No Resolutions, Just Fun

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Screaming in the New Year
My boys always spend Christmas with me, and New Year's Eve and day with my former husband. Every New Year's Eve, my friend Debbie throws this huge party at her house. Debbie married money, so when her divorce became final, she received this beautiful fourteen room house. The house actually has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It has two fireplaces, a three car garage and a swimming pool in the back yard. It's on a large lot at the end of a quiet, little street. There are woods behind it, and to the left of it, and another large house to the right, quite a distance away. Debbie's house is somewhat secluded.

There were a lot of people at this party, as there usually are at her parties. Some were her neighbors, some were girls who work at the shop, and friends of ours. All in all, maybe one hundred people were there. Debbie's oldest daughter, Krista, came with her boyfriend, and some of their friends. Krista is twenty three years old, and her and Deb have always gotten along very well. They're very much alike, Krista's kind of wild, like her mom. Krista and I get along well too. There were also a lot of younger men there, most invited by Debbie.

Debbie is the ultimate cougar. Except at work, she won't fuck a guy over twenty nine years old. I know for a fact that at one time, she and Krista were fucking the same guy, they both knew it too. On weekend nights, Debbie goes to this club that is known to be a place where older women go to meet younger men. Younger guys call it "Cougarville" because there are so many older women there. I've been there myself on a few occasions.

Debbie made out very well in her divorce. Not only did she get the house, she also receives a substantial alimony payment monthly, as well as ten percent of the profits from the company that her ex-husband owns. Ironically, they got divorced because she was cheating on him, but she convinced the judge that he was never around. His job requires him to travel frequently, and he's gone for long periods of time. Because of that, Deb started fucking other guys, and got caught.

I drove myself to the party, because I knew that I'd be spending the night there. I'm not really a big drinker, but on New Year's Eve, I make an exception. I brought an over night bag. I arrived in the early evening to help Deb set up. When I got there, Krista was there with some of her friends.

The party was supposed to begin at seven o'clock, and dress was casual. Though I had been to parties at Deb's before, I had never been to one of her New Year's Eve parties, I've heard from people that they get wild. She's been doing this for years, and even the police stop in to say hi. I didn't know what to expect, but knowing Deb, I had an idea.

At around six o'clock, her guests began arriving, and with in an hour, her house was full of people. Krista had brought her boyfriend and some friends with her. There were a lot of women my age who came alone, as well as couples who came together. There were also a lot of younger men, most of them in their twenties, who came alone. By the time nine o'clock rolled around, there had to be ninety people at her party.

As the night went on, the party got wilder. People were drinking, mingling around the house. No one was nude or topless but there was a lot of touchy feely things going on. Debbie's house has four bedrooms upstairs. People were going up and down the stairs all night. If there was sex occurring, you couldn't hear it down stairs because the party was so loud. I mingled during the night, talking to people, getting drunker as night went on.

There were a lot of good looking young men there, and I was getting drunk. Some of them had already focused on the lady of their choice. As I mingled around more, I noticed Deb standing at the bar with two younger men. They kept looking at me and talking to each other, I knew that Deb was up to something. After a few moments, she waved at me to come over. When I did, she introduced me to her date.

"Sara, this is Greg." she said to me.

She had mentioned Greg to me before, he was a twenty four year old man she had been fucking. According to her, he was very good.

"Hello Greg, I've heard a lot about you." I said.

"All good, I hope." he replied.

"Very good." I said, with a smirk on my face.

Then she introduced me to his friend Kyle. He was tall, with an average build and brown curly hair. He had a very cute face. I was a bit stunned when he told me that he was twenty two, and a senior at local college. I also found out that some of the young men here, were from his fraternity.

The four of us stayed together all night, laughing and joking. By now, the party was going full bore. There were young and old, men and women. As always, some people drank too much. There was a young woman who left early because she was sick. People were making out on the couch, one woman had her hand down some guy's pants.

