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No Strings Attached - Chapter 10

It's the end of the week and time to leave for home. Just time for one final passionate sex session.
This is the final chapter of the adventure.
I hope you have enjoyed the whole story. Either way, please do let me know.

I will be leaving for home today. You decide you want to come with me in the car to the airport and then get a cab back to your apartment. I am really happy to spend every last minute available with you.

It’s already past mid-day. My flight is not until 5pm, but we decide to leave early for the airport and maybe get something to eat there. I pack my bag and we collect the car from the garage. It’s another beautiful day so I put the top down. Driving out of town, we pass by the park on our way. You tug at my sleeve and suggest we stop to take a walk in the mid-day sun.

I turn into the parking lot and park in a quiet corner. We get out and start to walk down the path into the park. For twenty minutes we walk, hand in hand across the grass.

At the back of the park there is a dense, wooded area. We make our way there and meander among the trees. We have seen no-one for over ten minutes and we are now well-concealed. Even the sun cannot penetrate the foliage of the overhead canopy.

We stop and I pull you into my arms. I kiss you full on the lips, one hand on your back while the other tangles itself in your hair. You unbutton my shirt and slide your hands inside and round to my back. Our tongues start to duel as you slide your hands up my back, raking the skin with your nails.

My skin is hot against your cool hands. I ease your top up and off. You are not wearing a bra today and your breasts bounce free. The breeze finds your bare skin and your nipples start to tighten with its caress. You remove my shirt now and pull me to you, kissing my chest, biting gently on my nipples. I hold you tight and turn so that your naked back is pressed up against a nearby tree with a broad trunk. You can feel the rough bark biting into your skin and you start to dig your nails into my back.

Knowing that I need you now, I step back to remove the rest of my clothes. I stand before you naked in the shade of the trees, my dick already swelling with the thought of fucking you.

You follow suit, removing your skirt and panties easily. My dick hardens fully at the sight of your perfect nakedness. I take you back into my arms and start kissing all over your face.

Your arms are locked around my neck. You jump up and wrap your legs around my hips. I have to swing my arms down under your ass to support you. Holding you there, I slowly lower myself to my knees. As I do, you release your grip round my neck and, leaning back, you place your hands flat on the ground behind you.

Your buttocks are now supported on my knees. I am able to lift you a little to allow my ramrod stiff dick access to your slippery pussy. Once the head is engaged in your hot hole I am able to rock my hips and slide you back and forth on my hard as iron cock.

The angle means my dick is rubbing hard up against the upper wall of your pussy. You let out a small moan as I slide in and out.

Your pussy feels hotter than ever before. It tenses around my dick, gripping me tightly. I lean forward and, targeting a nipple, I bite down on your gorgeous breasts. We both close our eyes tightly to the world around us, and lose ourselves in our hot and heady fucking.

I feel your body stiffen as your orgasm approaches. You arch your back, pressing your body against me even more tightly. Your pussy is clamped hard around my cock. Your juices are pouring from you as your body bucks from the orgasm that is rocking your body.

I ease out of you and, holding your hips, turn you round onto your hands and knees. Using one hand I guide my swollen cock back to the fleshy tube of your pussy. Using the other to press down on your back so your face is close to the ground, I push in as deep as I can and start to fuck you from behind.

Stroking gently at first, I gradually increase the pace. I reach forward and grab your wrists. Holding your arms back behind you I am able to pull you back as I thrust forward. This increases the impact and also changes the angle of attack. It’s not long before you cry out as another orgasm engulfs you.

As it subsides, I release your arms and lie back on the ground. You turn around and plunge your mouth down on my stiff, wet cock. You slide your lips slowly down and back up the full length of the shaft, enjoying the taste of your own pussy from the juices clinging to the shaft.

Your head starts to bob up and down in fast shallow strokes. You take the shaft in your hand and start to twist your hand round as you continue to lick and suck on the head.

I shudder and my come pours out of my cock. You suck it all into your mouth and raise your head to swallow it down. Then you return to lick the whole length of my cock clean as I lie on my back looking up into the trees.

We brush ourselves down of the grass and loose leaves, dress and, looking somewhat disheveled, we return to the car. It's now three o'clock and I drive us the rest of the way to the airport. We drop the car at the rental return and walk through to the international terminal.

I check in, get my boarding card and we walk together to the security line. The time has come to part and I feel a sudden emptiness. I hold your face between my hands and kiss you gently on the lips. You return the kiss and we stand there kissing for a full five minutes. Eventually, I draw back, forming a question in my mind. You see immediately what I am thinking. Shaking your head slowly and seriously, you put a finger to my lips.

“Goodbye and thanks!”

With just three words, you turn and walk straight to the exit door and the line of taxis. I watch you as you leave. You don’t look back.

So that's it. It truly was a fantasy five day experience. With no strings attached.

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