Night Train

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A sexy encounter on the midnight train to Rome.
The Night Train

My friend and I had been travelling around Europe for three weeks, backpacking from city to city, staying in hostels and seeing the sight. And the sights were amazing! But despite the many beautiful girls we’d seen and met, neither of us had got lucky so far.

We caught the midnight train from Milan to Rome and found ourselves in a small, stuffy carriage divided into booths of six sleeper chairs each. We took our seats and sat sown next to an old Italian couple travelling back to visit family. We made pleasantries but mainly kept ourselves quiet by reading or listening to some music. After an hour or so, the old couple were happily sleeping and the whole carriage fell silent but for the constant canter of the train speeding through the countryside.

I was just dozing off myself, when I heard the train begin to slow to take passengers from some small stop in the middle of nowhere. The lights were all off as I heard our door open. Two Italian girls giggled as they stumbled in. “Mi dispiace” they whispered, before placing their bags on the rack and finding their seat. I kept my eyes tightly shut, pretending I was sleeping. The girl sat down besides my, her friend opposite her, next to my sleeping friend. I slowly opened my eyes and immediately caught the flash of her eyes in the twinkling night light form the train’s corridor. “Hello good looking” she barley spoke, making exaggerated mouth gestures with a gentle whispers. “Where are you from?” Even in the darkness she recognised we weren’t Italian!

“We're from Wales” I replied, nervously.

“Oh! Wales! You play rugby don’t you?” She gave a cheeky smile and added “I like boys who can play rough!”

I couldn’t believe my luck! I was flirting with an Italian girl without even trying! And she was beautiful. Her dark features, big bright eyes and pretty face captivated me. She was friendly and in no mood for sleeping. Her friend had fallen silent, sleeping warmly on my companion’s shoulder.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Coco” she grinned. “And yours, my rough Welsh friend?”

“My name’s Gareth.”

“Well Gareth, it’s a long time until we reach Rome. What are you doing tonight?”

Her accent was so cute, and her flirting so fun, I couldn’t help but return her touchy feely advances. As she lent in to whisper more suggestive things in my ear, I felt her hand hold my knee, and slowly slide up my legs. She kept on until her thumb brushed against my crouch and I felt my cock shudder with excitement. Coco’s eye’s lit up, and lips her curved upwards. “Hello, and what’s this?” She began to stroke against the growing bulge in the jeans. My cock tightened in my tight black briefs and I felt my entire length stretch out towards my belt. Her words turned to caress my neck and her soft mouth began to gently kiss and tongue my ears. I held the back of her head, her silky dark hair fell through my open fingers. Our lips met and an explosion of feelings burst between us. I’d never felt anything so sexy before. Her kisses burned through my body and a lust came over me stronger than a hurricane.

Coco fell to her knees and opened my leather belt and unbuttoned my fly. She pulled out my throbbing erection, held it hard at the base, and slowly ran her tongue from the balls to the bell, before engulfing it with her hot, wet mouth. I gasped as she sucked hard down on my dick, tickling my scrotum with the tip of her tongue, fully deep throated. The sexy Italian teen sucked me like a pro, accelerating and slowing the thrusts of her action, teasing me and giving me pleasure.

The old man snorted, before settling back down to a light snore. “We’d better be quiet!” she said, standing up and slipping down her little red thong. She turned around, facing her sleeping friend, lifted her short, skinny summer dress up to reveal with finest, perky little ass you’d ever seen. She grabbed my dick and, sitting down me, she directed it into her socking wet pussy. “Aaaahh” she quietly whimpered. With my hands holding her small waist, I began to forcefully thrust deeper and deeper inside her. Her tight little pussy gave more and more as her hot juices oozed out and dripped onto my balls.

I ran my fingers up her dress and felt her naked body quiver underneath. I cupped her round little breasts and played with her bullet like nipples, massaging her tits as I bang her little beaver. Biting her shoulder, I sunk my big hard cock as far as I could push it and she desperately tried to silence her groans of satisfaction. We carried on thinking the others were fast asleep, rocking back and forth in a hot, lustful passion. Just then, I opened my eyes to see Coco’s friend, Leila, walk towards us with a filthy dirty look in her eye. She unbuttoned her blouse and undid her skirt and in the mellow light through stripes of shade, I saw her body. Dressed in outstanding French bra and knickers, her long, curvaceous body threw a silhouette worthy of a centrefold. They whispered something in Italian to each other, and Leila bent down, showing her full, voluptuous cleavage, held up in by her lacy underwear. With my cock still hard inside Coco’s little pussy, Leila touched the bottom of my sticky balls with her long, wet tongue. My penis swelled inside Coco, and her best friend could see the ecstasy it brought to the both of us. I slowly gyrated my hips, moving a little to the left and right, as Leila moved up and down, from sucking my balls, to licking the shaft, to tongue fucking Coco’s clit.

Leila stood up, took Coco’s hand and escorted off me to kneel back down with her. “Better wash him off before he enters me!“ Leila laughed. Then Leila and Coco began licking the pussy juice from my cock and balls, swallowing every last drop of sticky jizz. They licked and blew my whole shaft, licking each other’s tongues along the way. Stopping and the tip, they took passed the bell into each others mouths as they French kissed each other passionately.

“You ready for some more Gareth?” Coco asked lustfully.

“Fuck yeah!”

Leila slipped out of her French knickers, her neatly shaped bush showing off her little red beaver. She went down on all fours in the space between the two sets of seats, and begged me to fill her hole. I stepped out of my jeans and briefs and knelt down behind her. Coco then sat back down in her seat, her finger inside her, slowly rubbing herself. I held my cock and put it on Leila’s vagina, sliding up the lips and circling around her clitoris. She exhaled loudly and began to move with anticipation. I grabbed her firm round ass and entered her with ease. Her moist hole inviting my solid cock in for more silent fucking on the midnight train.