At about five minutes before midnight, Debbie called everyone into the living room to watch the ball drop. We all sat in front of her television and took part in the countdown. Everybody began kissing, including Kyle and myself. I pressed my body up against his and gave him a passionate kiss. As I kissed him, I could feel his cock grow inside of his jeans, I gently rubbed my body against it, not enough for anyone to notice, except Kyle.

Deb didn't allow anyone who was too drunk to drive. There were some designated drivers there, so they took people home. She called taxis for some others. She also mentioned that anyone could stay if they wanted. Over the next hour or so, people said their goodbyes and the crowd began to thin out. By one o'clock, there were only about twenty people left. Deb announced that we were going upstairs and that there were other bedrooms up there if anyone to use them.

When you go up the stairs, Debbie's bedroom takes up one entire side. Her bedroom is huge. It has a large king size bed, a big master bath and even its own fireplace. On the opposite side, Krista's room is to the right of the stairway. Danielle, who wasn't there, has a smaller bedroom to the left of the stairway. There are two very small guest bedrooms down stairs.

I held Kyle's hand as the four of us briskly went up the stairs. Debbie said that we were all going into her room. I had noticed that we hadn't seen Krista since right after the ball dropped. As we walked by her bedroom I found out why. We could hear her fucking her boyfriend. From what I could briefly hear, she appeared to be taking quite a pounding in there.

The moment we got into Debbie's room, we were all naked in a flash, and the guys were already hard. Greg got on the bed and spread his legs. Debbie got between them and began blowing him. I didn't wait for Kyle to lay down. While he was still standing, I dropped to my knees, grabbed both of his ass cheeks, and began blowing him as well. We made eye contact a few times while I was power sucking him.

Because I was drunk, I was extremely horny, and I could hear Krista's head board hitting her wall from across the hall. That made it even more intense. I sucked nonstop for a good five minutes, when suddenly I heard Debbie's bed begin to squeak. As I glanced over, I saw that Greg was still on his back. He had his hands on her tits as she bounced up and down on his cock.

I looked up at Kyle and said, "Let's fuck."

I lied on my back and opened my legs. As I did, I looked up at Debbie. She had her head down with her eyes closed and her tits bounced up and down as she rode Greg like a bull in a rodeo. Kyle grabbed his cock and rammed it into me. I spread my legs wide, and my eyes bulged as he began fucking me deep. The bed rocked underneath us and all four of us were talking dirty to each other.

Kyle grabbed on of my legs and put it over his shoulder, he grabbed my thigh, and turned me on my left side. He was fucking me deep but not really hard. Debbie had her hands on Greg chest and was grinding on his cock. Suddenly, we all heard loud skin slapping coming from across the hall.

"Fuck me." Krista screamed.

She and her boyfriend were at it again. As for us, things were about to pick up. Debbie had now turned around, Greg grabbed her tits and pulled her body backward as she fucking him reverse cowboy style. His hips were thrusting upward as Greg gave her every inch of him. Kyle grabbed my waist and lifted my body off of the bed, he started banging me very hard. My upper body moved along the bed as he slammed his cock into me. It was big, not the biggest I've ever had, but certainly big enough.

Debbie moved into the doggie style position, her legs spread wide, her body was facing in the direction of the bottom of the bed. Greg had a tight hold in her waist and was giving to her good. I was still on my back, taking a pounding from Kyle. I won't get too much into the vocalization that was going on, but it was typical. Deb and I were screaming and talking dirty, the guys were calling us names, the sound of our skin slapping together filled the room, and Greg was smacking Deb's ass, it was rather loud.

Debbie's headboard is made of oak. It's very thick and heavy, so it hadn't really moved all that much, as of yet. Krista's headboard must be pretty light because we could here it banging against her wall, not loudly, because she was across the hall, but loud enough to discern the she was getting the shit fucked out of her for the second time that night.

By now we had been with the guys for forty five minutes or so, and had no idea if anyone else was still in the house. If there was, aside from Krista, were they were fucking too? The noises that we were making, along from the sounds across the hall, made hearing anything else virtually impossible.

