No Emotion - No Attachment

By Z1992

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No Emotion - No Attachment
I turned 19 in the summer of 2011. I had just ended a relationship with a skank who cheated on me after couple years of being together. I didn’t care too much, why waste my time on a whore?

It wasn’t long before I was back on the prowl. I didn’t want a relationship. I was finished with those for a while. I was looking for a bitch who would suck my dick - anywhere, anytime - a slut that I could have coiled around my finger. No emotion. No attachment.

That’s exactly what I found in a old friend of mine, by the name of Brianna. She was a high school friend of mine - same graduating class. During that time, she had a boyfriend, just as I had a girlfriend. But she always had a sexual attraction toward me - just as every other girl I’ve met. The two of us recently reconnected when she came to me for help when her boyfriend left her for an unknown reason.

Even though I had a girlfriend at the time, I checked out other girls, and Brianna’s ass was quite the teaser. (I’m a guy, can't you blame me for observing the other merchandise?) It was perfect and bubbly. The kind of ass you just want to grab all of the time. Jeans, yoga pants, sweats - no matter what she wore that ass made me want to rage. She was slim, but her hips were seductively wide. Her tits were just as big as her ass. She complained about how big and annoying they were, and every time she did, I would think to myself: Annoying? You mean delicious. Her face always had a smile on it, as laughter continuously flew from her lips. Her cheeks were bony and rose red, with eyes a gorgeous midday-sea blue. A deep brown hair color, that was fashioned differently everyday and she was tall - her height rivaled mine, which is damn tall for a woman.

I typed, I couldn’t find anything out. Ryan is not responding to my texts. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with him.

I sent the text, placing my phone on the ground next to me. My eyes moved back to the television screen. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 multi-player. I was kicking everyone’s ass - as usual. A few moments later, I felt a vibration from my phone.

Brianna’s message read, Well…what should I do now?

Just hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I sent.

Again the phone vibrated, Is that what you do?

Yeah, it's my motto…So, I’ve decided I’m going to cheer you up. How about a movie? I’ll pick you up at 8. Send me your address. I sent it, shut off the game, and walked into my room. I put on deodorant and a black tee shirt, just as I received her address.

I picked her up and drove us to the movie theater. As we walked to the glass doors of the theater, I observed her body. It was just as I had remembered. Her hair was straight, and she wore a school themed tee shirt and denim shorts. Like a gentleman, I opened the door for her and as I followed behind her, I pulled my out wallet from my back pocket.

As we approached the ticket counter, I threw a twenty dollar bill down and said, “Two tickets to…whatever movie this woman wants to see.”

We got our tickets and led ourselves to thecorrect doors . But as we were walking, I glanced to Brianna and she was staring at my dick. The first thing that came to mind, what she thinking? I was pretty sure I didn’t have a boner. I was about to ask her, but she beat me to it.

“Do you ever wear shorts? It’s like, 90 degrees outside.”

I respond, “I do not.”

“Well…why not?” she asked.

“Because I don’t take pride in exposing my ball sack to whoever’s in front of me when I sit down,” I said.

She burst out laughing, “That big, huh?”

I grinned, “Yes ma’am - sex god problems.”

Brianna laughed again, as we entered the theater.

There were a few other people in the seats. We found our spot on the middle of the far left column, above the entrance and next to the wall. Soon enough the movie began. We were both very quiet, because I faded in and out of attention to the movie. There was a sex scene in what seemed like halfway into the movie. It grabbed my attention and I was starting to get turned on with the thought of watching this with a very sexually attractive girl. I knew we came here as friends, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to go on the hunt.

I traced my finger down her thigh - hoping my touch would turn her on. She didn’t stop me, and after a few moments I looked to her. She was staring back at me. Her eyes shuffled between my eyes and my lips. It was clearly a signal that she wanted to be kissed. So I did. I kissed her. I thought it would only be a peck, but she didn’t want to stop.

