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No clothes, No plates

Every once in a while, he'll have to take time off work for pancakes. ;)
She was half asleep, mostly unaware of his movements except that her body was completely attuned to his. She could feel him hardening against her back and a sigh escaped her lips as she remembered everything that had happened the night before.

It was the first time that they had had sex with each other, but it was more than that. He was the first man that she had actually orgasmed with. She had never been wound so tight in her life and never been unwound so deliciously.

She felt his hand travel from her hip to her shoulder to move her hair away. His lips began tracing patterns on her shoulder and back while his hand moved back down. His touch was strong and possessive. She felt wanted and needed and slightly sore from the last night, but her body didn’t mind. Her pussy was beginning to tingle with need for him again.

“Good morning beautiful.” His voice was low and husky. The voice of a man who had made hours of love the night before and hadn’t talked since then. A whisper against her shoulder that made goosebumps race over her skin. She remembered what those lips could do. She remembered how they closed around her clit and lathered her with the most intense feeling, wracking her body in climax after climax as he wound her tighter for his penetration.

A smile curved her mouth as she turned to look sleepily at him. She was ready for him again, whether her mind was awake or not.

“Good morning,” She turned completely and draped her leg around his thigh, feeling his cock harden even more as it rested just above her pussy lips. He was able to feel how wet she was for him and she couldn’t help but smile as she thought of how wet she would always be for him. “You slept well I imagine?”

He chuckled at her small talk as she slowly rubbed her pussy against his throbbing weight. She desperately wanted to take him all in at once but at the same time, she wanted it to last forever.

“I did. I would say that I dreamt of you, but I didn’t. I was too busy enjoying holding you against me.” His smile deepened and she kissed the corners of his mouth.

“I would hope you like me better when I’m awake,” she continued teasing his mouth.

“Awake. Asleep. Both have their charms. When you’re awake, I can feel how tight you are and hear my name on your lips. However, when you’re asleep I get to see how naturally your body fits mine and muse over waking you up just to take you again.”

“I’d love to have you take me again. After all, you did wake me up and I’d hate for it to be for no-”

Before she could even finish her sentence he had rolled her onto her back and was positioned above her, rubbing the head of his penis against her soaked lips. She couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her before his mouth descended on hers and he thrust into her, long and slow.

One hand massaged her nipple while the other gripped her ass and pulled her closer to his thrust, making her meet him halfway. Her arms went around his neck and explored the muscles on his back while he traced kisses down her neck to find the sweet spot that he knew had her weak in the knees. He nipped at her neck and felt her breath escape her as her nails dug into his back just a little bit. Just enough to encourage him.

His thrusts became wilder as she found his ear. She nibbled lightly on the bottom and then moved across his jaw to his lips. Her body was on fire in the most delicious way. She felt like any moment she was going to combust but he kept going, driving into her with a passion that nobody could rival and that only she could release in him.

He was stretching her and she could feel sunlight spreading through her body, starting from where he entered her and radiating out until her entire body was a ball of fire and light.

He wasn’t slowing down but he wasn’t going fast enough either. He was teasing her, holding her on the brink of a destruction she welcomed.

“Please.” She whispered her plea against his lips and he paused, just outside her pussy.

“Please what, love?” He smiled knowingly at her, waiting for her answer.

“Please help me. I’m so close. I need you driving into me, hard and fast.” A guttural noise tore from his throat as he drove into her again, releasing all of his need into this early-morning love-making session.

She shattered and felt him shudder above her as he released as well. Waves continued to coil through her as he rolled over, taking her with him. She kissed his mouth and smiled up at him. His hand was still firmly on her ass and he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. She knew she didn’t mind at all. His possession of her body felt right.

His stomach grumbled and hers returned the call a few seconds after. She laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

“I think we both are hungry. Want pancakes?” She couldn’t help but hope that he liked pancakes in the morning.

“I’d love some but neither of us are allowed to put our clothes back on.”

She laughed again but agreed to his terms. She had a feeling they weren’t going to need plates.
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