followed, sitting between my legs and leaning back into my chest. The moment was perfect. We talked casually about the wedding and our drunken friends which attended it while the sky gradually shifted from blue, to orange, to pinks and purples. As dusk reached to horizon and the stars started to shine, I knew it was time to start heating things up.

Pulling my hands away from hers, I slowly traced my sandy finger tips over her hips and up her stomach. Moving one hand away to untie the bikini top behind her neck, the other trailed softly through her exposed cleavage. As the straps fell loose on her shoulders, I slipped both hands under her top and carefully encircled her hardening nipples with my fingers. I felt her head push back against my chest as a light gasp escaped her lips.

I continued to caress her attentive breasts until my clear arousal was felt through my trunks against her lower back. She gracefully pulled her bikini top away from her body while she sat up and turned to face me. Placing her hands seductively on my chest, pushing me into a laying position on the blanket, she straddled my waist.

Feeling my swelling member beneath her, she slowly grinded her hips down against me. I raked my hands up and down her exposed chest, grabbing and pulling on her hardened, pink nipples. Craving more of her touch, I sat up with her on my lap and planted firm, desperate kisses across her neck and shoulders, sucking on her skin each time. Moving downward with my kisses, and then steadily danced my tongue along her chest, lifting her her perky C cup breasts to my mouth.

She leaned her head back in pleasure with this new sensation, and I felt her body react further as she rocked her dampening crotch against my stiff shaft.

"You're asking for it, Abby" I said in a low voice as I quickly lifted and turned her onto her back below me. Leaning over her, we made brief eye contact. Her blonde hair was now draped all across the blanket, and her blue eyes had yearning look to them. I could tell by her now heavy breathing that she was ready, and I was going to tease her much longer.

No longer being gently, I dragged my hands down her sides to her hips, where I hooked my fingers under the waist band of her bikini bottoms. Abby complied by lifting her firm ass as I pulled the bottoms off, tossing them to the side. Seconds after, she untied the front of my trunks and tugged them down off my waist, revealing my hard manhood.

Abby softly trailed a single finger down the length of my 8.5 inch shaft, biting her lip as it twitched under her touch. Sick of waiting, I lifted her legs up around my waist, pressing my lips passionately to hers as a sunk down and casually inserted my dick into her wet slit inch my inch. As my full length became buried in her tight pussy, she low moan vibrated through our kiss.

To maintain the romantic feel of the moment, I continued slowly at first. Pulling out of her almost entirely before going back in, thrusting hard at the last second. She wrapped her arms tightly around my torso, moving her mouth away from mine, moaning openly into the night air.

I began picking up pace, her hips lifting up to meet mine with ever thrust. Her moans became louder, egging me on. I continued to pump into her tight body as her fingernails dug into my skin telling me she was getting close to climax.

"James, baby, cum with me. Cum with me, please."
She managed to say this between her increasing moans. Determined to give her what she asked for, I braced myself against the solid ground, and pounded away. Slamming into her perfect body, letting out small grunts of effort, pushing us both to the very edge of orgasm.

In the final seconds before her orgasm, Abby raked her finger nails down my back and whimpered "Baby, I'm cumming" right in my ear, sending me far over the edge. Every muscle in her body clenched tight. Her legs around my waist pulled me into her further as I shot several streams of my hot seed into her.

I lifted her into my arms and careful carried her into the cool ocean water, her body still trembling from the intensity of the orgasm. I gently wiped the sand away from her skin, kissing her shoulders as I did so. Even though Abby was still recovering after her strong climax, I knew this night was not over for us.
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