We continued to kiss, each one growing stronger to the point of making out. I knew something sexual was going to happen, because once I get a girl started, she wont stop until she gets what her core craves. My cock grew as I became more daring with my “friend.”

My arm reached down below her waist, and my fingers unbuttoned her shorts. She didn’t stop me - she wanted it, even in public. Then my fingers glided into them, underneath her apparent thong, cleanly shaven smooth skin was all I felt. She slightly spread her legs, allowing me to touch her baby-spitter. I sank two fingers inside her and she began to moan into every one of our kisses. My cock began to jump inside my pants; wanting to explore the new playground.

Her hand then shot to my junk, gripping it and pulling it with force. That was slightly painful, but it was just another sign telling me that I had opened the cage to her inner slut. She had difficulty pulling my cock out of my pants. We had to stop kissing; I had to stop fingering as she needed both hands to expose my monster. Her fingers were very long, but she could barely lock them around the width of my cock.

She whispered, “Oh my god…you’re fucking huge. How do you fit that all in your pants?”

“I don’t know. It gets all squishy when I’m not horny, so I guess it just finds a different way to rest every time,” I whispered back.

She giggled softly, aggressively stroking the length of my cock. It felt more painful than it felt good, but I knew she was just in a hardcore mood. Her eyes never looked away from its glory.

I whispered again, “You know, it’s not going to suck itself.”

Her eyes swiftly scanned the theater for others that could be looking. Then her face fell to my crotch, and her lips sucked the tip of my cock. An uncomfortable amount of teasing pleasure burned through my cock. My hips jumped and I moaned.

She took me deep inside her mouth, but I was too big for her. I barely fit halfway inside her mouth before the tip of my cock caused her to gag. She furiously sucked as much of my length as possible. Pleasure built up inside my dick before spreading to my hips and legs.

I was on the verge of releasing the biggest load inside her mouth, as I whispered to her, “I’m about to come.”

She stopped sucking, and sat up. “Not before you fuck me,” she said. She instantly stood up from the seat, pulling me with her.

We darted out of the theater, and into the closest bathroom. To this day, I don’t know why she chose the men’s bathroom - but we went in together. There was no one else in the bathroom; went into the largest stall. She instantly dropped her shorts, exposing that bare perfect ass and bent over with her hands against the wall.

“Fuck me!” she demanded, taking no precaution to those that may hear.

I drew closer to her, inches from penetrating her oozing pussy. “What if someone hears us?”

“I want them to hear,” she said.

That really turned me on, and I immediately grabbed my cock, pushing into her pussy and penetrating her. I slapped her gorgeous ass as I slowly slid my dick as far as her pussy would let me.

“As hard as you fucking can,” she moaned.

I laughed slightly, “Good luck.” I gripped her hips and I fucked her uncontrollably. My cock pounding into her. I smacked her flawless ass occasionally as I pleasured the both of us.

Her moans turned to screams within seconds as multiple orgasms spread through her body. Her legs began to shake and tremble as I dominated her sexual will. She tried to move her body in the pace of my godly thrusts, but every time she attempted, another orgasm consumed her.

I was reaching my own orgasm, and with the remaining breath in my lungs, “Tell me how you want me to come.”

It took her a moment to respond within her orgasmic screaming, “I want it…ohhhh my god…you’re so good…uhhhhhh…on my face…ohhhhh god…”

I pulled my cock out of her, as my orgasm reached the point of no return. She automatically turned around and sank to her knees. Her hands gripped my thighs. One of my hands tightly held her hair, so her head stayed in place. The other hand grabbed my cock, forcing myself to explode. She stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes as my fountain of cum fertilized her face. I let out very loud grunting moans as my cum formed long tracks on her chin, tongue, nose, eyes, forehead and hair. I shoved my dick back into her mouth as the remaining globs of cum came out of my tip. She sucked me for a few seconds as my orgasm began to subside.

I just stared into Brianna’s blue eyes as I tried to catch my breath. The cum still on her face as she spoke with heavy breath, “I can’t…imagine…what you’re like in a bed.”