Debbie was still on her hands and knees, getting hammered by Greg, when Kyle told me to stand up next to the bed. I stood up and he stood behind me, he forcefully pushed my upper body on to the bed. He entered me from behind, grabbed my outer thighs and began slamming his cock into me. I tried to keep my composure as Kyle ripped into me. I watched Debbie's body move rapidly on the bed as Greg power fucked her from behind.

"I'm gonna cum." Debbie said loudly.

I saw her body shake as she screamed "I'm cumming!"

I watched her body convulse in front of me while Greg didn't miss a beat, he kept fucking her the entire time she was cumming. Kyle grabbed my waist and tore into me.

"Fuck me Kyle," I said "Fuck me, make me cum."

The skin slapping, from all of us, was deafening. After about two minutes, it was my turn.

"I'm cumming," I said loudly, "I'm cumming."

I closed my eyes and felt both legs shake as a massive orgasm over took me. After a few moments, Greg stopped fucking Debbie.

"Get on your back." He said to her.

"You too." Kyle commanded, as he slapped my ass hard.

As we moved, we could faintly hear skin slapping coming from Krista's room. We couldn't hear what she was saying, but it was obvious that her boyfriend was tearing her up. Debbie and I got on our backs and spread our legs. The two guys entered us roughly and started pumping away at our pussies. The bed was squeaking loudly, and the weight of our four bodies, moving up and down on it, made the headboard bang off of the wall.

The guys, being young, fucked us hard and deep for about ten minutes. At one point I saw them high five each other, like they had just made some huge conquest. It didn't bother me though, they were having fun. During this time, we all heard a huge scream come from Krista's bedroom.

"Holy shit!" Deb replied.

"Like mother, like daughter." I said, chuckling.

Deb laughed "Hey, that's my little girl."

"Not so little any more, is she?" Greg asked.

Debbie and I always have a friendly competition with each other during sex. Who can make their guy cum first? This time, I lost. The guys were going hell bent for leather on both of us, when I saw Greg pick up the pace a little. He grunted as he pulled out of Debbie and shot a huge load of cum all over her body. Kyle kept going for about a minute or so when he announced that it was his turn.

"I'm gonna cum." he said.

I replied, "Cum inside me baby..cum inside me."

He too, picked up the pace a little. Debbie and Greg were watching as he fucked me. I looked him right in the eyes.

"Come on baby," I said. "Let me feel that cock explode."

Suddenly, as he groaned, I felt my pussy fill with his hot cum. My ass moved up and down as he shot two or three loads of it deep of inside of me. Cum trickled out of my vagina.

"Slut!" Debbie said, chuckling.

When we were done, we all talked or a bit and the four of us went to sleep. When I finally woke up, at around nine o'clock in the morning, I was alone. I was naked, in Debbie's bed, with a pussy full of cum. My head pounded from the hangover that I had. I took a quick shower, got dressed and went down stairs. Debbie and Krista were at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking.

"Good morning." Krista said, handing me a cup.

"Fuck you."I replied.

They both laughed because they knew that I was hungover. Everybody, including the guys, had gone home. The three of us sat and talked about the previous night's events. It turns out that Krista was actually with two guys, her boyfriend and his friend. Debbie handed me a piece of paper with Kyle's phone number on it, he told her he wanted me to call him. She told me to stay at her house for a few hours until I sobered up.

As I drove home, about four hours later, I knew that I wasn't going to call Kyle. It was a fun night,but I was just a conquest for a horny frat boy. I was a drunk older woman that he got to fuck at a New Year's Eve party. I'm sure that he was bragging to all of his college friends. I didn't care though, I had fun, had a great fuck, and went home happy.

Happy New Year all! I'm sorry that it took so long to finish this story. In 2012, I had a ball, I'm hoping that 2013 will be even better. I'm having more fun in my late thirties than I ever had when I was younger. My priorities are simple. Take care of my boys, make some money and have a lot of sex. I never thought that, at my age, I'd become a nymphomaniac, but that's what has happened. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and don't care what people think.