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No Room in My Truck

My friend was getting desperate, in a two door '75 pickup
It was a nice little Sunday afternoon, a "ladyfriend" of mine who I had known throughout junior and senior high school, had given me a call to go out for a nice Sunday drive and catch a movie. I drive a black, lifted 1975 Chevrolet Silverado that runs very good.
I came roaring up to her small house on the very outskirts of town that was surrounded by woods. Pulling up the driveway, there she stood.
Her name was Tate. She was a beautiful blonde haired blue-eyed woman. She was wearing a green blouse with a white skirt that was just long enough to cover her curvy, well tanned ass. If she was taller, she would be a fine piece of work. I prefer not to call women "pieces of work", but I'm sort of lazy and I'd rather not say "A piece of artwork". Anyways, back to my friend. She strolled up with a big smile on her face and clambered up into the cab of my truck. After saying our Hi, how are you's, I couldn't help but notice how perky her boobs looked. They appeared to be about a C cup and I had to force myself to focus on the road.
I drove past the local pub, which served as more of a battleground for the regulars. Broken railings and windows gave off an essence of danger about the place, and I'm sure the owner was sick of repairing the bar.
"So, what have you been doing lately"? I asked trying to keep it from getting awkward.
"Eh, nothing really, no parties or anything so I've been working, that's about it."
"Well, how's that glorious boyfriend of yours?"
"Shutup, I know you hate him, he's long gone so don't worry about him," she said. We were so close that she actually felt the need to have whoever she was dating at the time meet me so she could get my approval. She felt that I could see through the bull shit in any person. I had a knack for being right, I usually would warn her about something I saw in that guy and she would obviously ignore it, being in love is powerful. But once that thing I had warned her about had happened, she would always call me to apologize for not believing me. 
So we were so close, to the point where we were like brother and sister. I watched out for her, and she came to me with whatever she needed. But this next comment, wouldn't be answered easily.
"Dylan, I need sex," she put, as simple as it gets. I laughed, trying to shrug off the fact that she was trying to say that she wanted it right now with me.
"Well, should I find someone for you?" I asked.
"Pull off, onto the park trail."
My heart didn't know what to do, believe me, I love sex but to have it with this gorgeous girl sitting next to me would seem like I was doing it with a family member. But, being the dick-driven guy I am. I pulled off into an old abandoned road that led to an even older recreational park. She clicked off her seatbelt and flung over to me.
Our lips locked, and there was no turning back. My seatbelt was off and I slowly pushed her back down onto the seat. The deepest kissing I'd ever done in my life, for damn sure. While my tongue was exploring tate's mouth my hands were exploring down from her sides to that amazing ass of hers, caressing and squeezing. 
Her moans of my hands teasing her wetness through her skirt kept driving me crazy and I crept my hand up between her legs to her thong and began slightly rubbing my fingertips along her wet slit.
She began to rub my hard cock through my jeans, and with one hand, the zipper went down and they were unbuttoned. She pushed me back against the driver side door, and pulled out my hard 7 inches of muscle. 
Dipping her head down, my dick was engulfed in the mouth of my best friend. I could tell she wanted it, she worked my pole like a true professional. I moaned as her tongue licked my head and my shaft, up and down. 
Not being able to resisst the voluptuous bottom of her hourglass body, I reached over her shoulders and began rubbing and smacking it lightly...
With every tap came the moan of pleasure as she continued sucking.
It seemed like forever until she finally let up, and took her shirt off. With a little bounce, her tits were revealed to me, with an itty bitty bra to contain them, which was off in no time at all. I squeezed and pinched her nipples and began licking all around her fantastic rack. Moaning and groaning, letting out little yelps of pleasure I let a hand slide down to her spot, which was even more wet.
She then pushed off of me, and her nipple came out of my mouth with a slight pop. She turned around revealing that ass to me, and I slid her skirt down and flipped her over to lay her down on the seat. Holding myself over her, I stared down on her with a smile, that she returned. I grabbed my cock, and lowered my hips down onto her.
Widening her lips, I slowly started to ease into her wet pussy. She gasped and threw her head back, she wimpered slightly, as I kept sliding in, letting her stretch for my throbbing cock. She nodded, beggin for more, and I began thrusting in and out.
Her hot juices all over my cock felt amazing as I quickened my pace. Only to slow down again to keep sucking on her breasts. She became more and more vocal with every thrust and lash of my tongue on her nipples.
She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, giving the hint that she just wanted to get fucked, hard.
Our bodies began to slap together, pumping in and out I began rubbing her clit with one thumb which sent her up over the edge. With one final yelp she came, and I felt my cock sliding in and out even easier.
"Yes baby, keep going, I want you to cum all over me."
Wow, sister/brother didn't matter anymore, I'm fucking the shit out of this girl, I thought to myself. For 15 minutes it was continuous thrusting until I finally pulled out and I found myself pushed back up against my door again as she dunked her head down sucking harder and faster my cock had ever been sucked. I moaned for more, and more. Until finally, I told her that I was cumming. She just kept her lips sealed around my head and took it all into her mouth. 4...... 5...... 6...... and finally a 7th spurt of cum poured out of me. She sucked me clean and showed me my load, until she tipped her head back slightly and swallowed it all.
"Thank you, baby." As her clothes went back on. My clothes were back on, and my truck was refired as she adjusted her bra.
"So, we're going to give this a try?" I asked curiously.
"Oh, yes we will." She said, winking at me...
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